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The Society of War and its Transformation

  Dieter Duhm

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There cannot be peace on earth as long as there is war in love.

Every day bad news comes to us from all parts of the world. The external trigger for the following text was the extremely cruel murder of Luis Eduardo Guerra, director of a peace village in Colombia, and seven more inhabitants of the village, among them women and children. It is one of these daily details which accompany globalisation today. Now our friend Gloria Cuartas, who protected the Colombian city Apartadó for years as the mayor, receives death threats. We have been in contact with these people for years now. A war similar to the one in Colombia is taking place in many parts of the world today. Therefore the following text is not about one particular country but about the situation of the whole earth.

The worldwide war is rooted in the deepest structures of our civilisation and therefore cannot be overcome through appeals for peace, enlightenment and resistance. Global peace work needs a new global concept for a future without war.

The war industry is a solid constituent of our civilisation. If we want a future without war we need a different civilisation, a different way of living together, and a different way to settle on this earth. Real peace is not a slogan, but a different life form and a different form of society. Real peace derives from social structures which do not destroy but instead foster basic human values like compassion, trust, mutual support and solidarity. We need a worldwide co-operative of determined people to build these new communities. This text is for all who are ready and able to build up or support such a co-operative with all means.

The USA are preparing their next crusades within the context of their "new world order". They plan the project "Greater Middle East", an enormous free trade zone all the way from Morocco to Pakistan. This is the context for the planned wars against Iran and other countries like Syria etc.

In spite of all diplomatic declarations it is clear that this war is planned as the war in Iraq was planned long before the search for ostensible means of mass destruction began.

The village and city streets in Iran, on which today there are still children playing, could very well look like the streets of Falludjah, the devastated city in Iraq.

Does one know what war means? Does one know the unbearable pain of people suffocated beneath debris, being crippled or burnt? This and nothing else is war. The power cartels from economy, politics and military know that through their politics of conquest children die, freeze, starve - and they do it. They know that families are torn apart and communities destroyed - and they do it. They talk about peace, freedom and democracy and kill all freedom fighters who stand in their way. They have constructed a world of consumerism which results in slavery, desperation and collapse on the other side of the world. Behind the figures of the stock market there is the suffering of innumerable people and animals. More people die from the consequences of colonisation and globalisation than ever died in a war. Can we continue to enjoy our privileges and restrict our efforts to words? We need to find real ways to free the earth from war.

We are directly part of the war because we do not have the time to understand what is really going on there. Our culture is arranged in a way that nobody has the time to understand what is really going on. We are part of the war because we participate in a civilisation which generates war everywhere. War is a component of our civilisation, our economy, our consumerism and our ideas about life. Our own Western society lives from the armament and weapons trade, from war against nature, from war against villages and farmers in the "Third World", from war against love, from war against our mental/spiritual anchors and homelands of human kind. This war claims its victims in Afghanistan or Iraq, in Latin America or Palestine, but it also claims its victims where there is supposedly peace and democracy: in the offices and factories, in schools and families, in love relationships and ruined marriages, in the situation of homeless youth, in the sexual misery of the youth, in organised child abuse (as uncovered lately in Belgium, France and Spain). And finally in the hopeless situation of people who can not handle the lies of the existing culture any longer: every thirty minutes somebody commits suicide in Germany.

And aren't the slaughter houses, the fur farms and the animal laboratories part of the daily war as well? Is it necessary that the progress of a culture is connected to such an amount of suffering in the animal world?

There is a solution. We can recognize it when we take enough mental/spiritual distance to look at the whole of contemporary life on earth.

View the earth as a living organism whose organs are connected to each other through certain frequencies. You yourself are an organ of this organism. Through your thoughts, words and deeds you send out certain frequencies which serve peace or war.

You will recognize that you are still part of the global war as long as you are steered by thoughts of fear, anger or revenge. Consequently, create places where you find the strength to no longer give resonance to the power of war - neither in the world nor in yourself. Such places could be: special seminar centres, spiritual centres, pilgrimages, communities.

