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Overcoming the Immemorial Assumed Dualism
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It is always more helpful to acknowledge our common human identity
than to overestimate certain differences
or even to fantasize about otherness
thus fuelling xenophobia and racism


Summary of Milo Wolff's path-breaking ideas (1) presented in his book Schrödinger's Universe - Einstein, Waves & the Origin of the Natural Laws, Technotran-Press 2008 ( with questions, comments and perspectives on implications concerning human self-conception and further consequences.

by Wolfgang Fischer

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Milo Wolff who was born in 1923 is a researcher in astronomy and has been a professor of physics. He has worked for MIT, NASA and the United Nations. His findings dismiss the big bang theory as well as the "particle zoo" of mainstream physics. His findings contribute to the foundation of an authentic world view and I will try here to show why at the same time they do support the life saving intentions of the Global Movement against those political forces who press ahead with the current culture of nihilism widely known as Corporate Globalisation.


"The notion that all these fragments is separately existent is evidently an illusion, and this illusion cannot do other than lead to endless conflict and confusion. Indeed, the attempt to live according to the notion that the fragments are really separate is, in essence, what has led to the growing series of extremely urgent crises that is confronting us today. Thus, as is now well known, this way of life has brought about pollution, destruction of the balance of nature, over-population, world-wide economic and political disorder and the creation of an overall environment that is neither physically nor mentally healthy for most of the people who live in it. Individually there has developed a widespread feeling of helplessness and despair, in the face of what seems to be an overwhelming mass of disparate social forces, going beyond the control and even the comprehension of the human beings who are caught up in it."
(David Bohm, Wholeness and the Implicate Order, 1980)


In September 2008 the US-administration is willing to spend more than 1 trillion US$ of tax money to stabilise the hypocritical financial system's decline which was induced by money addicted venturers and marauders. Exactly like the financial sector also many other sectors which determine societies since long have moved into the realm of psychiatry - those "in charge" have lost their (healthy) minds. Apart from the US administration by October 2008 also the EU and Germany - instead of thinking about a change of this failing system - are ready to continue pumping ever higher amounts of the people's money into a system which since thousands of years undermines healthy ruling balances which are to sustain the planetary interconnectedness.

The capitalist system as the latest and most bellicose offspring of patriarchal systems utilizes money in a way which - whatever the costs may be - is made to guarantee profit. The general needs of the global public do hardly interest neither does the integrity of nature. This systemic abuse of money is hardly being conceived by the majority of people. Consequently too many people have lost their safeguarding orientation - otherwise they would oppose to and change such dysfunctional and harmful situations. Situations which inevitably appear whenever general well being gets out of sight in favour of secondary, exclusive, egoistic, partial interests. The respective decline is no wonder, no accident at all. It is just a genuine consequence of the structural defect of the prevailing systems in which people by religion or culture are being patronized, alienated and conditioned in favour of the systems' presets like e.g. consumerism. This way people are made to act against themselves, against nature and against cosmic laws.

That is why the work of humane pioneers such as Wolff and others is urgently necessary in order to create chances for a general re-focussing on reality as it has been developed by history, on reality as it is. Once facing this reality we might regain opportunities to re-pair and to ad-just what got out of creative balances. We need to spread the courage to believe in our inherent humane potentialities which we can use for the benefit of global life. Living up to this perspective will entail safety, happiness and prosperity at their best. The prove for this universal regularity is part of Milo Wolff's contribution to humanity.


 "At every crossroad on the way that leads to the future,
each progressive spirit is opposed by a thousand men appointed to guard the past."

(Count Maeterlinck, 1911 Nobel Prize Winner - Literature)


Consciously the author uses a simple language so that the lay reader can catch on every detail of an authentic view on the universe, the essence of existence and mankind. Wolff refers to a selection of scientists like William Clifford (1845-1879), Erwin Schrödinger (1887-1961), Albert Einstein (1879-1955), Paul Dirac (1902-1984), Geoff Haselhurst (1960-) who back his understanding. The presented view is aligned with the humble tradition of other Great Spirits of the perennial Indigenous Wisdom of our planet.

