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Towards a Humane Society

VISION: Resetting the Mental Spheres

Elimination of Superstition and other Deficient Concepts
by Spiritual Interference with Authentic Information

 Interactive Meditation
- Chance for Personal Transformation, for Liberation and Healing of the Mind

Inspired by Contributions to the Online , Discussion Group „Continuing Dialogue / Unifying Well Being" at the Global Network of the Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions

by Wolfgang Fischer

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ACTION: Reorganisation of Social Reality

Self-Organisation of Humane Society
by Authentic Immediacy within a Sensitive Social Web

Balance of Individual Autonomy and Social Integrity
- Chance for Global Transformation, Liberation and Healing of the World

by Globally Unified Alliances for Emancipation of Humane Potentiality

- Abstract: Life depends on Authentic Awareness

The crux within pyramidal social systems is that the predominant ideology and class more or less effectively cuts off direct perception of instantaneous and authentic value of reality consequently causing social dysfunction by loss of reality. As a replacement for reality mainstream normality is coined predominantly according to the interests of those at the top of the pyramid. The sense of reality gets lost because primary information which naturally is gained by real experience "free of charge" is replaced by arbitrary presets forced upon by illusionary and alienating concepts which are associated with social dysfunction. Necessary correction to social development does not take place in time - if at all. Consequently such systems face a development which as „progress" is sold for money at the cost of life and time. Inconsiderately or even exponentially growing progress ends in self-induced destruction.

Processes of self-regulation as naturally provided require self-organisation. Such processes are very sensitive and depend on authentic perception of instantaneous values. In the domain of cybernetics we speak of feed-back or reaction-coupling processes. Socially this is what religion and culture originally are meant to provide: authentic awareness - an open and sensitive mentality peacefully embedded in an atmosphere of general well being which is achieved and maintained obviously by doing good, by humane behaviour.  

- The Essence of Humane Being

The author's part is intended to give vitalizing input, to set impulses, to share information to which the reader or listener may react according to the given situation of his or her life. Any reaction is fine and will induce further consequences in the run of this interactive process and beyond. There is no risk at all for anybody. It only needs to start this interactive process and to keep it on running to create a win-win situation which will improve the quality of life. Due to the devastating potentialities which have been created in history and which culminate in the risk of extinction for major parts of higher developed life it has become a crucial challenge to generally improve the quality of human behaviour.

The offered dialogue is fuelled from the heart. It is supposed to touch, to encourage to look beyond traditional conceptions. It aims to share what is vital for each of us and what at the same time is of relevance for the universal being. This message by itself will be communicated further as it meets resonance within many people. Moreover, controlled by regained access to the unifying feeling of general well-being it will induce substantial transformation of behaviour.

To perform dialogue is different from the common habit of arguing and dispute which is overly intellectual. It is not at all about right or wrong. Essential is what we perceive, what we feel and how we feel while we understand that our respective partners in dialogue do have perceptions and feelings as well independently from colour, origin or sex. Resonance emerges between partners, between equivalent people, hardly within atmospheres of violence, fear and repression. Resonance emerges in dialogue when participants acknowledge each other as human beings. As people with identical and completely natural needs. Needs which beyond separating prejudices of diverse religions, world-views or cultures are of identical validity for mankind, are of equal importance for everybody and the global well-being as well.

Resonance between individuals on fundamental needs creates consonance within their community. Resonance empowers towards a less selfish attitude, towards tolerance and a behaviour of solidarity. Resonance also helps to drop dearly held identifications which in dysfunctional societies have been learned under painful pressure only and which frequently serve foreign interests and hardly ours. We speak about superficial identifications which alienate our own interests from ourselves, which separate from natural authenticity, identifications which potentially drive us crazy as they do have the power to set our mind on life-threatening trails towards insanity. Healthy identifications are indispensable. For our personal benefit as well as for the benefit of humanity and nature we are born to identify ourselves as equals within the family of life. By doing so human mind liberates itself from prejudice and fear which in history have settled into our existence or which have been implanted into our mindsets obviously for various quite doubtful reasons. By identification with life the head gets clear, the heart liberates and enable perception to deliver authentic information.

