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Why should we consolidate?

Civilization in Crisis

by Satheesan N. Kochicheril


Spirituality is the expression of love, which will degrade if we do not feel it for life. This love is inherently part of Nature. Man cannot be an exception to it. It is the intellectual and emotional expression of the creative force in the Universe. All things are based on the equations of balancing. Even violent climatic systems are part of this balancing. The entire Universe works on the basis of mathematical principles. Balancing in life cannot be attained without love. This is what the traders deny to their own people and the rest of the world. The question is very simple. Can other communities survive like the American community without love? Sorry. There is no community here. It disappeared under the pressure of commercialism. All these degradations are taking place due to the falsification of spirituality. The prophets were trying to make life responsible. Responsibility is very much related to reality that transcends the social realities. To the Bible reading President Bush the teachings of the Bible do not exist. He is now supporting the revival of faith in the Bible under a federal program. This is where religion degrades. This is true of all religions. If Islam can be taken to the expression of the Truth that Mohammed was trying to, if Christianity can be taken to the Truth from which Christ spoke, major problems in the universe can be got rid of.


The commercial civilization is slitting the source of life. All forms of life get degraded under the influence of this unnatural attempt to harvest money by taxing life. The promoters of money show no sensibility to anything because their sensibilities are controlled by a lifeless object - money.

Human beings are inextricably part of Nature, and our consciousness must be aligned to the pulse of life in Nature. If not, the mind loses its capacity for the essential emotion of love - love that is essential for the survival of human societies. The degradation of the mind is very much palpable under the system of capitalism that promotes only the welfare of money. Capitalism has become a mania where human greed has been glorified. Capitalism is scorching the whole world in the attempt to promote money, and it has taken first place in the ruthless consumption of resources that belongs to the system of Nature - the system of God. Due to the corruption of money, all governments are welcoming this monster civilization. All forms of life and the system of life are under great threat under the invasion of capitalism because traders bully others to change even nations' laws. Those who oppose it, the people who stand for life, are branded as anti-social elements because media are under their control. In the monster civilization no dissenting voice gets expression. It has even controlled the minds by giving 'Ritalin', a mind-altering drug, to all children. It is given profusely to them under the programme to control Attention Deficiency Syndrome. This civilization marks the end of culture. The people who stand for the continuity of life must unite together under one effort to fight against this monster that eats away its own subsistence.

Let's us join under the system of God to fight against this civilization that makes everyone irresponsible to the system of life. Without love for others, no human society can survive long.

Let's try to unify all those who have been touched by eternal Love.

Human mind and body are the creations of the system of Nature, the system of God. The best expression of the mind and the body are possible only when they get nourishment from Nature. But, as human civilizations progress, societies develop many systems that tamper with the system of God, and human beings by virtue of their inalienable relationship with Nature cannot escape from the degradation that they bring to it. The best is always from Nature, and getting this knowledge is Enlightenment, and retaining this knowledge in all our activities through its application is the Wisdom that human societies tend to override due to the influence of many ignorant and parochial expressions.

Anything that goes into the body is its food just as what ever goes into the mind is mind's food. The saying of Hypocrites, the father of modern medicine, that "Food must be medicine, and medicine food" refers to 'the Truth' that controls not only human body, but also the entire realm of beings. This Truth is getting violated under the influence of commercialization. When parochial establishments tamper with the system of Nature for controlling the production and distribution of seeds for crops, it brings calamity along with the profits that they appropriate. When seeds are manufactured to perish with one crop, it slashes the system of life to death. Nature cannot breed in the laboratories of the seed companies that hold the civilizations to ransom. After having successfully controlled the supple governments to enact laws to protect their system rather than that of God, these seed companies are now venturing into the area of human seeds too.

