Becoming Humane - Being Humane

Evolution of the Humane - Globalisation of Peace - World in Balance - A Creative Narrative on Existence


 Properties of Resonance: Universal Coherence




by Wolfgang Fischer


--> Part II:

Future society will overcome any schism

By overcoming "INHUMANITY" human beings will become humane human beings. A species who realises itself embedded within the matrix of nature and environment and dependent on global well being. The joint abilities of brain, heart and belly - rationality, sensitivity, intuition are used. Information which is available by all our senses will not be disregarded but taken into any account possible. Material world as well as the simultaneously existing virtual world of information, the memory of evolution are regular sources of decision finding. Therapies mainly will be based upon energetically shifting and fine tuning of degenerated balances of the flows of living energy and information. Global well being will be known how to be maintained as well as individual well being will. Jointly overall integrity will be maintained and safeguarded by a world wide mutual association and such ways of organisation that primarily serve to satisfy local and individual needs and necessities. Instantaneous Reality provides the objectives for individual as well as social issues and action. Never more will ideological, political, religious, economical preset concepts, obsessions, monomania rule over the needs of the very moment.


DNA: Antenna - Transmitter - Memory of Life's timeless Energy and Information


Humanity finally surrenders to life

Life above all

Of course there always will be problems, challenges and tasks to be solved. Solutions will be achieved unanimously. After having learned the basic principle of consent decision making win-win situations replace the winner and loser fatality.

Mental flexibility, responsibility and sensibility will be leading qualities by then. Children will discover abundance of life. No violent punishment on behalf of social traditions will impose limits to "the naturally possible and given" in order to support what is "desired, imagined, normal" by the respective system. Punishment as a means of education is unknown to plant and animal parents. Puppies don't cry. That is why human parents won't ever more repress the authentic experience and coherence of adolescents by menace or violence. The history of crying children, of punishment, violence, war and terrorism will be terminated as a decisive lesson has been learned:

When growing children are forced to replace / sacrifice their innate reality and possibility for the benefit of the parent's / system's arbitrary presets they suffer from denegation of authenticity which is utmost painful and violates neuronal facilitations within the developing brain. Respective scars interfere with the ripening of empathetic humanity and even make it impossible. This psychic mutilation of each new generation is responsible for the continuity of hatred and violence in the society. Unmistakable safety of the seminal feelings of joy and pain in terms of increasing pleasures and avoiding distress wait to be re-discovered and further developed.

Mental /spiritual flexibility, responsibility and sensibility naturally entail confidence and common sense within a global society whose diversity again serves the ever ongoing integration / completion of global well being. From local to global, from family farming and small trade to world-wide economy, from kindergarten to university we bath within oceans of ideas and we naturally detect the warming, supporting and comforting ones to make them come true.


Basic Requirements for a Change

To practically approach towards the reality of global peace we need to dig deeper and to consider all the common and fatal errors which are connected to violence. Violence is not a solution at all.

Violence is the Womb of Barbarity

To finally and definitely eradicate the seed of violence I want to draw attention to the atrocity of the Holocaust as this outrageous incident in human history is known by everybody. What is less aware in public understanding is the fact that this so called "singular outbreak of evil" in reality is just an especially horrible link within a continuous chain of violence which is inherent to civilisation since at least 4000 years. My intention here of course is not at all to excuse the exceeding barbarity of the Third Reich. However I do not close my eyes in front of any other barbarity of humanity either. If we do not face reality as it was and still is we never will have a chance to finally overcome violence and barbarity.

As far as I can see mass murder happened at any time of patrist way of social organisation and mass murder is currently threatening global survival. A focus which intentionally is reduced on a Holocaust exclusively manufactured by the Nazi regime keeps people from analysing and investigating the all over reality of the historical roots and social relations of violence and thus from eradicating its growing lethal blossoms.

The seeds of the Nazi regime of course did not fall from heaven but were the fruits of a social development which already had been degenerated. Today those seeds mushroom everywhere and they have transformed into the major drives of current politics of corporate driven globalisation.