As a prerequisite for thinking and acting the way which really satisfies one's own needs without at the same time neglecting the needs of others common sense emerges together with sound sympathy. Beyond theisms, non-theisms and all the other plentiful cosmologies we find an overarching intelligence which can be experienced everywhere within nature and which exists in the whole universe and beyond imagination. Resonance with this intelligence leads to enlightened humanism. A mentality of enlightened humanism accepts natural law and adapts human organisation to the universal design without further doubts. Doubts which originate from being overly intellectual while being separated from overall awareness just because of adulterated perception.

The destination of humanity is a well balanced and healthy existence based on persistent and continuous adaptation to the needs of the moment. Authentic perception of each single instant is essential to understand reality as it is and to ensure appropriate reaction. Human behaviour in such a reality is controlled by unspoiled sensitive abilities. In contrast to the exploiting mainstream way of life where the head dominates the heart and where coercion causes deformation of life the heart finally takes full advantage of the perceptual abilities of the human brain. This way the deep interlacement of body and soul can blossom into its full potential. Metaphysical concepts or other deficient products of our brains lose the potential to dominate humanity by channelling the life-energy of peoples for the benefit of just a few within the ruling classes if we only stop to believe in them. Belief systems fuel hallucinations which in history and present set fatal courses and produce the ever increasing misery on earth.

Without exception experience of life teaches authentic lessons. Life-experience is a fundamental vital dialogue to which we are born to listen and to which we should react any time positively and constructively each one according to individual abilities. Healthy development depends on exactly such reactions and behaviour. To listen to the teachings of life is original meditation. Culture is meant to ensure a social atmosphere in which authentic information always stays within reach for everybody by constant and continuous learning processes which guarantee an undisturbed counter-directional constant and continuous flow of information. Information which by nature is (re-) linked to the common ground of life and which is generated and structured by an origin beyond imagination and its regularities. This information is genuine spiritual energy which leads to wisdom once internalized and incorporated by life experience. The link back to the origin of life is genuine „religion".

- The Core of Humane Religion

By discovering our common identity we naturally behave more compassionately. Not until having realised ourselves we do care for each other independently from where we come, independently also from colour or sex. Sympathetically we detect those ideas, concepts and prejudices which kept us apart earlier. We understand that it only have been hallucinations and illusions which kept us fighting against each other and against nature. Very easily we sort out and leave behind mental nonsense - the ideological garbage and debris of history and henceforth we have access to authentic information which nurtures and which really satisfies without creating uncertainty, discomfort or distress. Uncertainty, doubt, discomfort and distress ask for answers and solutions. Due to problems which are created by such societies which uncritically or even fanatically favour dubious values at the cost of integrity and authenticity discomfort, distress and numbers of open questions increase and open a huge market for any materialistic and spiritual services. Services which parasiticly since ever have been offered for money by those who took advantage from the necessities of the majority of people. Within hostile systems genuine life is subordinated to a vast variety of interests. Replacements are created to substitute direct solutions and original necessities. The more problems modern societies create and the more confused people become the more they are ready to sacrifice themselves and others, the more money they are ready to spend in order to buy ever more doubtful solutions. Irresponsible solutions, wrong answers to rightful questions consequently create even more problems as they only serve as replacements for correct answers and real solutions. Due to this vicious circle already today the consumer civilisation sacrifices the future.

The exit out of this vicious circle, the wheel of history, the endless seeming sequences of more or less intensive war-fare of everybody against everybody and everything is to re-open the doors to "heaven" which had been closed in history by the production of illusions. The experiment to construct ideologies upon realities beyond imagination like the origin of cosmos, of natural law, of life and universal existence inevitably leads to illusionary concepts, to speculations only. Their transformation into words, religious guidelines or political law creates unhealthy realities, real "hell". Concentration of almighty power into one single god by imagination only as we find it within the wide spread conceptual frame of monotheism disregards human liability and finally leads into destruction. This concept is to fail because by its mono-directional hierarchical orders it creates just the opposite of what a genuine and guiding spirit is to achieve: balance between all parts, equity and justice, fruitful life.

