World-view and thought,
which preserves nature's wealth for all

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Since ages in many cultures the meander is a well-known symbol of the succession of generations. By focussing on its corners we discover the molecular structure of the hereditary substance known as DNA. Beyond the well-known analogy of meander and DNA in terms of meaning the design refers to a hidden structural analogy. Since the scientific discovery of the molecular structure of DNA a few decades ago the 'hidden information' of the meander became comprehensible. From where however did the ancient people have their knowledge?

Nature and our existence may appear obscure or confusing, their complexity however should not keep us from looking for clear and simple relations. We are trying to draw attention to some of these fundamental internal relations in order to give a chance to understand their meaning which might offer an orientation for the future.

from THE VISION OF WHOLENESS, A vision of Life's continuity, Wolfgang Fischer (8. 2000) (pdf.version) ( Spanish ) (German), see also: Is Religious Belief Really a Personal Matter? World View - Religion - Ideology - Politics - About the Connection between Reason, Emotion and Religious Beliefs, Wolfgang Fischer (German) ( Spanish ) (pdf.version) (Feb. 2000)


The outer green spiral symbolizes the habitat: the border of the Garden of Eden. The counter arc beginning in the center (origin) represents the history of peaceful cultures. The red line with sharp corners mark the martial part of mankind history with numerous abrupt corrections. Due to a still unsatisfactory i.e. immature perception of natural obligations to necessary corrections of harmful mainstream development those are experienced as of catastrophic or fateful quality, although originally they are caused by mankind. The following, outwards leading arc refers to the possibility of avoiding a collision by attuning to nature and its basic regularity. Deliberate transformation of the mainstream direction presupposes the understanding of the "wrong direction", of causing guilt. From understanding of guilt will arise shame and the wish to compensate apart from only to regret. An actual compensation evolves the desire for reconciliation and forgiving on the side of the victims and disadvantaged and overcomes the revenge of the desperate by the fact that confidence is being developed and hope is spread.

from: Which Road, please, leads to the Garden of Eden? About losing the feeling of affiliation and confidence and about how to regain a life-securing orientation, by Wolfgang Fischer (download pdf.file) (german) ( spanish) 


No alternatives to mainstream thinking? Like being hypnotized, fixed to the ruling interests of power and money exponentially towards the catastrophe? Do we really agree? What does intuition tell us?

Nature and Civilization, a Life-Threatening Conflict and the Way of Survival, Wolfgang Fischer (German) (Spanish) (autumn 99) (pdf file)


By accepting the fact that we naturally have options at any time and for any situation we open life-supporting perspectives and create space for decisions in the benefit of life.

The Social "Defence"-System, Our View of Humanity Decides our Future, Wolfgang Fischer (12. 2003) (pdf file) (German) (Spanish)


The elitist notion and traditional conception of being unique, of preferring the monopolar/un-pair (impair = not a pair) and uniform equal separates the unequal and thus perpetuates a splitting into good and evil. Within this incomplete conception of the world all the following is nothing but a separated and consequently alienated copy of the preceding. Consequently the 'new or the different' is dealt with suspicion and fear and will be fought against. Further reaching and beneficial for the balance of diversity of our world seems the following conception, which is offered by Javier Lajo, Peru:

*World concept of Unity in Diversity, of in principle two different elements (Yin and Yang, Yana and Yanan) whose characteristics are reciprocal proportionality and mutual complementarity, global concept (PACHA) of the Union of Two (Parity) in which there are PAIRS of diverse elements (Yana and Yanan), whose characteristics are: relation in contradiction (reciprocal proportionality or TINKUY) and mutual supplement (complementarity or YANANTIN) *

This conception corresponds with the UTOPIA AUREA
of the indigenous resistance movements,
whose emblem is the rainbow

Universe of Unified Opposites, Elisabet Sahtouris










"Qhapaq Ñan, translated from Quechua: THE ROUTE OF THE JUST: " Ñan" the road, and "Qhapaq", most simple translation would be"just", may also be translated as: "exact", "right", "pure", "clear", "noble", "virtuoso"; and also gives interpretations in languages and traditions of other regions, such as: "Sufís" (arabic), "Kshatriya" (India) , "Kadosh" (hebrew), etc." (Javier Lajo)

An every day example: If I only oppose 'the evil' without doing enough 'good' - I promote 'the evil' even against my intention. The more I do the 'good' , the less space will remain for the 'evil'. War and terror only can be urged out of our social reality by means and effects of justice, compensation, solidarity, never by war and terror. Violence only can be pacified by its counter-part, finally by love.