Infinite as the entire universe is we only are able to explore that part of it which we can experience: the Hubble Universe. However we can imagine that space is a continuous medium and therefore anywhere at any time harbours an identical character, identical qualities, regularities, laws - most probably even beyond those spheres which we physically can observe.


"You can always tell a pioneer by the arrows in his back"


Towards Diversity by Oneness/Unity due to Inherent and Creative Union of Duality

According to Wolff's pioneering scientific exploration and inspiration The Wave Structure of Matter [WSM] is being characterized by three principles.

Contrary to the standard model of space with its division in separated discrete material bodies/entities and empty space Wolff suggests a Continuity of Space which consists of a quantum wave medium throughout the universe.(2) Standing spherical scalar waves and their respective wave centers are the basic 'particles' and their structure determines the rules of behaviour of the 'particles' (Principle I).

The outgoing waves of all existing wave centers jointly influence and form the incoming wave running towards any individual specific wave center. Thus each 'particle' is in fact the center of its own 'universe' in an infinite universe. In this way everything in Space is interconnected, each part is able to communicate with others, each part can exchange information/energy with others. The texture/matrix of joint wave centers, the way they join each other or do not so and the amount of numbers joining each other determine the Density of Space, what we commonly perceive as different kind of matter (Schrödinger's "Schaumkronen"). Density again determines Gravity. Medium density of space is proportional to the sum of the wave intensities of all the matter (actually: all the wave centers) in the universe (Principle II).

Schrödinger's "Schaumkronen" within the ocean of existence tend to decrease their heights, the waves everywhere in space tend to adjust themselves to a minimum amplitude as we can experience it anywhere within the non-animated world (Principle III, Minimum Amplitude Principle [MAP], or entropy).

- Formation of Standing Waves - Representing Waves as Transverse, like water waves, waves on a string -
a bit misleading compared to real waves in space (source: Gabriel LaFrenière


Mutual Causality (Feed-back) - WSM is the expression of a two way exchange of information

Because of a craving for ever deadlier weapons, for sources of energy and for other industrial reasons the standard model of current science with its growing variety of assumed particles has been promoted by sponsored research during the past decades. The researchers' drive to understand nature, their longing to know how everything in space is interrelated came second. Consequently the genuine and intuitive approaches and their findings were not adequately considered. Contrary to the scientific standard model of physics or biology with its solid static particles of matter and its one-way causality of Newton's mechanics WSM instead represents all over dynamic situations which are governed by Mutual Causality. Wolff's model (using Mach's Principle and holonomy) involves the Hubble Universe (Light Horizon or knowable universe) constituting the limit from which incoming Huygen's Construction wavefronts converge to create each 'particle'-like wave center phenomenon which we call the electron. The incoming wavefronts then 'spin around' as it were and diverge as spherical scalar waves. When looking at the wave structure of the simple electron with its incoming and outgoing waves we observe a dynamics of Duality & Parity in Union with Reciprocal Proportionality and Mutual Complementarity.(3)

Phase Shifts at the repective wave centers due to a geometry property of 3D space perform a 'spherical rotation' of 720° and in this way produce a spin either to one or the other side which again enables Circular and/or Spiral Movement & Structure.

incoming wave

+ outgoing wave

= standing wave

(source: Gabriel LaFrenière )

We observe Amplitude of the waves, we observe Frequency and we might observe relative Movement of any wave center in case the center is in motion. Individual dynamics consequently has impact and influence on the entire universe. All appearances from Microcosm to Macrocosm fit into the Texture of Regularity given by harmonics. The Dynamic Matrix of Harmonics embodies the superstructure of WSM. The coherent harmonical order of space is being actualised consistently by resonant and consonant interferences within WSM. Lack of Resonance or even Dissonance on the other hand actualise Principle III = Entropy. (more wave diagramms may be found here ).


