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Aristotle already made a difference between "economics" and "chrematistics". The latter transforms an organic social housekeeping which exclusively serves livelihood into a machinery to gain profit at the expense of common good. Boundless because heartless greed of this machinery already today feeds on the chances of tomorrow. It will destroy our future if we simple people give free rein to a globalising system which falsely is being presented by economics and politics to be without alternative.


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'Privatisation' as a remedy of Neoliberalism - alleged universal and without alternative - is more than an intentional deception of the public. 'Privatised' public goods under no circumstances get into private hands. They enrich global corporations, which do write their own 'law'. They leave behind democratically controlled areas of law and lose their orientation at the common good. Global Players use their monopolistic position for plundering the planet which even is protected legally. Neoliberalism is nothing but a global raid of the powerful with the undeniable goal of trying to expropriate life itself. Neoliberalism in its thinking and acting reveals the apocalyptic character of a violently suppressing world order, in which profit, hypocrisy and cynicism drive their blooms: alternative solutions are simply denied or made ridiculous and finally criminalized, if the desired effect is missing. Without alternative and for us all inevitable are the results of neoliberal, more truthful: neofeudal policy: Environmental degradation, terror, war and welfare cuts within global dimension.

Implementing a draft of society,
that is obligated to the common good,
is our chance for the future.

by Wolfgang Fischer

Life appears as an echo (resonance) on an oscillation out of the universe. Under meditative or other conditions which focus inwards this oscillation can be experienced by each of us as light, harmonic in itself, as energy. We can imagine it to be an organizing force, which 'rains' on earth since ages. This oscillation is formed (modulated) by the Platonic year, by the planets and the moon cycle among others. Some time or other matter (mater i.e.) starts to answer lively and approvingly to the oscillation. Related to the cosmic life stimulating oscillation of living information a coherent "order" develops on earth, which regulates everything from day and night rhythm over tides of the seas up to wind and weather: the interconnectedness of all being.

Life develops. First in simplest structures, but then developing itself to highly-complex connections, which are characterised by the fact that they all are interconnected by mutual relations and affect themselves by feeding back to the smallest member and to the origin of all life. They are not subject to any spatial or temporal restrictions. The effect is direct and simultaneous. The basic substance of life contains in its regularity all information from beginning to today and by an inherent obligation to harmony it also specifies value and quality of future life. Coincidence and genetic accident as exclusive engines of evolution are not sufficient. The oscillation model of life with its striving for agreement and harmony draws evolution as an organizing development with a tendency towards multiplication of differences as a goal of a revealing (manifestation) of life, which gets ever more complex and diverse.

At the beginning are "atoms" (or more exact according to Milo Wolff: Basic Spherical Standing Wave Structures of Matter (WSM) in Space A, B ), which gather themselves to molecules following cosmic organizational laws, then by many steps the basic genetic substance develops, today known as RNA or DNA of the chromosomes. We also know about the further development of single-celled organisms, plants and animals up to the humans. In the line of development we can understand the emerging of completely different kinds of species as resonance phenomena to the original oscillation of life energy in accordance with life energy oscillations of all organisms. As a goal we can constitute an increase of independence, possibilities and abilities, whereby these subordinate themselves again to the whole in such way that lets emerge a further increase of quality of life.

While looking at plants it is obvious that they do not possess free intention, whereas when animals are concerned we cannot claim the same. They do have increasingly free intentions, however these are in such way merged into their instinct that for example an intrinsic inhibition avoids killing of the own species comrade. Animals and plants complement each other in the interconnectedness of nature towards a global partnership. Evolutionary development, which disturbs the total structure, undermine their own basis of existence and disappear from the play of the life. Also cosmic effects such as meteor impacts, relocation of continents or earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have modelling influence on how species live together. Everything is dependent on each other and affects interaction by feeding back. The principle of eating and being eaten also belongs to a service of the overall function. Apart from food function we see also a hygienic function, the selection of sick and weak in favour of stabilization of the species altogether and thus their genetic potentials. The development beyond fighting among the strongest towards a comprehensive co-operation, which we can observe in the realm of plants as well as in the animal realm, serves the same goal.

