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Ways out of Misery, Decline and Despair - Building Bridges to a Harmonious World ....

..... by living according to the principle of "Sumac Kausay", or the Splendid Being after having learned to find the "just midway", the happy medium within the dualities that compose existence, by walking the Qhapaq Ñan or "The Path of the Just" which is the equilibrium of union in diversity - by living well and fully and by enjoying existence just by letting go the bad habit to take seeming advantage from impairing, separating, destroying of balance and parity thus creating violence against equality, plurality and diversity. (Javier Lajo, Perú)


Thoughts and Perspectives on Necessary Conditions for
The Emergence of a Peaceful Humanity and Splendid Being
- The "Sumac Kausay" of the Andean Culture


The current Paradigm-shift from Civilising towards Humanisation*


By Wolfgang Fischer

edited by Penélope Herrera Arango, Translations For Progress


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*Freedom of choice brings about a contingent dichotomy in human socialisation

Due to a shaping by the millennial tradition of patriarchy, its violence-prone societies and their effects the notion of civilisation for many people has a negative aura. Too much has been destroyed in the name of civilisation. That is why here the concept of civilisation is being confronted with the notion of humanisation. The conditions that provide for a successful humanisation are being specified as well as those factors that bring about the derailment of humanisation, the de-humanisation in form of an enslavement of humanity, of its transformation into servicemen, into robots that only function in the way desired by the system, finally loosing their self-healing potentials, what again has troublesome social as well as ecological consequences.

This dichotomy is unique for the human being. It is a weak point of our species, though that flaw also bears new creative potentialities. The view presented in this paper, namely the social conditions shaped by matriarchy, stands as a consideration of a society where the absence of domination and the acknowledgement of non-violence, as a matter of principle, are able to ensure the natural learning process of individuation towards fully humane maturity and responsibility. Such a form of humanisation brings about ways of socialisation whose cultures and mode of life stand out by sensitive and flexible orientation thus concertedly keeping the golden mean. Yet, for the sake of the most beneficial interest, never comes up the idea to abandon the creative space of common well-being and enriching diversity.


Preface: Effect and deep meaning of words

In support of the emergence of a peaceful humanity it is ever so helpful to be precise. Accuracy in using concepts or words like patriarchy, matriarchy, anarchy or acracy helps to avoid confusion as well as it offers non-ambiguous perspectives. I find no better example than the one offered by the word anarchy. Its significance, strongly embedded in the collective subconscious, brings us images of an uncontrolled chaos where the only hope is to restore the order with a ruler that represents a central power. From this premise derive many of the forms of power known to human kind: patriarchy, hierarchy, monarchy, etc. This fact is widely accepted and has become a well-trodden path, made legitimate with its inclusion in dictionaries and encyclopaedias. But a deeper etymological and historical analysis of the origin of this word sheds a completely different light regarding its truthful meaning. The word anarchy does not come from the root "archos" (ἀρχός), meaning chief/ruler, but from the root "arché" (ἀρχή), which means origin, in the beginning, the womb, the principle.

It is a very remarkable fact that the deeper root arché has been repressed, if not substituted, in order to serve better the vested interests of the mainstream patriarchal tradition. A reinterpretation of the word anarchy then leads us to a reinterpretation of History; it changes, from having a significance embodied in the lack of a concrete figure - the ruler - to an (even worse) ignorance and conceptual emptiness as the original "an-arché" stands for without beginning. With regard to social concerns, this term obviously does not lead anywhere if we don’t face, acknowledge and react to the real roots and causes of certain ecological and social conditions, especially if we are interested in change. Likewise, the discussion about patriarchy and matriarchy and their genuine meaning assumes unprecedented importance. Both terms "per se" in the first instance have nothing in common with domination. The significance of "patriarchy" is a worldview that considers the male principle, "the father" to be superior and the sole creative power; in the other hand, "Matriarchy" accordingly refers to the understanding of the mother, the womb, nature as the origin of the fruits that will be. In the run of history, the patriarchal way of life, as a mind-set and perception of reality, created an order founded upon monotheism, war against all and everything, technological progress at the cost of social and environmental integrity. The patriarchal way of life celebrates the "pyramidal hierarchy", in which the word root: "hieré" (ιερή) stands for holy and "arché" (αρχή) stands for origin, in the beginning, the womb, the principle as already mentioned above. This means that patriarchal societies submit themselves to something "holy", which actually is just an imagined idea, only an illusion, mostly a singular, monopolar principle - the one god, emperor, government, no alternative - something to which everyday life is being sacrificed for the benefit of those at the top who claim to represent the alleged superior authority of nothing but a fetish.