Now, what about the animated world? What about Life?

Being made of the non animated elements within Space, the Wave Structure of Matter behaves differently within the realm of Life. Apparently the animated world evolves against Principle III of WSM, against entropy. This paradox matches the puzzling feedback property of quantum Space. Perhaps these are the two remaining mysteries of the Universe. Obviously the feed-back property of Quantum Space and Life are related as universe likes simple answers and analogies.

Life evolves from small and compatible units to highly differentiated and ever growing varieties within a coherent diversity which by its very nature stays interconnected to the entire universe. Due to its inherent dynamics and organisation, life on earth represents a miracle which, when allowed to move without restraint, is able to augment the degree of order on our planet to the benefit of us all. The growth of order in life, however, is not free. Somewhere else in the Universe, there is a loss of energy/entropy that support life development. In short, every life form has "to eat". Those life forms who have options should "eat" only what is healthy for them and for environment - otherwise they are to face consequences which teach a lesson to learn.

Pursuing a policy of ecological compatibility and social justice, man-made systems, too, flexibly can work in a way conducive to a minimisation of entropy - i.e. so as to preserve rather than destroy. In this way our work due to constant improvement of thinking as well as of feeling will contribute to the maintenance of the world as the haven of peace, embedded in ever nourishing Nature. In order to survive the species man is to take up its permanent seating in the evolutionary concert. The main motive of the life symphony is acknowledged to be the theme of each individual group of instruments. Manifold variations of the one creative motive are inspiring masterly soloists also from the audience to join in ever more delightfully. A consequence of this orgiastic joy is an ever more abundant cast and orchestration of an orchestra whose harmonious and ecstatic play ensures the continued existence and solidarity of the entire concert audience.


Becoming supportive members of the house of evolution

Aristotle discerned between oikonomia and chrematistics, the latter according to him transforms an organic social housekeeping which exclusively serves livelihood into a machinery to gain profit at the expense of common good and by the history of civilisation was made the predominating world order with its respective unfortunate effects and consequences.

So - in support of the first while trying to understand the miracle of life, OIKONOMIA and Self Support, we may ask us: where does that animating order, that creative energy, that life giving information come from? What is its essence?

When observing Nature the Light of the Sun obviously seems to play a major role in answers to those questions. The Rhythm of the Moon is found to be copied into a variety of biological rhythms. A modulation of the rhythms of Sun & Moon influenced by certain constellations of the stars e.g. the zodiac and their periodic repetition e.g. the Platonic year since earliest times had been considered by man to impose impact on their life, social relations and destiny.

Are these only speculations? How can the electromagnetic waves of light interfere with the scalar waves of WSM? How can they influence mind, mentality, consciousness? How can they determine Life itself?

In approach to answers to these questions let me share my experience based vision and see by yourself what you feel about it. May be we find some clues helping to understand the mysterious evolution of life.

Sphere Eversion - oscillating the whole universe

«Life appears as an echo (Resonance) on an oscillation out of the universe. Under meditative or other conditions which focus inwards this oscillation can be experienced by each of us as light, harmonic in itself, as energy.(4) We can imagine it to be an organizing force, which 'rains' on earth since ages. This oscillation is formed (modulated) by the Platonic year, by the planets and the moon cycle among others. Some time or other matter (mater i.e.) starts to answer lively and approvingly to the oscillation. Related to the cosmic life stimulating oscillation of living information a coherent "order" develops on earth, which regulates everything from day and night rhythm over tides of the seas up to wind and weather: the interconnectedness of all being.

Life develops. First in simplest structures, but then developing itself to highly-complex connections, which are characterised by the fact that they all are interconnected by mutual relations and affect themselves by feeding back to the smallest member and to the origin of all life. They are not subject to any spatial or temporal restrictions. The effect is direct and simultaneous. The basic substance of life contains in its regularity all information from beginning to today and by an inherent obligation to harmony it also specifies value and quality of future life. Coincidence and genetic accident as exclusive engines of evolution do not make sense and are not sufficient. The oscillation model of life with its striving for agreement and harmony draws evolution as an organizing development with a tendency towards multiplication of differences as a goal of a revealing (manifestation) of life, which gets ever more complex and diverse.