The drive of life within plants expresses itself directly as plant drive. Within animals the drive of life develops its full creativity only in association with instinct. The drive of life appears innate. Instinct however is dependent on social imprinting and is practically passed on by experience. A calf e.g., which is brought up separately from the mother, later on does not know, how to deal with its own new born. "Secure" instinct represents animal's culture which only seems to be unconscious to the animal world. This culture is resonant to the basic genetic substance, i.e. it guarantees a life-supporting sphere. Being measured in relation to a smooth interaction of the whole this culture is purely creative and it is far beyond the global (war -) culture of humans.

Contrary to non-human nature humans to a large extent are free and often still instinct-less creatures, which have to learn at consequences of their doing. Advance in development of the brain, particularly of the large brain hemispheres, makes possible a hollow-mirror-like up-taking of life's reality within the total of existence. From here originates a special responsibility of mankind. The atrocities of history and present are consequences of its offending against fundamental life principles, on the one hand still unconscious or on the other hand also completely deliberately. But humans are capable of conscious religion (relating backwards), i.e. of conscious realising of their origin and thus of the origin of life. Their consciousness does not know temporal borders, we are able look back as well as into the future. Consciousness is like a traveller by time and possibilities, which was always known by mysticism. Consciousness is able to see light and spirit of the beginning and is capable to transfer those, as soon as they are being recognized, into the future, i.e. we are able to arrange the future according to the original creative force.

The more accurately laws of life are being noticed in the course of history, the greater will be the chance to select from an infinite number of possible alternatives exactly those which benefit life. The perspective of subsistence and gift-economy in matriarchal culture (0) enables us to separate the useful and favourable from the actually possible and to implement them. Religion in this world view is nothing but the ability of humans to acknowledge life as being interconnected and to offer them the perspective to realize an advantage in restriction on the service dedicated to life. Faith is nothing but actual noticing information which our internal voice, our notion is trying to give us any time, against the doubts of intellect, be it in dreams at night or at other ritual trances and contemplative moments. Being removed from every-day reality to transcending states of illumination however is not of self purpose. With feelings of happiness such transcending conditions help finding an order and orientation within our existence. Searching intellect can be tamed and pacified by internal perception. We focus on supporting life, as soon as we can be advised by feelings.

Simple as these relations finally are so difficult it seems to become aware of them. In order to be able to recognize interrelation of life, humans must not be "blinded" - like children they should be clear of prejudices, their conceptions and emotions must be embodied and remaining in the "reality of the truth", they should not allow the many possible realities to lead them astray.

The evolutionary new development within humans firsthand is still an "empty" structure. The hereditary substance, which since beginning of life has been compatible with all forms of life and which the German biologist August Weismann (1834 - 1914) already described as being of eternal life, this basic genetic substance has created itself a new instrument: the human great brain. It searches for meaningful filling. It learns. And it is determined to reflect and put into practice the creativity of life energy.

From the very beginning humans learn by joy and sorrow, by pain and feelings of happiness. While at the beginning the horizon of understanding is limited by family and clan community, later it may be restricted by region and nation, today we are recognizing to an increasing extent that we are one human family on earth and merged in one nature and its laws. In the course of history this deep understanding is always present within individuals and many indigenous peoples - alone, recognition of our human self in its global dimension is still missing today. And we lack application of specifically human abilities in favour of the well-being of public good.

So far immature conceptions and patterns of behaviour being a natural inheritance of our animal ancestors still govern. Those to develop and overcome is one of the tasks which we have to solve if we want to become truthful humans within the evolutionary process. If being carried out without consideration eating and being eaten are behavioural patterns, which threaten global survival. The right of the stronger is a false conception for humans, as in connection with a still missing inhibition to kill the own fellow species we endanger life since ages.

Forcing upon violently and oppressing running free fantasies of "domination" (1) have misused natural development and its progress to degenerate creating towards destruction. Glorifying of even death in religion such as politics was accomplished by killing or falsifying the innate sympathy which in the interest of domination is culturally at least being tolerated. Thus erroneous social trends were favoured, in whose historical process a small minority of people - first in plain public, today also by subliminal violent action (2) - enriches itself at the expense of the global good and thus destroying the foundations of life. Today the monstrous consequences of this development obviously culminate in a "war against terror" (3), which is financed by further welfare cuts and which at the same time is being misused by restriction of civil rights to break life-saving resistance, which globally on all social levels is emerging. This resistance is directed radically against consequences and goals of a stubborn adolescent stupidity (ignorance) of an immature overestimating of rights of the individual in relation to those of the super-ordinate community and against a simple thinking in terms of black-and-white. Subordinated to domination by profit this ignorant immaturity - which does not want to learn and even keeps others from doing so - directly leads into a final mutilation of life.

