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Theory of Global Healing

Theory of Global Healing

Dieter Duhm

Tamera, January 2006



The following theory is a text about the basic principles of the Peace School Tamera in Portugal. The education of peace worker at Tamera comprises a course of studies as well as three-year-long practical training. It includes cooperation in the community and an assignment to serve in areas of emergency on earth. In autumn 2005 three co-workers of Tamera travelled to the Peace Village San José de Apartadó in Colombia in order to investigate how to protect the inhabitants from murdering paramilitary troops. At the same time a group of people, under the leadership of Sabine Lichtenfels, made a pilgrimage through Israel and Palestine with the aim to carry out peace actions on both sides of the wall. Such actions are part of a peace concept that envisages the development of Peace Villages and "Healing Biotopes" which are to have a global healing effect. The following theory explains how and why this is possible.


1. Introduction

If we broaden our mind and open up to new mental resources, the present globalisation of violence can be overcome through a globalisation of peace. New potential of intelligence and humanity will become available by concentrating on accessing previously unused information from the cosmic databank. The corresponding possibilities are lodged in the neural structures of the brain and in the molecular structures of the genetic codes. They also lie in a new (intellectual and spiritual) connection to the functioning logic of cosmic (divine) life, as well as in a new "frequency of consciousness".

Today humankind has lost its anchor. Not only do we live in a globalisation of outer violence, but also in a globalisation of human alienation and loss of roots. Wars are not only taking place militarily, but also in love. Millions of people carry within themselves the pains of abandonment and of failure in love relationships. In the hearts of abandoned and betrayed children the potential of violence is born and unloaded in today's world. There can be no peace on earth as long as there is war in love. Germany, every 30 minutes a human being commits suicide. They do not die because of hunger or cold, they die because there is no place where they really belong to, because there is no love in their lives and no future to go for. It is above all the inner human issues that are the reason for the downfall of the world.

 Just as the globalisation of war exists, globalisation of peace exists. The deciding factor for peace to be realised is a certain type of information and certain types of energies and frequencies which are accessible from the cosmic databank and from the "genetic world code". Every human community is - consciously or unconsciously - a type of relay station for reception, selection and steering of cosmic energies and information (frequencies). A shift therefore depends on reinforcing the information of healing and deleting the information of destruction. This is an issue with regard to the social, technological and moral structures of a society. New structures that are suitable to strengthen information and power of trust and to clear those of fear. The old code of life, formed by a five thousand year-long history, has but generated morphogenetic fields of fear and violence. A new code must be developed, one that generates morphogenetic field of love and solidarity.


The human society inhabiting our planet is integrated in the cosmic order of a even now largely unknown universe. It is in this order that we breathe and pulsate.

The cosmic world that has brought us forth and the societal world that we have built up ourselves have drifted apart too far. Universal principals of life collide with the habits of a profit-orientated society. Global healing emerges out of consciously reuniting with the higher orders of the bio-cosmos. Human relationships, human love, human work and human community have to reconnect with the comprehensive body of the larger whole. (If we describe and understand history to be a learning process which predominantly is being disturbed and which still hardly can be naturally experienced, then for the social body of mankind it is a first time unification with the higher orders. Indidviduals always were able to perform this unification as documented by history. Others never fell out off the Continuum of Love because of healthy family- and clan-structures - on the global level this unification still is waiting to be accomplished - that is why it cannot be a re-unification. WF)

The thinking systems of the era of warfare have to be replaced by thinking systems for a future without war. The chains of information that have served to exploit and violate have to be replaced through chains of information for peace, relatedness and cooperation with everything alive and vital. Both possibilities are included in the cosmic database. So far, the first possibility has been primarily realised. This is a statistical fact of history, but by no means an argument against the feasibility of the second possibility. Warfare, violence, revenge and jealousy are not given, natural constants of human life. Rather, they are the cause of a one-sided orientation and unused mental resources.


The old notions of religion and politics have become redundant. We need a new solution for human life on our planet. No longer can we limit ourselves to individual treatments of afflicted areas, since there would be no end to it. The areas afflicted by crisis are not only to be found in the countries at war, like Afghanistan, Iraq or Sudan; they are also to be found throughout the entire western world in another, more covered way. We need a solution for the whole of the planet, a basic healing for human beings and earth, a fundamental new orientation for our cohabitation with all fellow creatures. - These were the basic thoughts with which the project of the Healing Biotopes began 20 years ago.