After WWII the Nuremberg Trials were held in public in order to reinforce justice. In the darkness / secrecy of national security doctrines however ten thousands of Nazi experts of all kind simultaneously have been expatriated by US officials to take advantage of their skills and knowledge on how to govern an empire effectively. Nazi criminals were joined to the staff of US military, of NASA, of secret services, of think tanks and more. Abu Ghraib, Guantanomo, death squads in Latin America and elsewhere etc. are the ugly children of the insane mentality of fascist / totalitarian supremacy. Step by step along these ideological lines the instruments of globalisation like World Bank, World Trade Organisation etc. came into being. Faked up reasons for war became normality in dozens of wars since WWII. Nazi concentration camps turned into deportation camps for emigrants of any reasons, barbed wire fences we face nearly everywhere, separation of the entire world into dominating rich and overfed and into desperate poor countries happens where day by day according to UN officials 100.000 people starve to death, thousands of dead and drowned bodies everyday are to be counted at the borders of global apartheid. Nazi Cyclone B has been refined into agent orange, napalm, depleted uranium, microwave and laser beam arms, all over increase of nuclear radiation and the entanglement of economy, politics and power which in his fare-well speech former president Eisenhower identified to be a major threat to democracy, liberty and peace. Nazi propaganda has been developed into global mass media machinations and spin doctor's inventions to shape a reality which is designed to serve the desires of those in power. Nazi surveillance systems have been developed into observation by cameras and internet seamless from space down to everyone's privacy. Fingerprints are no longer taken only from criminals. Fingerprints and other bio data are generally being stored in passports. The transparent citizen becomes the totalitarian system's favourite, a citizen predictably to be managed like a machine, like a robot to be treated by genetic engineering and nanotechnology. Anybody who is against the system automatically becomes a suspect, a terrorist according to homeland security mania and patriot legislature. Constitutions are being re-interpreted, even rewritten according to the needs of the totalitarian system against the very autonomy of the original sovereign: the people.

The all over effect is totally fatal. Political leaders, even if apparently mentally handicapped, are in positions to dominate a majority of citizens who by shock and awe are kept from objecting effectively.


Those who do not yet object to domination and falsehood of current politics and respectively produced realities do not object because of various reasons.

- They might profit from the circumstances.

- They might fear repression from the system.

- They might be indifferent because of systematic shaping, framing - because of an education along the lines given by the system - because of what is known as the mass-media effect to produce a (false) streamline awareness which exactly supports the system's desires.


If War can be an effect of mass-hypnosis then Peace can be as well - we just need to choose suggestive affirmations to create Peace!

By systematic framing finally an Authentic Reality subliminally is being blinded out in favour of illusions. This means people do not even realise that they are being betrayed. It happens hypnotically. Hypnosis means something happening "subliminal", below knowledge, below consciousness - a state of being which can be compared to robots. Robots are made to function. With regard to our physical existence similar automated processes successfully have been "learned" in the run of evolution. Such processes subconsciously and smoothly run our body. This is just fine with vital functions of life like the regulation of heart beat, breathing frequency, digestion and many more as "automation made by evolution" supports life and makes vital functions easy. Similarly we can learn to ride a bicycle, to drive a car and many activities more. Activities which run smoothly only after a learning process. The newly opened possibilities of our human brain, mental / spiritual flexibility and mobility still are waiting to be handled safely and autonomously in support also of the social dimension of life and environment. Preset concepts inhibit experience and learning. Preset concepts hypnotically make people perform along the preset lines like robots. Robots never object. This is the unmasking plausible explanation for the misery which is being caused by the political horror in the world right now. Controlling functions of an innate ethics which naturally serve in the kingdoms of life to safeguard a simple / consistent / coherent being can be overruled within human society by arbitrary ideological presets. Such presets made war to become an economical issue, finally a service of private military industries, a normality which makes democracy and peace impossible. War has nothing in common with solution of conflicts or safeguarding peace - any contrary statements are intentional deceptions and elements of the crime of public incitement of the people.


Safeguarding of survival however is the issue of governments of people for people, of governments and administrations which are characterised by responsible humanity.

