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Learning to Become Humane - Survey of Titels

A commitment to a "Responsible Humanism" along with action inspired by love
will pave the way into a healthy and peaceful future

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Overcoming Domination and Alienation



All Life
Originates from the Same Source


When man ceases to be determined by his own spirit
- which is the spirit of Life itself -,
subjecting his will to secondary interests such as money, power etc.,
- from that moment on he begins to turn into a machine, a robot controlled by alien forces

Resistance against Imperialist Globalisation - in favour of Global Justice! Realization of souvereignty of the peoples!

Titels in alphabetical order:

Topic: The learning process of leaving behind omnipotential delusion about never ending economic progress via ideas of sustainable development to the goal of a sustainable existence: Learning to become humane and aware - upgrading consciousness

- Mental Foundations of a Sustainable World- (pdf.file: download 310kb, 43 pages)

Topic: War, Conflicts, Militarism, NATO....- Neo-Liberalism - Globalization....

Topic: WTO, WB, IMF, MAI, WEF.... - against Neo-Liberalism - GLOBALIZATION from below....


The learning process of leaving behind omnipotential delusion about never ending economic progress via ideas of sustainable development to the goal of a sustainable existence: Learning to become humane and aware - upgrading consciousness

- Mental Foundations of a Sustainable World- (pdf.file: download 310kb, 43 pages)

These days, more and more people manage to expand their mental horizon and develop a sense of global responsibility. They are coming to realise that the still current world view, based upon violence, hierarchic structures, capital and its temptations, in its effects is more destructive than for example the plague epidemic in the Middle Ages.

Modern civilisation is increasingly being guided by illusory mental concepts the destructive potential of which equals that of the delusions of the insane. They are characterised by compulsiveness, a highly restricted sensibility and mental rigidity. As a consequence of these ideas about life, reality is in the end no longer perceived as such, resulting in a failure to manifest necessary responses to ocurring changes. The response no longer occurs in the framework of the existing requirements but is limited to whatever least disturbs the interest of an elitist minority. Under the cloak of freedom (neo-liberalism), the entire social life is subjected to serving Capital, whatever the cost.

In the process of globalisation, all over the world Capital is chosen as the supreme ruler allowed to transmute the life of landscapes and forests, of animals and humans - the intactness of the entire biosphere - into vast amounts of money. These are then used solely to safeguard the continued self-gratification of a minority group in control of the means of power, the media and the financial centres, rather than in the service of the requirements of a healthy social existence of humanity together with all other life forms on earth. The result of this "progress" is an increasingly desperate situation of a large part of the world's population and the decimation of the diversity of species.

Those individuals who have retained, or else regained, their sensitivity towards Life constitute humanity's sole hope for a future in which many nowadays still rampant ideas - in whichever ideology they may be rooted - will be ostracised as a matter of course. The only chance for a transformation of human society towards tolerance, justice and socio-ecological compatibility lies in an increase as rapidly as possible of the number of truly emancipated individuals.

Preface (pdf-version) (german)

A Culture of Peace overcomes Psychological Homelessness, by Wolfgang Fischer

Advocating a Change from Patriarchal Civilisation to a Sustainable Society, by Wolfgang Fischer (pdf.file) (german) (spanish) (french)

A general acceptance of responsibility at a global scale still is missing and waiting for implementation, Wolfgang Fischer 12. 2002 (pdf.printversion ) (german) (spanish) (french)

Alliance of Ethics and Enlightenment, by Wolfgang Fischer and Rudolf Kuhr ( german ) ( spanish ) ( pdf.file )

Beyond Violence and Domination - Hiroshima, 911, Bali, Iraq, Palestine, Madrid, Moscow, Darfur, Beslan - by Wolfgang Fischer (pdf) (german)

BSE and Continuing Madness, Politicians and their Wrong Mandators, by Wolfgang Fischer (german) (spanish) (pdf.file)

Common Sense Grows From Resonance On Common Ground, - Al Qaeda and the Wise Judges, by Wolfgang Fischer, 02. 2005 (pdf)

