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Evolution of the Humane - Globalisation of Peace - World in Balance - A Creative Narrative on Existence



What once had been learned and held to be right and true may change again by further experience. Transformation is the only chance of life to develop from a certain stage into a more comprehensive state of being. Any time when man-made laws, ideologies and systems resist to vitally needed metamorphosis / transubstantiation / consecration we have to learn to challenge, to break with and to overcome such laws and structures. We have to learn to dream and to phrase more real concepts if we want to survive. By all means we need to respect the well being of life more than anything else.

Properties of Resonance:
Universal Coherence




by Wolfgang Fischer


"Despite the teachings of the scientific method, it appears that most scientists do not seek to understand. Instead their personal satisfaction comes from memorizing and following rules that resemble the practice of religion. Most scientists will deny this. "

(Milo Wolff in: Schrödinger's Universe, Einstein, Waves & the Origin of the Natural Laws, Technotran Press, 2008)





Eternal and Always Recurring ORIGIN

Concepts of God vs. Challenges of the Instantaneous Reality of the Living Moment

A more detailed, still unfamiliar and open Concept of the Relations between macro- and microcosmic Dimensions, between Origin and Creation

Basic Requirements for a Change

Gaining Assertiveness, Depth and Allies by Balancing

Final Declaration

Epilogue / Literature


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God, which God - or No God?
Pantheism - Monotheism - Atheism?
B E I N G - Without Ideological Limitations
G l o b a l • R e s p o n s i b i l i t y - The Safe Recipe For Survival


Summary: Most of current threats - terrorism / war / poverty / famine / ecological breakdown - to name but a few are caused by lie / onesidedness / partiality / hypocrisy / double standards. These properties of political correctness are the "structural corruption" which magically makes above mentioned threats to appear allegedly as inevitable or even as natural. As of so much confusion humanity only evolves deficiently. Neither religions nor communism, atheism or any other ideology yet have succeeded in allowing mankind to become peaceful and safe. Still, peaceableness and human safety not at all are utopias - they are real premises for the survival of humanity. It is of vital importance to acknowledge being veraciously and simultaneously receptive for the new. This is to acknowledge actual realities while simultaneously remaining flexibly receptive and open for multifarious inherent potentialities / possibilities / capabilities.

A reality which is not yet being acknowledged commonly enough is the fact, that there is virtually no substantial difference between Atheists, Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Jews or people of other religions or origin. Essentially too many people still are equally faithless / unreliable / untrustworthy. For it is not yet a socio-political reality that each human being, independently from origin, is honest, collaborative, highly ethical, humane, kind and considerate and equally caring for its neighbours and also for environment. Unfortunately this is not yet the case - whereas the innermost potentialities / capabilities very well are existent. As there is no coercive definition, no automation towards peaceableness it is the task / duty of each individual and certainly also of collective bodies of organisation - the cultural and political spheres of the world - to create such creative circumstances / realities which exactly serve the development of exactly those properties of true humanity. Therefore it is the challenge for humanity to create social conditions which allow the individual to mature towards the innermost autonomy which is identical within all members of the Universal Family of LIFE.

Life is no respecter of "a chosen people". Chosen people do not exist. The idea of a chosen people is an illusion of superiority. It is the people themselves who make choices. It is the people who choose and by their choices collectively create the reality they live. Heteronomy of any kind is exactly what drives people in following and captivity, what makes people to be mere workhorses and consumers, killing machines finally as a direct consequence of unhealthy / dysfunctional realities which are maintained by the above mentioned "structural corruption". This is the cardinal error which is inherent to the prevailing systems and which currently threatens global survival.

A close look at the interrelatedness of cosmos, world and psyche offers insights and comprehensive understanding of the interconnectedness of all being as well as means to heal and overcome misery and fatefulness.



Obviously a great variety of religious, cultural, ideological narratives inhabits the minds of people. History has proved quite different effects of such narratives on environment and everyday reality. Basically two antithetic tendencies can be seen: "ego"-mentality / competition / conflict resulting in winners and loosers entailing permanent consuming violence and frustration on the one hand and "we"-mentality / cooperation / co-creativity / conviviality on the other entailing overall win-win situations, satisfaction of needs, solidarity and peace.