If we want to learn about sense and purpose of destruction and wars, of social and ecological misery and an ever growing danger of global holocaust arising from our present way of life, then the only enlightening and plausible answer to it appears in a learning process intended by nature to mature mankind for becoming a guardian of life and earth. The fact that evolution thereby risks its own emergence emphasizes on a boundless confidence, which it sets into its work. She seems to know that we - as global humanity - finally survive, not merely out of plain insight, but unfortunately more because of learning processes led by misery (addressing here particularly the three monotheistic religious groups, the Jews, Christians and Islam). Only seconds before "high noon"- we will say good bye to our destructive possibilities in favour of a creational power of divine extent.

Thus the way is given: natural polyarchy - self organization for the benefit of the common good

We make a truthful humane culture come true, which is being developed by considering all proven to be beneficial elements of preceding cultures and which in connection with plant drive, with the safe instinct of animals and with life-energy in all humans reflects the creativity of eternally living genetic substance, thus finally implementing a human social drive. A notion, perspective and perception (mentality) which has recovered and qualified for humane maturity will develop a healthy and rich reality, the full life. The destructive part of humans no longer gets considerable energies. Sources of destructive energies will dry out from that moment on, when all happening can be considered mentally as well as emotionally and nothing has to be displaced into hidden spaces any longer. The liberated open flow of information clarifies consciousness up to a spirituality, which puts understanding of interrelatedness of all being into everyday life practice. The process of development of individuality as well as the process of subordination of the individual into the super-ordinate society outlaws damaging of community (the anti social) and promotes strengthening of community (the global social entity). Politics as well as religion have lost their actual tasks. Their liturgies, "service to the people" and "service to God" do increasingly not satisfy neither social-ecological nor spiritual needs, they became of bare self purpose. Thus we can waive separation between their two realms and merge politics and religion into a truthful humane culture. The responsible world-conception of such a culture becomes basis and condition of the mental state [Václav Havel]. With its borders accepted as being of natural and vital necessity and benefit this mental state represents a social defence system against all threats which originate from mankind. Within natural limits peacefully cooperating responsible citizens accomplish globality. Within all their difference and variety world-citizens experience planet earth as their uniting native country - a paradise, which they certainly will maintain.

Specifically and politically this requires to subordinate all products of humans, like technology, industry and economics, as well as money and public governance all together and radically to the service of the whole and common good. World-wide we risk everything to stop the tendency - which has grown historically - to sacrifice life to self made obligations. We replace policy (of dying capitalist patriarchy) - which in its last convulsions only spreads fear and violence world-wide - by self organizing in solidarity under grassroots democratic control. By rolling-back all neofeudal and other one sided orders (also the religious orders), laws and value systems (ideologies) of world-powers we terminate their politics, which only justified exploitation, environmental degradation and death despite of differently reading promises. In addition a process of reclaiming, of social appropriation [Zeller] is necessary, which on the one hand rolls back the development of alienation, expropriation, deregulation and pseudo-liberalisation and on the other hand - by broad acquiring of specialized knowledge like social as well as life authority - creates the conditions for self authorization of world citizens.

The emancipatory movement strives for release from suppression and for overcoming false conceptions. Taking into consideration their own variability and width in terms of contents the movement is aware about the complex interlacing of this topic. Groups involved leave their ideological short-sightedness behind and deal with the respective analyses of others, in order to be able to develop ideas which lead beyond the present. Released from elitist behaviour a constant mutually supporting struggle for cultural-mental clarity creates the moral condition to overcome overdue society systems, which cause social deterioration. Truthful ethics frees itself from all subjecting (totalitarian) clutches of power planners and places itself clearly on the side of life. We all, to whom life is dear and valuable, support and promote this development towards emancipation by bringing our opinions into public, wherever and whenever we feel concerned. Our life determines sense and purpose of life. No longer we leave questioning about sense of life to scientific specialists of universities, churches and other mainstream controlling  manipulators - who so far have been shaping culture only inadequately, - we simple people prove to be the actual promoters of an ethics and conduction of life, which are neither corruptible nor subjected to any spirit of the times!