As we live to see on a daily basis the controlling function of separation of powers demonstrably fails. Constitutional law advocates and scientists since long prove the intrigues of power in the leading world "democracies". Exactly that is why according to the rule of solidarity and humanity moral courage is a supreme civic duty. A forthcoming European Constitution must be shaped by genuine democratic and peaceful ideas - never by the illusion of never ending growth on the part of the industrial-military complex. That is why many people say NO to the current draft constitution. A majority says NO to any war. World-citizens are the souvereign - not the governments they create! The first ethical obligation is peace. We here and now are called upon to make security and peace come true. We are called upon to recognize ourselves to be the redeemers from historically created causalities and conditions which cause hell on Earth. Everybody is responsible even when one's power / energy has been democratically conferred to others beforehand.


This is why we need an uprising of probity and humanity against a socio-political normality which degenerated into lunacy.

Presumably humanity wishes to survive. For that reason every individual regardless of which colour or origin must liberate from delusion in order to serve reality. All of us, each individual is requested to do one's utmost to cope with everyday challenges in all over supportive ways. By means of such a perspective we get away from reproach only and liberate from the issues and goals of the resigning paradigm.

Thus we can start to act for the purpose of genuine solutions. The natural miracle hereby is the emergence of a togetherness which equally supports all:

The Commonwealth of Earth

That is the option we are living for

Jointly we make it!

Those who are not yet ready to believe in this destiny might be willing to enter the above mentioned Ocean of Dreams, Ideas and Information. All necessarily needed alternatives and solutions to current problems, inclinations and dead ends are to be found there. Humanity since ever used certain "trance" techniques to leave behind every day awareness and to enter / to switch to a deeper awareness of unlimited sensation and understanding. Fatally the ideologies of domination and superiority always tried to close that door to the Garden. Naturally grown ways of indigenous organisation and millions of their populations have been exterminated. Witch hunt and Inquisition lately eradicated vital knowledge for the sake of those in power and at the cost of public health and social integrity. Manifold artisans and handicraft in the service of overall contendedness widely disappeared. Today we have trade and industry serving profit. WTO intentions to privatise and capitalise common intellectual as well as real property (trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights, TRIPS and General Agreement on Trade in Services, GATS) lead to dead ends. They are imperialistic instruments by which along with the fatal "War on Terror" the current governmental system tries to survive. This time at the cost of Global Survival.

That is why the perspective on the Ocean of Dreams, Ideas and Information urgently needs to be re-activated so to serve as a common, creative and eternal Source For Global Survival.

A general revival of indigenous wisdom altogether with scientific understanding finally will pave ways to peaceful futures yet unknown.


Gaining Assertiveness, Depth and Allies by Balancing

Only on the basis of free personal development without dogmatic restraints can a universal morality take shape. A mature, psychologically healthy individual will be intimately connected with all forms of life on earth and beyond and will be aware of the common basis of all living things.

Such an integrative awareness may appear spontaneously. Ever and again it occurred throughout history. Many people testified such understanding independently from their scientific training and knowledge. Apparently integrative awareness combines analytical capabilities with the ability to keep the resulting knowledge of details together within the creative matrix of existence. Integrative awareness comes from the heart, it is fuelled by the nervous systems of brain and solar plexus equally and simultaneously. It keeps a motivating balance between rationality / intellect and feeling by combining intuition with sensitivity.

Integrative awareness is an expression of Emotional Intelligence, the ultimate property available for human beings.

Integrative awareness apart from appearing spontaneously also can be induced by

 "Safely Guided Dream Experience" - The Remedy against any Preset Artifical Reality

Guided Dream Experience is a simple and humane technique to invalidate limiting / inhibiting thoughts = doubts as well as bursting / exaggerating ideas = presumptuousness / illusion of omnipotence within the youngest / latest parts of the brain by means of a mixture of autogenic training / progressive relaxation / guided hypnosis techniques.

As a genuine consequence, in case the respective individual succeeds in "feeling safe and letting go and leaving behind", deeper and evolutionary older, more experienced and reliable parts of the brain become more active - what is verifiable by state of the art medical diagnostics - and are allowed and accepted by a meanwhile well balanced warden of consciousness to offer relevant information. Information from deep down to the memories of genetic matter is available and may be received to heal.