Inconsistencies within certain narratives along with the achieved growth of technical potentialities presently threaten global survival.

This is why a coherent narrative in resonance with eternal natural laws is waiting to be adopted by humanity. For an overall benefit of well being of the Global Communion of Life human synergies are waiting to be released from the dungeons of the old paradigms of being against each other.

Decisive inspiring and igniting ideas, impulses, events in face of the outrageous conditions and development everywhere still seem to be absent or not yet adopted in numbers large enough to be effective to change the situation. At least it is obvious that the impulses for transformations towards an overall integrative comprehension of existence are not yet effective enough to generally overcome the tendencies of schism / division / separation and their unhealthy effects.

This is why it is intended here to present facets of a life maintaining paradigm in order to support the emergence of coherent concepts which due to their growing identity with underlying creative realities - finally due to their authenticity - consequently might find acceptance by ever more people. It is to encourage people. It is to inspire people. It is to make them believe and trust in themselves, in their own experience and not to be dependent on arbitrary preset ideologies. It is to make them know, understand and support themselves. It is to make them independent especially from parasitic ideas, people and circumstances. It is to make them find their autonomy, their innate right to enjoy life jointly with the global human family and the family of nature.


Substantial change only happens when large numbers of grassroots people start to disbelieve in heteronomy and to get organized into a powerful mass movement that can appeal to the conscience and the best within others magnetically / resonantly / vibrantly while above all exerting moral / ethical rightfulness on those in positions of power.




Eternal and Always Recurring ORIGIN


Universe seems to be expanding
From where to where?
Can we really know?
Is it important to know?
Would it be of advantage to know?


Important it is to understand basic natural laws in order to live accordingly in coherence and resonance with generative forces of the universe.

Essential it is to live according to a genuine concept of life. Safe it is to live according to a human religion / comprehension which proves to celebrate life. Healthy it is to live according to primary, authentic ideas. Wise it is to avoid getting deviated from creativity, derailed towards confusion / illusion and trapped / dismembered into captivity by secondary possibilities or temptations.

While approaching this most delicate, important, decisive issue I do not intent to judge on different spiritual contexts or religious traditions. However I do want to liberate spirit so to decide itself to what kind of entity it feels attracted or which kind of quality it would like to reflect, to radiate, to be.

Responsible and well-balanced activities in support of primary objectives like equality / confidence / solidarity / common sense / fertility / sustainability / future depend on the general facilitation of an ever more comprehensive understanding of existence.

Humane qualities need to be activated whenever they are limited because of immature fears. Humane potentialities need to be liberated wherever degenerated in the dungeons of preset ideology and dogma. On the other hand any exaggerated activity or drive such as those caused by elitist desires need to be settled and appeased in order to protect the respective environment.

We do have options.

Anytime. We can decide and we can revise decisions anytime. As long as we live we can re-start, re-orientate, re-think - always and recurringly. We can make mistakes and we can learn and grow in consciousness and understanding.

Independently from traditionally shaped origins I want to invite to balance reasons and consequences and to decide autonomously on identity and destiny.


Concepts of God vs. Challenges of the Instantaneous Reality of the Living Moment

To what we think of God and to what or who God is - basically at least two different approaches are possible.

Practical experience of material and spiritual reality only teaches a coherent outlook / theory

Certain notions of God are characterised by a vast variety of projections which are imposed on God, namely fears and desires. Resulting ideas of God and respective counter-forces finally tend to be made responsible for all and everything what cannot yet be dealt with or what even intentionally is ignored for secondary reasons like greed or arrogance and the illusion of superiority / racism. The consequences of such approaches are an existence and environment within a web of multifarious and contradictory realities which altogether are inclined towards the abyss of misery and barbarity - the history of violent civilisations.


The Melting of the Polar Ice, most of the current Disasters along with the Decline of once drudgingly achieved Successful Social Framework
- all are being caused by the Same Reason:

Decease of Humanity finally rootes in Fatal Disorientation of Society.