2. The Global Cry

Global injustice is happening on earth with indescribable consequences to all those affected by it. In many regions of the earth there is such suffering that it is no longer imaginable. Burning, mutilation and torture are the order of the day. The public looks the other way, because it cannot bear the sight. We share the fate of others as long as we can bear it and as long as we can believe in some kind of consolation. However, we have lost any possibility for reaction when we hear what human beings do to each other in crisis areas, what they do to children, what they do to whole nations. The gruesome is too gruelling to be let into our souls. One knows that this is happening on every continent, but one has stopped reacting to it, it has become an abstract and formal entity. Who, indeed, can react to what happened in Manhattan or New Orleans, is happening in the Caucasus, in Iraq, in the Congo, in Colombia, in Indonesia, in Russian prisons or Tibetan work camps? Who is still able to react to the fate of children who are daily victims of highly organised child-pornography? And who is still able to react to the fate of millions of young people in western countries, who have neither a home nor a job to go to?

In Latin America, villages and fields are being burnt to enforce the power of multinationals through "Free Trade Zones". In the Tibetan work camps, set up by the Chinese, women and men, who were torn away from their families, die of hunger. In Afghanistan children are crying, suffering from the pain of burns from American bombs. In Palestine a wall, eight meters high is being drawn through gardens, school yards and neighbourhoods. In Chechenya grenades were thrown into the last cellars, where elderly people were hiding, so that a Russian president could win his election. In Germany there was a chancellor who named the said president a "flawless democrat". In Western Europe, a mafia of child pornography reaching into highest government circles is being detected through the indescribable atrocities committed by the Belgian Dutroux. The unspeakable pains of the victims and their families……there are no longer words for it.

Collective oppression and clandestine complicity. The suppression of news in the media, the cynical balancing of share prices on the international stock exchanges. The global crime of banks and companies: the higher the return, the better the share, the more the victims. Nobody wants to be a witness; nobody wants to say what is happening. The victims have no public lobby, no advocates, and no protection. They have become numbers in an international roulette about power and profit. As soon as they are eliminated they are forgotten. Daily there are thousands who are eliminated in this way and subsequently forgotten.

Besides, there are the animals. What happened when hundreds of thousands of cows were killed because of BSE? What happened thereafter, when again as many were slaughtered due to the foot and mouth disease, although it was known that one was not dealing with an infectious disease? Why did the chairman of the political party of the "Greens" in Germany agree to this? What type of methods are applied to capture, to rear and kill animals so that they may be served as delicacies to a perverse clientèle of an international gastronomy or to turn them into fur coats for bored divas?

Peoples' cries for help die away unheard. Those who seriously take care of information and help, are being slandered, made ridiculous as do-gooders or are simply done away with, i.e. killed. Courageous journalists in the Ukraine or in Pakistan had acid thrown into their faces. International secret services blast inhabited skyscrapers into the air, only to attribute the deed to their political opponents so that they can attack them even more brutally. The international press, the left one as well as the right one, are firmly in the hands of the globalisers. Perpetrators and victims both belong to a system that will continue to create pain until we clearly see through it and put a stop to it.

Cry out men and women, cry out! Cries from the cellars of torture, from the prisons, from the battlefields on earth. Alas, the cries are not being heard any longer, they have become far too many. If all the beings that are being tortured at this moment were to cry out - the world would be one single cry. And while these lines are written, hundreds are dying of hunger, cold and torture.

I do not write this because I like to celebrate the end of the world, but rather, because I know, that we are capable of ending this inferno. If we are able to recognise the dimensions of suffering we will also be able to estimate the dimensions of the necessary healing. There are possibilities of salvation. They are to be found outside our conventional thinking patterns and forms of discussion but they are as real as a wireless internet or a Hubble telescope in space. Who would have thought that such things would become reality 50 years ago? What is possible for humankind in the technological sphere is also possible in the social, ecological and in the spiritual sphere. The intelligence that was capable of developing electronic arms systems is equally capable - if focused differently - of developing systems of non-violent co-habitation on earth.

I thank all those who have, with great efforts, tried to alleviate suffering. I thank Ruth Pfau in Karachi; I thank the clown group of Patch Adams for their work in hospitals of war zones. I thank Rüdiger Nehberg for his engagement to stop circumcision in Ethiopia. I thank Sabine Lichtenfels for her pilgrimage through Israel and Palestine. I thank Amnesty International and all international helpers. May their personal endeavours be connected with the global concept for a future without war.

I see the successful examples for a more humane world as they have been developed for instance in Sekem (Egypt) or in Tilonia (India). May such concepts for economic self-

sufficiency merge with a new picture regarding the inner issues of the human being: a picture for love, sexuality, partnership, community, art and religion. What Ibrahim Abouleish has achieved in the Egyptian desert (Sekem), must be continued in the inner (sexual and spiritual) realms, for an all encompassing planetary vision for peace to emerge.

For us, who dedicate our lives to global peace work, it is not a matter of course that we are spared to be subject to massacres. It is for us not simply a matter of course, that we are neither hungry nor suffering from cold. The fact that we live in safety, we take to be a gift of grace and a special duty. As long as we are not part of the victims, we will undertake everything possible that some day victims no longer exist. The present concept for worldwide healing has been developed as a result of being a witness and out of compassion. The author has seen, and partially experienced himself, what cruelty means. Looking the other way is no longer a possibility, therefore what is to be done now?