Scientific investigation shows that 5000 to 7000 years earlier people organised solely in matriarchal ways. In these matriarchal societies the reality of the common wellbeing stays in the centre of all. Within these cultures, people learn to discern vital from arbitrary or even destructive objectives. As a matter of fact, these societies never developed those bellicose and divisive attitudes that to-day threaten the survival of humanity. Thus, the basic structure of matriarchy resembles not a pyramid, but a horizontal organisation, in which unity in diversity is the condition sine qua non for its own flourishing. Matriarchy proposes a way of living where social life is determined by the everyday needs instead of arbitrary ideologies, fantasies and illusionary concepts or world views. Life is dedicated to pursue individual as well as social wellbeing by genuine satisfaction of sexual as well as of any other vital needs. Nevertheless, despite the violent attitude on which patriarchy has drawn upon to conquer - in a pernicious manner - the planet, life, as a timeless concept, always has depended and indeed keeps on depending on motherly copiousness.

In this sense, an ideal stage of natural creativity and reproductiveness in the human kind is based on the joyful deliberate interplay between the sexes, as well as between all the other involved sectors of societies. The main hindrance for the full realization of this paradigm is the primal tension - painful and destructive by definition - between man-made coercive orders and the simple being of genuine natural potentials. The misery of history is a direct consequence of this aberration of humanity’s development. Resuming the first idea that brought us here, an accurate treatment of concepts will guide us to an accurate definition of our own orientation in life as a human community. This reasoning then leads us to the understanding of the concept of, "acracy" - (pα- (prefix of negation) and κρατία, kratía - clout, dominion, force, power) - which, in its rightful meaning of "without dominance", reveals itself as the ideal term for those social conditions where the void of dominance is caused by a collective decision for more appropriate, autonomous and "real" forms of organisation. The matriarchal society is then the quintessential acratic society, the non-violent society par excellence


Learning to understand the roots of the current crisis of humanity

A deep understanding of the current crisis of humanity and its roots is an inevitable step forward in order to surmount it with our best coping strategies. A profound analysis of the capitalist and communist doctrines shows us that, despite their efforts to refute each other through an endless and costly ideological clash, in reality they are the instruments of a common patriarchal denomination that has extended and perpetuated its unnatural reach until today. Since this fact hasn't been addressed properly by the mainstream sciences, a broader and interdisciplinary discussion is vital and necessary in order to find exits to the threat of self-extinction of humanity.(1)

This time we have to get the whole picture, as the effects of mainstream civilisation's way of life are threatening the basic conditions of life. This purpose can't be completed without an utter transcendence and dissolution of all the ideological and religious narratives and dogmas that have limited our minds throughout human history. The liberation of our mental focus from exclusively self-serving conceptions enables a wider stock of authentic world views that can, in an effective way, shift our ability, motivation and action towards a creative conviviality on which humanity is dreaming since ages.


To dry out again and again
the fabricated breeding grounds for human monsters
coevally prepares an ambience
where the natural process of humanization
breeds all over satisfying fruits


What ideas and which behaviour patterns until today do render the realisation of Global Peace impossible?

As long as egoism, nationalism and other separative self-conceptions prevail, the slavery of the inhabitants of these adopted mental frames will keep on being the direct consequence. A corollary to this is the disturbance of natural and creative balances through an exploitation scheme, typical of the patriarchal and nowadays capitalistic and socialistic systems. The so-called "democratic project of freedom" of these belief systems contradicts itself blatantly, inasmuch as their main organs - the clerical and political elites - behave in a parasitic way taking an endless advantage by means of a top-down doctrine. In this foul play, people surrender to the enslavement of their own minds. It does not need slave-drivers any more - as Kurt Tucholsky already said - to keep global societies on their corporate, destructive course.

These doctrines have anchored themselves - by way of a millennial tradition - deeply in the human mind in the form of basic assumptions, as for example nature is cruel and people are bad; "good and evil" are insurmountably natural; wars have ever been and therefore will persist for ever; one has to fight for one's luck; men are superior to women, etc.(2)(7) Such notions - still anywhere on the globe - are common today and they reveal an obsolete fundamentalism as expression of a yet deficient human maturity and its harmful impact on humanity's chances to survive.