Long since physics has approached a world view, passing beyond the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics with its superstrings and their resonance patterns which always occur in pairs - as well as, both/and -, which is identical to the age-old conception of the dynamically contrasting counter parts which behave in reciprocal proportionality and at the same time also supplement complementarily to the whole. Still we miss the transformation of such a fundamental understanding into the global social reality. Steps of transformation:

* Finding and promoting vital balances - wherever

* Overcoming the monomaniacal way of thinking, which not only divides and separates Male from Female, but also the entire world, the whole and sane, and produces restricting neurotic worldviews which are fixated on a culpable future full of fear

* Overcoming schizophrenia: "either - or / good - evil / there is no alternative, TINA"

* Utilizing all possibilities for the benefit of life, serving the common good, service at the public

* generous, conscious and voluntary renouncement of only one-sided advantages

All this avoids losses between the two destructive poles in those social realities which are qualified by areas of tension and conflict which are hostile to life:

- subliminally falling out of the game (exponential developments as for example the dynamics of compound interest, continuous economic growth, hypnotic restriction of life to consumption, disturbance of eco-social interlacing, restriction of human emancipation in order to maintain domination, consequences of genetic engineering...) and

- bang alike break out (explosions as for example the risks of nuclear technology, tensions due to increasing social contrasts, tilting ecological equilibrium...)

and their various combinations


Dynamics of Never Ending Development

Patriarchal making by destruction will be replaced by
E m e r g e n c e powered by Resonance

Never ending = living development has its origin in resonant combination of contrasting counter-parts, in the dynamic finding of balance of complementary and at the same time proportionally behaving counter - forces

destruction results from obstructing this dynamics, all the same which reasons are given. Life energy cannot be accumulated, blocked or misused without consequences.

Understanding this is heaving learned how to survive in global communion and moreover how to LIVE FULLY and enjoy existence just by letting go the bad habit to take seeming advantage from impairing, separating, destroying of balance and parity thus creating violence against equality, plurality and diversity (Javier Lajo). According to Javier Lajo this understanding means to live according to the principle of "Sumac Kausay" or the Splendid Being by having learned to find the "just midway" within the dualities which compose existence, and to walk the Qhapaq Ñan or "the path of the just" which is the equilibrium of union in diversity. Indolence of the majority of cultures and their clinging to those outdated habits are nothing but a crime against humanity and the commonweal. Understanding this is to comprehend how to balance and maintain the interdependences and correlations of life and also to acknowledge the self-healing forces which are given by the interconnectedness and interrelation of the union of human existence within cosmos and nature beyond time and space. Also beyond "good" and "evil" because those qualities never polarise totally. Always and depending on the circumstances the elements of this contrasting duality respectively contain something "good" or something "bad". The transcending solution here is the learning process of full life which teaches how to balance or to reach resonance among the "good parts" just by letting the "bad parts inactive". Once having experienced, transcended and acknowledged this relatedness of the indivi-dual who has reached liberation by re-pair-ing, healing and making up reciprocity and integrity the individual transforms into the true human being. This should be called "just , even, pair and equal" as the human being is not "one-sided", it is manyfold full spectrum and completely human. For the sake of peace and well-being this repair-mode and conduct needs to be saved into the memory and tradition of global cultures. Any form of social organisation which lives according to such awareness on that common ground instantaneously is being liberated from the painful realities of partition and continued separation of balanced duality which causes and spreads violence, war and terror as their painful qualities have nothing in common with the indulgence of the pleasures of a healthy and fully responsible, mature, genuine and happy Life.