Hypnosis when experienced within safe, integral and loving contexts may re-connect to evolutionarily proven realities which heal by balancing powers. Contrary to the misguiding illusions and conditions which as shown before are induced by the system's presets the inherent realities of nature, since ever compatible and coherent by themselves may evolve their all over healing potentiality.

What may happen shall happen

Dependent only on the individual situation anything may occur in safe dream-vision-experience. Contact to ancestors as well as contact to the central sun / nirvana. All the information which ever has been available is available simultaneously at that time. All possibilities which ever have been available may occur at that time. People may receive such information and experience by pictures, feelings and by words. According to Pawlow's understanding words represent a system of 2. tier, in which we differ from animal kingdom. Pawlow regards words as a "mechanism of signals" above a 1. tier system of signals, which we share with life: that is "the core texture of living information" - The Soul of Life, consisting of sensual perception and reaction - beginning on the molecular-genetic plane via hormonal, nerval as well as any other kind of regulation of the organism up to the ever more conscious becoming possibilities and abilities of the human being and its volition.

Language, words or concepts are to correspond meaningfully with reality as it is generally and autonomously being experienced by life (see also: The Alphabet and the Goddess, The Conflict between Word and Image, by Leonard Shlain). Consistency / accordance / consonance of both systems of signals rely on human responsibility. The word "war" is the coherent translation for the phenomena of mass-murder, man-slaughter and raw violence. No ideology can modify the horrible truth of that equation even if this word is intended to appear more tasty by adding attributes like "humanitarian / localised / just / robust". Something painful generally has to be respected as "excruciating" if the worse shall be prevented. Consequences of deficient or false translation are the well known and fatal inconsistencies of history which symbolically already have been expressed in the biblical story of the Babylonian confusion of tongues. Languages can be inconsistent and dissonant in representing respective realities. Thus the respective social reality shifts from abundance of potentialities to being without alternative, from wealth in meaning to absurdity, from safe orientation towards confusion, from equanimity and serenity to a terrified one against the other. This way service to the common weal and vitality (celebration, worship) degenerate to adoration of mammon and a culture of death, in which violence and war become the begetters of all things.

However different languages very well may meaningfully represent one and the same reality in accordance with each other. Consequences of authentical translation harbour a healing potential yet to be utilised.

Iwan Petrowitsch Pawlow (Russian neurologist, 1849 - 1936) said:

 «Considering the large and comprehensive area and the rich, internal content of words it is only natural that by help of suggestion the possibility exists with hypnotized people to cause any of those reactions which potentially exist in connection with their entire outside and interior world»

 and Franz Andreas Völgyesi (Hungarian neurologist, - 1967) puts it this way:

 «Spoken or written word contains suggestive power and constitutes a conditioned stimulus just like all other conditioned stimuli (warmth, cold, light, gravitation). What is more: its effect is particularly diverse. In terms of quality as well as quantity the potential of language to influence people far exceeds that of any other conditioned stimulus. This is because words are connected with any and all stimuli (both inner and outer) which have ever been able to enter the various stations of the cerebral cortex in the course of a life-time. Words are able to signalise and represent any other active stimulus without exception; and from this it follows that words can evoke any reactions of the organism which any other stimulus could ever produce. There is not a single bodily function, nor any ever so much hidden reaction of our organism - and be it a hormonal or psycho-energetic process - which could escape the influence of verbal information.»

Understanding this - the creative as well as destructive potentialities of words / dogma / ideology concerning everyday reality become obvious. And it becomes obvious that all ever needed information already is within of "every body". And it becomes obvious that individual thought may have overall effects. Thoughts which are aligned to integrity will have healthy effects. Thoughts which are focussing on certain details only will entail partial development and respective imbalances.