You will recognize that victims and victimizers are often connected in analogue structures and that you yourself could be victim as well as victimizer. It is a deeply mutual, historically grown structure of suffering which creates the victim as well as the victimizer. Also the victimizers have been victims before, they as well have been robbed of their trust, their love, their human home. They also come from living conditions which produce violence. Alice Miller researched and described the living conditions of well-known violators. As a child the Serbian dictator Milosevic witnessed the suicide of both of his parents. Even with the toughest killer the 'mignon-question' can be repeated:

What have they done to you, poor child?

You will understand that this is not about sentimentality but about a collective basic fact of our current civilisation: the drama of the loss of roots, the drama of disastrous love relationships, the drama of homeless children, the drama of separation and human deprivation are no longer private problems. It is the social and human drama of our times. Behind the worldwide epidemic of relentless violence hides the experience of a pain that cannot be dealt with in another way.

That is the global core issue which we have to work on. The question is: How do we end the production of separation pain, fear of loss and deprivation? Or more positively: How do we create real living and loving conditions which serve the growth of trust and solidarity among all beings? We do not only need a solution for the victims. We need a solution for the whole of human kind. And last but not least: We need a solution for the animal world.

Imagine there would be a few places on earth with a few hundred people from where a concentrated peace information is sent into the frequencies of the world with high intensity. They would have peace between each other, peace between the genders, peace between adults and children, peace with the beings of nature. The global circuit of violence would be radically broken in these places. What effect would this have on the whole? Whatever happens to a part of the whole can happen to the whole as well - because we are all connected through a consistent code of life (DNA), a consistent basic information and a consistent holographic structure. In other words this means: A radical modification of our way to live together with each other and with nature would have a high probability - if it really happened in a few places - to effect the whole in the sense of morphogenetic field-building.

Do not say too quickly: This is not realistic. In a multiple universe there are many possibilities of existence. The one which is realized depends on the decisions we take. Shouldn't a human kind which had the intelligence to develop self-steering rockets, not also unite this intelligence in a common action to realize a positive variant?

Let us rest a moment longer in the place where prejudices are substituted by thinking.

There is an "objective vision" of peace which is anchored as a real possibility in the structure of reality. It is not subject to personal random. It is the original image of the holographic film of the universe, it is the entelechial chore of all things, it results from the systems of resonance of the world, it is layed out in the genetic code of our cells and it is embedded in our consciousness as an accessible possibility. We can call it the "Sacred Matrix".

In former centuries there was the attempt to encapture and express this Sacred Matrix in harmonical numbers, in geometric patterns, in proportions of temples and cathedrals. We, as modern people, have to transfer it into real living conditions, working conditions, living conditions, into technology and organisation, into social structure and ecological ethics. Society needs a new operating system to realize the peace code. The existing culture is an operating system of dominance, fear and violence. The Sacred Matrix is an operating system of openness, transparency and connectedness. It is today's human task to create first functioning centers and models for this new operating system. We call them "Peace Villages" or "Healingbiotopes".

If it succeeds to create new communities on a few places of the earth which are coherent with the Sacred Matrix then it would result, with a high probability, in a global field effect. This in turn would be able to free peace and healing powers which today are still veiled behind fear and worry. Please give yourself the time to recognize this process. (It is as if a holographic film would be exposed to a laser beam at a new angle: a new image shows, reality changes.)

The path of overcoming the war does not end in an enlightened inwardness. The world does not only need good people, most of all it needs new real life forms for a future without war. It needs models for a new civilisation so that we can start to settle our planet in a new manner which is coherent with the laws of life.

To realize peace, we have to know what peace is. We have to learn the rules of trust and love. We approach areas which were, until now, rather attributed to religion or deep psychology until now. But is not this exactly the characteristic for the new way of thinking: to realize that these "inner" realms of the human have an eminent political meaning? If millions of people die every day of unfulfilled love, of hate and jealousy is this not a first rank political question?