The most gruesome is the attempt to make some decoction out of unborn babies for the supposed promise of curing some diseases. The beginning of life is when life is formed, and the end of it is when life is over. The birth of the baby just marks the beginning of its independent existence, not the beginning of life. Cannibalism was a habit that all civilized societies denounced. When an unborn baby of a few days old is killed for the preparation of medicine for human beings, it cannot be called anything other than cannibalism though these executioners of humanity prefer to call it stem cell research. All these atrocities take place step by step, a procedure that moves from on step to the next level under the influence of an object that is alien to the expression of culture - money. This modern cannibalism began with the feeding of innocent cattle with the dried remains of slaughtered cattle, which resulted in the retaliation by Nature in the form of mad cow disease because its violation of 'the Truth' that controls the living habits of these animals. When conscience gets mad under the influence of money making, no sense will enter the stark minds of these criminals.

There is another form of disease that is affecting the humans and the cattle due to the unethical injection of hormones for more meat and milk production. A 1997 Harper Magazine article says: "The factory farm today is a crowded, stinking bedlam, filled with suffering animals that are quite literally insane, sprayed with pesticides and fattened on a diet of growth stimulants, antibiotics, and drugs. Two hundred and fifty thousand laying hens are confined within a single building. (The high mortality rate caused by overcrowding is economically acceptable; nothing is more worthless than an individual chicken.) Pigs are raised in bare concrete cages in windowless, metal buildings or tightly restrained in foul pens and gestation boxes. Cows are kept pregnant to produce an abnormal amount of milk, which is further artificially increased with hormone injections. Cattle do eat cattle here. They are fed the ground offal of those that have succumbed to unknown causes, and this has been the practice for many years." "...the growth hormones used in livestock cause estrogenic effects, including reduction in male human fertility, that are approximately 10,000 times higher than some pesticides that have long been recognized to be extremely dangerous to humans because of their estrogenic effects." (source

When animals are given hormones for more meat and milk production, human beings cannot escape from its effect. The ecosystem of the human body gets destabilized under the influence of alien hormones, and meat eaters start the production of more meat in their body that hangs out from every part. 'The Koran' says: 2:172 "Believers, eat of the wholesome things with which We have provided you, and give thanks to God." The best food and the best medicine come directly from Nature. But commercial concerns are not interested in promoting them directly because there is no involvement of technology to add profits.

The basis of morality is the adherence to the reality, 'the Truth' that controls every being and thing in this Universe. Prophets down from Moses tried to upgrade the consciousness of societies, and the sensibility that they showed was gained from 'the Truth' that controls everything. Spinoza, Baruch, (1632-77, Dutch philosopher) said: "God is the immanent, and not the extraneous, cause of all things. I say, all is in God; all lives and moves in God." We find the love and concern for life in the edicts of 'The Ten Commandments', and in several places elsewhere in the Bible. It even speaks of natural farming. " Six years thou shalt sow thy field, and six years thou shalt prune thy vineyard, and gather in the fruit thereof; But in the seventh year shall be a sabbath of rest unto the land, a sabbath for the LORD: thou shalt neither sow thy field, nor prune thy vineyard." The Upanishads of India express the upgradation of consciousness, a concern that was of education before the introduction of the monetary system. Now it is no longer the concern of even the best universities anywhere. 'The Brahdaranyaka Upanishad' speaks of the love that should be cultivated for the pulse of life in beings.

"Love, verily, not for the love of all is all dear,
But for the love of the Soul all is dear."

It also speaks of the human condition when extraneous objects tamper with this love.

"The worlds have deserted him who knows
the worlds in aught else than the Soul,
Beings have deserted him who knows beings
in aught else than the Soul,
Everything has deserted him who knows
Everything in aught else than the Soul." (2.4.6)

Human mind attained its present capabilities from its interactions with the objects in Nature. All beings, humans not an exception, develop love only if the mind is attached to the living beings- the objects of culture. Human beings in the march of their civilizations get attached to many objects which they form as part of their civilization- the objects of civilization. Whatever may be the concept that guides the production of these objects of civilization, the effects that they have on the mind cannot be compared to the effect that the objects of culture have on the human mind. Love is only possible when the mind interacts with living beings. When the human mind is alienated from the objects of culture under the influence of the products of civilization, the result is the loss of love- the love that is essential for the survival of human societies. The objects that rob the mind of love can be anything, even objects of art. This is just because all that we make lack life that is essential for love.