At the beginning are "atoms" or more accurate according to Milo Wolff: Basic Spherical Standing Wave Structures of Matter in Space, which gather themselves to molecules following inherent cosmic organizational laws, then by many steps the basic genetic substance develops, today known as RNA or DNA of the chromosomes. We also know about the further development of single-celled organisms, plants and animals up to the humans. In the line of development we can understand the emergence of completely different kinds of species as resonance phenomena to the original oscillation of life energy in accordance with life energy oscillations of all organisms. As a goal we can constitute an increase of independence, possibilities and abilities, whereby these subordinate themselves again to the whole in such way that lets emerge a further increase of quality of life.» (quotation from DECLARATION OF A FRIENDLY WORLD)


Responsibility - the human analogy to Mutual Causality in WSM/Space

Quoting Milo Wolff and adding the explanations in squared brackets we get: «the most perplexing aspect of space is its self feed back [which is consequence, kind of responsibility, meaning that one action causes the other, consequently causes "response"], that the density of space determines the form of matter (wave centers), and conversely, each wave-center (matter) contributes to the density of space in universe. If there is a God, this is it.»

Interestingly enough "density" is a quality, so we might extrapolate and say that Quality of Space determines the form of matter (wave centers), and conversely, each wave-center (matter) contributes to the density speak QUALITY of Space in Universe. Its character too?

"Space tells the waves how to behave and the waves tell space what it is"
Milo Wolff

Regarding Human Life we can say: the most perplexing aspect of human life is its self feed back, its consequent inevitable all over Responsibility.(5)

Because this feedback mechanism is hidden behind very different rates of transfer the effects may not be perceived instantly but may occur many decades later. That is why people always tried to escape from Responsibility and created Scape Goats. Biblically we know about the "seven generation's fate" (it was Carl Gustav Jung who pointed out that we should rather speak of MADE (in German: Machsal = being self made) than of FATE (in German: Schicksal = being sent).

The rate of transfer depends on the context. The pain of the misplaced hammer on my finger I can feel instantly. The manifold causes for cancer need more time - and the "buffer zone of inertance and indolence" is larger too - to show effects and it needs even more time until people are ready to acknowledge such fatal interrelations and accept their responsibility individually as well as in social contexts. The same applies for the climate problems we face and other problems. Earlier in history people could leave "their problematic areas" to move to unknown "white" territories. By doing so they immaturely escaped from facing the problems where they left and created even more problems where they went to. In this way civilisation & colonisation developed their multiple devastating effects on nature, peoples and cultures. Only now as we start to realize that we live in a global village we no longer can escape from the consequences of individual as well as social wrongdoing. Humanity is to mature and to improve its way of living together and responsibly has to re-pair what has been divided, set apart and destroyed during its adolescence - or human beings will just become extinct as a mere consequence of its collective failure.(6)

Interconnection of all (matter), due to the Wave Structure of Matter, is the means to create a kind and responsible species of life in the Universe. Quite obviously we are not yet collectively behaving like the 'crown of creation'. We have to regard the present forms of human social organisation on Earth as primitive progenitors. But we do have a chance mature by learning to behave and organise like guardians and preservers of what is and will be.

As we cannot afford another thousand generations of humans to evolve the best of us fortunately there are two ways to accelerate this process:

a) to confidently create/let emerge cultures/social systems which foster the human learning process and behave according to its teachings instead of preaching dogma and hypocritically doing the contrary.

b) to trust in the forces of resonance and self feed back which also apply to the mental / spiritual spheres of mentality, spirituality, information - noosphere (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin), Akashic field of Vedic Knowledge.