Nature doesn't have a homicidal will; human society, in its violent facet, is prone to succumb to a homicidal drive for the sake of secondary interests like wealth or power. Cynicism is a human invention too. The alleged cruelty of nature is nothing but an erroneous interpretation of a creative order that stands for the well-being of the global whole of the planet and beyond. From the very beginning, entire Life would have been condemned to extinction, if the single members of nature would not genetically or instinctively be bound to follow the inherent laws that support natural balances and have driven evolution to reach a preliminary peak with the rupture of these natural balances. We need to face the fact that this rupture is caused by a risky dichotomy that is a direct consequence of the emergence and subsequent predominance of violent and restless societies.(3)

In contrast, the non-violent indigenous communities of the world prove - in this day and age - a deep and self-confident understanding of Nature. Before they, with the exception of few survivors, got slaughtered by the patriarchally (mis)driven civilisation, independent of time and place their warning reads: The way of life of "white man" destroys his own existence. Rooted in the interconnectedness of being and because of a deeply felt empathy they were and still are able to discern between pain and real joy, between self-sustaining realities and all-consuming illusions, between destruction and creativity. That is why by nature they rather reject perilous technical progress, whatsoever impressive it might be in favour of natural ways of life. They prefer to learn from nature "by a flexible bottom-up flow of information" and aim to copy nature rather than to destroy it.(4)  It can no longer be denied that the current crisis of modern civilisation is a mere consequence of its aberration, due to a cannibalistic and destructive conduct of life - from a personal level to the behaviour of social groups and nation states.


When man ceases to be determined by his innate spirit
- which is the Spirit of Life -,
subjecting his options to secondary interests such as money, power etc.,
- from that moment on he begins to turn into a machine, a robot controlled by secondary and alien forces


Why exactly did humanity get so close to the abyss of extinction?


With regard especially to Christianity another perverting mindset - the notion of "original sin" - deserves a closer look because of its (auto-)destructive consequences.

Already during my childhood I could not understand that the bite into the apple of the tree of knowledge should be forbidden and should have fatal consequences. The act of enjoying the delicious apple could not have been the reason to be thrown out of paradise, because eating the apple, learning thus, striving for knowledge to reach wisdom, was exactly what was expected of me. Learning should be the foundation for the later chances in life. How can the grasp for knowledge be punishable, be sinful or criminal?

My answer is: Understanding and striving for know-how, learning thus, never can be wrong. Fatal consequences however can result from making (mis)use of knowledge in the interaction with one's ambience.

To illustrate my thesis I will describe two different options on how to deal with the gifts of life, the proverbial fruits of the tree of knowledge. Firstly, a way that irresponsibly separates itself from nature, breaking deliberately with the interconnectedness of all and ending up in the apocalyptical abyss of social, ecological and spiritual decline. Secondly, a way that - in constant and sensitive feedback between being and consciousness within the natural framework - is capable of taking an active part in a continuous and well-balanced development into future.


No matter how overwhelming a majority of those people ever might be
who throughout the centuries obediently follow the high-priests
- never they can be an evidence for ecclesial rightfulness that only ostensibly was given by their gods.
On the contrary - those people are the proof for not having been allowed to reach out for their inborn divinity
that safely would have lead them since long towards their autonomous and fully humane abilities
that definitely would ensure a World in Peace.


The perverted way

Any social orders that are based on domination and subordination aim against the natural, creative, chaotic and diversifying organisation of evolution. Such orders achieve progress by threatening with punishment and by real use of violence on the one hand and by promising illusionary unlimited freedom on the other. Such a progress originates from human defective concepts that basically have been shaped by patriarchy. Such a progress grows on obstruction and diversion of vitality, the sound flow of living energy, and on destruction of natural diversity and cosmic integrity & unity, altering its sustaining pillars, the universal balances of dynamic and complementary polarities.(5)

In the course of thousands of years, the violent support of the dominating hierarchic orders has solidified the ruling belief systems, rendering them intrinsic to human society in a way that, despite the historical efforts of emancipation and enlightenment, for too many people they still remain as the everlasting status quo: without alternative, normal and allegedly natural. Obstruction and destruction of the actually underlying natural order are completely ignored by many people, and even approvingly accepted by others. Learning processes, intended by nature to teach awareness of an authentic reality, are being falsified in the interest of the perpetuation of this ruling order, while the art of adulteration is presented to be progressive policy. The orientation towards the achievement of an overall well-being is disregarded, ridiculed and sacrificed for the sake of the "guiltless" juicing of any attainable natural and human resource, at the expense of all its disproportioned outcome and disadvantages. Time and again any other alternative is being suppressed.

I insist that a recognition of the urgency and overwhelming dimension of the global state of distress, caused by this noxious modus vivendi, gives to sentient people, at any time, reasons to break the laws and customs hostile to life. Again and again, scarred by the repetitiousness of History, people who oppose the perilous illusions of dominating orders and who do not want to betray life or nature are persecuted. However, if by the time this state of distress has reached its climax and their sound attitude hasn't succeeded, then it is certain that humanity will vanish.




Patriarchy - Dogmatic Science - Civilisation


- Polarity is being used under the motto: divide et impera!

- Unlimited competition breaks with the natural inhibition to kill.

