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Which Road, please, leads to the Garden of Eden?

 About losing the feeling of affiliation and confidence
and about how to regain a life-securing orientation

 by Wolfgang Fischer

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In short: The conception of a favorable living together for humans with nature is not a romantic dream. Such a vision is realistic and proven native. The wide-spread faith in boundless progress is an illusion. Development of a culture, where sympathy and unrestricted thought determine action, which terminates the sellout of life, is a prerequisite to save our future.

Meander and spirals are archaic symbols of succession of generations. They are expression of a natural and inherent knowledge. They refer to a perception beyond traditional science!

Depending on how we look at the drawing above, meander and spirals magically merge into each other, we detect the first or the other or both at the same time. Apart from this phenomenon the spatial dimension of the double spiral in its two-dimensional illustration as meander reveals a second fundamental phenomenon: periodically arising origins („primal jumps"). The movement stops in the centers of the meander in order to restart unswervingly. The simple design reveals a life principle: the creative dynamics of passing away and progress, the pulsation of life.

Our ancestors probably suspected this hidden meaning, they noticed it, how else would they relate these symbols to the succession of generations? To us ‚civilized' humans the double spiral or double helix only recently was ‚discovered' to be the molecular essential structure of hereditary substance DNA by the two scientists Watson and Crick. To science this was worth even a Nobel prize! A direct consequence of this discovery is genetic engineering and biotechnology with all their risks and doubtful advantages. The controversy between disciples of biotechnology and warning voices of conservationists refers to the question: Are modern, scientifically educated humans actually wiser than their ancestors? Do we actually know more and do we really use this knowledge for the well-being of life on our planet? Or are we about to lose our future-securing characteristics by throwing them on the market?

Many people doubt actual wisdom of modern science, they doubt the benefit of handling the respectively won realizations. They assume detail knowledge and panels of experts of little help and even regard them to be dangerous, where the relations to the common good are lost. Native societies did not have our current knowledge in detail. However they often were well up in awareness of cosmic dependencies and laws fundamental to life, which because of pure intention to live they naturally payed tribute to*. The knowledge of these coherences from generation to generation was passed on by telling myths and fairy tales and by tradition of customs, - all being cultural tools, which at many places became strange to us today. Due to the confusing and increasing in detail knowledge know-how and certainty about entanglement of being are threatened to be lost. Alienation grows while experiencing that vital loss, fear and isolation increase. Manipulation of information by monopolized media companies and strategic production of false information by official disinformation departements of political establishment which all are focussed on nothing but profit and political power confuse ever increasing ranges of world public up to their complete disorientation. Finally the possibility of any change or alternative is fearfully doubted. Human mental ability, creativity is paralyzed, in order to switch off any resistance against predominant order and structures. Hardly unnoticed life itself comes to grief. Truth is upside down.

Which society probably passed forward more know-how to survive to their children, the archaic or the civilized?

If we would count up today's progress against the costs, which it causes, we instantly could recognize that it became intolerably expensive. Destruction of nature inevitably entails destruction of mankind. Highly complex forms of life are at stake just because of completely antisocial interests, which civilization made itself dependent on. Death of whales and dolphins is followed by death of humanity, if we do not return to the correct road (see below).

Likewise knowledge about the genetic spiral is harboured within the meander, also we carry deep in us the notion and dream of a lucky life which is emotionally satisfying and free of material concerns. All our longing goes into this direction of natural composure, although many people often try completely different, wrong, ill-minded and even suicidal and destructive routes to ‚fortune'.

Ethnological research knows that societies lived peacefully approximately 5000 to 7000 years ago.

Cave-men designs and other references from those old ages do not give any notion for violent or destructive behavior of their creators. This early phase of mankind was shaped by matriarchal cultures. In such cultures an absence of ruling and suppressive systems guaranteed social forms of organization, which cooperated both with nature as well as with the requirements of a social existence, which maintains and promotes society. Know-how always was the result of collected experience of life and without exception was passed on from one generation to the next by narrations and customs, which again imparted live-safe-guarding experiences. A different possibility did not exist before development of writing or other transfer-technologies of information. Openly down handed know-how always had to prove true by experience and constantly could be enriched by experience, it remained authentic. Absence of dogmatic paralysis and open handling promote a broad creativity, which let even earliest cultures find to high-complex forms of organization. Their testimonies of extremely differentiated knowledge about cosmological relations appear to us today almost unbelievable, just imagine the prehistoric stone-monuments in circles or spirals which are found all over the world, the pyramids in Africa and Central America, the pre-Inca as well as Inca construction of towns in South America - all witnesses of accurate astronomical knowledge (1). Less spectacular, but not less unbelievable and important was the knowledge about healing places, healing energies, healing plants, the knowledge about causal connections of the cycles of nature, of seasons, of sowing and harvesting - overall conditions, which guaranteed the chances for survival of the early societies!