We know since long that there is one decisive difference between WoMan and Nature although WoMan obviously is part of the Reality of Nature. WoMan has options which are based on intention. WoMan is free to decide. And due to this innate freedom WoMankind without exception carries the duty of Responsibility for the consequences of its way of life. The intrinsic connection and interdependency of freedom to decide and responsibility for these decisions and their effects represents common identity of human beings: our specific humane character. Since ever individuals as well as communities have lived up to this human standard which by Erich Fromm (1900-1980) was called biophilia.


Its high time for the planetary dimension to adopt the human standard too

Quality of social life is determined by the quality of actions of individual members and their effects on the habitat earth. By following this understanding the cause pays principle needs to be implemented, in order to ensure a comprehensive responsibility. By necessary and wisely balanced sensitive feedback processes responsibility and human maturity for the well-being of the biosphere will re-pair & ad-just(-ice) those human made effects which disturb eco-social equilibrium of Space.

With the mental tools provided by WSM we can make it!

All we need are coevals who are interested in supporting a change in favour of Truth, of Emancipation, of Eco-Social Justice, of Sustainable Ways of Being, of preparing our own Creative Destiny in being aligned to what religions name to be God and to what we all dream of and deserve: Full Life For All.

Having only this destiny in mind we have the best chances to succeed in saving humanity's future.


WSM is a child of causal research & science, its real & authentic. It explains how things really are and in this way it offers a responsible, very sensitive approach to and handling with an all over creative reality in support of an overall well-being. People do question the mainstream scientific approach with its virtual particle zoo because it is a non-holistic, a deficient approach, the approach which divides and separates, the approach which is not pressed ahead with inspiration and responsibility but with money and the greed for supremacy, the approach which by its exponential developments tends to get out of control by loosing sight & perspective on the whole and therefore does not create sense but rather nonsense and decline.


The mental framework of WSM offers a clearer orientation within Reality of Being.
This way Spirituality can mature and take up its path-finding capacities for the benefit of a Global Well Being.

- This happens when spirituality scoops from the depths of being, from the ever-lasting relations of life, from the cosmic essence. This is everything but metaphysical - it is straight real. And it interferes. It does not serve any institution, no church, no party, no elitist group. It serves alone understanding and togetherness of all creature on earth and it does it in equal terms.

- Task of such a secular spirituality is the reformation of our mental foundations. It is to facilitate transparency and to encourage people to transcend limits within their heads which only have been brought up for the tempting purposes of secondary interests. Comprehensively understood secular spirituality and religiousness in resonance with holistic and authentic perception of reality create a healthy common sense and help to change and adjust those mindsets which still keep us from reacting rightfully to the local effects of globally organized injustice and misery.

- Spirituality seen from this perspective is nothing but a perfect unfolding of the mental capacity to achieve awareness of interconnectedness of all being. Within this context religion is the expression of our continuous attempt to realize life from its origin. It is the human attempt to understand life within its overall relations and it is the attempt to give life a perspective. Religion is part of our continuous attempt to identify ourselves within overall existence.


Further implications with encouraging effect on confidence and equanimity

A healthy and fertile flow of information between body and mind presupposes an undisturbed, living feed-back within the hemispheres of the cerebrum of bodily and emotional experiences in the interplay with endocrinal and peripheral systems.

To lead us towards a practical spirituality and a natural religion of life, our reflections need to include the holistic aspect of life on earth and give priority to the biological requirements of a healthy Nature over human concerns.

A spirituality that is in tune with Nature is marked by the reality of life being recorded in the structures of the central nervous system completely and without adulteration.

Physical as well as psychological spheres of life can be transcended in certain meditative and trance experiences where resonance with life as such can be individually felt.

To many indigenous people this (union) still is common knowledge and taken for granted, only white man comes along accusing them of barbarity and abusing them for his own purposes.

Through trance experience, life is seen in a universal context, in a UNION of ALL - which can never be grasped through the intellect alone.