The potentialities of "safely guided dream experience" also become comprehensible. Here we have a safe tool for helping to emerge that 10% of understanding people who then would help to prepare the way also for the remaining 90% to leave artificially made pseudo realities behind. This finally will allow the emergence of a transformation of the prevailling socio-political systems away from necrophilia towards pacifying and safeguarding biophilia. Trance-techniques such as rhythmically augmented breathing, trance-dance, spiritual music, drumming as well as any other energetically shifting and fine tuning approach gently fade out an error prone prematurely judging / limiting world of ideas and doubts and make use of the genuine healing / balancing potentiality of information. This information has been authorised by the experience of evolution to be safed into the memories of life, into genetic matter respectively into noosphere / ideosphere - the space of information / ideas / creative and eternal wisdom.


Indigenous people always knew - and all the rest of the people too always are free and allowed to accept this information which by daily experience, dream and meditation may occur spontaneously and which by "safely guided dream experience" may be induced to manifest within open minds whenever psyche is ready to know.


The Guiding Star of Life - staying aligned

Life inherently is designed to finally become miraculously smooth and easy. Just remember the example of the 80 elephants smoothly passing by high above in the sky. Life is designed to be really enjoyable for all. Humanity just needs to recognise and follow the inherent guiding star of life. Our common ground is not at all complicated or confusing as shown above. The tendency to want to over complicate what is common sense can be terminated just by providing overall satisfaction of human needs - the vital prerequisite for healthy development. Satisfied persons are peaceful persons, well balanced persons, safe and secure by themselves and for environment. The "seeds" of doubt, jealousy, greed, want, etc. live on separating ideas, on injustice and gender-imbalance, on inconsistant and competing world views, on too many details in knowledge which do not find their common and authentic interrelating frame, on the biblically known and currently mushrooming Babylonian confusion of tongues - those seeds do not find the ground to grow on. They cannot root in well balanced people. Mature people hardly can be "colonised". They cannot easily be enslaved. They cannot easily be misguided by any alleged promises. They just continue to maintain their loving attitude towards themselves and environment.

When talking about Babel it is helpful to consider another artificial / man-made reality. Human beings are the only species who may ask for lifelong "tribute" from their fellows in a way that always and again creates ever growing and devastating imbalances by apparently dysfunctional ways to distribute natural resources. Apart from apparent tributes like taxes there is a compulsory contribution with most devastating effects which are hidden in obscurity like prehistoric taboos. Money-systems which pretend to multiply money by itself in reality are fed by a reallocation which is driven by interest / interests. Those who already hold a lot acrue exponentially growing sums of compounded interest from those who merciless remain without chances. Not less destructive is compulsary economic growth as it is directly related to the growth of compunded interest and as debts need to be payed. Amortisation becomes more important than life. Finally the life consuming system in cannibalistic tradition eats itself. As long as people allow that to happen they pay for it. Moreover they fatefully are responsible for respective effects of globally tramping capital too. It may cost life. Money is common property which is to circulate freely under public control.

Fatally the extent of devastation until today does not activate / stimulate / inspire humanity to prevent the currently prevailing economic system from continuously preaching its false messages while promising false heavens. Patriarchy, its latest invention, capitalism, as well as any other ideology superstitiously believe and make others "believe" that it would need to construct ever higher TOWERS and/or ever more perfect MACHINES to reach the sky. What an overall destructive illusion since thousands of years is dominating human mind and thus the common fate! Billions of people are being weared out throughout history and nature gets exploited beyond recognition, life degenerates. Some people take short term profit though. Within cultures adherent to superstition barbarity flourishes and nemesis is being celebrated broadly.

Still - heaven is to be found on earth, on common ground, here and now. In the center of everyday togetherness. By compassion and solidarity. By service to an environment which apparently is our only home.

Indigenous people whom the designers of "tower and machine" since ever spuriously consider to be "savages who need to be civilised" always knew and still understand why human relations need to remain egalitarian and social organisation needs to be horizontal. They take for granted that vertical pyramidal structures tend to lead into slavery when they block a necessarily needed free flow and exchange of light and information. The common guiding star deep within each individual then cannot let shine its safely guiding light which is to provide transparency and security within an ever illuminated thriving and prospering Evolutionary Reality.

That is why the Community of World Citizens in support of Global Well Being is dedicated to a Culture of Unity and Peace within a natural Diversity of Life.