For the survival of humanity an authentic / mature approach is possible - and necessary!

Obviously such an approach aims to maintain and safeguard existence and environment within a multifarious and growing web of mutually supporting resonant realities. Resonant realities are subjects, objects, conditions, patterns of behaviour and relations which altogether coherently are inter-related in permanent evolution. Evolution consists of ongoing phylogeny - a material and bodily sphere which easily can be experienced and observed - as well as of perpetually developing consciousness - the spiritual sphere, the sphere of information, radiation and vibration which is more difficult to understand. Quantum physics lately authenticated what intuition since ever knew. Both spheres depend on each other and interfere with each other. Both spheres root in and well out of an unfathomable Creative Source which can be regarded to be the origin and primary order and ruling force of and in the universe. To acknowledge this origin means to follow the laws and regularities which quite obviously are authored by this unique origin of all and everything.

Resonance and coherence with these regularities entail functional, esthetical as well as ethical aspects. Functional aspects may be physical structures like bones or the nervous system and/or ideas like world-views, religions, cosmo-visions, visions of humanity etc. Esthetical aspects of resonance and coherence may be beauty and diversity of cosmos and life, the songs of birds and whales, harmony in music, dances and colours and other relations of any kind. Ethical aspects of resonance and coherence are to make overall sense, are to maintain primary relations and destinies, are to create healthy and generous creativity within the communion / community of life for the benefit and joy of global and cosmic well being, of overall integrity.

Individual ontogeny from the very beginning of life repeats phylogeny of evolution thus providing for a general compatibility of life. Likewise the process of individuation, the processes of growing knowledge, mentality and consciousness repeat the historical processes of socialisation. In order to constantly re-link (lat. re-ligere, religion) back to genuine compatibility of the meaningful context of universal health, integrity and sustainability the process of individuation by nature aims to emancipate from any degenerating or derailed social development.

As by definition progress relies on development beyond a given unsatisfactory situation, state of being etc. we easily understand that in order to achieve social progress towards an all over satisfying existence it is the individual first who has to develop beyond traditionally given frames / concepts / understanding. Progress depends on flexibility, on development beyond, on change - so does social progress.

In case traditional frames of cultures and religions are rigid life finally will break with such frames and will transform such concepts, structures. If such frames by certain ideologies are regarded to be more important than life then respective political, economical, religious concepts and their defence systems threaten life. Life consequently gets inclined towards extinction.

Any culture, religion, political concept or world-view that aims to be sustainable must be open for alternatives - for space and perspectives also to future generations to develop beyond given circumstances, views, ideas, destinies. Traditional frames always are to be questioned and transformed when needed. Any harmful development is to be "rolled back". Parent generations are the present which is to represent and guarantee a fertile environment in preparation of the future. Children are the future. For their part they have to represent their present accordingly. This is how future generations grow upon the prior ones. Likewise RNA/DNA is being structured compatibly and coherently throughout all forms of life. Sustainable indigenous populations and cultures knew this since ever.

DNA - made by evolution according to cosmic interconnectedness is a coherently self-organizing system since times immemorial which guarantees authentic life to evolve resonantly. What is happening by genetic engineering in general is genetic alienation. Along with and in addition to the mental alienation which since long we experience within certain ways of social organization and which culminates in the current threat of extinction of higher developed life some human beings even intend to destroy the basics of life for the sake of profit. Human beings have the potentiality and ability to do a lot - however, we also have options to decide one way or the other. We are responsible - whether we are yet aware of it or not. Responsibility is that the consequences to those decisions will be, will happen without exception. "You will recognize them by their fruits", (Christian tradition).


Eternal Wisdom - Meander - DNA structure - Life - Earth - Cosmos


Parent generations are to maintain their naturally provided openness, flexibility and creativity. They are meant to stay outright and lively like children while simultaneously growing in knowledge and understanding. Social organisation, political structure, economic and mental focus are to reflect and respect laws, regularities and integrity even if their cause and origin remains unfathomable. Life is to respond to the conditions of its very origin even if this origin obviously resides beyond imagination and ideology. This is why Instantaneous and Authentic Reality and its Vital Necessities teach better than any preset rigid, dogmatic concept. Life permanently has to conduct in flexible and responsible ways. The key to a sustainable and peaceful existence and to a really safe future above all is overall responsibility for all and everything. That is why arguments about the issue "God" are completely needless.