Free of domination and violence, the anarchic interplay of the individual in resonance with the universe, an authentic flow of ideas (emotional intelligence) emerges which allows continuous evolution to manifest.

A biological example for the profound creativity of trance happenings is the sexual union when enacted consciously and leisurely in love far beyond mere physical satisfaction.



Achieving Human Nature - Living up to it

The Revolution of the Meek will leave behind such patterns of behaviour which are attached to the patriarchal way of life. The peaceful always and again have been extinguished by the violent. The solution is not for the peaceful to become as violent. The solution is to let the violent experience the satisfying sweetness of peacefulness. The Meek will prove the extent of emotional intelligence which is needed to deliberately align with universe, to live in coherent response with universe, to live responsibly exactly as required by the feed-back-processes of Space which inherently guarantee an overall harmony ....

 see: Ways out of Misery, Decline and Despair



1) Path-breaking is difficult: Unfortunately those who seek basic change or transformation nowadays are even regarded as and treated like "terrorists". Popper's theory of mistake correction however only can apply when change is possible and fearlessly desired. "The system-immanent mistake correction postulated by Popper will lead towards social evolution and an improved world for all only where possible understanding is not blocked by a craving for profit or power and where the status quo can actually be called into question.

The corrective checks and balances pertaining to the ruling system have some difficulty with humanity's naturally evolved potential that gives us the freedom to choose whether to see or not. This is because the correctives pertaining to the system will only function on condition that the antennae has not been manipulated or switched off, the senses not been blinded, deafened or in some other way deceived.

This is the very point where we need to start, for in our present society, prepared for violence and dominated by neo-liberal capitalist ideology as it is, our sensorium is certainly in delirium if not even totally switched off. The automatic correctives built into the system have failed: Although the damage caused by the WTO-directed global economic system is evident and palpable, we are sitting transfixed like the rabbit under the hypnotic stare of the snake, without making use of our instruments of potentially alternative economic management.

If our societies were really open and free democracies, they would constantly provide potential alternatives balancing out any trends that threaten to become dangerous. Yet the system, organised in totalitarian fashion so that the interests of a minority override those of the general population, is rigid and deadly. It forestalls any positive social development in the direction of a world that would be better for everyone. The actual use of violence ensures the exploitation of resources for generations to come, whilst mental manipulation through compliant media is preventing the general recognition of these and further dangers and thereby any widespread resistance which might form the beginning of a much-needed corrective." (quoted from: Nature and Civilisation, A Life -Threatening Conflict and the Way of Survival, - Alienation of Humanity and Possibilities for Healing -)

2) This Continuity of Space Medium picks up the general idea of the cosmological ether of space as well as the orgone energy idea of Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957). Find a selection of related papers at Orgone Biophysical Research Lab

3) World concept of Unity in Diversity, of in principle two different elements (Yin and Yang, Yana and Yanan) whose characteristics are reciprocal proportionality and mutual complementarity, global concept (PACHA) of the Union of Two (Parity) in which there are PAIRS of diverse elements (Yana and Yanan), whose characteristics are: relation in contradiction (reciprocal proportionality or TINKUY) and mutual supplement (complementarity or YANANTIN). The Inka Path of Wisdom by Javier Lajo

4) According to the Indian born UK-based philosopher Sutapas Bhattacharya (The Oneness/Otherness Mystery) the entire materialistic picture of modern science can be integrated into the bigger, deeper transcendentalist core picture of Indian yogic mysticism - this is that the phenomenal universe manifests through the energetic vibrations arising within the macrocosmic Light of Pure Consciousness, the Ground of all Being. Bhattacharya identified the biological origin and physical correlate of the Divine Light in the Reticular Activating System (RAS) of the brain. What is the Reticular Activating System? The brain-stem Reticular Formation (bRF) projects axons into all brain centers and fires continuously, activating the brain. The technical definition of brain-death is cessation of the RAS. The brain-waves generated by the RAS underlie all other gross brain-wave activity continuing even during dreamless sleep and only ceasing at death. Modern medicine distinguishes the Arousal component of Consciousness due to the RAS activity and the Contents which medicine presumes to arise in the cerebral cortex.