Partially and obstinately straightened ideologies of man-made hierarchical orders tend to oppose the principles of nature. These take circular courses because of feeding-back information and energy. Thus last not least they cause dynamic unification (union) and complementation of alleged contradistinctions. Here we also have the reason for cohesion between mind and matter. Development within cyclic organisation towards a different quality of existence can be described as spiral organisation: original cycles open into helices. Characteristically, spiral organisation promotes the unfolding of an underlying potential. Spiral organisation thereby gives rise to evolvement of an inherent order and unifying organizing spirit thus maintaining coherence. From simplicity to highly complex diversity direction and adjustment are maintained by means of feedback processes which are self-referential.

The common practice of psychological exploitation, of spiritual seduction and of physical plunder ignores such fundamental regularity. Ruling classes within the pyramidal systems even try to get rid of nature's principles by demonising their reality and by threatening the believers in life and its re-creating resources with punishment. This is exemplified by regimentation of sexual activity entailing suppression, break out of violence, emergence of social dysfunction and individual deformity. Sublimation is not at all a general solution. Anthropology since long discovered the causal relations between development of private (lat. privare - to thieve) property, the transition from matriarchal to patriarchal community and the beginning regimentation of natural sexual behavior. Natural sexual behavior comes along with peacefulness, solidarity, geniality and equalisation of woman and man. Malinowski (1) witnessed the children of the Trobrianders and the absence of sexual repression and sexual mystery within their society. Their sexual life develops naturally, freely and without restraint through all periods of life, with complete satisfaction. The children are active in ways appropriate to their age. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, Trobriander society (when studied in the third decade of last century) knows no sexual perversions, no functional mental illnes, no psychoneurosis, no sex murders. Sadism, destructiveness and theft are equally absent in Trobriander culture. The example of the Trobriander is just one of the best known, but there are ranks of other cultures in which deviant behavior like criminality is all but absent. And these are always cultures with a positive attitude towards sexual acitvity and life in general. Human beings by nature neither are weak nor peccant. Life constantly provides learning processes which are to improve individual proficiency to avoid social dysfunction for the benefit of global life. Life depends on maintaining cohesion even within global society in order to ensure an overall well-being. Health and sanity - wholeness and sainthood - obviously and necessarily are based on a positive attitude towards life in general. Life teaches best! To believe in life, to trust its inherent order and to follow its unifying organizing spirit is the core of humane religion.

The illusionary master plan to violently replace self-regulation and self-organisation within narural hierarchies by metaphysical hierarchies, their one-way regimentation and their high-tech instruments of nano-, bio- and nuclear technology cannot but end in disaster. Cyclic orders always offer chances to open up in evolutionary spiral development which by the nature of feed-back regulation is consonant and resonant to its origin. Contrasting one-way orders inevitably and periodically cause catastrophes due to their inherent irresponsible and inconsiderate processes of development, so called progress. Progress is based on the illusionary freedom to exploit and plunder. Freedom without responsibility may head anywhere far away from healthy quality of life. Eventually progress leads into the dead end of exponential extremes, into the total separation of what genuinely belongs together.

- We are One

Don't we know by experience that every thought and action has consequences? And don't we know since long that it is the consequences which teach the lesson best? By experience we should know. Theoretically we should understand. And naturally we should prosper responsibly in global communion without any deficiencies.

However, globally we experience a completely different social reality. Also individually emotional satisfaction rarely is being achieved. Those of you who doubt the reality of paradise on earth hardly will engage for this noble goal. Unfortunately as the general state of misery gets worse even less people believe in this genuine dream and human destination. This is why from time to time the social state of distress leads to revolutions which in fact turn things upside down without however creating systematic and radical changes. People, who still are able to dream and to imagine global and personal peace and happiness certainly will be interested in learning more about possibilities and prerequisites to make their dreams come true. The first prerequisite to reach the aim of peace and justice is to accept it as real and to stand up for it. Only this way more people may feel encouraged to believe their hopes and feel empowered to stop following mainstream illusions. Their visions of a world which is organized according to the needs of global well-being are clear, worthwhile, self-evident and responsible. These people need to become the majority (2).