Nevertheless we esteem miracles. You do not believe in miracles? You claim to be a realist? You would never believe in 80 elephants flying in the sky like clouds in the wind? Well, be sure that any standard fair-weather-cloud which majestically sails in the blue summer sky contains the load of water drops amounting to the weight of 80 elephants. Nature is just wonderful!


A more detailed, still unfamiliar and open Concept of the Relations between macro- and microcosmic Dimensions, between Origin and Creation

Life emerges as a consequence of resonating answers of matter to originating impulses of higher ranking order and creatively pulsating power known as LIGHT.

The energy of the sun within 1 square meter of plant leafs produces 1 gram of sugar per hour.
Within global vegetation the energy of the sun produces 100 billion tons of carbon per year which is 100 times of worldwide coal output.

Light is energy. Light is order. Light is information. Since ever light from many sources of the universe faces planet earth. As this light originates from light years far away its rays impinge earth by nearly parallel beams. Physically considered parallel light consists of sinus-waves of energy which in a three dimensional space move forward in a spiral motion like whirling water in a hose. Like bunches of virtual hoses light hits earth. Scientifically light consists of electromagnetic waves as well as it can be described as corpuscles, the photons. Photons can be interpreted as phenomena of resonance which occur at nodes of two dimensional sinus-waves and three dimensional spirals. Energy waves by resonance may materialise into corpuscles. The motion of those corpuscles can be considered as a central beam on an imagined line within the center of the cylindric space of a hose.


The Central Beam - A Resonance Phenomenon of Multiple Vibrations


Planet Earth not only faces the light of our sun and its reflectance by the moon but also light and radiation from other cosmic sources. The movement of galactic systems alltogether with their suns and stars by autonomous radiation as well as by mutually caused reflectance influence the vibrations which hit earth. The rhythms of day and night, the moon cycle, the earth's yearly orbit around the sun, the 26.000 years lasting cycle of the Platonic year and other universal cycles modulate a primary cosmic information which tries to communicate resonantly and coherently with earth from time immemorial. The dynamical powers of sun and moon create the rhythms of life. The macrocosmic part of this vision is easy to understand. Alternating phases of daylight activity and nocturnal regeneration are common experiences. Alternation is necessary to recover energies and to evaluate and integrate experience which were made beforehand. The moon is known to affect the rhythms of fertility which enable regeneration and procreation. The dynamical and powerful forces of sun and moon in combination with other galactic rhythms perform like a "cosmic bio-generator", a Source of Life.



Vibrant Field of Energy - Inward and Outward Vortices - Unity in Polarity / Diversity throughout Universe - The Pulse of Life



The genetic ur-force enables circular movements to widen, elevate and evolve into a multidimensional space of spiral dynamics, into plurality and diversity. To start with we have simple circular movements, two-dimensional orbits (right side of the central beam graphic) which by the named forces are drawn into the three-dimensional space of life. This space can be seen as the cylindric space within a hose. Due to evolutionary forces the hose itself performs a movement into a forth dimension which we can compare to a hose drum. Like the skilful hand of the gardener who coils up a water-hose the creative forces out of an imagined fifth dimension guide the hose on a funnel-shaped space while alternating from inside to outside like a thread on a spindle (graphic a). Respective reversal points are not at all dead centers, on the contrary, they are ever recurring origins (graphic b).

We can imagine what the eyes of life at the head of the central beam see. They observe the movement of an endless screw always straight ahead whereas an external observer would realise an inward and outward movement together with respective phase jumps at the reversal points. Life flexibly travels forward without realising any phase jumps at fictive anticipated borders of life. Those jumps are vitally essential and they require flexibility as well as error tolerance from life and its ways of social organisation. In case socio-political systems neglect this basic requirement of organisation and conduct they sooner or later are doomed to extinction along with their institutions and products. They will vanish from the planet's surface no matter how mighty they seem to be. Only genuine forms of organisation which follow the lines of sustainability have a chance to persist as they serve the integrity of global well being.