Amaru or Chokora

... There exists a mythic legend that tells of two beings who travel the three worlds. They begin in the inner world, crossing into this one and continuing to the outer. One is YAKUMAMA and the other is SACHAMAMA. Both are represented by the two great serpents ... Sachamama does not slither on the ground, rather walks vertically with such slowness that it hardly seems to move ... upon arrival in the outer world, Yakumama transforms into the lightening and Sachamama becomes the rainbow. The rainbow is a deity that fertilises the earth giving colour to all the plants and beings. It is the sign of fertility for all living beings and the earth itself ... The three worlds thus find themselves united by these two mythic serpents, gods of water and fertility.

from QHAPAQ ÑAN: The Inka Path of Wisdom - Javier Lajo


Source of Living Energy: GRACE, The Agency Aligned with Cosmic Law

Resonance in Face of Diversity - the Creative Principle in Evolution

- Causality in linear-logical systems requires a frame of reference in order to avoid exponential aberration: Without a frame of reference occurring events seem to happen mechanically, seem to be always repeatable, seem to be of arbitrary acceleration and of never ending expansiveness. Mankind considers itself independent from nature and is learning to understand truthful relationships painfully from the consequences of its behaviour.

- Causality in cosmological organisation naturally is self-referring (autonomously responsible, resonant) and cause self-limiting development: Occurring events are vital, they are not always repeatable, valid only the very moment and already different in the next, mankind understands secure dependency on a common origin and recognizes in this interrelated dependency real freedom.

Based on a creative balance between linear-logical development and cosmological organisation different dimensions of existence emerge. They co-exist in the run of cosmic evolution contributing reciprocally and proportionally to complementing diversity and integrity, viz. preponderance of uncontrolled exponential development inevitably jeopardises integrity.

a) Inorganic Dimension emerges by Mineralisation and Crystallisation: Coming into being of Matter - from subatomic dimension till the beginning of macromolecules

b) Organic Dimension emerges by Organisation: Coming into being of Life - from biopolymers to cells and human beings

c) Human Dimension emerges by Spiritualisation: Coming into being of Wisdom, of Awareness about the Common Origin - from the individual to a joint human global community: Communion of Planet Earth, GAIA (1)

What can be perceived? What do we know?

Inadequate facilitation or deceitful obstruction of the genuine learning process equally cause disturbances of human ripening. Exponential development of political power and material wealth violently thrust aside cosmological organisation thus causing destruction of integrity resulting insanity. Authentic life drive perverts into fateful death drive and entails derailment, transgression, aberration as well as fear and misery. The destiny of this direction if not corrected by those who support or promote it is auto-aggression and obliteration of the driving agents in order to safeguard remaining parts of evolution from the aggressor.

My intention here is to present a short line of thought to you which might find resonance within some of you. Such resonance then would be shared with more and more fellow human beings and by itself it would path the way towards growing unity and human stability. Spiritual power of resistance would gain strength and withstand the intrigues of those who deliberately again and again incite hatred in order to proceed with their dehumanising strategy to gain power and wealth for a few elites at the cost of global integrity.

If there is Natural Law (obviously it is) then there is only ONE such Law. This is to say that this Law equally applies to ALL and everything. And IF this Law exists (it obviously does) there certainly are respective consequences regarding following this Law or on the other hand living, behaving against this Law. These consequences are personal, social as well as historical ones and again teach the lesson of the Law. This is to say the Law reveals itself authentically by experience of the inner and outer worlds. Man made restrictions of experience are counterproductive to evolutional freedom and lead to adulterated mental concepts, finally to complete disorientation.

The essential point however that I want to emphasize on is that we human beings by nature cannot make any statement on the Origin of Natural Law. This is to make clear the absurdity to make pictures of God, to argue about God's appearance, God's family, whereabouts and preferences. Nevertheless some individuals, institutionalised religions as well as political theories which are based on patronising predominance exactly make use of such references, statements, notions, ideologies for their partial interests.

The Origin of the Law of Nature we do not know. The Law itself however can be experienced. Quantum physics speaks about a potentiality which is based upon the Law of Nature. Potentiality is described to be the basic element of existence. Potentiality basically represents itself by Modulation into Energy on the one hand and/or by Information into Matter on the other. Resonant Interaction of Energy and Matter with one another and with the Origin creates the growing Complexity and Diversity of Life. Information via molecules, organelles, viruses, cells, tissues, organs etc. transforms into Bodies thus creating the genealogical tree of Evolution. Simultaneously and interrelated modulation via spontaneous reaction, egocentric competition, instinctive behaviour and altruistic cooperation transforms into spiritualisation thus creating an authentic representation of in fact reality within the mental sphere of symbols: coherence of reality and mental symbolic world.