As people communicate mutually paying tribute to each other, as they listen actively and respond carefully to the received messages their ideas enter noosphere, the sphere of ideas, the dimension of pure information, the spiritual dimension. Peacefully conducted dialogue can clear planetary mind for the benefit of global life. The traps and shortcomings of history can be overcome by growing numbers of people who identify with authentic information and by decreasing numbers of people who incorporate and represent illusions. Materialisations of illusions are being broken down in the run of history by the forces of life whereas organisation of genuine and unadulterated information prevails due to its inherent resonance with the origin and natural law within the dynamics of evolution.

Spiritual evolution flowingly ranges from ‚irritation'- and ‚reaction'-levels of molecules and single-celled organisms to the human level of ‚growing responsibility according to the challenges of increasing scientific knowledge' and ‚humane behaviour'. The irritation and reaction level is determined by natural law. Obviously natural law also determines the consequences to human behaviour widely known and perceived as karma, fate or god's will. Reality is always being created according to the collective quality of human behaviour, individually, globally as well as historically as some of the effects we produce do have long term dimensions. Humanity itself is the designer of present and future reality and we should know the rules by now.

- The Key to Heaven on Earth

The origin of natural law resides beyond mental capacity and beyond reason. That is why any intellectual notion about the dimension of procreation, emergence and generation is mere speculation. Even broadest imagination is too limited to create ideas about what is inconceivable, transpersonal and trans-causal. Although originating from beyond existence, from beyond all those cause and effect relations which we already know, this origin obviously is. We can be sure it is because we are. Not only we depend on original regularity but also entire universe does. We learn to understand this interdependency by experience. Experience of joy or pain is the key to heaven's door as experience keeps us within the reality of immediacy, within simultaneous perception of heart and brain. Joy keeps on the trail and pain tries to change a behaviour which causes pain. Learning by personal experience is guided by the spirit of life whereas words, books, bibles etc. not necessarily represent this first guiding spirit. Experience is able to transcend the borders of written tradition and taught convention. By experience we reach authentic levels of understanding. Personal experience is a most powerful shield against adulteration which by any other way of learning is likely to be adopted. Experience instantaneously teaches the lesson of life and represents the original messages of many religions before such messages have been altered only to serve exclusive interests of those in power against the common interests of life. Life is about contacting authenticity and remaining within copiousness and health. Life is not about ideology, is not about institutionalised religion or philosophy - which too often result in arguing, hypocrisy and killing, in war and destruction. It is vitally necessary to eliminate the fogs and pitfalls of preset perception by experience to reach a dimension where ALL dissolves into ONE. The dimension of unity and love, of warmth, of being carried and secure. This dimension is the source of ethic behaviour, of really humane potentialities, of the ability towards peace, justice and global well being. A better quality of life depends on evolvement of humane potentialities which actively support the global community of life, the global communion. Responsibility in front of the origin of natural law means to behave according to it, means to create social communities according to it, means to organize social life according to it. Natural law is not consisting of letters or numbers. Natural law is made of principles. Politics, economy - any aspect of social reality is to reflect those principles resonantly and in consonance with their inherent spirit. The spiritual idea of the concept of nature is: self-organisation by interdependency, by unadulterated sensitivity to real and instantaneous values (qualities) and by general responsibility. The consequences to human behaviour teach the lessons of mutual support, of augmentation of well being, of unconditional service to nature, of love for life.

- Liturgy serves Life

On the path towards the destiny of humanity major traps of history need to be overcome. We understand: due to unleashed forces further conservation of falsehood and imbalance inevitably brings future at risk. However, where is the balance? What is authentic, what is replacement? Only unadulterated perception is capable to deliver correct answers. Only clear minds and authentic world views entail behaviour patterns which again result in joyful and satisfying consequences. How to achieve unadulterated perception? How to ensure clear mind and authentic world view beyond harmful argument about right or wrong? How to ensure joyful and satisfying consequences for global community? How to regain and maintain a healthy normality?