- Supremacy of current world powers therefore is based on injustice and crime.

- Since thousands of years patriarchal civilizations shape the way of life by domination.

- Any mentality which promotes social inequality is incapable of maintaining creative balances.

- That is why many cultures still tolerate open or hidden forms of misogyny, slavery and violence.

- In blatant contrast to humanitarian promises the world is being downgraded by political hypocrisy.

- In the run of history industrialization has been paid by goods stolen from Nature and Indigenous People.

- General decline of Life and the narrowing of future perspectives are not at all natural, they are man-made.





Although the practice of consuming human blood or meat, in whichever modalities might exist,
is yet considered as a part of allegedly divine, quotidian or just metaphorical traditions,
as such it contradicts sanity and reason.
Moreover, it is a crime against nature and humanity in the same way child abuse is.
Neither religious motivations should serve as an alibi
nor can the well-intentioned educative purposes excuse the use of violence.
Thus, the individual and social consequences are bound to be equally morbid,
as the acceptance, celebration or adoration of crosses,
gallows, electric chairs, and lethal injections or of any other deathly weapon or behaviour.


Resort: The natural way, evolution of being

The alternative way assumes that the individual earnings from the fruits of the tree of knowledge turns into collective property, just because of the pure intention to survive and the natural love for life - both of which maintain the well-being of the earthly environment: the Garden of Eden.

Pain and joy here are acknowledged as effective guiding forces which, along with the natural learning process, lead towards a clear orientation by means of authentic conceptual maps(6); in the absence of alien interests, the free flow of information into the receptive areas of the maturing brain is not liable to be obstructed or falsified. The sooner an unadulterated and unrestricted experience springs in the individual life, the more will be the potential to learn through a sensitive bottom-up orientation that teaches the lesson of life at very low levels of pain and destruction within the respective experiment.(7) Life remains oriented, always flexible, at the intactness of the whole. By continuously considering the subsistence of everything, it is secured a sequential natural development and diversification of life, its possibilities, abilities and fruits in the abundance of the Garden of Eden.

The global emergence, assurance and celebration of an actual religion - constituted in its purest form by the humane and natural culture - can only be feasible as long as a general consideration of its essence is reached, full of meaning and purpose. If humanity is interested in survival, it must adopt a planetary culture able to continue the indigenous traditions through the promotion of an ecological and social behaviour that could avoid the damage to the environment. However, since the human race - in contrast to the vegetal and animal reigns - hasn't been endowed by the genetics or the instinct with a life-supporting behaviour, human beings have to learn an appropriate behaviour if they want to survive. That is why a conductual reeducation is an imperative need in order to reach this milestone. It would be indeed a second renaissance the achievement of a global culture that continues the tradition of genetic creativity while conserving the demiurgic principles that nourish it. This culture represents the very antithesis of today's consuming and destructive liberalistic way of life, fatally celebrated with the name of globalisation.


What are the mental prerequisites for the restoration of life's viability?

Social, ecological and spiritual constitution of the natural being

Starting from the assumption of a heavenly togetherness of all partners of life, such a situation cannot be improved. Nature is perfectly organized and develops according to its inherent creative totality. Everything in the cosmos is related for the benefit of its own well-being. The creative quality of this vital condition on the one hand materialises the increasing diversification of the physical structures and organisms within the outer world and, on the other hand, realises responsibly developing possibilities and abilities that constantly are reflected within the inner spiritual world and thus, by genuine experience, either confirm or disprove their viability within existence, the interplay and union of both realms. This way of life succeeds to stay in a happy medium. Only the free intention of humans brings imponderability into this context and can humiliate life up to its threatening destruction.(8) In the context of the socio-political reality, shaped overwhelmingly by the history of patriarchy, it is love for life the only tool that can lead to a transformation of this cynical kind of reality into a different reality, sensitively shaped by current needs. The direction of this transformation is heading towards true humanity; it is emancipatory and leads to humanisation from the local bottom to the global plane.

Beyond the approach of the outdated political theories - not questioning domination as such and interested only in their own profit - and the religious postulates - that in their denial of individual divinity jeopardize life - , I propose a method that starts with a deep examination of the human psyche. Under this perspective, we must start with a deeply involved question: what are the enigmatic conditions and relations that instead of building awareness and responsibility for the given paradise on earth prefer to involve the popular readiness to create dreadful realities?