In terms of evolution only recently the human brain evolved as a consequence of organisational forces of evolution's drive. This brain due to a highly reflective potential situated in its latest part the cerebral cortex gives opportunity to the emergence of authentic spirit. A genuine learning process is to fill the initially fairly empty inner world of symbols. As virtually anything can be stored in the cerebral memory it becomes necessary to differentiate spiritual qualities. This normally is achieved by trial and error, by sensing pain and joy. The destiny of this learning process is human maturity, a condition where general understanding goes beyond individual knowledge. Human maturity is a coherent condition which is based on alignment beyond agreement, a being beyond ideology amidst an achieved transparency of every day life: Global Ethics and Graceful Behaviour are the liberating expression of Resonance between Mankind, Environment and Natural Law in Harmony with the Origin.

This scheme is to give an overview on evolution. The scheme also may help to reconcile the schisms between Creationists and Evolutionists, between religious and non-religious people, between atheists and others. It seems the truth is to be found beyond imagination. As we all know by experience despite of wishful thinking and careful acting how difficult it is in every day life to get closer to each other across existing borders, be them mental within our heads or social within the cultural context or whatsoever. Despite of the necessity to join forces in order to enable us to solve globally growing self-induced problems even people who propagate Love and Peace fight each other - not to mention political and religious fanaticisms, fundamentalism etc. Despite of growing misery the learning of the lesson still seems to be somewhat difficult for many people.

I do hope these ideas may help intra- and inter-religious as well as intra- and intercultural dialogue to get closer to each other, to discover parts of the above mentioned line of thought within one's own innermost beliefs and perceptions, to gain confidence in your own autonomous thoughts and findings, to share such findings in dialogue in order to encourage others to withstand the disorienting zeitgeist.

Orientation must be authentic if we want to achieve creative conviviality on Earth.


Man and Creature in Harmony

People at all times had goals. Most of their goals they actually reached, completely independent from whether these were beneficial to the public or not.

In the last century the US-American public declared the common goal within a briefly set period to place humans on the moon. Whether this national effort was beneficial to the public or not, the goal could be accomplished and travelling to the universe became something ordinary - however at tremendous costs for the public and nature, likewise many other "achievements" of the so-called civilization.

However, by this example we experience the strength of a common effort of intention and we can decide to use our vitality for overcoming misery and scarcity. We can learn to regard the possibilities of a vision of peace and justice as a reality which waits for us to be established. With the possibilities of a peaceful draft of the future, which considers the above mentioned 5 cornerstones of a responsible and friendly world, we build this different world.

We live=love completely naturally
and only do what we really want to do.
We only want the harmless.
Clearly focussing the consequences of our action,
this decision is easy.
We learned from life; we know, what we do.
And affectionately we provide
for our children their own experiences as soon as possible.

Liberated to the humane,
we have paradise on Earth

Obviously and fortunately there are many-fold paths to human maturity and enlightenment. Overall important is that we are moving at all and do not freeze at a certain point of our learning-paths through lifetime.

Always and at any stage of life we are free to make choices. The consequences of the choice we make without any exception fall back on us, be it instantly and personally or/and as in many cases historically and socially.

Logical and meaningful consequence
of our freedom to make choices
is our overall responsibility

We only will be safe - individually on local levels as well as socially on the planetary level - when the choices we make serve the common good. At the stage of human maturity we will have developed our social drive. We will act for the benefit of the global whole thus serving best our personal needs at the same time. We will have developed the human instinct and by preserving global health we will enjoy nature's abundance.

By making choices we will stop any activity/technology which disturbs social and ecological peace. We will use mental as well as technical progress to copy nature's wisdom in order to create an existence which reflects Love.

(1) The Universe as a Hologram | The Global Brain Group | Global Consciousness Project | Collective Wisdom Initiative | Science of the Divine Word OM | Lightpages | Transpartisan Politics
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Spirituality and Globalisation - Prospects for a different type of social organisation by Wolfgang Fischer (download pdf.file) (german )
Evolution of Consciousness, Being - Consciousness - Vision - Transformation - Being of Higher Quality...., Wolfgang Fischer (1. 2004) (pdf format)
Ethics today must create a moral impact capable of overhauling the political system! by Wolfgang Fischer (pdf.file) (german)
Qhapaq Ñan: La ruta INKA de sabiduría, by Javier Lajo (pdf document)

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