Abundance in food and necessary utensils was the result of solidarily living together, certainly not always and everywhere without problems. But handling these apparently was free of violence and constructive in mutual support, just because of simple certainty, to be savely embedded in nature of cosmic order (2). Pluralistic notions of gods are expressions of tolerance and refer to an awareness about multilayered and differentiated dependences of life on given laws.

Which factors might have destroyed this underlying feeling of security which serves as fertile soil for affectionate caring for one another and for nature?

What terminated the unconditional solicitude and envyless existence of early peoples? And which circumstances increased readiness for boundless violence? By which circumstances could the beginning of egoism and abuse of foundations of future generations as expression of increasing irresponsibility have been introduced?

Defective satisfaction of vital interests of life (of newborn children) leads to the phenomena scarcity, war, craze and greed in later on societies.

To follow James DeMeo's 'Saharasia thesis' (3), the transition from peaceful matriarchal cultures to martial patriarchal cultures was released by drastic climatic changes. These changes in climate at the cradle of mankind forced peoples at that time to relocation and changed behaviors, which also concerned the handling of their newborn children. Crucial events which are momentous because humans still lack the safe instinct of our animal ancestors. The price for free human intention is a provisional disorientation, which can be repaired alone by development of cultures which promote life. Since cultural development, related to a global dimension, did not succeed yet in continuing those life-supporting traditions of archaic as well as still existing indigenous peoples life is endangered world-wide today. The loss of an appropriate for our species support and training of our descendants - be it because of circumstances such as described by DeMeo or because of other drastic changes - culminates today, after thousands of years, among others in a mad world power, which terrorizes the rest of the world by outdated fundamentalism, by staged threats and outbreaks of violence. Mental power of humans to think in alternatives and to consider peacefully all possibilities seems to be lost. Machine-alike functioning of many people already replaces their creative thinking and sensitive action.

Like a calf which could not grow up together with the dam, later on fails in its duties as mother herself and only insufficiently cares for her new born, also with humans a defective serving and satisfaction of vital demands of newborn life can obviously lead to incorrect developments of the later character of adults. Replacement of being calmly carried close to the body of parents by being put aside out of different habits, obviously has drastic consequences, where this happens in association with further deficits in training and educational curricula of young people (4). The placating feeling of affiliation is not promoted and being replaced by feelings of separation, of isolation and of being lost. Comprehensible consequences of these feelings are fear and an obsessive search (craze) for satisfaction - driving forces with more egoistically than socially aligned goals. Driving forces, which obstruct a necessary and life-promoting balance. Driving forces, which endanger peace of the individual by being overestimated and made absolute. Thought and sensitive perception, head and belly lose their life-securing equilibrium. By searching for support those driving forces flower up, which lead to erroneous trends of murder and homicide, of capitalism as well as of celebrated egoism of a civilization which is characterized by violence. Driving forces which confuse creativity and destruction because of illusional misjudging of alleged reality and which in vain try to replace nature by technology: artificial uterus is to create life (5), far out space stations or alien stars are to serve as replacement for a destroyed habitat earth. Such kind of driving forces lead to atrophy of a life-supporting social drive in favour of life-denying impulses in direction towards just compensation. Control of social interests is no longer aligned to the common good, but finally only to a maintainance of illusions which lead astray. Truth is upside down.

The profound fatal of these driving forces which grow on the soil of deficits in satisfaction is that they tend to solidify themselves, consequently are being perceived to be ‚normal' and only can be overcome therapeutically against inner resistances. We all know from own experience how difficult it is to give up habits even if their harmful effects are conscious. And we also know how easily we tend to aggressively defend outdated positions even against better knowledge just because of an alleged pride. Related to society such kind of resistance shows up as defense or craze in equal terms. Confronting violent force replaces mediating search for reconciliation. Actually growing into immeasurable figures military expenditure leave social necessities allegedly appear to be far too expensive.**

Cultural possibilities for regaining a healthy future threaten to be lost.