Communion: Global Cooperative YES! - Globalisation NO! - Wolfgang Fischer, 2005

Consonance with Nature = Responsibility for Life - Wolfgang Fischer, 2005

Declaration of a Friendly World, Evolution of the Humane - Globalisation of Peace, by Wolfgang Fischer ( pdf.file ) (spanish) ( german version )

Ethics today must create a moral impact capable of overhauling the political system! by Wolfgang Fischer (pdf.file) (german)

Evolution of Consciousness, Existence - Consciousness - Vision - Modification - Existence ....... by Wolfgang Fischer (pdf.file) (german version )


Global Responsibility, - New Orientation in Culture and Politics -, Reflections on what it Means to be Human, Plea for a Civilisation in Accordance with Nature that is not Based on Money and Violence, by Wolfgang Fischer (german) (spanish) (pdf.file)

Is Religious Belief Really a Personal Matter? , World View - Religion - Ideology - Politics, About the Connection between Reason, Emotion and Religious Beliefs, by Wolfgang Fischer (german) ( spanish )(pdf.file) (3. 2000)

Love for Life - so far frequently just Double Standard of Morals in our Society, by Wolfgang Fischer ( german ) ( spanish ) (pdf.file)

Learning to Become Humane, Concerning motivation and objective of these pages, by Wolfgang Fischer (print version) (spanish) (german)

SYNOPSIS - Global Communion

Mental Orientation? Unifying Vison?, Resurrection? For what and why? by Wolfgang Fischer (May 2004) ( pdf.file ) (spanish) ( German version )

Movements 'Globalisation from below', Why they are more than important - they provide remedy against the spreading decadence of a commercialized world, by Wolfgang Fischer ( german ) ( pdf.file ) (spanisch)

Nature and Civilisation, A Life-Threatening Conflict and the Way of Survival, - Alienation of Humanity and Possibilities for Healing -, by Wolfgang Fischer (german) (spanish) (pdf.file), Comments on Nature and Civilisation - correspondence on the matter

Navigating towards the Destiny of Human Life, Basics of a Safe Orientation System by Wolfgang Fischer ( german ) ( pdf.file ) 01.06

Neo Nazism - A Brief Psychogramme, or: Why Violence from the Right Demands Particular Vigilance, by Wolfgang Fischer and Rudolf Kuhr

TOWARDS HUMANE SOCIETY - Resetting the Mental Spheres - Elimination of Superstition and other Deficient Concepts by Spiritual Interference with Authentic Information by Wolfgang Fischer (11.05) (pdf) (german)

Open Letter To The Pope In Rome (Easter 2003)

Plea for a New Quality of Being Human, by Wolfgang Fischer ( german ) ( spanisch ) ( pdf.format )

Political Parties Finished - What comes Next? by Wolfgang Fischer ( pdf.file ) ( german ) ( spanish )


Privatised Violence in the Service of State Terrorism is Threatening World Peace by Wolfgang Fischer (german) (spanish) (pdf.version)

Properties of Resonance: Universal Coherence, Conceptual Modules Towards A Common Theory of Life, Evolution and Universe, A Creative Narrative on Existence - For Humanity, Wolfgang Fischer (February 2007)

Resonance the Creative Principle of Evolution & Grace the Driving Force in Harmony with Cosmic Law by Wolfgang Fischer (german) (pdf.version) 4.06

Response to Daily Global Terror by Wolfgang Fischer (pdf.file) (07. 05)

Spirituality and Globalisation - Prospects for a different type of social organisation by Wolfgang Fischer (download pdf.file) (german )

Transparency & Transcendence - Golden Keys to Peace, Wolfgang Fischer (February 2005) (german) (pdf)

The Attack against the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, What is it, that really threatens Civilization and - what kind of a Civilization is this?, by Wolfgang Fischer (german) (spanish) - (pdf.version)

The Tsunami's Lesson - International Solidarity -

The Social "Defence-System", Our View of Humanity Decides our Future, by Wolfgang Fischer ( pdf.file ) ( german ) (spanish)

The Vision of Wholeness by Wolfgang Fischer (pdf.file) (german) ( spanish )

War and Economy (Money), Why peace is not (yet) really wanted by a majority of politicians, by Wolfgang Fischer (pdf.file) (german) (spanish)