We learn the laws of universal peace by learning the laws of universal community. For all life exists in community. If we want to survive we need new forms of community: community with people and peoples, with animals and plants, with all beings of nature and creation. We need communities of co-evolution, of co-operation and mutual support of all participants, because they all follow the same urge of life, all are steered by the One Being, One Consciousness, the One genetic code, all together form the big family of life on earth.

The rediscovery of community, the ability to live communally, the readiness for co-operation with all beings - that is the key task of our time.

The known biologist Lynn Margulis said it like this: If we wanted to survive the ecological and social crisis which we have caused, we would have to engage in radically new and dramatic community enterprises.

A German rock band ("Die Ärzte") sang: Your violence is a silent scream for love. Your military boots long for tenderness.

Clearly the connection between deprivation of love and readiness for violence is pointed out here. They continue: You never learnt to articulate yourself, your parents never had time for you … Because you have problems that nobody cares about, because you are afraid to cuddle, that is why you are a fascist.

These are connections which we have to see and change, if we want to put an end to war.

The collective expansion of violence which we experience on earth is the explosion of energies which have been blocked for a long time, which did not fit into the established system. The American or Russian or Israeli guys which roam through Baghdad or Grozny or Ramallah in tanks and shoot to loud music - they come from a background which was unable to give a positive direction to these overflowing energies. Sabine Lichtenfels, co-founder of the Healing Biotope I Tamera in Portugal, writes: War comes from energies held back for a long time. War comes from considering part of your soul as bad, judging it and thus withholding this part of your strength from the world, until it breaks out on its own and turns destructive.

Under these circumstances we understand the sadistic cruelties which accompany every war, e.g. the sexual tortures in Iraq.

A young man is asked why he is in the mercenaries. He answers:

Because I want to become a real man.

We will not overcome these problems only by political resistance and moral appeals or spiritual inwardness. We definitely need new ways of living together, new communities and new living spaces in which it is possible to become a real man by softer means, where one is not scared of love and one does not need military boots to hide one's own longing.

If we want to put an end to war we need to end it there, where it is created and born each day anew: in our daily living conditions, in the constant stress of mindless and monotonous work, in the methods of profit maximizing and distribution, in offices and factories, in schools and families, in the tragedies of love, in our ideas of being a man or being a woman, of sexuality and love, in the way too small cages of our professional, social and sensual life.

We wish that the youth of the world no longer goes to war?

Then we need higher goals for life, a life worth living and better opportunities to put the power of the youth into meaningful action.

We wish to end the worldwide sexual violence?

Then we have to create real living conditions under which sexual joy can be experienced without violence, without humiliation and without unnecessary restrictions.

We want to end the abuse of children?

Then let us build up living conditions where nobody even has the thought to view a child as a sexual object.

We want to free the world from despotism, betrayal and lies?

Then let us build up real conditions under which despotism, betrayal and lies have no longer an evolutionary advantage.

Not only dreaming, talking, wishing, appealing, but building it up, really building it! The world will only turn to the better when we demonstrate that it is possible. For that we have to create convincing models. The know-how exists or is in concrete development and waits to be put together in suitable locations. For the implementation of future-oriented Peace Villages social, as well as technological concepts, are ready for use but, until now, could not be realized on the necessary scale. (View ) If you have money please support the development of such models. If you are a journalist please help to spread this information positively. If you are well known please use your name and influence to redistribute the money: A Peace Village for a tank!

We have to do all of this if we are serious about ending the current war in the world.

We thank Amnesty International and all peace groups for their efforts. We feel connected to the people which protect life in many places of the world and resist global injustice. But additionally we have to make the positive aim of human kind visible. Let us create the first convincing models and realize the existing concepts. We look forward to everybody who wants to co-operate with us in this sense.

The world needs the confederation of the most committed peace workers now, to create a new on earth: a worldwide co-operative for a future without war.

In the name of our children and all coming generations. In service of all creation.

May 2005

Further information: IGP (Institute for Global Peacework)

Healing Biotope I Tamera

Monika Berghoff - "PR Dieter Duhm", Monte do Cerro, P-7630 Colos, Portugal




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