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Communion: - Global Cooperation YES! Globalisation NO!

Resistance alone is not sufficiently effective
to promote a paradigm shift.

by Wolfgang Fischer with special thanks to Yasuhiko Genku Kimura, VIA - Vision in Action, for inspiring dialogue


Paradigm shifts

- The sun is spinning around planet Earth?

We know about the resistance which had to be overcome until exactly the contrary commonly became acknowledged: the earth is spinning around the sun.


- Economic growth entails general well-being?

Today we again experience the resistance which opposes the realization that ongoing economic growth on the contrary is putting general well-being at risk.

- Peace by war?

Millennia of behaviour conditioning by warfare mentality still oppose the simple realization that peace is a sole consequence of justice.

The balance of justice easily could be achieved, however too many privileges still oppose the non-violent approach.

How much more suffering do we need until we start to prefer simple dialogue for problem solvings which would benefit all of us equally?


We cannot take communion
from the altars of a dominant culture
which confuses price with value
and converts people and countries into merchandise.

Eduardo Galeano


 "War on terror" is a war against the globally growing and networking resistance and its answers to the threats of corporate globalisation which no longer can be ignored. This resistance and even more the creative alternatives which are born from it are life saving.

The more obvious the wrong direction of the powers of domination and exploitation discloses itself, the more radically destructive they react. This is part of their history and identity, part of the worldview which they created and to which they are ready to sacrifice reality.

People with visions of autonomy and justice, with empathy for living and non-living nature, are a special threat to the structures of power because they unmask patriarchal self-perception and endanger further existence of those structures directly. Violent and dogmatic ordering about holds up learning processes which are planned by nature is nothing but switching off the human potentialities of perception. This is dehumanising and creates robot-alike individuals, easy to be manipulated.

Only people who deep inside of themselves are weak and insecure long for hold in the outside world. They tend to get dependent and addicted. Also to greed for power. Such people have not yet proceeded towards a maturity of inner resonance, strength, authenticity and independence. They are the guarantors for continuation of man made hierarchies which are life threatening. The more superficialities the systems of domination offer and the more sophisticated replacements they promise in commercial exchange for destroyed luck of life, the more paranoid and violent they behave, the clearer and falsifying simple they point at scapegoats and divide the world into good and evil, the more attractive they fatally become for people, on whose uncertainty they live and whose blood they suck.

People who already detected the global net of lies and who strive to make it visible to their contemporaries too, need to beware of being caught between lines which cannot be won. Otherwise energies get lost which are necessarily needed for the global eco-social-psychological transformation and paradigm shift. Just resistance only is not sufficient to dissolve the global situation of domination. Visions of common good also are needed and respective action.

People who strive for balancing current global inclination in public and privacy wherever they might be try to point out the consequences to certain ways of behaviour as learned by personal experience and empathy. They never stop learning and sharing news.

Thus real chances and factual possibilities for others too are being created, to see what can be seen, to understand what is understandable if awareness and readiness to learn have not been obstructed or limited by certain traditions, religions and paradigms.

It depends on our partners in dialogue, the others, to accept such offers or to dismiss them - of course linked to respective consequences and responsibilities. Here the spirits may part. Such situations should be left aside, because by violence readiness to learn never opens up. By violence understanding never can be gained, nor can awareness be widened by violence, nor can responsibility be taught by violence, nor can emancipation proceed.

Even if sometimes this insight is ignored and dialogue is impossible this can be accepted without grievance, without feeling offended and without fight in any case where human rights are at least basically being respected. Whenever possible we patiently continue our efforts to learn, to carry understanding and light into those man made relations which mislead, coerce, exploit, kill.

Everywhere and always when survival of individuals is being threatened, more severe types of reaction and resistance are necessary and legitimate. The heroic struggle of the Bolivians and other populations against the sell out of national resources is unavoidable. As long as politics tramples all over the needs of people, they will fight for autonomy. Resistance against occupying forces in Iraq and their grab at local resources proofs a strong self-confidence of the Iraqi people. Nobody needs to accept one's life to be dictated. Especially not an unjust life. For many people emigration is the only option left. However where can refugees still escape to if it is exactly the rich countries which co-create within their respective home countries the social pressure to emigrate and which furthermore shut down their borders to them?

Today we realise globally that violence only is the gateway to further decline. Facing the potentiality to destroy biosphere we are finally forced to give up violent action and threat. Violence and killing can no longer be followed by violence and killing otherwise humanity will definitely fail. Globally we are to accept that peace and well-being only can be gained by peace and well-doing. Consequently and unmistakably. Patiently, powerfully and sincerely. With support of the certainty to be backed by the potentialities of global life as soon as we subordinate us to its autonomy, to the highness of life.

The service to the common good, life to the advantage for everybody and also for the well-being of the future is a vision which since ages represents common heritage of all people.

As soon as we accept the liturgy of life and start to serve life we gain its creative forces and leave behind uncertainties and aberrations of history. We are completely free to decide for the global communion of life. This union however is neither arbitrary nor coincidental. Its order consists of an overall regularity which is to be realised and followed.

For entire non human life this subordination is not at all a problem. It is imprinted into the genome and the instinct. Only human beings suffer from the dilemma of freedom. Of freedom to decide and to have options: will we offer our creative energies to the service at the Union of Life or will we continue to proceed with selfish interests? Both paths do have consequences. We should have learned that from history.

If we discover and develop human social instinct we will have the chance for a future within growing diversity. If we continue to follow elitist individualistic interests the final consequences are disclosed ever clearer. Resistance against a continuation without options is necessary. Fight against the grab of greed for profit at the fundaments of life is life saving. Not doing anything, waiting for help from outside will lead towords ever more global catastrophes getting ever worse.

Enlightenment which radiates security and autonomous joy of life because it focusses on common good is more attractive than any promises whatever blinding they might be. Life, in resonance with itself, strong, authentically offering teachings and alternative ways of living attract those who have questions. And only those who have questions are open for answers. We have to accept that if we do not want to risk loosing energies by fanatical actions although it is bitter to watch people awaking sometimes only by pain and sorrow.

Let us dedicate ourselves to those who are open and ask questions no matter who they are. This way we support the spirit of life on its path towards the destination of global peace and welfare. On this path human cooperation is indispensable and will create unknown possibilities.


A Tentative Model for a Living Universe, by Elisabet Sahtouris (part 1) (part 2) (pdf-version)

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