Many indigenous peoples ensured natural balances without ever having attended school or university. We have to face the fact that it is exactly the effects of separating science and its progress which are to blame for the most dangerous threats to global integrity. Why is that so? It is because of persistent deficient mental concepts which have devastating effects. Good and evil together with their personifications and expansion into heaven and hell are inadequate concepts of the mind. Neither divine nor satanic dimensions can be blamed for shortcomings and dead ends caused by inchoate self-awareness. No one can escape from the responsibility to support such categories which are of benefit for the global whole and to leave those behind which only serve the interests of a few.

Holistic perception is a prerequisite for responsible ways of life. Holistic perception and understanding have been part of indigenous life since ever. Meditation and other traditional trance techniques ranging from drums to drugs, from dance to monotonous litany, from accelerated breathing to deliberate inactivity and silence have the natural potential to open holistic perception which unifies intellect with emotion in front of an integral perception of the living universe, the tantric ocean of love, of pure pacifying and satisfying glory. These tremendous healing potentialities have been suppressed by one-way concepts of patriarchy, civilisation and modernity, by violent intolerance towards those who courageously try to testify the truth and by intellectual adulteration which deviates human sensitive abilities from detecting the instantaneous value of truth. When intellectual but erroneous concepts become more powerful than real pain then feeling pain consequently is deprived from serving as a guiding spirit. Even more deviating from healthy evolution is the religion which embedded in metaphysical nonsense glorifies suffering and misery to be something normal within this world. By placing paradise beyond real existence healing chances are displaced and lost on the one hand and on the other normality of insanity downrightly is consecrated, legitimised and perpetuated. Instead of hope exasperation multiplies and catches the souls of a growing majority of those who are excluded from the table of the rich and ruling class.

As a corrective serves common human religion which encourages to face reality as it is. Common human religion strives to eliminate shaping and manipulation by exclusive tradition and education in order to liberate people to really perceive reality as it is: insanity became normality, misperception became systematic. Common human religion motivates to break the walls of insane normalities to avoid dying within just because of fatal self-pity or indoctrinated superstition and mainstream hypnosis. Common human religion acknowledges existence and its unfathomable source. Common human religion acknowledges mysticism to be the reality beyond current levels of mere scientific understanding. Common human religion encourages to experience unknown dimensions beyond everyday reality as from there derives vital information beyond ideological restrictions, mental shackles, presets or prejudice (anthropocentrism, dualism or monotheism). Health and integrity well from inconceivable dimensions. All the same everybody is connected to that fathomless source by nature's spiritual umbilical cord. In realizing that source to be the common womb of life people understand nature to be one huge family and are ready to reconcile, to compensate and to support mutually.

The destiny of spiritual evolution is humanity's learning process to understand and accept the overarching momentousness of human responsibility. First and foremost this means to respond and react to reality and its challenges immediately and without negotiators for the sake of global well-being. Understanding of the overarching momentousness of human responsibility leads to natural limitations of options. Henceforth only such decisions are made which keep the consequences of human social life within mutually supporting ranges far away from producing pain to ourselves and others. For this purpose man-made bodies of law which still benefit Political Power and Capital will be reviewed completely and will be re-written to ensure all-embracing - „catholic" - advantage. Original liturgy serves life for overall benefit. Truthfully feeding back information liberates a way of living together which empowers human societies to counter-balance residual imbalances of the wheel of life. Highly sensitive abilities detect the instantaneous value of respective quality of life and consequently organize re-balancing activities. Unadulterated complex reaction-coupling processes mirror nature's principles into human society. Ever evolving cyclic organisation opens itself up into spiral evolution within the Garden of Eden, fenced, protected and lavishly maintained by the law of nature which respectfully is adopted by mankind.


1) Bronislaw Malinowski (1884-1942), "The Sexual Life of the Savages" (1929)
2) Erich Fromm (1900-1980), "
The Revolutionary Character"

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ACTION: Reorganisation of Social Reality

Self-Organisation of Humane Society
by Authentic Immediacy within a Sensitive Social Web

Balance of Individual Autonomy and Social Integrity
- Chance for Global Transformation, Liberation and Healing of the World

by Globally Unified Alliances for Emancipation of Humane Potentiality

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