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Again terrorism stroke, this time in London. Why? We suffer from injustice and domination on earth. As long as we do not succeed in overcoming daily terror of those in power we can spend more than we can afford on military and police, on intelligence services and body guards - we will never gain safety, neither security by violence or coercion. On the contrary, the harvest of inhuman policy is nothing but auto-aggression and destruction (e.g.: Terrorism, "The War on Terror" and the Message of Carnage by Norman Solomon, July 09, 2005). Safety and security require an entirely different understanding and behaviour. We love life, we love to live, who does not? Following thought is dedicated to inspire substantial dialogue between cultures, between religions beyond any narrow mindedness:

Consonance with Nature = Responsibility for Life

An equation with a long overdue solution

by Wolfgang Fischer

Correct answers to the challenges of history and present are needed. Only authentic answers to current questions will ensure peace since long desired.

For many indigenous peoples responsibility for life has been and still is cultural heritage. People who live close to nature always know that human activity has widely spread consequences. That is why such cultures focus on a minimum disturbance of natural circles and relations. Observing and honouring, ever growing comprehensive understanding are cultural objectives which are being passed on from one generation to the next in order to ensure the chances for future life.

Civilisation in contrast suffers from a rampantly growing irresponsibility with the consequence of destructive potentials developing as far as to the most distant angles of biosphere. The experiment to replace the observable and all over valid regularity of nature by laws which only protect individual, egocentric and exclusive interests creates erroneous trends, disturbances of finely balanced equilibriums. Finally it causes the danger of self extinction. Ignoring of naturally provided rules for the organisation of societies hurts the human duty to behave resonantly, to behave consonantly with life on earth. Lack of consonance is equivalent to lack of authenticity and consequently causes further misery.

The dogmatically solidified mental superstructure of science and world view together with all man-made products of this self limited mentality cause painful realities and separating illusions which keep us from seeing paradise in front of our eyes. The predominating anti-culture is the origin of confusing temptations and glares, for social as well as individual disease, for war and terror.

We live in the centre of paradise without knowing, not to speak of honouring or understanding. It is cultural as well as religious and political task to drop elitist, violent and exclusive ideas and concepts in favour of a growing understanding, perception and respect related to natural interdependences. It is the destination of human life to develop consonantly according to basic natural laws. Self understanding of a most responsible humanity is a never ending challenge: togetherness, sharing, learning, playing, enjoying - just the opposite of competition, destruction and elimination.

Instead of Fear and Loneliness: Enjoying Jointly

Only if general knowledge understands that non-human nature is entirely bound to genetic and instinctive presets of natural regularities and that man by evolutionarily gained freedom to decide is the only being able to decide against nature and its laws by intention and if furthermore it is generally acknowledged that decisions or behaviour which are directed against nature do have consequences for which scapegoats or „fate" cannot be blamed but history, society and personal life - only then we face ourselves, the genius within us.

Not often enough human spirit develops towards divine wisdom. Much too often human spirit especially also at decisive social switchboards is inclined towards the opposite, the demon of stupidity, indifference and greed.

Still, whoever tolerates or even sows the unnatural will harvest the disgusting. And the larger grief and sorrow get which are being prepared for the world by civilisation of anti culture, the more inexorable and inevitable will be the consequences. In any case this is the lesson of the last 2000 years of our history. During the last decades the destructive dynamics of man-made development can no longer be ignored. Due to the growth illusion which still is being preached it grows exponentially and fast.

Instead of Scarcity, Misery and Danger for Body and Spirit:
Satisfaction of Life's Needs, full Life, Security and Safety for All.

True responsibility for life therefore asks for rapid decisions in favour of alternatives to usual habits, to hostility of power politics and to highly dangerous technologies. Alternatives are considerate, compassionate, loving forms of global social existence within natural conditions. Real responsibility leads towards renunciation of separating religious traditions and towards acceptance of our common human identity and spirituality.

From Europe to Africa, Near and Far East, from North and South America and the Pacific to Global Communion - the idea whose time has come.

Let us communicate our vision to world parliament movements, to ecological and social movements, to peace-movements, to alternative communities, to humanists and other open minded and loving movements of religious or any other origin, to the civil society, to all who are engaged in the transformation of this world into a peaceful and enjoyable place for everybody.