Only a culture which is capable to integrate ever growing diversity will serve as a reliable Lighthouse for Society.

Culture of Unity in Diversity

Union in Diversity represents a culture which will be shared by a most colourful variety of people who regardless of their origin or background sense warming feelings of gratitude flooding their mind and heart when looking upon the reality of beautiful resonant diversity of life while always being consciously aware about their common origin with that glory. Whenever detecting harmful dissonances exactly the same comforting feelings drive their motivation to find out the reasons for an emergence of such dissonances and to seek for ways and means to allow resonance to transform and heal dissonance.

After having successfully experienced the Evolutionary Learning Process people get independent from traditional framing / ideology. They get liberated from any socially imposed nontruth. They maintain access to their innate autonomy and they intuitively know that due to a common identity / innate interrelatedness of life any dissonance wherever occurring also inflicts a loss on their own life. That is why they never more would share or adopt any motivation which would lead towards crime against humanity / environment / nature. Their mentality grows beyond any ideology / illusion / preset dogma / confusion into a clear / simple awareness of unity / holiness / integrity / completeness / interconnectedness. Unity for them stands for a commonly shared origin and destiny. Unity stands for the Light which preserves Life within a Creative Reality of Being. An agreement on this does not necessarily need paper nor signatures nor any formal profession of faith. It neither needs "prophets" nor "certain procedures / rites". Prophets or ceremonials might be helpful only when they lead towards inner vision / truth and when they encourage autonomous experience. On the other hand they might lead astray and cause harm whenever they tend to serve secondary / elitist / exclusive interests.

Due to a common recognition of overall solidarity and empathy within the context of such a culture people will act and behave accordingly. Anybody by oneself will know best how to compensate / to heal any damage or harm. People strive for harmony. They analyse and try to understand and they try to provide understanding. They offer help. They try to heal. And they know that the process of healing in others can only be initiated, encouraged and accompanied. Healing has to be fulfilled by itself and the respective individual / entity.

The forces of resonance are objective / neutral - they cannot be manipulated. They can be experienced though - one way or the other.

1 - Within the context of Love / Oneness / Genuine Creativity they support exactly this direction / quality thus maintaining the garden / paradise on earth.

2 - Within the context of elitism / (illusionary) separatedness / (alleged) superiority / greed / etc. the forces of resonance exactly support that direction / quality thus appearing as dissonances / antagonisms / inconsistences which maintain hell as long as people decide to stay adherent to exactly that fatal context.

We always can decide on which context to support

We have options

Pain and Pleasure are our guardians

Experience tells authentic lessons

Ideologies / dogma do not always

Let children / people experience what they need to experience. Naturally they will be guided towards humane maturity.

Humane Maturity / Authenticity / Coherence radiate empathy / solidarity / flexibility / curiosity / courage / honesty / phantasy / security / creativity / sustainability / responsibility / Love ....

Thus the social overall reality consequently overcomes any deficient, detrimental merely reactive properties and transforms itself into a deLIGHTful and most powerful creative being.


Final Declaration

Very much in favour of overcoming schisms it would really be a set back for humanity not to advance towards a common humane autonomy and responsibility.

.... Serving and Enjoying will replace Ruling and Suffering ....

Concerning the magical power which wells from "thought-form building" we already know about the power of thoughts, ideologies - of "preset informational complexes" within the brain.

Exactly because of these conditions and relations virtuality / spirit / energy may rule over reality, shape & create reality.

Obviously the quality of reality consequently depends on the authenticity of what people have in mind / of what they think / of mainstream worldview / religion / culture.

The more authentic the way of thinking, the more authentic the gestaltungskraft of people the more genuinely creative will be the respective reality we experience.

Three statements for further consideration:

1.) Magic still is an every day's means of political / religious systems.

Most of current threats - terrorism / war / racism / poverty / famine / ecological breakdown - to name but a few are caused by lie / one-sidedness / partiality / hypocrisy / double standards. These properties of political correctness are the 'structural corruption' which *magically* makes above mentioned threats to appear allegedly as inevitable or even as natural.