There is not only destruction in the world there is also light. Hannes Wader sang:

Not only atrocities happen, already for so long.
I have seen the love, already for so long,
the belief, the courage, the hope, the blazing heat,
And what is happening in the faces of children.
Already for so long.


 3. Theory of Global Healing


The universe is a living unit. All things contained in the world find themselves in a mutual coherent evolution. Anything that occurs spreads itself as a holowave through space and time. What occurs at one place is happening everywhere (in corresponding translation and on differing scales). No pebble can be moved without something changing in the whole. And no star can burn out, without something changing on earth. Every event of war and every event of love leaves behind its traces in the finer tissue of the biosphere. The world matter that is being nudged somewhere, vibrates everywhere. The world reacts to each and every event, from the molecular structures to the galaxies and from a delicate thought to the most complex systems of information. What we are doing right now, can alter the molecular structure of our teeth, or the speed of the growth of our hair, or the behaviour of our dogs, or the hope of some people in the peace villages of Colombia.

Each thought, each action derives from a current in the world matter. We cannot undertake anything and cannot make new plans, if we were not seized by a holowave of the world matter. Everything that manifests itself anywhere on earth comes out of the invisible waves of the great whole. We are not only receivers of world matter, but also its activists and its steering organs. With each action, with each thought something is being changed in the world matter. If only we were successful in building up complex information for peace at any one place in the world - that also has the ability to withstand counteracting forces - then this information can be effective in the entire noosphere of our planet. From such thoughts the project of the Healing Biotope emerged. The more such places (acupuncture points) will be developed, the tighter the ring for global peace will become.

The world is an oscillating continuum. That, which shows itself in massacres and wars are global oscillations which may show up in other places in a much more subtle manner. The global life on earth, including all psychic occurrences, is a continuum of frequencies. Nobody is uninvolved. That which is present in well protected, affluent families in the form of disappointed love, secret lies and latent aggression mounts up in other places in the form of hatred and genocide. Newly created peace and reconciliation sends vibrations into the world circle arriving everywhere. We no longer live in an era of matter, but in an era of frequency. Spiritual and psychic vibrations are of a more penetrating nature than material ones. - Considering these points of view, a totally new picture for the possibility of the healing of our planet opens up. It amounts to entering the correct frequencies in the whole. According to the quantum physicist David Bohm, ten to a hundred coherently oscillating people can change humankind as a whole.



The picture: An organism is attacked by an illness and shows up many sick places. The intelligent doctor does not treat each place instead he treats the whole organism. Transmitted to the global situation of our time: an intelligent concept provides not only peace work to special places of crisis; it concentrates on the healing of the global organism, of both human being and earth, as well. It is not only that thousands of individual areas are ill. The whole needs an "injection" and a new energy. The noosphere needs new information. The nuclei of the cells need a new impetus to be able to send fresh steering impulses to the organisms.



First: The entire earth and the entire humanity form an integrated organism, a holistic system, which reacts as a whole to the healing impulses that are injected.

Second: The key information of a new, non-violent code of life is directed to the inner sphere of community, truth, trust, love, eros and religion. The bifurcations, from where the course of human evolution on earth takes new directions - as soon as the material prerequisites are fulfilled -, are lying in the inner realm of the human being.

Third: Peace work is healing work. Central to it is the building up of trust. If someone asks, what does peace mean, then the answer is: peace is trust. Trust between human beings; trust between lovers; trust between parents and children, young people and adults; trust between women who love the same man; trust between men who love the same woman; trust between nations; trust between human being and animal; human being and nature; human being and world. The deepest meaning lays in finding the code of trust. Healing Biotopes are places, where conditions that are able to support the emergence and the growth of perpetual trust are consciously created.

Forth: Neither moral appeals, individual conversions, nor individual spiritual exercise will produce the necessary change, instead new communitarian and societal structures have to be developed to promote a continuous growth of truth, trust and solidarity.

Fifth: Communities of the future which will build up the new structures of the inner sphere of human beings will produce a global field effect. A new code of life will - as a result of the functioning of holistic systems - change planetary life.


All five sentences are evident.

The first one concerns the planetary bio-system as an integrated organism. This is confirmed biological systems theories, starting with Lovelock's Gaia-Hypothesis up to the "biological internet" which claims: all beings are connected through the frequencies of their cellular nuclei (DNA). The genetic code of all beings has the same mathematical base structure, i.e. all beings follow the same basic information of life. They all live within an integrated body of information or - as Teilhard de Chardin said: in an integrated "noosphere".