It became obvious to me that these conditions are all the cultural and spiritual orientations that, on the one hand, are experienced under influence of natural factors (climate, geology, cosmos)(3) and, on the other, are created also as human factors (intention, freedom of making choices) that represent the basic parameters for individual development and, on a greater scale, the society's own. If in the lucky case this development happens along the lines of genuine orientation towards nature and its laws - whose aim is a life long learning process and experience of the individual with the full willingness of getting involved in cosmic reality - then these basic conditions remain to be of benefit for nature. They are matriarchal, indigenous, divine, creative, cooperative, complete and healthy, dedicated and limited to life. Life as such is liturgy (λειτουργία leiturgia ‚public service‘) - "minka" within the Andean culture -, full of glory and abundance.

Alternatively, if the lucky case was subject of a substitution in which coerced, trained orientations predominate towards imagined goals and assumptions on whose name nature, her diversity and integrity are sacrificed; towards metaphysical guidelines that are supposed to lead beyond physical possibility, like walking on the water or virgin birth, all of which try to deny a cosmic order with the belief and construction of arbitrary orders. Such orders, in which violent civilisations take root, are mostly aligned in favour of advantages for a few at expense of disadvantages for all the others - unnatural in themselves, contemptuous of life, parasitic, splitting and martially dedicated to destruction. Obviously, these conditions lead towards a degeneration of Life: because of mere delusions thus begotten, glory and abundance of life "alchemically" are transformed drastically into perversity and scarcity.(9)

All people who are aware of the underlying creative order arise and contribute to the creation of cultural conditions dedicated to survival. We need to dissolve the mists and shadows of wrong and insufficient philosophies of life, understanding of religion, politics, ideology, idea of man all of which ignore the culture that has maintained the society since times immemorial and which will serve future generations too.


To start with children is just fine

Peace on Earth is only a reachable destination if societies stop breaking their children and attend consciously to their gravest inadequacy: the systematic atrophy of their infancy. It is indeed a violent and outdated habit the way on which the extremely sentient children are just trained not to feel joy or to blind out the pain, hampering so what is meant to be the lesson of a genuine learning process. Thus they do not learn the two sides of experience: how satisfying safe options are and what error actually costs. It is a known fact that in the earliest stage of development (0 to 3 years old) parents, society, culture by means of educational bottom-up models are responsible to ensure that the children do not develop into the unaware defenceless adult victims of the deceitful reificational top-down maps of authoritarian traditions.(6)

As long as children are shaped to sacrifice life to secondary interests, they hardly ever will reach the trustworthiness and safe accountability of humane maturity. Humanisation of society, empathetic ways of living, solidarity and peace are rendered impossible exactly at this point. That is why creative cultures acknowledge, as the uttermost requirement, the unlimited offer of a given space and opportunity for their children to experience life in an atmosphere free from fear and suspiciousness. Innocent curiosity keeps each child's mind open and sensitive so that, by respective unrestricted experience, he or she is allowed to remain centred on autonomous maturation within the matrix of life. The respective neuronal verifying processes are associated with the relaxing and regenerating processes of dream and dormancy. This is why regular sleep is not at all extravagant. On the contrary, it is fundamental for any wholesome development, which quite naturally depends on alignment with the creative experience of evolution. Individual adjustment to an overall meaning and creativity is the vital signification that highlights the importance of meditation and other trance inducing methods and traditions. The eventual conjunction of the abilities of heart and brain in the growing child - in a coherent, gradual and playful fashion - is bound to evolve into an authentic, empathetic and well balanced mindfulness along with the power to love oneself and others. By learning, understanding and transcending reality - as it is with its multiple inner and outer facets - resonance between reason and feeling emerges and gives way to emotional intelligence(10) and full spectrum responsibility, face to face with the divine light of the creative forces of the universe.(11)





Matriarchy - Indigenous Wisdom - Humanisation


- Good (divine) life is being shaped by the creative necessities of organic interconnectedness of all being.

- Polarity always is reciprocally complementing the Integrity of Diversity: The Union Of All or Creative Conviviality. (12)

- Councils of Wisdom, the wisest and oldest members of society, help to maintain the equilibrium between societies and Nature.

- Joint co-operation, mutual understanding, creative flexibility and empathic mindfulness shape and support a genuine humane way of life.

- Humane Culture in each generation helps to let emerge empathetic mindfulness during the process of individuation of their children.

- Transcendent knowledge is being acquired by unadulterated experience at any stage of the individual learning process.

- The genuine learning process leads to a natural self-understanding within the respective socio-ecological context.

- Harmony is the consequence of global realisation of the sensitive togetherness of matriarchal ways of life.