Ways out of Misery, Decline and Despair - Building Bridges to a Harmonious Future: Thoughts and Perspectives on necessary conditions for the emergence of a peaceful Humanity - The current Paradigm-shift from Civilising towards Humanisation, by Wolfgang Fischer (pdf) 01. 2009

We Need Uniting And Inspiring Ideas!, Motivation towards a really New World Order, Wolfgang Fischer 12. 2002 (german) (pdf.printversion)

Which Road, please, leads to the Garden of Eden? About losing the feeling of affiliation and confidence and about how to regain a life-securing orientation, by Wolfgang Fischer (download pdf.file) (german ) ( spanish)Ý

all above mentioned titels in one pdf.file: download 310kb, 43 pages

- more enlightening contributions in alphabetical order:

About identity of individual human existence within a human society and a natural context proving the continuum from individual human being to global human society and further on to the historical context of nature on our planet with a creative perspective for the future. The continuum of nature might be named God or soul or whatever - as we all are part of nature, how could we ever forget about this fact? How could we have stopped to comfort nature? How could we even have been alienated to such a selfdestructive extend by todays technologies, having in mind for example genetic and atomic engineering? - "Millenium Essays", by John Grieve

ABC - Ahmadinejad - Bush - Chavez, Three speeches to the United Nations General Assembly, New York, Sept. 19 and 20, 2006

AIDS theories, dissidents' critique of orthodox theories, Part 1, Part 2 - Scientific objectivity, Part 3 - Drug therapies, statistical studies and the pharmaceutical corporations, February 2001

A Department of Peace? by Blase Bonpane (3.2000)

A general theory that is motivated by a specific "vision" of how information might be shared for the benefit of all. Here you can see more on a progressing social theory based on mathematical equation, by Tom Loeber

After us, the Deluge, by Vlad. Parkhom, " I try to explain the meaning and tasks of life, problems of the human race......" ( comment to the author here ) (2.2000)

America Is a Religion by George Monbiot, (08. 03)

Anarchism As Extreme Democracy, by Wayne Price - from The Utopian website and magazine

A New Jerusalem - Declaration 2001

A Tentative Model for a Living Universe, by Elisabet Sahtouris (part 1) (part 2) (pdf)

Background Check: Operation Tarmac And The Many Faces Of Terror, 1. 2003, by Paul Street

Battle Cry for Theocracy, by Sunsara Taylor 5. 2006 http://truthdig.com

Big Brother's Bad Influence, by David Edwards (03. 2001)

Big Ideas on Corporate Accountability and Global Sustainability, by Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman

Buy One, Get One Free by Arundhati Roy (05. 2003) (pdf.file) ( german )

Call for a New Energy Revolution by Brian O'Leary Ph.D.


Call upon UN and VATICAN, Give peace a chance by going to Baghdad! Frank Winkler

CAPITALIST PATRIARCHY AND THE NEGATION OF MATRIARCHY - THE STRUGGLE FOR A "DEEP" ALTERNATIVE, by Claudia von Werlhof, in: Vaughan, Genevieve (ed.): Women and the Gift Economy. A Radically Different World View is Possible, Toronto 2007 (Inanna), pp. 139-153 (pdf)

Caricatures, Carnage & Colonialism, by Leila Khaled Mouammar (3.06)

Civilization in Crisis, by Satheesan N. Kochicheril

Chavez, the Devil, Chomsky and US by Michael Albert ( pdf )

Confronting Empire, by Arundhati Roy (01. 2003) (pdf.file)

Declaration of Indigenous Peoples on Climate Change

Declaration of Human Values, also see (here)

Disarming the New World Order, by Michel Chossudovsky

Drugs & Democracy, Biological Warfare in the war on Drugs

Erosion of Democracy and Freedom in America by Stephen Lendman (10. 2006)

Executioners of Humanity by Satheesan Kochicheril

Five Theses on Anarchism and Communism by jeff@tao.ca

GLOBAL JUSTICE? Godfatherly Global Justice: Milosevic, Sharon and Suharto by Edward S. Herman