Alienation of people from their own best interests as being perfected in industrial society lead to a loss of autonomy in favour of a parasitic and determining élite of a military-industrial complex, which to a global extent threatens our possibilities to survive. The ‚invisibly regulating hand' of the demon of greed and insatiable hunger for power which is liberated by ‚neoliberalism', ‚new world order' and ‚war against terrorism' is unmasked to be just the opposite of what unsrupulous disciples of that demon promise. Chances for succeeding generations threaten to be sold out already today. Political sets of rules and regulation which all are corrupted dependent on capital interests like World Trade Organization, World Health Organization, World Bank, International Monetary Fund etc., interfere completely undemocratically and aggressively with national competencies by means of weaponry alike instruments (GATS, TRIPS, SAP *** etc.) and clearly pursue goals, which harm the common good: gen-technologically alterated food just for the sake of superficially shining appearance and durability at cost of unknown risks as well as decreased nutritional value. Furthermore those manipulated plants do no longer carry germable seed, farmers are forced to buy seeds from industry. Industrialized agriculture destroys a self-maintaining use of nature (subsistence-farming). Noise and scrap everywhere - from deep sea up to space are further sources of interference with not yet foreseeable consequences. A broad increase of chronic diseases secures existence of pharmaceutical industry. Chemical poisoning, radioactive and elekromagnetic contamination as well as mental confusion are to be accepted as natural and indispensable. Market-focused patenting of life and know-how unmasks an economy of robber barons, who try to stabilize the fatally unilateral direction of creation by destruction thus continuing the road of global death caused by humans.

Whereas an animal knows, when it is full or which herb cures its spoiled stomach, many humans lost any normal measure and hardly still have a notion of our abilities and the gifts of nature.

Industrialized life - in contrast to general expectation to create liberty and time by facilitation of work - produces rushing, ill, impoverished, confused slaves who are condemned to consumption. Autonomous self-supporters in societies fit to survive have been transformed to ‚aliens' which are dependent on machines and increasing energy consumption and which are caught by an illusion of boundless liberty, at the same time are no longer ready to respect vitally necessary limits. Not only physically they are out of joint - enormous obesity on the one side, destructive anorexia on the other side -, also mentally they jumped the tracks. Some are overactively and inconsiderately destructive, others are depressive, desireless and apathetic, without prospect for improvement of their situation. With advantaged rich and powerful people increasingly spreads monotonous boredom and resources-wasting pastime. People, however, who guarantee the performance of industrial complexes, threaten to fail in the everyday rush and narrowing vortex of demands and loads. Hardly we are able to reconnect to the vitally necessary informations of creative inheritance, of notion of peace which all sleep deep inside of each of us.

Dynamics of progress and passing by, of living and dying, the composed play of all elements of life threaten to be missed as we are being intoxicated by technology. Pervasive progress and obligation to growth, which apparently determine without alternative the direction of further power exponentiation, threaten to blow up the spiral of life. If in archaic tradition we understand the spiral to be a possible routing for the run of history which swings by following the cosmic pulse, alternating inward and outward, then we recognize that we can avoid a threatening collision or obligational correction only by a different orientation.

The outer continual spiral represents habitat: the limits of the Garden of Eden. The counter arc which begins in the center (origin, ‚primal jump') symbolizes the history of peaceful cultures. The black lines mark the martial part of history with abrupt corrections. Due to still unsatisfactory perception the natural obligation to necessary corrections of the trend or mainstream routing is felt to be catastrophic or fateful, although it is finally caused by ourselves. The following arc leading outward after the marking refers to the possibility of collision avoidance by joining up with nature and its basic regularity.

Routing to global peace

The simple drawing shows that it will be crucial to manage our adaptation to natural needs. Let us widen the monopolistic and allegedly being without alternative character of western civilisation which is shaped by rigid and centralistic developments and let us create a culture which is life-loving and moved by variety, tolerance and fantasy! Let us pick up the thread of traditions which promote the public spirit! Let us strive for understanding, for know-how with sensitive perception! Let us promote our ability to internal perception**** and let us terminate the attempt to shape people by forceful influencing and determination. Let us facilitate (self-)experience and let us stop patronizing! Let us create space for education and experience of our talents, so that each individual can contribute to the common good and find their place in society!

Understanding of the necessity for an affectionate care of our relations both among ourselves as well as with nature presupposes a learning- and development process, which can unite the movements critical to globalization by mutual stabilization thus producing synergy. Idealism and enthusiasm are the charismatic forces of their mission. They facilitate bridging between different trends within cultures and also between different cultures. Ideas of all people are needed, who feel the pulse of nature, in order to cure the wounds, which people did to biosphere on their patriarchal odyssey (6).

Vision of a peaceful coexistence of human society and nature is fed by the principle of love (7) which is securing future and conducive to life. It is the focus of reference for our orientation. Each newborn life will be able to orientate exactly towards this vision, since already in the womb it experiences a basic security of caring solicitude. Due to permanently increasing understanding this vision never solidifies into rock hard dogma. Composure and confidence are the sources for new origins (‚primal jumps'), new ideas and possibilities in a diversity, which enriches our lifes.

Feel local, think global and act on all levels for the benefit of common good!