'My Last Duchess' by Robert Browning, the English poet (1812-89), gives the story of a Duke, an aesthete, who reduced his wife to a painting on the wall because her appreciation for the objects of Nature did not agree with that of his for the creations of artists. So he gave orders, and then all her smiles stopped. He proudly points to the painting of his wife on the wall and tells the messenger who has come with the proposal of a marriage.

"That's my last Duchess painted on the wall,
Looking as if she were alive. I call
That piece a wonder."

This speaks of the degradation that the mind is capable of when it is attached to an ideology, or a lifeless object. Of all the objects that we make, the one that degrades most is money. Its promotion degrades not only consciousness; it degrades every system that is necessary for the survival of life on this planet. Because of its purchasing power, it can unrobe even the monarchy, and can send rulers to jail even. Not many of the modern rulers have escaped from its evil power. The ideology that promotes the welfare of this object of civilization is the worst ideology that the world has ever witnessed. It destroys all that human civilizations cherish- love, life, family, Nature, everything in this visible world and beyond marking the end of culture. This happens because everything that supports life is sent to the money mill- birth, sex, life, Nature. The net result of this social milieu is the disappearance of love and social consciousness. Under the impact of this mindless system everything gets corrupted- mind, laws, judgment, knowledge, food, medicine, psychology. Knowledge even gets manipulated for the promotion of money. Knowledge inherently relates to the knowledge of the reality, the Truth. When knowledge shifts to the knowledge of the things that we make guided by the pursuits that support the welfare of money, the resultant milieu confuses everyone. This happens due to the controlling of all channels of knowledge by the people who have become the tools of money.

The governments, which should protect the system of God by virtue of them being the custodians of the respective nations, too tend to violate the Natural Law, 'the Truth', under the influence of the moneylenders and traders. Promotion of money violates this moral code. When a nation gets under the control of the traders, it gets shaped for the maximum consumption of traded objects. When moneymakers make sex an object of trade, its name is prostitution. 'The Bible' says: "Do not prostitute thy daughter, to cause her to be a whore; lest the land fall to whoredom, and the land become full of wickedness." When traders become rulers, all such rules are not applicable because they have sold their souls to the devil. This sanctifying of prostitution mars the structure of the basic unit of human society- the family. When family disappears, love for fellow human beings too vanish. This really means the end of culture. All systems that should serve the needs of fellow beings suffer when nations' laws get rewritten under the threat from the moneylenders. Traders and moneylenders will not deliver goods if not profitable. When the capitalist cannot deliver goods to its poor fellow human beings, there is no question of it serving other societies.

A Capitalist's Argument for Poverty

Tax Rebate for the Rich with nothing for the Poor

"As humans, it is natural to feel empathy toward those in poverty.... Poverty is not an externality and thus government intervention is both unwarranted and detrimental.... Would it really harm them (businesses) to raise prices and wages? This (inceasing wages) would have no real effect on the poor and would erode the purchasing power of the rich."

- source a letter in 'The Daily Progress'

"...thanks to the strenuous efforts of President Bush, $38 billion will leave the federal coffers... None of the beneficiaries of the Bush rebate will be poor families.... Twelve million children in the United States live in poverty - the highest poverty rate among children in the industrialized world.... The best way to improve consumer spending is to give give money to people who will spend it."

- Karen Kornbluh
Felicia Kornbluh

"When you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not reap your field to its very border, neither shall you gather the gleanings after the harvest. And you shall not strip your vineyard bare, neither shall you gather the fallen grapes of your vineyard; you shall leave them for the poor and for the sojourner."

-The Bible

The traders cannot afford any expression of culture and freedom because the exertion of individuality can harm their ideology. So, they came up with a solution, give Ritalin (methylphenidate) to every child that is energetic and restless. Ritalin is classified as a schedule II, or most addictive drug, on par with cocaine, morphine, PCP and metamphetamines. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), this nation buys and uses 90% of the world's supply of Ritalin. When young minds are subject to this drug, they no longer protest against anything. Now, morality is no problem even in the best institutions. When students in different parts of the world protest against the establishments, the capitalist has nothing to worry. Sex is a major industry, and the young children who are pliable are the victims of it. The main victims are the girls who are exploited for sex. This has led to the break up of families. Nobody has faith in marriage. 'Marriage Under Fire' is a popular TV show. There are no husbands and wives- there are only boyfriends and girl friends. Who will be the first to jump out of the house is the only anxiety. Marriage has become 'a big meat industry'. The use of estrogen for milk production has affected the male fertility, and this is a boon to the promoters of cyber sex that has become a billion dollar industry. When everything is controlled by the capitalists, people even do not have any freedom.