2.) The system's magic as long appears as black-obscure-magic altogether with its respective dysfunctional / fatal effects as long as it hampers / interferes with vitally needed mental evolution.

As of so much confusion / illusion humanity only evolves deficiently. Neither religions nor communism, atheism or any other ideology yet have succeeded in allowing mankind to become peaceful and safe. Still, peaceableness and human safety not at all are utopias - they are real premises for the survival of humanity.

3.) Our destiny is genuine autonomy in transparency and enlightened openness.

This is when humane maturity adopts a comprehensive understanding and conscious awareness which is designed to be a cardinal safeguard for human survival. Such an enlightened mentality /spirituality is aligned with the joint genuine religion / meaning of life / existence. The general and intuitive recognition and support of the identity of all and everything finally authenticates the common origin of life thus giving ourselves a present / presence of security, safety and peace.

For exactly it is heteronomy of any kind what drives people in following and captivity, what makes people to be mere workhorses and consumers, killing machines finally as a direct consequence of unhealthy / dysfunctional realities which are maintained by the initially mentioned 'structural corruption'. This is the cardinal error which is inherent to the prevailing systems since thousands of years and which currently threatens global survival.

This is Humanity's Achilles Heel and analogy and synchrony regarding the current military action in Afghanistan 'Operation Achilles' altogether with all the other forthcoming catastrophes refer to the fact that we are getting pretty close to a decision of general principle.

When the bees disappear
then there will be few years left for man-kind
no bees, no pollination, no fruits, no plants, no animals, no people

(Albert Einstein)


does not necessarily happen only at Lord's Tables within Churches


can be experienced in everyday reality everywhere and at any time by means of a way of life
which pleases you, the others and the planet as well.


So what to do and how?

- Wherever we are and wherever we come from - we are called open to contemplate on all available information and to act according to the challenges and needs of the living moment - even if we have to break with current laws / traditions / beliefs / faiths for the sake of human mental, spiritual and emotional health / integrity.

- A memorable and convenient tool towards a breakthrough of an ethical standard which finally enables conviviality in our world reads as follows: React always and immediately in the most affirmative / provident / beneficial / assisting / collaborative way you can!


dedicated to:

- WUPED, World Unity and Peace Education Department of City Montessori School, Lucknow, India

- the forthcoming Community of World Citizens

- any emancipatory initiatives in support of global well being

(allies will be listed here)



Union in Diversity - Global Communion

This symbol is called the Galactic Butterfly which is said to represent all of the consciousness that has ever existed in this galaxy.

This is all of our physical ancestors both human, animal, reptile, fish, shell fish, plants as well as the consciousness which organized all of the raw material from a whirling disk into stars then planets and solar systems.

In Quechua this symbol is called TAWA-N-TIN, the indissoluble dimensions of the world, also the confederational ideal, the golden utopia of the Andean region and the resisting Inka Society whose emblem is the rainbow (Javier Lajo, Peru).


Names for God are neither necessary nor helpful for the well being of cultures - just knowing the concept of life and learning to live according to it is good enough.


Big Meaning:

Concept of the World, vision and reality of Union in Diversity, of in principle two different elements (Yin and Yang, Yana and Yanan) whose characteristics are reciprocal proportionality and mutual complementarity.

Together with Javier Lajo can be summarised in respect of a healing of the hurt sovereignty: The main idea is that development and overcoming of poverty especially of indigenous people only will be possible if the nations and humanity develop a cultural and human identity, a process which depends on a general improvement of the situation of the indigenous people, on the re-establishment of self-esteem and consequently of self-confidence. To make this process come real an organisation and centralisation of indigenous people and of all people who resist globalisation / heteronomy inevitably is necessary to safeguard a formal, organic and independent participation in the instruments of democracy, of any nation state and beyond any national borders. The first step towards the evolution of such a strategy is to regain a minimum of indigenous and - beyond of any ideology - human consciousness which could serve as scientific, practical and political support for the indigenous people as well as to all resisting people.

