Becoming Humane - Being Humane

Evolution of the Humane - Globalisation of Peace - World in Balance



Navigating towards
the Destiny of Human Life

Basics of a
Safe Orientation System

by Wolfgang Fischer

edited by Penélope Herrera Arango (Translations For Progress)

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Paradigm shifts

- The sun is spinning around planet Earth?

We know about the resistance which had to be overcome until exactly the contrary commonly became acknowledged: the earth is spinning around the sun.


- Economic growth entails general well-being?

Today we again experience the resistance which opposes the realization that ongoing economic growth on the contrary is putting general well-being at risk.

- Peace by war?

Millennia of behaviour conditioning by warfare mentality still oppose the simple realization that peace is a sole consequence of justice.

The balance of justice easily could be achieved, however too many privileges still oppose the non-violent approach.

How much more suffering do we need until we start to prefer simple dialogue for problem solvings which would benefit all of us equally?


- Since thousands of years patriarchal civilizations shape the way of life by domination.

- That is why many cultures still tolerate open or hidden forms of misogyny, slavery and violence.

- In the run of history industrialization has been paid by goods stolen from Nature and Indigenous People.

- Supremacy of current world powers therefore is based on injustice and crime.

- In blatant contrast to humanitarian promises the world is being downgraded by political hypocrisy.

- Any mentality which promotes social inequality is incapable of maintaining creative balances.

- General decline of Life and the narrowing of future perspectives are not at all natural, they are man-made.

- Common well-being depends on creative relations, on a sensitive togetherness.

- Real satisfaction, safe security, enduring peace and spreading prosperity may be found in healthy social environments only - never by war or at the cost of others.

- Joint co-operation, mutual understanding and creative flexibility shape the genuine humane way of life.

Having in mind Life in Peace and Creative Conviviality I pursue a doublefold strategy to make the realisation of this goal become a completely natural purpose in life, for ever more people. The first approach is illustrated by the attempt to empower fellow human beings to live according to their autonomous and personal perception. For this reason, my papers address universal contexts, disclosing the various interests and traditions that often and intentionally present and communicate them in a controversial manner, leaving them wrapped in mystery. As dealing with mental frames, their intellectual level is high, though not in a scientific mainstream way of communication.

Aiming further and deeper towards the common ground of life, conventional concepts are redefined in order to break mental walls and thus bring an alternative understanding into sight. The second approach is to set free synergy of the human potential by means of an enlightening dialogue carried out through email exchange of ideas, internet discussions and in personal meetings to provide further options, and to achieve a creative quality of thinking. This reciprocal process endeavours to complete the necessary organizational stage that is to re-design global governance for the benefit of world-wide fulfilment of vital necessities on local levels. We, the people, have to stop national security doctrines from putting planetary safety and natural evolution at risk. (1)

With contributions of Dr. Olek Netzer,
the developer of the psychological Theory of Dehumanization


Free Thought, Evaluation and Consequences

Imagination and Reality

Despite the publicly professed values and ethical standards, the world is deteriorating at different levels. The individual often feels stranded at the mercy of the designing powers. The confrontation with eco-social decline and dehumanisation could help us to refocus on humane common ground as hope may arise to jointly arrest this deterioration. This refocusing purposes to liberate revolutionary imagination, which is still unthinkable to many people because of the one-sidedness of traditional world-views and mainstream conceptions. On the other hand, re-focusing entails emotional harmony within human community and could curb world-wide systematic terror against people and environment. War and terror are social aberrations fuelled by emotional dissonance. Violent behavior obviously roots in dissatisfaction with unjust terms and relations, historically grown in certain conditions that have been created by inadequate conceptual maps of "Belief-Systems & Assumptions of Religions & Politics". These disorienting systems lead into dangerous abysms, as we are able to experience globally and daily, despite their claim to know the right way. They destroy nature and with it humanity on the intent to make us believe that such way of life is justified by profit and concentration of political power.