The second sentence is the result of the inner logic of peace work: peace in the outer world corresponds to the degree that peace has been established in the inner world. Inner peace mostly fails in the face of unrequited love or due to the inability create and be part of a functioning community. We need a new code of life that replaces fear by trust, differentiation by participation, ideology by insight. In the centre of this new code rests a new relationship between the sexes, one which is capable of creating lasting experiences of love in order to overcome perpetual sexual misery. Above all, the sexual forces have to be accepted and integrated in a new way. The main point is the final repeal of the fears of separation, of mistrust and mutual deception in love, one of the most intimate areas of human life. There can be no peace on earth as long as there is war in love.

The third sentence speaks for itself. Where there is trust, fear is overcome. Where fear has disappeared, violence is overcome. Trust is a true tonic for healing.

The forth sentence is determined by history. There have always been individuals like Jesus, Ghandi, Etti Hillesum, Lusseyran or Martin Luther King, who have reached a high level of purity and divine power, although it is doubtful whether this has made the world a better place. Individual purification is necessary, however, it must find its anchor in a new collective structure, or otherwise it will not have a permanent effect vis-à-vis the overpowering force of violence. Ghandi said: "We must be the change we wish to see in the world". Yes! We need new social entities whose structures are suitable of generating a maximum of human beings who can walk Ghandi's talk.

The fifth sentence arises out of the first. If new information, a new vibration or a new direction of force is entered into an integrated organism, then these become effective in all its parts. If the input is made at a few points, or at only one acupuncture point, then this will have an effect in terms of a resulting field of force within the entire organism. An analogy between the human body and the body of the earth and the body of humankind appears to be permissible.



Human society is a steering system of cosmic and human energies. The steering of the available energy and whether this leads to fortune or misfortune depends largely on the mental, social and technological steering systems a culture develops. Streams of energy can be led to collide with each other, resulting in paralysis, fear, enmity, violence and psychosomatic illnesses (sexual urge against moral, obedience against rebellion). Equally, the streams of energy can be steered in such a way as to harmonise with each other, thereby producing healing, love and cooperation on a higher and larger plane. The world needs new steering systems for the steering and healing of the energies contained in the world matter. New steering systems mean: new thinking systems, new concepts for life, and new systems for the cooperation with the developing forces of life.

The technological aspect is of importance. In order to end the destruction of the environment for ever, we need new systems of energy. The general search for functioning methods to capture free cosmic energy with could soon make a significant contribution. Ahead of this, solar technologies will be adopted, as it has been developed by the technology group around Jürgen Kleinwächter in Lörrach/Germany. This group addresses the basic areas of energy, water and nutrition. With the help of the systems developed in Lörrach, poor regions on earth could benefit from the self-sufficient models for the supply of energy, water and nutrition. One such Solar Village is in preparation at Tamera. It connects the social design for future communities with the technological design for self-sufficiency. The 3-year project "Monte Cerro" that will be run from 2006 to 2009, will lay the foundations for the pilot project of a Solar Village.

More important than the technological aspect, are the mental, sexual and psycho-social aspects of energy steering. Primarily, the distorted psychic energies worldwide need new steering. During the thousands of years of patriarchal cultural tradition the switch that regulates the innermost energies has been set to slow down and divert them. It has to be turned up again, until the stream of energy is in order again and can flow freely. We need a new code to dismantle old blockages. We need new forces of trust which are capable of transforming the existing chaos. Through new energy supplies, so called "dissipative structures" are formed that can re-establish the energetic balance on a higher level of order. Ilya Prigogine received the Nobel Prize for the discovery of this principle. He made his discovery in a chemical lab; though it can be transferred to human conditions. As we move up on the scale of energy we reach a new structure of order in love, in cooperation and in the connection to the whole. Existing conflicts are only to be solved on a higher level of order. The energies of so far unresolved conflicts can "escape upwards" and can reassemble themselves in new structures of order. Has such a connection successfully taken place, it displays a morphogenetic effect: the new pattern of order, the newly acquired form is effective in the whole of the Holon as a new field of information which again will generate many analogue forms. Higher levels of order are a higher form of being in union. Forces, directions of development, people and groups, which previously confronted each other with indifference or hostility, can - if new energies and information are added - connect newly and befriend themselves. Whether we have a positive or negative approach towards the world, towards people and towards co-creatures, is a question of information and energy. Equally it is a question of information and energy whether we are able to find a solution for the unresolved issues of love of our time.



The new levels of order exist in new forms of community and in the cooperation with the fellow beings in nature. Higher forms of union are higher forms of consciousness. In my opinion, it is no longer possible to find the basic information and core forces for a healthy world, without connecting all research to the development and building up of real life communities. Thirty years of community work - such as the Project of the Healing Biotopes - reveal perhaps more than anything else, the depth needed for a shift in paradigm to occur in the human sphere. The new code of life is a result of functioning communities, communities in which the usual conflicts of authority, recognition, money, sex and love have finally rescinded in favour of a humane structure of truth, transparency and mutual support. Especially in the areas of sex and love the course has to be set in a new way for truth and trust to be able to develop. The code of trust of the new communities is based on truth and transparency. For this to become possible, the erotic forces have to be fully accepted and integrated in the community life. The old separation of official sexual moral and secret desires have to disappear in favour of a sexual integration that no longer calls for either suppression or lies.

