A draft towards global peace:
A Creative Perspective Beyond The Catastrophes of Modernity

by Wolfgang Fischer

"Our entire much-praised technological progress, and civilization generally, could be compared to an axe in the hand of a pathological criminal."
~ Albert Einstein, in Letter to Heinrich Zangger (1917). Quoted in A Sense of the Mysterious: Science and the Human Spirit by Alan Lightman (2005), p. 110, and in Albert Einstein: A Biography by Albrecht Fölsing (1997), p. 39



Summary: Unlike humanity the plant & animal society is being safely guided by naturally shaped ethics which is branded into their member's genes and instinct and which shapes life on earth in a creative way.

Human beings unfortunately are completely free to decide for or against their personal and consequently also social and subsequently planetary well being. Exactly this freedom by now has led to a socio-ecological retrogression all over the world which today affects all areas of life.

Human society is to evolve a Global Empathetic Culture or suicidally it will just disappear from the planet. Human society has the choice. The imperative qualification to make the responsible and creatively continuative choice is to recognize it's common religion which is rooted in the intrinsic interconnectedness of all Life and Existence.

Once generally aware of the religion of life - this interconnectedness or oneness with their inherent absolute responsibility for the outcome of thinking and acting on the commons of our planet and beyond that with the universe - any form of government with all it's enslaving implications will become needless. Within a social climate of love spirituality by then will induce a fully responsible thus creative human way of life.

- Man divine? Far from it!

About An Epochal Aberration Which Against Any Reason and Morals Still Is Being Followed Systematically And By Force

The main problem for the human society is that humanity in contrast to all the rest of living beings does not know by nature or instinct how to guarantee it's own well being. Because of this specific weakness humanity throughout the last 7000 year's history develops social systems ready for violence - lately united within the globally acting capitalst patriarchy (modernity) - which are harming themselves and environment exactly by what generally is considered to be progress. Due to it's growing technological potentials humanity thus puts Life and Planet at risk.

Humanity by Nature is not safely being guided automatically. Plants are being guided by life instinct or animalism which roots in their DNA. Animals do count on the same life instinct and in addition are being supported successfully by learned behaviours which guarantee their survival. The collaborative effect of plant and animal life is a well balanced and creative environment. The spiritual plan for life and living together is to be found within the genetic code which from it's very beginning continuously is being structered and hence is entirely compatible up to the latest members of Evolution. That is why any technological manipulation of the natural genetic sequences is fatal.

- Human Objectives Such As Progress Are Based On Erroneous Perception Which Makes It Impossible For Most People To See And Feel The Respective Destruction

Due to the development of the cerebrum and tied to this the full liberation of human volition fom genetic or instinctive pre-settings humanity totally is dependent on being embedded within a creative culture or religion in order to guarantee safe individual as well as collective action. Exactly this on a global scale humanity has not yet learned and achieved. On the contrary -peaceful cultures until today are being destroyed by violent and insane cultures which come along with their presumptuous and insensitive belief systems - mainly rooted in patriarchal ideology which inherently is unreal- the male allegedly being the source of life - though very effective with it's destructive forces. Destruction of the integrity of nature and the planet's life assuring balancing processes generally is being presented as something inevitable and glorified as progress. Allegedly religiously motivated accomplices traditionally comforting and appeasing refer to a "better" life in an illusory afterworld only to protect the disastrous status quo of the world. By all this only the elites profit, whose growing wealth and power keeps on being based on pauperisation of ever more people, on deepening destruction of nature, on an overall looting and waste of our planet. The normal situation financed by tax and drug money is war against everybody and all what is opposing the interests of power and money. Until today living nature without effective resistance is being transformed into dead money - actually into the obvious contrary of a better life within a more beautiful world. The erroneous belief in progress regardless of the consequences for the integrity of the interconnectedness of life globally proves itself being a murdering religion.

- From "Subdue The Earth", The Ruthless Advice Of A Patriarch To Globalisation, The Lethal Project Of Modernity

Ultimately and accepting the end of the world the globally leading political forces still are heading systematically to achieve a full spectrum dominance over the rest of the world even by trying to criminalise alternative thinking and acting instead of mindfully seeking peace and creative collaboration within the community of Life on Earth.

Military submission, financial politics, genetic modification, geo-engineering (weather, earthquakes), nuclear technology, mind manipulation and other forms of violence against Life & Nature - all still are widely implemented and mechanically approved tools meant to perpetuate the status quo of social systems which throughout history already have proved to generate ever more social, ecological and eventually planetary catastrophes. One of the latest, the triple nuclear meltdown at Fukushima since 2011 constantly and without chances to slowdown is contaminating the planet with invisible though utterly devastating radiation. Until today all of this happens exclusive of any audible uproar in favour of defence and protection of life on the part of natural sciences, religious institutions or other politically relevant forces.

- Error Correction & Consecutive Creative Perspectives

An exit to this terminal development of global society can only be found by people who - against the violent pressures of the governmentally fabricated Zeitgeist - are ready to secede any of the known belief systems in favour of reality and to act accordingly. Thinking positively and caring cooperation alone are insufficient means to transform creative perspectives into reality. Enragement being nourished from the insight into the contexts needs to join the two just mentioned qualities in order to mobilise the necessary human forces for the liberation from the madhouse of modernity.

Once having put aside the glasses of ideology which only give a false sense of security to the people - Reality of Life can be seen and recognised. The realisation of the slaughterous effects of globalisation, it's bloody history, deceitful politics and perilous technologies must not leave us lost in the dead space of despair or self-pity but must lead to the indispensable and instant termination of destruction before this gets irreversible. At the same time and inevitably our attention would be drawn towards always existing alternative perspectives which only had been hidden behind the veiling of the egoistic and violent interests of the dominating forces.

Daily life's needs and joys then unrestrictedly empower to motivate human dreams and actions thus naturally setting free chances for reconciliation and compensation.

In place of history's man-made and dissatisfactory systems the natural laws of vitality, self-preservation and respect for all the other living beings freely can rule anywhere as they always did in pre-patriarchal and life oriented peaceful societies.

Only purely rational thinking, disconnected from vital sentience was able to lead towards a way of acting which is focussed on certain egoistic destinations like profit, power, progress etc. and which finally in favor of such destinations can subordinate everything else even to the point of survival itself. The vicious circle becomes complete by the fact that those secondary destinations subsequently can determine the way of thinking thus in the respective social systems making destruction a „normal and rational" task for all „without alternative".

Until today history of mankind proves the perilous inanity of a merely rational way of thinking and acting which in the service of certain exclusive interests can be abused in favor of any purposes and which abuses by itself. Reason, genius, delusion and crime here are lying closely united and open the trap-doors towards the insanity of blood and thunder, war and demise.

When sensation, empathy and percipience again can take over in place of cold thinking and deadhearted rationality as from childhood on we neither ideologically nor dogmatically restrict space and time of free experience of life, then in the course of individual life naturally and of its own volition emotional intelligence and intuition can develop whose creative effects and potentials like magic will benefit the planetary community. Where not having been annihilated indigenous communities still exemplify this magical worldly wisdom and culture to us.

Under conditions of cooperation and mutual support human efforts globally enable themselves to safeguard common well being for the deep benefit of Life on our planet because plenteous life for all and respect for the environment have become the self-evident and highest destination of humanity. Only within such an empathic global culture man's genetically based weakness would be overcome thus avoiding a self-made destruction.


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