Nature exists not on the basis of globalization. There are regional variations of Nature, and people living as part of it find their existence threatened when the traders interfere with the local habitations. The traders used to bring what was not available in respective regions. Now with globalization, many feel life threatened. A Chinese farmer exclaimed when he could no longer cultivate corn due to the import of it from America. "Let the Government open a brothel on my land." When systems are flexed to bring more money to the greedy who demand more than their share of existence, it breeds disease marking the end of life. If the world relies on traders for its support, the result would be calamity for everything that supports life. When the people cannot offer profit to the traders they will not support the society. "What disturbs the regular method of Heaven, comes into collision with the nature of things, prevents the accomplishment of the mysterious (operation of) Heaven, scatters the herds of animals, makes the birds sing all night, is calamitous to vegetation, and disastrous to all insects;- all this owing, I conceive, to the error of governing men." ('The Writings of Chuangtze', China)

Every form of government gets defeated due to the excess of its basic principle that is alien to the reality that controls everything in this Universe. Capitalism has begun to hurt people everywhere. Two major studies about the absence of culture in public life were published last year in the US. They did not get publicity like 'Harry Potter' or new versions of some dolls because they stand for the revival of culture in American life. 'Meaning - The Secret of Being Alive' by Cliff Havener firmly states that Purpose, Meaning, Creativity, Spirit are the things that make us feel alive. Living without them is a mechanical imitation of life. What many call "normal" actually separate us from our deepest authenticity. There are many who challenge the "normal" and yet they feel like outcasts because of the violent opposition they encounter from most of the people in their immediate environment. The other book 'The Cultural Creatives' by sociologist Paul H. Ray and psychologist Sherry Anderson draw upon thirteen years of survey research studies on more than 100,000 Americans, plus more than 100 focus groups and dozens of in-depth interviews. According to them the Cultural Creatives care deeply about ecology and saving the planet, about relationships, peace, and social justice, about self-actualization, spirituality, and self-expression. Once they realize their numbers, their impact on America promises to be enormous, shaping a new agenda for the twenty-first century.

The question now is very simple. Who should be treated as the outcastes; the people who stand for culture and values, or the people who stand for the destruction of this planet for the welfare of money?

Let us all consolidate on the platform of culture and life.

Not to do so is death.

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Executioners of Humanity, by Satheesan Kochicheril

Comment sent to the guestbook:

Congratulations to (pure reason) 07/05/2001. You have identified the one mental/behavioural system that links all of humanity and, it is not love, or religion or spirit - concepts which only distinguish! some of us creatures. No, if there is a difficulty with humanity, it is the fools who believe they are not a part of it who are furthest from a solution. The individual is an instance of the epistemic externalization of the humanic condition in time as much as they are a product of liberating thoughts. Those who try to separate themselves from that upon which we 'all' stand, for we are all inevitably guilty of the birthright of worldliness, that external reality of economic behaviour that our children shall learn is ours and their restriction, those who try to separate from this by indicating a difference in thoughts about behaviour have also to search out that difficulty of their own humanity which they cannot change by just their own disagreement, to find the words for achievable!!change. Or ultimately perish as the one who gives away all their worldly possesions, the ability to influence the course and maintainance of their life. Discover this, and discover what and why certain changes, which necessarily apply to all, may give you more significance to humanity. Truly self, truly individually free. Truly able to identify the potential aspects of humanity which we are glad to make a part of our self and do not destroy us, and adequately argue for those in which we differ. To have these abilities society becomes our equal, both our teacher/sire and our student/charge. None have adequately accomplished the explication of that system which can appeal to rich and poor alike, male and female, old and young, sacred and profane, and all other dualism, that make them preferably parallel (a mere option of time) rather than better or worse. Thus, perceive that it is how I would like to change myself, rather than how I differ, that will bring you closer to me in your thoughts. The scaffolding to knowledge is finally fulfilling it's purpose and I believe that it is growing time for the single glimmering instance of a human being to claim to humanity that they no longer recognize their subservience to this ancient mental/behavioural system. It is the one fearful of the self's ability to stand free of the habits of a superiority system (that which defines the necessary way of the short-sighted and ultimately environment subservient animal) who believes that others cannot be trusted to have an irrevocable influence on society's resources. It is this person who is afraid that safety and independance is only achievable through a system of reservation of life exigent resources, yet claim some other more noble, inobjective motive. One can only speak of why one's self does not need to rely on the irresponsible dualism offered by this medium. It is because unfortunately the love of it is a enforced necessity or do not 'live', and an enforced necessity is an evil to the truly free. And I will not sacrifice a bit of mine, if not ours! Not for love or religion or spirit!