At this point, the old thinking has to be revised and a new ethical reflection has to take place which surpasses by far all known humanitarian manifestos. The development of non-violent future communities may be the deepest adventure of our time. The renowned biologist Lynn Margulis adds to this stating: If we want to survive the social and ecological crisis we have created then we might be forced to enter into totally new, dramatic community ventures.

The global concept of healing starts with the concrete development of functioning communities. This has obviously proven to be more difficult than any development of ion arms and genetic engineering. Instead people have been waiting for the Messiahs to come to release them. However, he does not exist. There exists a communitarian intelligence capable of developing the code of healing though.



The new code consists of new information. The information that is contained in the human genes has to be newly combined and activated. Old chains of information of war, jealousy, fear and violence which has been tapped into for years and has thus been active needs to be dissolved and replaced by a new one. The totality of life is built on information. People's fortune or misfortune and that of all fellow creatures depend on the information that is being activated. Nothing is fixed for ever, almost every matrix can be realised if the appropriate information is activated. We live in a true multiversity with an endless number of latent "parallel universes". They can also be called "parallel holograms". There are holograms of fear and holograms of trust, holograms of estrangement and holograms of connectedness. Which one of the many possibilities will manifest in our lives depends on the information we retrieve from the world and further depends on the information we enter into the world. (Possibly it might be understood more easily if we transfer this process to a love relationship.)

David Bohm spoke of the "implicit order" which generates all outer appearances in the manifest world. What is being manifested out of the implicit order depends on the type of information, thoughts and visions that are being activated. Whether wishes are fulfilled or not, whether humane goals can be reached or not, whether we experience happiness or unhappiness in love, depends on the chains of information which are being activated through our thoughts and behaviour. Whether we are to find a peaceful re-connection with the whole depends on the successful dissolution of the dogmas of patriarchal religion, which are hostile towards love, and to replace them by the kinder information of a "Marian" era.

Information is no abstract thing; instead it is lively, mental impulses. Authentic information always has the power to realise something new. Albert Einstein said: What can be thought can also be done. These are authentic thoughts and visions which move the latent content of the implicit order into an "animated state" and direct it towards manifestation. Vision and reality are ontologically connected to each other.


What does it mean to activate new information?

It means, to distance ourselves from ingrained thinking habits and belief systems, it means to activate new synapses in the brain and new molecular combinations in the nucleus of the cells and to open up new paths for life itself. The famous Rumanian doctor, Ana Aslan, had the idea to rejuvenate and prolong physical life. She developed a procaine preparation which has led to astonishing phenomena within the gerontological department of a clinic in Bucharest. Old people became young and fresh. Almost all prominent people of that time consulted her - from Picasso to Marlene Dietrich and Nikita Khrushchev. She was legendary. She seemed to have been successful in informing the nucleus of the cell with the aid of her preparation that seemed to give new steering impulses into the organism, impulses for a visible vitalisation and rejuvenation. This cancelled out the law of getting older. The information, that one has to get old and withered, according to the conformity to a natural law, had been replaced by the information of a comprehensive regeneration which became possible at any time. What Aslan proved possible medically, had already been postulated earlier by philosophers such as Prentice Mulford: What the world is, depends on the information we put into it. The information of Ana Aslan was a material one, those of Jesus or Mulford or Lusseyran were of a mental/spiritual nature. The new information can be "administered" by means of thoughts or visions, the same, as is done with medicaments and therapies. It is the task of new cultural centres to activate the biological and mental information centres through the input of new information, in order to further the existence of new steering impulses for a non-violent evolution of life. The possibilities for this are provided in the overall information of life, in the cosmic data bank. Next to the combinations of violence also the combinations for salvation exist there, which we have to assemble under the heading "Sacred Matrix".

The energy pattern of the Sacred Matrix is an entelechial basic pattern which is latently inherent as a possibility in all beings and in al things. In this context, Teilhard de Chardin spoke of the "inner base of God" in all beings. Accordingly, there exists an inner orientation which - at least latently - strives towards the realisation of the Sacred Matrix. Through the input of the new healing information, a direction of development would be reinforced that is already laid out in the entelechial programme of life. Human effort and divine order would again come together. This, above all, is the basic thought of healing: the rules of the human-societal life and the rules of the higher orders of life and of the universe shall be brought in agreement with each other. Coherent systems of information that are aligned and cooperate on all levels of life bring forth powers that by far surpass mechanical additions.