Quality of social life is determined by actions of individual members and their effects on the habitat earth. By following this understanding the cause pays principle is to be implemented, in order to ensure a comprehensive responsibility. By necessary and wisely balanced sensitive feedback processes responsibility and human maturity for the well-being of the biosphere will adjust those human made effects which disturb eco-social equilibrium (4).

The illusion of controlling the world by force is being replaced by the understanding of the necessity of cooperation and solidarity. Voluntarily changing of traditional behaviour patterns presupposes understanding of causing guilt and disadvantages. From this understanding of guilt will arise shame and the wish for compensation apart from just regretting. An actual compensation evolves the desire to reconcile and forgive on the side of the victims and disadvantaged and overcomes the revenge of the desperate by the fact that confidence is being developed and hope is spread. Consciousness approaches predestined human responsibility and from now on takes advantage of its abilities and possibilities affectionately and caringly in favour of the global common good.

New social forces and chances for liberation of the world are being set free by the fact that liberty of capital is definitely being subordinated to the service of life. The complete failure of policy is revealed by the fact that neoliberalism granted a further dimension of liberty to capital at the expense of humans and nature. While freedom of travelling for humans was limited by immigration regulations and the right of asylum quasi being abolished, capital in the context of globalisation at the same time was entitled to write its ever dominating and destructive laws and move around ever free wherever.

As soon as the process of reclaiming and re-appropriation shows results the needs of people and nature represent the defaults for global economy and no longer reverse (5). Profit does not determine the goal of life, but pure joy of life does. A general well-being is not dependend on the well-being of corporations but on satisfaction of eco-social needs. Matured to the humane and prepared with sympathy we all contribute to offer a blooming time to the community of life with fruits for all involved which will be deeply satisfying and enduringly pacifying. The specifically human liberties, intention and sexuality, find fulfilment in respect for life as defined by pure creativity, already shown to us by many indigenous peoples since ages.

Light and spirit of origin genuinely can shine through the newest creature, the humans, and terminate the power of lie, falsehood and cynicism in favour of an order of love. This order enables a safe orientation for a further evolution into an open future for all of us.


0. Know more about Capitalist Patriarchy, listen to an interview (#26-04) with Claudia von Werlhof at Women's Int'l News Gathering Service, read: CAPITALIST PATRIARCHY AND THE STRUGGLE FOR A 'DEEP' ALTERNATIVE, by Claudia von Werlhof, see also International Conference on the Gift Economy and The Gift Economy Website of Genevieve Vaughan, for more literature [Mies, von Werlhof, Bennholdt Thomsen et al.]

1. Full Spectrum Dominance' is the key term in Joint Vision 2020, the blueprint the United States Department of Defence will follow in the future, from which these extracts are taken: - 'The ultimate goal of our military force is to accomplish the objectives directed by the National Command Authorities. For the joint force of the future, this goal will be achieved through full spectrum dominance - the ability of US forces, operating unilaterally or in combination with multinational and interagency partners, to defeat any adversary and control any situation across the full range of military operations.
The full range of operations includes maintaining a posture of strategic deterrence. It includes theatre engagement and presence activities. It includes conflict involving employment of strategic forces and weapons of mass destruction, major theatre wars, regional conflicts and smaller-scale contingencies. It also includes those ambiguous situations residing between peace and war, such as peace-keeping and peace enforcement operations, as well as non-combat humanitarian relief operations and support to domestic authorities. -
The label full spectrum dominance implies that US forces are able to conduct prompt, sustained, and synchronised operations with combinations of forces tailored to specific situations, and with access to and freedom to operate in all domains - space, sea, land, air and information. Additionally, given the global nature of our interests and obligations, the United States must maintain its overseas presence forces and the ability to rapidly project power worldwide in order to achieve full spectrum dominance.'

2. structural domination: the coming Constitution of European Union does not deserve this name nor does it meet the prerequisites of the goal to peace. With its obligation for increasing military armament year by year it lacks even parliamentary authorization.

3. If we recognize in that facette of terror, which is motivated by violated feelings and vital fear, the child - striving for self determination, who opposes against its domination-addicted and violent parents and who strikes back - then we open a solution out of the spiral of terror and violence. Nothing but open dialogue in connection with readiness to take responsibility for historically committed injustice will overcome the scourge of terror.
4. see also:
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