Today's corporate globalisation with its racism of the white and rich man against a humanity in ever growing misery is a mere consequence of the anterior global and mental colonisations of indigenous people since thousands of years. The current "war on terror" and the so called democratisation of the world are based upon this reality which within all patriarchal / one-directional / vertical systems violently functions in a normative way.

Understanding this is heaving learned how to survive in global communion and moreover how to LIVE FULLY and enjoy existence just by letting go the bad habit to take seeming advantage from impairing, separating, destroying of balance and parity thus creating violence against equality, plurality and diversity (Javier Lajo). According to Javier Lajo this understanding means to live according to the principle of "Sumac Kausay" or the Splendid Being by having learned to find the "just midway" within the dualities which compose existence, and to walk the Qhapaq Ñan or "the path of the just" which is the equilibrium of union in diversity. Indolence of the majority of cultures and their clinging to those outdated habits are nothing but a crime against humanity and the commonweal. Understanding this is to comprehend how to balance and maintain the interdependences and correlations of life and also to acknowledge the self-healing forces which are given by the interconnectedness and interrelation of the union of human existence within cosmos and nature beyond time and space. Also beyond "good" and "evil" because those qualities never polarise totally. Always and depending on the circumstances the elements of this contrasting duality respectively contain something "good" or something "bad". The transcending solution here is the learning process of full life which teaches how to balance or to reach resonance among the "good parts" just by letting the "bad parts inactive". Once having experienced, transcended and acknowledged this relatedness of the indivi-dual who has reached liberation by re-pair-ing, healing and making up reciprocity and integrity the individual transforms into the true human being. This should be called "just , even, pair and equal" as the human being is not "one-sided", it is manyfold full spectrum and completely human. For the sake of peace and well-being this repair-mode and conduct needs to be saved into the memory and tradition of global cultures. Any form of social organisation which lives according to such awareness on that common ground instantaneously is being liberated from the painful realities of partition and continued separation of balanced duality which causes and spreads violence, war and terror as their painful qualities have nothing in common with the indulgence of the pleasures of a healthy and fully responsible, mature, genuine and happy Life.

It needs a re-orientation towards the fundamental "being born into" a human & natural diversity. It needs the acknowledgement of the wisdom of indigenous people who resist against the insanities of globalisation. It needs a common striving, re-united and international towards a definite emancipation towards humanity: the development of a global and peaceful consciousness.

This really would be a new historical project, liberating beyond any prior concepts and in full contradiction to any ideological project. It would be a human project beyond any ideology. A project which only serves the satisfaction of the challenges of the instantaneous reality of each living moment at each level of global society / of life.


Universe of Unified Opposites

"In conclusion, as a western scientist, a planet biologist, I believe that indigenous peoples are the guardians of our species; the part of humanity that alone holds the wisdom to insure our healthy survival." - Elisabet Sahtouris


 Neither religions nor communism, atheism or any other ideology yet have succeeded in allowing mankind to become peaceful and safe

Peaceableness and human safety not at all are utopias though - they are real prerequisites for the survival of humanity


Decisive it is to leave behind what we "think" (ideology of any kind) about any given situation but "to be (in) that situation" (authenticity / consistency)


Decisive it is to coherently / consistently/ caringly / lovingly / empathetically / authentically deal with any "instantaneous reality"

Awareness and Love

The living moment is decisive and the way we react to it. At any time. Always. We have the choice. The quality of our relationship to the callenge of "instantaneous reality" decides on the respective outcome and consequences


Either we meet the challenge of any very moment and remain connected / re-connect with authenticity thus proceeding within / towards "safety" or we disconnect / stay disconnected and may always give it another try...

Natural Learning

Option ONE finally heals / re-balances, overcomes misery and fatefulness thus making the prosperous stewardship of humanity come true




Uniting Collective Human Intuition
with Technology to Promote Social Harmony

Humanity Spreading | Peace Train | Stop the Clash of Civilisations | One Voice







Cosmic consequences
of the ruling system's axiomatic corruption


An Inconvenient Truth / An Inconvenient Truth
by Al Gore, USA

CO2, Peak Oil, Overpopulation - Planning for Survival
by Dick Clifford, AUS


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