The power coming from the universe passes through the relay stations of the human beings and through the structures which they built. There, the power is steered into new paths. For them to be healing paths, the mechanism has to be recognised and corrected by new information. For this only one precondition is needed: a sufficient number of human beings have to agree to direction and goal of the new paths. The new centres which will be developed as part of the plan of the Healing Biotopes shall be places where these paths become visible through research and studies, through new experiences and through international cooperation.

Some paths are already visible now. Beyond all theory I name some of the basic rules of healing. They are always also rules of global peace work in the way they are learnt and adapted by the students of the peace school Tamera:

- Care for all animals and all creatures.
- Attentiveness for the processes in nature.
- Modesty in leading positions.
- Truth in love, also when you are in a partnership and love others "all the same". The formula: You cannot be faithful if you are not allowed to love others.
- No meanness in sexuality. No promise of marriage if it is about sexual contact. Remain truthful but do not try to force anything. Follow the sexual longing if it corresponds to the wishes of the partner.
- No retaliation for unredeemed wishes. No disrespect for impotence and shyness of the partner.
- No sex with children. (This indeed goes without saying, I just mention it because it has to be mentioned in these confused times. - In order to empower normality of infantile or juvenile sexual experience: Children naturally experience sexuality amongst their peers at any stage of development. It is the task of the cultural environment to gradually talk about responsibility and consequences. Sexual phantasies of adults focussing on children in any case are expression of individual aberration which is to be healed. WF)
- Transparency and truth in the community, also in the difficult areas of love, sex, money and authority.
- Mutual help and support.
- Unconditional truth with friends.
- No compromises with the powers of destruction.
- No hate against enemies as they could be the friends of tomorrow.
- No judgement. Jesus: "Do not judge so you will not be judged."
- Choose your words and actions in a way that peace arises in you.

 (The list can be extended)



Women and men would give anything if they were to find fulfilment in this aspect of their lives, fulfilment that could no longer be taken away from them, neither by the church, the teachers, the parents or wrong morals, by the state or by war… If they were allowed to express their deepest wishes… and if they were to believe that these wishes can be fulfilled…

Is that so?

All those, who are below 30, would immediately say: YES. All others, who would be promised total absolution, would also say: YES! All those, who would be assured by God himself to never be punished again for being truthful, would say YES, and this with great enthusiasm! All those, who still have the courage and the truth of the youth, all those who have not been subjected to the hypocrisy of the church, the culture and of the moral, those who have not yet adopted the "reasonableness" of grown-ups, who have not been side-tracked by the ascetic sermons of old wise men, all those know the one and only answer to this.

All: the ageless youth of the world, independently of whether they are 18 or 50 or 80 years old. I suggest the book "Mars" by Fritz Zorn, and with regard to women, the book by Renate Daimler, called "Verschwiegene Lust" (Secret Lust. Women over 60 talk of their love and sexuality). Has this issue ever been treated seriously in a debate at the "Bundestag", at a peace conference or at a world congress? Present politics of humankind are dominated by issues which are only interesting as long as the real issues cannot yet be named. If a new political party for sexual humanism were to stand up and real issues of the citizens came on the daily agenda, it would lead to a total collapse of all existing structures. At this point there is no need to carry on lying.

The peace code, which we are looking for and want to actualize, is a code for the reunion of the sexes, on a mental/spiritual and sexual basis of solidarity and partnership. The code could be "Gylany", as Riane Eisler called it. This code is not charged with chauvinism, feminism and any other "isms". It does not exist in any religion or any charter. It so far exists only in a massive yearning of millions of men and women on this planet. Millions of men and women have protected themselves against it and instead ran away to create religions and lead wars, since they did not know the code.

(The people who read this would stream to Tamera by the thousands, if only it would be so simple to follow one's yearning. And it is really simple, only it takes time. A healthy social and ethical basis is needed so as to understand things. It is the aim of Tamera to create such bases. The press got it all wrong and thought it is about fast sex and non-committing contacts. In truth, we are working and researching on a new form of human relationship embedded in the new space of human community and commitment. Real liberation and the healing of sensuous love is the deepest and most comprehensive work of the 21st. Century.)



We live in a holographic world. All information of the world is available and can be retrieved at any one point. Theoretically, the overall world information can be "downloaded" at any place, at any given point and with the needed frequency. It is possible to tap into the world information or certain fields of it, like for instance into the field of mathematics or of music. We all know the phenomena of so-called child prodigies. These children command musical or mathematical capabilities by far surpassing our imagination. Although these children mostly do not have a special intelligence, they seem to have some sort of antenna with which they connect to parts of the universal database in a special way. We had a guest staying with us who was able to continuously produce Goethe-type poems without ever having studied Goethe. For some reason he was connected to a "Goethe field". There is a man living in England with a low IQ, who, when sitting at a piano is able to play 50 pieces of classical music free of any mistakes. He is obviously connected to a field of music. People like Houdini, clairvoyants and other mediums, some mental healers, yogis, circus acrobats, people doing extreme sports, they all have PSI capabilities. PSI does not agree with the notions of our physical world. These people are connected to information beyond those of conventional physics. World information, whether known or unknown, is everywhere. At this very moment and in this room there are radio waves of broadcasting stations worldwide, as well as radio waves of all the galaxies of the universe. I only have to switch on the radio and go to a certain wave length in order to call up information. Similar with the TV and the Internet: the invisible, present in space, can become something visible, for instance in the form of a picture or written words. Marvel over marvel! The invisible world is full of information and frequencies. Were we without receivers, we would know nothing about it!!! The same goes for the firing power of wood, if we did not have a match to ignite it, we would not know about the firing power. (Of such enormous proportion is the difference between the visible world and the real possibilities it harbours; transfer this to people!) An enormous invisible world full of possibilities is always present.