- Reply

The human personality is not a product of any civilization. Since it is the product of the system of Nature, the best expressions of the body and the mind are possible only if they are nourished by the objects in Nature. When the human qualities of the mind are expressed, the society supports culture, and it becomes civilized. On the other hand, when the commercial establishments shape the human mind, as in many commercially active societies, all that culture cherishes disappears from the human mind. Consequently human relationship becomes a burden, and family, the basic unit of the society disappears. The best example is the capitalist society where the average human mind is a product of the media and trade. The people there must liberate themselves from the shackles of the predators of humanity to make life meaningful. Such a civilization garbages everything, Nature, and human beings in it. The system produces billionaires and millionaires, not human beings. Always there is a better way of life for the human beings to live on this planet. That is living in friendship with Nature. Love is a product of the interaction with the beings having the pulse of life. It disappears if we are attached to the objects we make. All our pursuits must accommodate this Truth.


Pure reason, you must live in a beautiful and ethereal world from which you are exempt from petty the tug of war and identity crisis over resources that keep this world from achieving such vague, hard to understand proper human behaviour such as enlightenment, living in friendship with nature, having the pulse of life. We have yet to identify such a world of unambiguous morality (unambiguous?) as the one you are so lucky to live in. Would you please tell us where this place is so that we all might come to live there. We are indeed surprised to hear that it exists, could it be in India, for I know many there would also like the salvation of living in your world. It must be small to be so unheard of, is it bigger than your house, or your head. If your world is too small to accomodate us all would you detail the politico-economic system by which you and all your friends survive and interact and pulse so that we might change our own. My friends and I would very much like to know how such proper human behaviour must restrict and detail our practical lives in order that we really become civilised and not just think we are. We are relying on you as we are so, so tired of giving precious reserves of time and respect to heavenly, non-existent realities which cannot be replicated with visible behaviour and practical solutions with which to improve the existent capitalist piggery.

- Reply

The Kingdom of God is inside of you and it is outside of you. The Kingdom of God is the Universe, and Nature. God is the promoter of this Kingdom. Since we are products of the system of Nature, we must intellectually and emotionally belong to it. At that level we are provided with the resources necessary for life. Living according to the system of God/Truth alone is spirituality. Religions that do not modify human actions according to the Truth are unethical. Another disaster that affects the rest of the world is the capture of the world's most powerful nation's government by the traders. All world institutions are whipped for the promotion of trade, and this means more strain on the Kingdom of God. Can the fragile earth withstand the activities of these greedy ones who are not satisfied with more than their share? Life is more sacred than the riches that they reap. When all the avenues to consciousness are controlled by the traders, unknowingly we lose our human identity too. Even knowledge becomes expression of un-Truth. We have to liberate ourselves from these selfish maniacs who do not show love and pity to the fellow human beings. Always there is a better way. That is to live in peace with Nature. This will win back our lost identity.

Methylphenidate - Ritalin: A positive effect could be seen with restless and hyperactive children more than 6 years old. On the long run this medication however is not without risk for the development of the children's psyche, even delusions are being induced. Medication also interferes with growth.

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