Undivided we are one. Jointly and simultaneously we represent people's power.

We are sympathetic with victims in London as well as anywhere else. Our tears nourish our souls and encourage our spirits to search for roads towards global peace and joyful communion. We are aligned with those who struggle to spread general understanding that violence is no option at all, except for defending one's own or other's lives from clear threats and that despite of mainstream preaching we do have plenty of alternatives to present politics.

Candlelight prayers are sound and sympathetic actions of solidarity - still they unfortunately and definitely are not at all sufficient to overcome the solid system of violence and domination.

Day by day ten thousands of human beings starve in silence, drown at the borders of rich countries, die by torture and killing due to systematic corruption of common sense and justice within the predominating plutocratic system. Its legal understanding does not care, neither for human life nor for integrity of nature. Bush, Blair and others represent heads of the very system from which life suffers world wide. By corruption of justice, Bush, Blair and others are robbers and murderers in freedom, although they might not be aware of what they are doing.

This is the plain truth which we face, perceive and testify.

Politically motivated terrorism obviously is worse than terrorism against this system. Still world wide media do not differentiate and hardly mention the truth. Neither do most of the political, religious or intellectual leaders discuss this matter radically from the roots, unfortunately.

Motivation of counter-terrorism might be rooted in self-defence. However only very rarely it is effective. On the contrary. The system solidifies to a larger extent and reduces civil rights and freedom towards extinction. The count of victims gets unbearable. Furthermore a situation is created where nobody really knows if certain acts of terror are being organized by the system itself or not. We know this legally happens according to the system's rules. The excuse for this kind of terrorism is pretended to be national security.

Victims in London and elsewhere are as guilty as any of us. The only innocent are the estimated 30.000 children starving day by day due to the greed of those in power. We all are guilty to the same extent because we allow criminals like Bush, Blair and others to rule the way they do. This is to say that indifference, condemnation or praying are definitely not sufficient, they even contribute to the perpetuation of terrorism. They contribute to solidify a brutal and barbaric normality which heads towards global death.

Human brains and hands
definitely are to reflect more wisely and act more sensibly.

According to the Bible, what did Jesus do when liberating the temple from the dealers and money-traffickers? Did he pray to his father and did he wait for help from heavenly space? No, he spoke up and cleaned the place by his hands. That's what Christians might recall from their religious education. (Marcus 11, 15-19, Lucas 19, 45-46, Matthew 21, 12-13)

We are billions of peacefully born human beings on this earth. In general we are fruits of love. However some of us are seduced to killing each other by a small group of irresponsible enemies of life in the switchboards of the system. We are to overpower them and we will do so. However not any action is appropriate.

Joint action of millions is urgently needed.
Let us remember Gandhi's march for freedom
and understand what is possible and necessary.

Let us mobilize for simultaneous actions, for simultaneous marches to national centres of power of so called democracy like brave Bolivian indigenous movements demonstrated lately. Let us follow their example and strengthen global efforts to emancipate from violence and domination. Jointly we reject hypocritical intentions of plain bribery like suggestions for reduction of debts or any other pseudo democratic efforts of the system - they only aim to separate people, to prevent people from acting jointly.

We reclaim full power and common sense!
We do not only have the right to do so.
By nature each of us has the moral duty to be fully responsible.

We are requested to organise just and naturally determined societies in order to satisfy vital needs. For ourselves, our children and future we organise responsible sociocratically structured parliaments from local to global levels. By mutual assistance and simultaneous action we are to stop the production of lies and false information. We stop profit-making and war-making. We make peace. Based on public support and fuelled by socially generated subsistence and fortune we ensure equal chances for everybody by general basic income, by free education and health care, by free public transport and more.

We will make life affordable and enjoyable for everybody.

We definitely will succeed by courageously, patiently and silently marching and reclaiming our right to live in peace and consonance with nature by mutual support in the service of common future.

United and determined we will succeed.

This is our common aim and vision. Who is willing to adopt it? How do we encourage our contemporaries? How do we mobilize for this noble goal of humanity? These are urgent and vital questions. Everybody is invited to suggest answers and to take action wherever possible.

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