- Resonance within the Union of All entails Creativity of Natural Evolution.(13)




Diversity becomes Harmony through Resonance

We, the human race, have come at last to reap the consequences of actions that, as having shown in this analysis, derive from the radical elementary disorientation disclosed by the mainstream social conceptions and projects: exponential growth of wealth and its delusional and fetishist nature; captivity within the web of tensions between good and evil - what was known as the battlefield of Kuruksetra in the Vedic Literature - and, finally, self-engulfment in the vicious circle of the nightmarish global treadmill. This could be the most daunting panorama that human race has faced, unless we generate solutions through the optimization of our behaviour towards dignity and respect for Life, in order to spare ourselves loss and destruction whilst preparing a new beginning for future generations. By striving for the best possible authenticity and coherence within the underlying universal reality of Being, we create chances for resonance and alignment with the creative forces of universe. Once re-connected to creative spirits, we will be back on the safe track to a better future altogether with the rest of nature who, due to genetic bindings, has always been on that train. The gift especially given to humanity, our freedom of choice, eventually will be counter-balanced and safely hedged by a creative culture in continuation and tradition of genetic creativity. Once realised on the global plane, such cultures offer wholesomeness altogether with sanity and reason by perpetuating safety and planetary security in the ways of nature.(14)


Once mentally re-connected to the common Spirit of Life,
hierarchies, programmes or ideologies are recognised to be excrescent.
Life, by its genuine experience on the horizontal plane,
satisfyingly teaches to spread joy and harmony
thus, once and for ever, leaving despair and misery behind


More and more people from the entire spectrum of social planes focus on this objective, which represents the emancipatory process of humanisation. In every day life this also means a confrontation with the harmful and destructive mountain of guilt - which, as pictured above, has been accumulated in history predominantly by "white-men" and no longer can be ignored without causing ever more destructive consequences for the social and ecological environment. This mountain of guilt - the all-pervasive symbol of innumerable man-made facts and conditions - needs to be acknowledged, transcended and actually dissolved in order to fulfil a concrete vision on what good life, peaceful society, global conviviality really look like and what needs to be done to make it all come real. This vision goes beyond nihilist modernity and unmasks its ignorant, criminal, obscene and, in a deep sense, suicidal fundament.


What needs to be done?

Stemming from an integral understanding and acknowledging of this exact picture of past and present, we clear the perspective on the earthly space of the Global Commons, the biblically mentioned paradise. By means of this clear perspective we clear the way for the rise of shame and the wish to compensate and not only to regret even on the side of the wrongdoers. From an actual compensation then evolves the desire for reconciliation and forgiving on the side of the victims and disadvantaged, which is another precondition to overcome the revenge of the desperate by the newly created situation, where confidence is being developed and hope is spread. From exactly this vision and understanding easily flows the Force of General Transformation and Healing.

It is a historical fact that individuals and communities, through the span of their lifetimes, in their learning and maturing processes, have attained the power to love within their respective creative cultures. It is the high time now to let this power develop within all cultures of humanity. If humanity wishes to present a harmonious ambience to the children, the adult world needs to prepare to waive violence from its options and to completely compensate social injustice and ecological imbalances in order to prepare the path towards genuine reconciliation within the global family and nature. Resonant relations here are characterised by active listening and empathetic dialogue between people and by putting into practice acts whose mindful nature becomes the rule rather than the exception. Contrary to the deceitful slogan of the global ruling elites: There Is No Alternative!, entirely different ways of social organisation will arise out of these conditions and will allow for the social dimension to align with natural ambience, its diversity, joy and abundance, thus making human life everywhere at any time worthwhile, safe and harmonious.

Beyond patriarchy, capitalism and modernity there is and always has been the option of a splendid being!

We have the choice for Sumac Kausay within the Global Commons!(15) What are we waiting for?


"Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam"
T h e E n t i r e W o r l d I s O n e F a m i l y
- ancient Indian ethos


Epilogue: Bonds and ties that unslave

We all know well enough how “empires” keep their unity with the use of violence. Also well enough by now we know about the devastating long-term consequences brought on by those ways of social organisation based upon violence. However, only few people are just able to even imagine the possibility of a larger social cohesion, without the use of violence, without state, without all the patronizing and subordinating means of power, be them organised either in democratic or in tyrannic systems. The ultimately alienating effect is the same. People forget about their natural roots and self-supporting ways of life and become dependent on the system’s requirements.

Take for example the capture of South America that is euphemized by the Spanish notion “conquista”, the conquest of America. Within a short range of time only a few fire armed Europeans savaged the entire continent, killed millions of people and replaced their non-violent cultures and self-supporting economies by the European way of life. The significant difference between “white-man’s colonisations, holocausts and everlasting war” everywhere on the planet and natural catastrophes like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and floods is not only the fact that the former have been man-made, but furthermore - in favour of the dominating economic system -, they do effect an unscrupulous exploitation to this day and not only in the early colonies. The exhausting effect of that exploitation not only targets the material conditions of Nature and people, but also minimizes the intrinsic potential to heal because of the vanquishers' callousness towards the assaulted victims' suffering, pain and, in countless cases, their death. This discrimination of the plain truth is systemic. It creates dissonance and brings about a generalised mental and emotional confusion. Consequently, the derailment of the balances that support life, if at all realised, is accepted as inevitable. It is now that the consequences are being globally experienced and paid.