I thank all those who had the courage to shift limits. I thank Louis Armstrong and Elvis Presley, I thank van Gogh and Picasso, I thank the pioneers of space travel, I thank the extreme mountaineers such as Reinhold Messner or Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, I thank Rüdiger Nehberg for his crossing of the Atlantic in a pedalo, I thank the circus artists on the high rope, I thank the surfers who defy the oceanic breakers, I thank the pioneers of nano technology and other "conquests", I thank all those who had the courage and the capabilities to shift limits and boarders and to open up new possibilities. They are all pioneers in a world of new possibilities. May the pool of genes have the power to actualize these possibilities located in the inner sphere of trust, in eros and love. May the young people of all countries step out of the past and enter into the possibilities of a new era of global thinking, global friendship and global joy. May young groups from Toronto meet with groups from Sydney or Nairobi. May they create a world community, be it in Colombia or with the Zapatistas in Mexico, in Bethlehem or Mecca. May they tap into the information and force contained in the world code that is mutually available to all of them.

Frequencies always contain information. Which frequencies we take up depends entirely on our sensory capabilities, our antennas, and our intellectual and spiritual orientation. We are capable of refocusing our antennas and reinforcing the healing frequencies through brain work, meditation and prayer, through music and dance, through suitable nutrition and physical training. Principally, there is not one single possibility that remains closed to us. Even in the darkest cellar healing can happen, as was shown by the French resistance fighter, Lusseyran, during his internment at the concentration camp of Buchenwald (see his book "And it was Light Again"). At each place on earth the "Sacred Matrix" is active, that is, if our sensory functions are tuned in and aware of its presence. All information necessary for the healing of human beings and our planet exists on earth and is available for retrieval when we are successful in building up suitable base stations. These base stations are the human organism and the human community.



How and why can the new healing information be spread globally? The answer is to be found in the special functioning of holistic systems. Information, compatible with the system and entered into it, is effective in all its part (see the above analogy about sick organisms). All parts are connected with each other by frequencies and are in resonance. Humanity, together with the whole of the biosphere, is a holistic system. What I do unto animals has an effect on people and what I do unto human beings has an effect on animals. The basic life structure is the same in all beings, the information structure of the genetic code is also part of this. It is to be found in all beings on earth - in the stinging nettle, as well as in the earthworm, the shark and the human being - principally it is everywhere the same. The differentiation is the way each being expresses itself. All beings are part of "one being" and "one consciousness". Frequencies, information and energies are all connected with each other in a continuous cycle - all are part of the whole. Together they build a biological Internet with running radio contact between all participants. This, according to Sheldrake, creates such phenomena like that of "morphogenetic field building" and "morphic resonance". When a new impulse is entered into a holistic system it is effective in all its parts. When the impulse contains new core information a field-like change occurs, that makes itself noticed either as a "mutation", an "evolutionary leap" or as "transformation". Such transformations occur in the lives of individuals as well as in the lives of entire populations. All of evolution seems to have taken place through the impact of such field-like mutations. If we are successful in effecting a change in the nucleus in the areas of love, trust, sexuality and community, then this event will undoubtedly call forth a marked change of direction in human evolution.

It is an inner event and it could have unforeseeable effects on outer situations. A society with fulfilment in its love lives and with functioning communities would no longer have to rely on vicarious satisfactions such as consumption, possession, power and boasting. The destruction of nature which has been connected to the compensatory needs of unsatisfied people would come to an end. The development of functioning, planetary communities in which the elementary needs of belonging and connectedness are fulfilled would therefore have a fundamental ecological effect. The healing thoughts in the ecological, social, sexual and spiritual realms belong intimately together.


The iteration of new systems happens by "infection" and resonance. Everywhere on earth we see the phenomenon of "infection". For that we need neither bacteria nor other material vectors. If one of two similar systems is changed, the change will probably devolve to the other one as well, the systems "infect" each other.