- Green outer Spiral, Border of the Space of Life
- Yellow initial Spiral, Evolving Life
- Red angled Lines, Humanity's Process of Finding Orientation and Guidance
- Yellow outward Spiral, Humanity finally jointly proceeding with Nature


The reason for respective phase jumps / re-orientation may be found in the laws of total reflectance. A beam of light can be totally reflected at an anticipated border. By astrophysics this fictive border is known as "Schwarzschild-radius". Optics teaches that light when hitting on a less dense medium within a certain range of acute angles will be reflected totally. This also applies for waves, oscillations or energy. As this applies for the entire universe / entity, cosmos apparently appears to be surrounded by an unfathomable nothingness / nonentity.

Already being mentally flexible we can imagine the less dense medium to be the space of a fifth dimension which is beyond the four dimensional space where life happens and flourishes. The space of the fifth dimension embraces the four dimensional Garden of Life and simultaneously it is its center source: the union in ONENESS / Integrity. To conclude our visionary journey it is reminded that likewise to the four dimensional space of life we find the micro-cosmos of genetic material (DNA) structured primarily into basic sequences which are shaped into a secondary structure of the (double) helix which again coils into the tertiary and quaternary structures of the chromosomes within the cellular nucleus. Hyper- and ultra-cycles of chemical and physical spiral processes then upon certain basic vibrations create multifarious resonance which is expressed by the unfolding evolution.


Circumnutation of the Seedling,
Life follows the Guidance of Light


Four billion years ago when water, fire, gas/air, solid matter had been transformed into a responsive environment matter begins to react, to respond, to answer to the call from universe. Matter begins to react according to information and order which radiate out of universe.

This concentric spherical standing wave system was first proposed by Milo Wolff: The Wave Structure of Matter

Matter begins to adopt the order of life. Pure unlikelihood happens and an ever growing matrix of coherent / consistent / compatible variety and diversity emerges against the forces of gravity and entropy. Evolution step by step evolves.

The answers of matter to originating impulses can

1 - arbitrarily reflect the energy / information of an originating vibration (Eros, Yin)

2 - collectingly absorb the energy / information of originating vibration (Chaos, Yang)

3 - resonantly vibrate and communicate thus creating coherence between life and all (Harmony of Yin and Yang, TAO)

4 - creatively re-produce the quality of the original impulse within a growing variety of options, - generate off-springs

5 - develop into genetically determined ways of organisation which later lead to mentally / spiritually autonomous self-organisation / autopoiesis / auto-creation / union in diversity


The given five options can be seen as stages of development of an Evolutionary Learning Process.

Option 1 shows an outward reaction. Option 2 shows an inward reaction. By option 3 an originating and pulsing energy permeates through certain matter. Originating information radiates through certain matter (lat. personare) and induces resonant and coherent re-action / behaviour / conduct. By a fourth and fifth step original spirit / information resonantly and in a pristine way can store itself into emerging memories of matter - the nervous system as well as the system of re-production - thus linking the personal sphere with the transpersonal social dimension to found an overall identity and unity within an ever growing diversity of life at the same time.


Storage and repeated retrievability of information provide for the ability to learn which is a basic phenomenon of evolution.

In nature all five steps happen dynamically and simultaneously. Steps one and two are wide-spread in the inorganic world of minerals and crystals. Steps one to three are expressions of the beginning of life. Steps one to five enable the emergence and organisation of plant- and animal kingdom. According to step five the human species - as being "liberated" from the chains of genetically determined reactions and instinctively proven patterns of behaviour - is required to perform a mental / spiritual / cultural learning process in order to stay aligned with the underlying regularities. In its microcosmic spheres matter is structured / organised in analogy to macrocosmic dimensions. Energy and information behave accordingly. Culture has to genuinely follow the same traditional lines.