Human alienation proves itself by the fact that most people do no longer realize cause and effect of the deteriorating situation and therefore do little against it. Without a sound orientation they rather blame illusionary scapegoats and succumb to xenophobia, racism, hypocrisy, victimism, addiction, angst and paranoia. The resulting emotional constitution is a Martyr Complex that, enforced by respective religious assumptions and mainstream media fuelled fears, substantiates depression and slave alike subordination on the one side and overactive presumptuousness on the other. Both directions then solidify, worsening even more the underlying alienation.

Another important symptom of alienation shows up when people get lost in the pitfalls of "individualism". Modern individualism is being celebrated to such an excessive extend that most people simply do not realise that loneliness is the fatal consequence. Modern individualism, with its emphasis on "egoism", clearly stands against the high value of an autonomous individuality that recognises its interdependency within the cosmic context and has a share in its diversity. Too many people still hardly realize the obvious conflict between a falsely prioritised individualism and the dull conformity and monotony of the mainstream way of life as it is presented, via the system's media channels. Boredom and frustration then turn into sources for greed, crime and all the other well known human weaknesses. Hence individualism is merely being used as a medium of the destructive policy divide et impera! In the former pages, it has been amply discussed that especially the human species depends entirely on a creative social context that still is missing. Only mutually satisfying social interrelations more likely will make possible the survival of a creative union of individuals, the "global human tribe". So why not dare to study courageously alternative ways of life that we know from history and that still exist beyond the mental frame of patriarchy's ultimate child called "modernity"?

How did for example the vast realm of the Inkas, the Tawantinsuyu, hold together?
(12) What is the meaningful bond, what is the unifying tie in non-violent societies? I believe this is the core question for human survival.

To-day, as never before, the urge of a mental and spiritual union and coherence of each one’s world-views and narratives with Nature’s conditions and ecological and social necessities becomes apparent; it gives substance to the emotional intelligence of human maturity that has the force to set free pacifying synergies and feelings of unity with a self-evident strength. Thus cohesion emerges without the need of violence, simple as that. Within such creative social conditions, cooperation means initiating joy and success, notions of classes and ownership are absent, the family in its role and responsibility is not confined exclusively to monogamy, harmonic cohesion within the "ayllus" - the basic units of the Andean society - is characterized by the mutual support and exchange within the entire confederation, service to the maintenance and continuity of the created world is satisfaction enough for the individual and the whole society up to its boundaries, as far as communication reaches and is being accepted.

Due to open communication, the free and all sided exchange of information supports and maintains this unifying and empowering spirit (of love); if and when, by mental affirmation, this spirit is allowed to emerge and to be effective by corresponding behaviour and acting. The chaskis, the running messengers of the Tawantinsuyu were what the internet is today, though without the fatal ecological consequences of the latter. Economy at that time on the one hand focussed on the natural conditions and on the other on the necessities of the people. Technology took advantage of Nature as well as of human intelligence, cautiously respecting the balances of the reciprocal forces that complement each other always. What at those times had been possible, has become necessary today. It’s precisely this compelling awakening what remains in darkness for the mainstream systems, namely the understanding of interrelations, the tradition of knowledge channelled through culture and adequate reactions to the indispensable changes that ensure success for the benefit of all. Laws or instruments of power are not needed within societies that organise themselves in egalitarian confederative ways. “Commons” become self-evident. “Minka” (companionship, communion) becomes the expression of life par excellence. Life remains autonomous, safe and secure within a creative space.


Final affirmation for the road ahead:

Patriarchy – this notion by itself is dissonant as it misses coherence with actuality. The notion alone is an arrogance. Life just does not stem from the male principle that already genetically is just a small appendage - the Y-chromosome - of the female wholeness. If this male principle gets ready to grab the events and even to monopolize them - then by itself it creates the counter forces that make sure that it everything returns to its naturally provided significance. Hence from here arises the inescapable crash of everything that is planned to be constructed by patriarchy: all of it are presumptions that from the beginning are doomed to fail. Unfortunately the number of people still is too small who catch on, otherwise this way of life - or more correct: this being straightened and lived by the system - would have been given up since long.

Matriarchy – this notion is harmonious by itself. If accepted in its original meaning and if being lived this way - then everything runs according to Mother Nature's meaningful and copious abilities.