Vision and mission are abstract, immaterial terms, whereas their goals are aligned to concrete action. On the lowest level, the level of individual life, there lives the feeling and perception of joy and pain. Here life suffers or revels in delight. Joy wants to encourage, pain refers to failure and wants to induce behavioural changes. Change does need orientation if we want to avoid to be aimless, that is why we demand a thinking according to global necessities. Individual perception with respect to the global whole, well-being, health, perfection gives rise to an objective of action, all the same on which level we are, be it the personal, familiar, local, regional, national, continental or global dimension.

The difference between the actual condition of world society and the desired condition of social as well as ecological justice is to be minimized exclusively from the bottom, from below, from where we feel and live. Fortune and happiness of the global-whole depends on the well-being of the basis. That is why confrontation with the goals of corporate globalization is vital. Flowering communities are based on their orientation towards public welfare and common good.

While local dimensions by nature are native and vitally necessary, all the structures of above levels are completely arbitrary and may be modified by human spirit. Life takes place exclusively at the bottom, on the ground, from here derive the needs, here vital demands have to be satisfied, here problems have to be solved, here we celebrate, give birth and die. It has been like this at all times and these fundamental conditions never change. That is why for social structuring local and regional forms of organization which are interconnected world-wide in open horizontal relations serve better than centralistic or monopolized forms of organization, which dominate downward by force.

Having all this in mind we clearly reallize chances and tasks of each individual world citizen to replace by personal dedication and in world-wide solidarity the ill-minded centralistic and monopolizing structures which only safeguard material enriching for an elitist minority at cost of intact nature and pauperization as well as enslavement for ever more people. Let us utilize our various talents against the threats of partiality and denial of alternatives! Let us organize independently from the defaults of dominant structures and ideologies to establish an increasing autonomous and participatory society by clear demands! To name spontaneously but a few: Let us refuse war and let us solve disputes by peaceful means of world-wide valid juridical systems and mediation! Let us combine clear refusal to nuclear technology with the demand for a broad utilisation of renewable energy! Let us discharge from erroneous believe in boundless economic growth and let us promote development of recycling economic systems (8)! Let us deprive capitalism of power by a clear confession to values and conditions which are beneficial for life beyond profit! Money is quite meaningful as exchange value. By compound interest growing capital without personal working engagement is harmful for the public interest due to boundless exponential growth. Mountains of debt always face fortunes of exactly the same amount. Money is to be limited to exchange value in service of social necessities and may no longer forcefully determine our thought and action, our every day life. By means of for example local decisions of civic action groups we stop the sellout of public goods such as education, health and culture, and in addition, of water supply, transportation and of all other fundamental necessities of life to so-called ‚Global Players'. Where already sold out, we feed back responsibility and competence for general wellfare to local levels. Don't let us lose heart, let us mobilize all of our own forces against doubts, fear and discouragement! Let us deny their competence to politicians, before these gamble away life!

The split tongue of the Biblical snake exactly like the pair of scales of Justitia refers to the double character, to the two sides of everything, in whose finding of balance lies the key to paradise. Our existence completely depends on life-promoting characteristics of cycling and delicately mobile processes of equilibrium finding on our planet. Let us create world-wide such conditions which help us to maintain self-confidently, responsibly and sensitively vitally necessary foundations for our future.

„Truth of history, of future and nature are on our side as well as all good spirits!", Quotation, Claudia von Werlhof (5a)


* Natural consideration, a healthy respect for natural limits, linking back to fundamental law is the womb of all religion.
** while political élites around the globe without hesitating are ready to spend billions of tax money on the military, on subsidies for risky industrial projects as well as for the support of the system itself, individuals are left to themselves. Insufficient or not al all existing social and health insurance are accompanied by exploitation of their physical and intellectual abilities.
*** GATS, general Agreement on trade in services - TRIPS, Trade Related Aspects OF Intellectual Property Rights - SAP, Structural Adjustment Procedures - CBL, Crossborder Leasing etc.
**** indigenous peoples maintain internal perception. Introduced by drums, dancing, plant drugs, increased respiration and others, embedded into a cultural affectionate mood, trance experience arrange a know-how beyond cold-hearted intellect, they combine new knowledge with the reliable and experienced, they protect vital relations, they secure a healthy way of further development. They offer time-bridging, cross-border information to life. Meditatively experienced, they connect past, present and future, all creatures with one another and the source of all existence beyond conception. Praying of many ‚modern believers' often only is just a pale copy of an alive, empowering and orientating archaic and nevertheless still present day spirituality and mysticism, which leads to realization of reality. Realization of reality is the foundation of moral action, is the human prerequisite for a flowering future.

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Emanzipation Humanum, version 6. 2004, translation from german to english by the author. Criticism, suggestions as to form and content, dialogue, translation into other languages are all desired