Within this model of life the ability to learn enables matter to organise organically. Furthermore it enables animalism to develop towards a knowing resonance and harmony with life and its origin. The capability to learn draws a bow of consciousness and responsibility between idea and act. The natural learning process provides safe ways to maintain authentic relations between origin and destination.

Due to its inherent dynamics and organisation, life on earth represents a miracle which, when allowed to move without restraint, is able to augment the degree of order on our planet to the benefit of us all. Pursuing a policy of ecological compatibility and social justice, man-made systems, too, can work in a way conducive to a minimisation of entropy - i.e. so as to create chances rather than destroy. Human way of life has to align to consistency of evolution. In this way our work will contribute to the maintenance of the world as the haven of peace, embedded in ever nourishing Nature.


Apparently genetic matter as well as cultural inheritance determine the quality of human existence.

It was the Russian physician from St.Petersburg Iwan Petrowitsch Pawlow (1849 - 1936) who described answers and reactions of individual life as reflexes to certain causes. Such reflexes first of all are entailed by outside causes. They can develop into typal internalised genuine reactions which we know from plant and animal kingdom. In regard to humanity they may blossom into enlightened answers of a pacifying mentality and gracefully generous spirituality.

Genuine reflexes also are known as autogenous or unconditioned responses. They originate from the memory of matter, from genetic material and the central nervous system. They reside within a subconscious sphere of life and are expressed by the driving force of life. Beyond individual needs this drive finally aims at developing creative and satisfying relations between the individual and environment. Real fulfilment of the individual is possible only within a fully satisfying social context of egalitarian relations. True peace in life means to have creative and meaningful relations with environment. Truly fulfilling relations with nature and environment require apart from physical also mental maturity. Whereas pre-historic man already was given the physical maturity of that age people since then and for ever are engaged in a process of mental and spiritual ripening and learning. This process again influences the physical structure and thus obviously the genetic matter as well.

Basically the process of emotional and ideational realisation is about gaining wisdom for making appropriate decisions when options are available. Mineral-, plant- and animal kingdom genuinely, by genetic determination and/or instinctive guidance are kept within the creative matrix which is provided by mutual providence. They don't have the option to deliberately leave the garden of nature. Humanity does. Humanity is free to decide. The consequences of respective decisions tell the lesson to learn.


For humanity "right" and "wrong" exist.

Success of the learning process depends on unimpeded experience of reality. Trial and error pave a safe way and outcome by providing genuine either joyful or painful lessons. As joyful lessons normally are being preferred by anybody the driving force of life genuinely entails development embedding within the creative matrix of love. Confidence and common sense are the leading qualities within this matrix. Disturbances or even discontinuity of the genuine learning process may occur either when induced by autogenous environmental catastrophes or when entailed by man-made law / tradition / religion / inadequate world-view . In plain contrast to their promises the latter cause deterioration of culture and being by prohibition of genuinely necessary experience and / or by arbitrary taboos. The primary driving force of life consequently gets blocked / trapped / enslaved thus resulting in the emergence of secondary forces which challenge universal compatibility and coherence. Such forces may strive to manipulate and replace even the genuine forces of nature. Due to the re-active / secondary / unlifelike / falsifying character of respective artificial framing / shaping / coining forces incompatibilities and inconsistencies emerge. The sensation of pleasure and pain looses its safely guiding quality. Instead fear and insecurity spread. Confusion and illusion become common, violence emerges, safety and humanity deteriorate. The second option turned out to become the guideline / standard / canon for patrist societies which in the run of history invented multiple replacements for genuine and auto-creative Authentic Reality. Monotheism, war & violence based civilisations as well as capitalism came in to being along with a general disrespect and profanity to Life. Life here is meant to fight for / suffer for / earn its luck. Life is being subordinated / enslaved by those who set and hold up false / immature guidelines. Still too many people wrongly consider this development to be naturally given and inevitably without alternative.