When using EEG under the condition of trance a unique state of Coherent Alpha Rhythm all over the scalp can be found. Coherent alpha rhythm is also found in coma and near-to-death. This is not surprising as since long Indian Buddhism considers Nirvana to be only slightly different from Death. Enlightenment has long been associated with Death. It is the death of the supremacy of religious or ideological dogma and other false thoughts in favor of the healing powers of Coherent Reality and Genuine Life. Near-to-Death and in Enlightened states near Mystical Union, the entire brain will be deactivated leaving only the underlying activity of the RAS. Thus as the scalp electrodes will measure brainwaves coming from this sole underlying source, the readings as well as the inner perception of the enlightened individual will be coherent. In detail these correlations as well as the genetic-neuronal-mental self-regulation of organisms up to the human being fundamentally have been studied by the Russian neurologist Iwan Petrovich Pawlow (1849-1936) and proved by the Hungarian neurologist and researcher of Hypnosis Franz Andreas Völgyesi (-1967). In detail both scientists refer to the mutilating potentials which, while being produced by suggestive information of patronising institutions and organisations, interfere with the life of the individual thus having effect on the quality of life of entire societies. Their analysis and experience simultaneously reveal approaches towards solutions in order to avoid dysfunction or disorganisation and to make use of inherent life-supporting possibilities of the organism for the sake of a general well-being.

The Light is present in everyone at all times. There is no need of religions or other merely rational teachings nor of further brain evolution as suggested by some New Agers. Urgently however is needed a global social organization which - and I never get tired of repeating me - invariably is conducive to a genuine learning process of the individual in order to evolve its innate capacity towards its fully humane potentialities.

5) This Feedback Mechanism of Responsibility is defined more in detail in: Global Responsibility .. quote: (...) Everything in nature, from the cyclical, chemical, molecular processes and the DNA of our genes up to the galactic movements in the universe, is governed by identical laws. The Cause of all movement within the universe uses feedback processes (Principle of Response = Responsibility) to develop forms of organisation that are closely interrelated whilst at the same time linked to their common origin (re-ligio). The complex and differentiating universality of life is based upon so-called spontaneous orders arising through resonance phenomena within the life-system. Self-organisation, higher grades of order and increasing complexity of life happen against the premises of death caused by the physical law of entropy. A synchronised connection of all forces with the energy source of sunlight (synergy of the 'powers of light') is the basis for the evolution of life on earth in towards ever greater differentiation (Principle of Direction = Justice). Through the principles of continuously developing justice and responsibility all life is interconnected within an ecological context. This means that our future depends on universal justice, full responsibility and harmonisation with the experienced laws of life. (...)

6) Collective failure entails ANTHROPOPTOSIS - Universal mechanism of the socially conditioned self-liquidation of humans by S.P. Semenow, V.A. Kasatkin, Saint Petersburg 2007



Geoff Haselhurst, Denys Lépinard, Gabriel La Frenière, Ray Tomes, Hans Cousto

related book in German: Hans Cousto, Die kosmische Oktave, Der Weg zum universellen Einklang (The Cosmic Octave, The Path towards Universal Harmony), Synthesis Verlag, 1984


Ray Tomes' Harmonic Theory - Wave Structure of Matter, How to Make a Universe, Parts: 1, 2, 3a, 3b


Wave Structure of Matter (Milo Wolff interviewed by Geoff Haselhurst)

Scalar Energy, a 85 min comprehensive video about a view of existence, quite different to what we have learnt at school

further reading: Properties of Resonance: Universal Coherence, Towards a Humane Society - Vision: Resetting the Mental Spheres, Navigating towards the Destiny of Human Life, Transparency & Transcendence, Keys to Peace, Guiding Ideas


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