This phenomenon is known in physics and chemistry; we know it even better amongst people. A simple example: If one starts to cough during a lecture, many others start to cough right away. A latent cough field creates the chain reaction. A bigger example: If the youth of the western world comes into an existential crisis and a philosopher like Sartre or Camus express this crisis, hundreds of thousands of young people in Germany and France read the literature of existentialism. When a new field of thought comes up in physics, for example the quantum theory, within a short period of time the "quantum theory" develops (Congress in Copenhagen 1927) and it will not take long until it is accepted by all physicists. When the first graffiti artists leave their wonderful figures on the walls, we will soon see the same figures in all big cities, underground stations and bridge pillars of the world from New York to Tokyo. Keep these examples in mind! Why do the same figures suddenly appear in the same perfection on the walls of ruins in the remote Portuguese Alentejo?

If a latent field for a new action, a new development or a change exists in a population, then this latent field can change into visible reality as soon as the first elements "did" it. As soon as the first cells of humankind are able to develop new systems for a free life and to build up functioning communities, the field will spread on earth and convert into visible reality at many places.


We live in an actual time of transformation; it is, to use Ernst Bloch´s words, full of "utopian latency". New possibilities, actually existing in the information chains of the becoming universe urge to be realised.

Humankind waged war for thousands of years, was excited by banners and guns. The liturgies of violence repeat themselves again and again, from Homer to Hollywood. The same patterns, the same chains of information in the genetic code, the same synapses in the brain, the same hormones were activated again and again, the same paroles shouted and passed on to the next generations. They were wrong basic axioms of thinking, which - never scrutinised - led to the globalisation of cruelness; male axioms of law and order, of sexual suppression, sinful bodies and a punishing God. The one-sided selection of information in favour of power, war and repression led to astonishing achievements in the technical area and at the same time to a backslide of the mental, ethical and emotional structures into pre-cultural structures of robbery. "High-Techs in war and Neanderthal in love": the culture picture of today's civilisation. Let's imagine where humankind could be today if it had used the intelligence at its disposal for love instead of war! A civilisation which produced self-navigating weapons and brings electronic labs to Mars would also be able to create completely new social systems where violence and lies no longer have an evolutionary advantage and where love is no longer linked to jealousy. It is not human beings' nature which destroyed our planet but the one-sided choice of our possibilities. We can no longer react with accusation and anger. The earth does not need our affects but our intelligence. We need a new base of culture and a new code of life on this planet.


4. The Project of the Healing Biotopes and the Centre Tamera in Portugal

The project of the Healing Biotopes (PHB) was initiated 20 years ago with the aim of finding this code and developing it. Today, the core group is working in Tamera/Portugal. The research work has always been closely connected to the development of the community and all the human issues that go along with it. These are non-violent structures, social transparency, mutual support, truth in the contacts with each other, solidarity in sexuality and love. These are no catchphrases, but compulsory orientation for all participants. Today the building up of a university for global peace work and for the further development of the "Global Healing System" has been started. The project of the Healing Biotopes has emerged out of an interest and permanent occupation with human history and the study of the origins of human culture. More and more, the areas of sexuality, love between the sexes, trust and religion moved to the centre of our research work. They appear to be universal key issues of the development of human culture. In our time much bifurcations seems to take place. These decide whether the building of culture will happen with or without violence. This is no place to work with paroles and moralistic demands. Even the best of human beings will finally break under power of prejudice, slander and violence. We need new societal structures which can generate ongoing truth, ongoing trust, we need a full integration of the sexual forces, ongoing love relationships and ongoing cooperation with the forces of nature. This is the only point we are still Marxists: It is the "societal being" that determines consciousness and it is the societal structures which collectively either prevent or make possible love and trust. Global healing can happen, not through individual therapy or enlightenment, global healing will occur through the concrete development of new life systems, which will further the healing of all concerned. Once the first of these new centres, called HEALING BIOTOPES will have been developed and their structures will be functioning the field for new global peace information becomes active. The peace information located in the universal life code will enter into an "animated state" and can manifest in many places on earth.

Tamera is a school for the development of Healing Biotopes. One hundred co-workers and participants are available for care, organisation and building. Work and teaching at Tamera comprises three components: the study of theory, the development of communities of the future with new social and ecological structures, and global networking. The training takes three years. Part of the training are missions abroad, in areas of crisis, were future peace workers, through real life experience in such countries (Israel, Palestine, Croatia/Bosnia, Colombia, India), get to know the goals of global peace work. Those who have seen with their own eyes, sensed with their own body and understood with their own heart what is happening in the world today are invited to take part in this work. The world needs help!

In the name of all the children of this world,

in the name of warmth for all that has skin and fur,

in service of all creatures.

Dieter Duhm

Tamera, January 2006

More Information: Institute for Global Peacework (IGF - www.igf-online.org ), Monika Berghoff, monika.berghoff@tamera.org , Monte Cerro, P-7630 Colos, Portugal, Phone: +351-283 635 484, Fax: + 351-283 635 374

The Society of War and its Transformation by Dieter Duhm (German) (Russian) (pdf)


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