God's Chosen People by Jostein Gaarder (0 8. 06)

Here's the Plan For fast and effective action on climate change, by George Monbiot 11.06

Holy Smoke and Mirrors: The Rise of the Centrist Theocrats, by Norman Solomon

How 'Liberals' Denounce Modern Dissidents, by David Edwards

Humanitarian Intervention, by Noam Chomsky

"In moral accounting, First World's the debtor", Houston Chronicle, April 16, 2000, p. 5-C, by Robert Jensen

IRAQ - Occupation and Resistance Report, Psychoanalysts for Peace and Justice

Is the Chattanooga 3 Case over? by Lorenzo Komboa Ervin (03. 2001)

Justice or Barbarism, International Conference "Justice or Barbarism" of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Berlin, 5th and 6th, October 2000

Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War 2, by William Blum

Lessons of Iraq War Start With US History by Howard Zinn, 03. 2006


Making Our Evolutionary Future - Evolution Biology and the Simultaneous Policy: Vision-Logic for the Next Stage in our Evolutionary Future by John Bunzl

Mobile Phones, Health Effects and the Problem with Advertisers, and: The Great Mobile Phone Cover-up January 19, 2002 by David Edwards

Navajo Justice, Navajos Replace Punishment With Peacemaking, by Robert Yazzie (5. 2001)

Neuroplasticity And Pragmatic Compassion (- Neurophysiological effects of meditation), by Dave Edwards 8.2004

'Never Again' Does Not Mean 'An Eye for an Eye' by Lucinda Marshall 08.06

No Critique of Capitalism without a Critique of Patriarchy! Why the Left Is No Alternative, by Claudia von Werlhof, in: CNS &endash; Capitalism &endash; Nature &endash; Socialism, Vol. 18, Nr. 1, New York/London (Routledge), March 2007, pp. 13-27 (pdf)

Not In Our Name, Let it not be said that people in the United States did nothing when their government declared a war without limit and instituted stark new measures of repression.

ONE WORLD IN DIVERSITY - We need a humane and efficient economic world-order-system and a strong, renewed United Nations! by Peter Hesse (http://www.solidarity.org) - (pdf.version)

Peace by Peaceful Means- Two articles by Johan Galtung (pdf):
Building Peace Through Harmonious Diversity, THE SECURITY APPROACH AND THE PEACE APPROACH
WHAT COULD PEACE BETWEEN WASHINGTON AND AL QAEDA/IRAQ LOOK LIKE? Some Points for Presidential Candidates to Consider -

Pentagon Strike - What hit the Pentagon on 911 ???

PRISON: The New Slavery? by Lorenzo Komboa Ervin

Profits and Racism, Prisoners of the global enclosures make a break for it, from Australia (6. 2000)

Project: Worldwide database of peoples' movements

Pure Reason, The Expression of the Enlightenment Attained by the Prophets, by Satheesan N. Kochicheril, Center for Pure Reason

Purpose, Faith and Love by Rainer TaÎni

Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower, by William Blum

Secularism in Islam, by Satheesan Kochicheril

Six Esseays on the Principle of Creation and the Global Acceleration Crisis by Peter Kafka (ð 23.12.2000)

Sixteen Years for a Snickers Bar?, reflections on justice by Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman

Sociocybernetics: Quest for Governance (in progress), by Tom Loeber

Somebody Else's Wealth - Where does the vast wealth of the United States come from? by Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman (3. 2000)

SOS, by Eduardo Galeano; Patria Grande; September 17, 2002 (pdf-version)

THAT WAY NEVER MORE - Egalitarian Alternative to the Pyramid of Political Party Power, by Olek Netzer (pdf)

The British-created famine holocaust in Bengal in 1942-3 - by Sutapas Bhattacharya

The Consequences of the Death of Empathy, by Robert Jensen

The Credo of Neo-Liberalism, Network against Corporation Rule and the Politics of Neo-Liberalism, (Download as pdf file)

The Death of the Dinosaur and the Saber Tooth Tiger - A Foreboding of the Death of Militarism, by Blase Bonpane

