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«Gods of all patriarchal religions - of Hindis, Greeks, Romans, Jews, Christians, Muslims - had „female ancestors". Feminist theologists and scientists of matriarchy since long have proven that those matriarchal ancestresses are the religious foundations on which the new patriarchs have built their social, economic and theological systems.»

(Maria Mies)

«Philosophy only becomes an affair of humankind if it simply terminates to be philosophy.»

(Ludwig Feuerbach)

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Living Humanism - Right Livelihood - Global Communion

Living Humanism is authentically transformed energy of life, - information of life which is transformed into creative human spirit thus harmonizing noosphere, the global sphere of ideas. Right Livelihood is the human expression of authentic understanding and resonant action within the global community of life. Right Livelihood will lead towards a genuine social organisation of humanity - towards responsible cooperation for mutual benefit, towards global communion. Global Communion is the realisation of the Social Instinct of Humanity - in contrast to individualistic elitist aberrations of history and present. The social drive will enable humanity to support biosphere as indigenous peoples always did and still do.

Politics and daily response to the challenges of life necessarily must be based on reality. Still, of even greater and decisive importance are our visions concerning global fortune. Finally it is our dreams and mental conceptions which shape future reality first by adopting them, by attaching our emotions to them, by identifying with them, by excepting them to be the source of our motivation, to be our spirit and destination.

This analysis focusses on misleading identification, identification with concepts of life which are still incomplete and premature.

The reasons for this potentially dangerous situation are quite natural - mankind is free to decide, its identification is not genetically determined but has to be learned by experience.

Sound and creative behaviour have to be learned and authentically implanted in culture. Culture is to serve as the guarantor for „spiritual reproduction" and healthy life in a resonant and responsible eco-social-psychological context.

History is the expression of premature solidifications and manipulations for the sake of partial and elitist interests. Life constantly struggles towards emancipation, towards overcoming dissonant energies and realities, towards satisfaction of the interests of the entire social body of our planet.

Dogmatism and domination, mental and physical violence are the characteristics of inferior developments of patriarchy/commercial civilisation/wrong tracks which altogether alienate from life.

Due to intrinsic natural laws of quantum-physical counter-balances de-railing developments which usually are perceived as „progress", terminate themselves on individual as well as social levels by reciprocal and complementary effects, usually perceived as „illness, revolution, crisis".

This lethally dangerous situation needs a double-fold strategy to be pacified:

1. By means of dissident grass-root-movements and other socio-political alliances of apostates of the current predominant system profound and factual re-organisation of such social conditions and structures which oppose social and ecological balances and justice.

2. Complete re-formation of such world-views which partially exclude reality by open minded and emotionally flexible people who are capable of focussing on transcending dimensions towards transparency and authenticity.

A social organisation of world community whose participants are well aware of a transcending reality guarantee profound re-connection and authentic religion to the essence of being. By fostering and living mental-psychological traditions of love and synergy everybody is encouraged to face an overall reality of interconnected existence.

A concrete path leading towards acceptance of reality of life is inner perception, deeper insight and empathetic understanding. Due to predominant violent civilization the main mental emphasis in schools and universities is being drawn and limited to perception of outward appearances. An inner and essential world is being neglected by this approach and furthermore the perception of outward appearances is manipulated and falsified by the powers of media and sciences in the hands of capital to such an extent, that sheer insanity governs. Violence is being accepted to be natural, war is being accepted to be just, richness and poverty are being accepted and perceived to be normal situations. Supposed hopelessness and lack of alternatives within global predominant world view and thought are rooted here. It always has been tactics of ruling systems to prevent public perception of the truthful roots of grievances and misery by physical and emotional violence of constantly streaming diversions, terror and threats.

Each explosion of bombs, each man-made catastrophe, each increase of global misery in reality however intends nothing else but to make aware about an inner path towards eternal truth. The path of deeper insight leads to a deep understanding and real perception of these authentic relations. From here comes healing if understanding and perception lead to behavioural changes.

Only if societies of leading industrial nations realize and accept destructive aspects of their historic and colonial machinations to be crimes to mankind and nature, only then the chances for a global re-start can be opened. Only understanding of the insanity of a racist mentality and split emotion of slave-drivers, profiteers, and winners will unveil their fundamental destructiveness and uselessness for a peaceful world.

Only a moral and ethic re- and new-orientation which leave behind patriarchal aberrations of history and especially of monotheistic religions will set free apart from political will also the means for compensational balances. Only if the disadvantaged of all sectors receive helping hands from deep conviction, reconciliation can happen, healing will take place. Only acceptance of difference will contribute to cultural diversity. These are necessary prerequisites for a different quality of organisation of world society. Violence and domination, manipulation for the advantage of a few will be replaced by global solidarity, broad information and sufficient satisfaction of everybody's basic needs.

As anticipated since long grown up humanity by focussing on global fortune fully develops its healing spirit within noosphere. Global Cooperation in support of Common Good will maintain biosphere for the benefit of all of us and for future diversity of life.

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