Concept of the World: Union in Diversity,
basically two different Elements (Yin and Yang),
whose characteristics are Reciprocal Proportionality and Mutual Complementarity


Alternation of light and darkness, of positive and negative is part of the nature of universe. Life is subjected to this modeling regularity. Never ever this alternating pulse of nature must be used as an excuse for respective polarising effects of human desires and behaviour. Whereas light and darkness genuinely go hand in hand let us finally be sure that only under certain pathological conditions the same applies to pain and pleasure. Pain is a guidance signal which teaches to avoid certain circumstances, conditions or patterns of behaviour. Whereas pleasure is a guidance signal which supports us where we are, what we think and what we do.

If we do not react coherently to pain there will be more pain.

If we re-act coherently and responsibly to pain - the situation somehow will be healed.

If we react dissonantly to, deal abusively with pleasure then pleasure decreases and pain will teach us a lesson.

If we react coherently to pleasure there will be more pleasure.

The lesson to learn is that pain and pleasure only under pathological conditions mutually support each other and maintain "unhealthy normalities" which range between the extremes of sadism (= enjoying to torture) and masochism (=enjoying to be tortured). Unhealthy normalities are certain conditions of mental / social organisation and / or cultural traditions by which a prevailling perspective on reality does not consider / respect a generally well balanced common / catholic = universal / comprehensive well being of all and everything. Exclusiveness, partiality, elitism, illusions of superiority and inferiority complexes separate "good" from "bad", "one's own" from "alien". Schisms and inconsistencies of any kind flourish and appear to be inherent to life and permanent.

There is no schism between light and darkness. However, there may be a lot of schisms within our way to look upon things / reality. We can heal the schisms within ourselves and in the world with the balm of Oneness / Integrity. Reality then will become more aligned to the integrity we feel and experience from deep inside of each of our cellular nuclei. Wisdom of entire evolution is incorporated into DNA. That is why it would be another man-made and lethal disaster to harm DNA's integrity. DNA is of ultimate origin and contains a master plan - the blue print of an IDEAL that comes into BEING.

With regard to the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms inherent laws wisely maintain compatibility and guarantee a perfect outcome. It cannot be done better. Genuine life cannot be optimised, it is just perfect. Its a major trap and fatal illusion of patrist deterioration of mankind to think differently.

As a consequence of this ideal plan and its unknown creating entity humanity emerged. Whereas all of life so far had been guided directly by unescapable cosmic regularities the revolutionary challenge now is that the HUMAN BEING is set free to decide for itself. It is made to reflect on the underlying consistent and supporting interrelatedness and to learn how to discriminate between genuinely supporting effects and arbitrary effects which are being induced by the ways of life of the new member of evolution: humanity. There is a perfect and fair chance to develop into the exceptionally blissed shepherd of integrity and always has been or to destroy the very foundations of its own existence altogether with vast parts of environment.

We, human beings, are free to join oneness / integrity or to decide differently. Of course the latter option finally is disastrous and suicidal no matter how fancy the temptations might be. Oneness keeps sane and healthy - partial temptations entail different outcome. Oneness and unity stand for wholeness / holiness and evolution - everything else stands for separation and inclination towards lethal precipices.

The ONE unfathomable Source residing in the fifth dimension created duality not just incidentally. Especially with regard to the emergence of sexuality further options and diversifications were made available. Dispite of infinite diversity of options there always is a fair chance for humanity to remain aligned to the original context or to adopt Oneness after a fair process of learning the lesson. At any time however humanity is free to decide differently. Be it on one's own intention or fatally made / induced by others the respective consequences we repeatedly mentioned here then are inevitable.

There is no false bottom: It is us who have to decide - there is no automatism towards survival. No universal force will decide for us. Oneness neither. Oneness however definitely will be authenticated and approved if humanity will decide to rejoin intentionally.


Oneness / Unity / Union still will be Oneness / Integrity

also in case humanity should fail

Humanity only has ONE chance

to serve the ONE interconnectedness

if humanity serves different ideas

intentionally or not

humanity collectively harvests pain and suffering

as long as humanity does not change

and finally serves the ONE / Wholeness / Holiness collectively

to harvest the sweet fruits of life


Future society will overcome any schism --> continue to read part II here


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