The Einstein Project, by Antonio Rossin 

The End of the Enlightenment by George Monbiot

The Interconnectedness of All Being: A New Spirituality for a New Civilization, by Claudia von Werlhof, in: Kumar, Corinne (Ed.): Asking, we walk. The south as new political imaginary, Bangalore (Streelekha), 2. vol. pp.379-386 (pdf)

The Lessened Flexibility Syndrome - LFS, by Antonio Rossin

The Meaning of Love, by Rainer TaÎni

The Machine , Mass Media Hypnosis, by Eduardo Galeano (4. 2002) (pdf.version)

The New Global Peace Movement vs. the Bush Juggernaut by Jeremy Brecher (5. 2003)

Theory of Global Healing by Dieter Duhm (pdf)

The Real Causes of War beyond the Multicausal Approach, by Olek Netzer (pdf) (11.05)

The Society of War and its Transformation by Dieter Duhm (German) (Russian) (pdf)

The United States of Captivity, by Dermot Sreenan (6.2000)

The US and the Nazis, by Nikos Raptis (02.06)

Torture and Abuse by Doug Dowd (May 24, 2004)

Truth, Belief, and Negative Language, by Antonio Rossin

Unsustainable Non Devolopment, by Noam Chomsky

Virginity Campaign, by George Monbiot (5. 04)

"We are here because you destroy our countries", speech from the congress "United Against Deportation", www.humanrights.de/congress by Dr. Anthony Edeh of the International Human Rights Association - Bremen, Germany (4.2000)

We must move to a simpler way - The Global Situation, the Sustainable Alternative Society, and the Transition to it, by Ted Trainer

What's for Dinner? , "Have you heard of the "Butterfly Effect?", by Jim Hightower

Whence The National Epidemic Of Greed, Fraud, And Rush To War? (November 07, 2002), by Ben Bagdikian

While the Bombs Fall, by Starhawk (08. 06)

Why the World Social ? by Noam Chomsky

World Parliamentary

The Israelis' right to a home land is by no means a justification for depriving others of their home. Peace in Palestine is possible only in a cooperative community comprising all people who live there.


War, Conflicts, Militarism, NATO....- Neo-Liberalism - Globalization....
The US-built anti-terror alliance named their answer to the attacks of Sept.11.: "Enduring Freedom"

According to the goals of capitalism the motto seems correct as this war is only trying to reinforce the freedom of exploitation and suppression by the industrialized countries. Pretending to be guided by humanistic motivations in waging this kind of war is pure lie and hypocrisy.

WTO, WB, IMF, MAI, WEF.... - against Neo-Liberalism - GLOBALIZATION from below.... "Our World is not for Sale"


In the domain of Christianity the concept of a God who reserves his love for the diligent and wealthy is leading to the callous exploitation of both the human and material resources of our planet. The idea of a Saviour keeps our self-healing energies unutilised in paralysing fatalism. The concept of a God who favours a chosen people is preventing, even after the experience of the holocaust, a learning process towards tolerant peaceableness and equal cooperation with people who have been deprived of their homeland. The concept of a God who fights for his ideas with fire and sword gives rise to the madness of a Holy War. The idea of a male God is used to disadvantage women. The idea of a God outside our human existence deprives us of our own responsibility. The mechanical idea of karma favours the maintenance of the status quo: those of low status have to blame themselves for it while those at the top can revel in their self-righteousness! The view that we exist separate from Nature and are meant to rule over it perverts the instinct of self-preservation into an unfeeling, merciless craving for power.


Are human beings Year - 2000 - compatible? To answer, it will be necassary to initiate a world-wide discussion on the meaning of being human and the human values globally acceptable. The transition from an industrialized society to a knowledge and information society involves rapid political, social an economic changes. Now we have an opportunity to use the new technology (internet) to start a discussion on human values in the age of globalisation.

You too can participate! Please reflect on the proposed 100-point-declaration of human values. Give us your point of view on the included questionnaire. You can motivate many people all over the world to take an interest and participate in developing the declaration.

Declaration pdf download (here) - (back)

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Emanzipation Humanum, version 10. 2000, criticism, suggestions as to form and content, dialogue, translation into other languages are all desired

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