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pdf preview

British based Indian philosopher Sutapas Bhattacharya shows how the entire materialist picture of modern science can be integrated into the bigger, deeper transcendentalist core picture of Indian yogic mysticism - this is that the phenomenal universe manifests through the energetic vibrations arising within the macrocosmic Light of Pure Consciousness, the Ground of all Being. This understanding is supported by US physicist Milo Wolff in his late book: Schrödinger's Universe, Einstein, Waves & the Origin of the Natural Laws, Technotran Press 2008 (13). Bhattacharya moreover identifies the physical correlate of the Divine Light of Pure Consciousness (Atman, Buddha Nature, Inner- Godhead, Light of Christ etc.) with the well-established brain process, the Brainwaves of the Brainstem Reticular Activating System. This correlation is supported by overwhelming evidence from authoritative Hindu and Buddhist yogic phenomenological knowledge. Some of the key evidence can be found here.

What is the Reticular Activating System (RAS)?

The brainstem Reticular Formation (bRF) projects axons into all brain centres and fires continuously, activating the brain. The technical definition of brain-death is cessation of the RAS. The brainwaves generated by the RAS underlie all other gross brainwave activity continuing even during dreamless sleep and only ceasing at death. Modern medicine distinguishes the Arousal component of Consciousness due to the RAS activity and the Contents which medicine presumes to arise in the cerebral cortex. The RAS arousal activity is not tainted by memory or cultural conditioning and so - in contrast to the contents=world-view, self-understanding etc. - is a common underlying, original universal process! Eventually in Mystical Union authentic individual consciousness dissolves into the Inner Light, the flow of electrical energy from the brainstem. The more dissonant the individual state of disorientation might have been beforehand, the more overwhelming is the experience of mystical union.The mystical union according to my understanding stands for a condition of resonance between authentic reasoning and feeling of the respective humanely matured individual and the common underlying universal creativity which many traditions name God. Within this frame of understanding the objective of humanisation is nothing but a best possible authenticity and coherence with the underlying universal reality. The experience of mystical union, the deep sensation of the vital forces empower the individual to keep track of common well-being and creativity just like sexual activity pleasurably pioneers sexual union thus ensuring the continuity of life. After all truthfully being humane thus bestows the continuous condition of Love.

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14) - Apart from those people who keep up with their indigenous way of living, some other communities everywhere on the globe experiment with social organisation, in order to find wholesome alternatives to the violent mainstream. See for example
Tamera. Once people in sufficiently large numbers are mentally re-connected to their innate autonomy and thus fully aware of a full spectrum responsibility, the lethal stupidity of patriarchy's guideline "creation by destruction" becomes obvious and will be rendered obsolete. According to the scientific researcher of patriarchy Claudia von Werlhof five underlying categories of relations and the way they are being projected into world view and organisation need to be considered as they determine the character of societies as well as the possibilities to act as an individual within the environmental context.

  1. the relation with Nature (economics, technology)
  2. political relations (political organisation, constitutional perception of society, civilisation)
  3. relation between genders (way of togetherness between sexes and reproduction of our species)
  4. relation between generations (this is about togetherness between different generations and their interconnectedness with the past and present)
  5. the transcendental context (this deals with interconnectedness of Life and Death, answers questions about From Where and Whereto). This leads back to the relation with Nature

A positive understanding of these relations within their circular context and feed-back effects will entail something like a Democratic Revolt which then will implement the basic virtues of non-violence and empathy by means of a Commonwealth of Grass-root Democracies into Global Acratic Conviviality. Approaches towards this objective are: Sociocracy is heading for organisational ways which guarantee bottom-up ways of social orders. Simpol is trying to bridge the status quo to a socio-political situation which would represent more just and responsible behaviour patterns of societies, behaviour patterns which would not jeopardise our chances to establish peace and common wellbeing. Acorn is a growing US community which grass-root wise is heading to make a difference. The Harmonic Social Rotation is a different approach to the organization of social administration, dynamic but also stabilizing, that equilibrates the traditional tendency of the human societies to crystalize themselves in forms that, for their forced inertia, do not succeed to successfully satisfy the always different requirements of the reality, and therefore periodically destabilize themselves tragically, finally ending for ever. Just Stop! recommends Gandhi's recipe: Nonviolent Noncooperation with whatever is nonsustainable.
- Final Declaration of 2009 World Social Forum meeting in Brazil

- Change the world without taking power by John Holloway
15) - In order to leave the "-ism" vocabulary behind and to reach beyond the ambiguity of modernity the notion "Global Commons" here replaces the traditional concepts of socialism and stands for a pristine socialism of life that by means of its non-violent and truthful humane cultures, supports the individual to reach human maturity, thus becoming able to contribute to the humanisation of the global social body and its consistency. The local "ayllú" of the Andean culture thus is being extended to the planetary dimension.

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