Revolutionary imagination and living spirit are analogous to a car and its headlights, in which, besides the knowledge of a place through given maps, the beams point far ahead, to make the territory visible and the road safe. Driving without light or even with closed eyes while just relying on preset conceptual maps eventually will turn any road dangerous. The same happens for the human mind: preset ideologies can never represent the authentic reality, which is constantly evolving and can only be perceived through experience. Learning is the evaluation of experience and therefore it makes life easier: being an endless process, the conceptual formulas are continually re-evaluated in order to keep one's orientation updated and safe.

In order to detect a way out of current global decline it is indispensable to clear our minds with an evaluation of the existing conceptions. Any mental ossifications, like dogma or prejudice, are to be re-evaluated and adapted, in order to enable a better correspondence between professed values and real life. I am sure that spiritual evolution provides a healing process to the ongoing growth of dehumanisation and destruction. Eventually, a humane religion that evidently roots in all cultural values should emerge, entailing sanity and reason, thus generating clarity of mind, full awareness, considerate responsibility and mature human potential, always ready and open to creative and empathetic adaptation to the challenges of life.

Revolutionary imagination and vision are vital and indispensable essentials in the struggle for survival in the cobweb of the disastrous man made processes, which still are being impelled by certain vested interests against common well being. Neither the political nor religious institutions can be of any help as their systems are part of the problems we face. Their systems are war systems. Their message is: "If force has not worked, more force should be applied" and it is genuinely based on undue fear, militarism and destruction. These threatening realities that have been and are still created are known as "progress". This so called "progress" that endangers life - through a non-supportive development - is not real progress: the actual changes it imposes barter all values and integrity for money. Evolution towards a better world dies down, as the present deterioration can be experienced by everyone anywhere on the globe. Diversity of life is being rolled back and the changes bring sewers and deserts on earth, disorientation and loneliness. Artificial life and cyber space emerge as replacements to the cultural values that really supported life. These products of modernity are widely accepted by vast parts of humanity without fierce resistance. Why?

We witness a regression of evolution, propelled by a systemic deadlocking of learning processes, which ought to be provided "free of charge" -brought by life-experience- and are essential to fill-in all the mental "White Areas" human beings are born with. Experience of life always delivers truthful information to fill-in the White Areas, whereas books, bibles and other mental concepts and, to sum up, all the patronizing formulas that bear the risk to forward false messages which fatally tend to turn White Areas into "Blind or False Areas".

Based on personal experience and encouraged by empowering dialogue, I strive to make my vision -of a safe system of orientation and its emergence conditions- evident and understandable. May this vision be widely and repeatedly perceived. May the many theses be re-evaluated by everyone's experience so that our inner worlds of symbols clear themselves, in order to represent the outer world's reality as authentic as possible. In this sense, a genuine orientation system obviously would make everybody more reliable.

I would like to quote a significant fragment from my correspondence with Olek Netzer, the developer of the Theory of Dehumanisation:

The Human Orientation System is, to date, the last vital area of interest that science, in its understanding, has not yet made an important imprint on society. In the beginning of our cultural evolution, natural scholars had systematic interest in the things farthest away: stars and heavenly bodies; however, to the 20th century there has been no scientific inquiry into the closest things: ourselves. "Unfortunately, in seeking to read the book of nature more faithfully, the new thinkers banished the thinker himself from the picture as peremptorily and arbitrarily as Socrates, and after him the Christian theologians had turned their backs on nature."... "Those who looked upward and outward and forward, and were prepared to traverse astronomical distances, forgot to look downward and inward and backward." - Lewis Mumford, "The sin of Galileo", in The Myth of the Machine

Of all the propositions brought in this book, the Orientation system - that contained in the concept of the Self functions on a par with other organic systems - is the most intimate. This orientation system touches on the most inner sphere of the individual reader; it concerns self-concept or self-image in all aspects, not only in the political context; it asks for a change in the innermost conceptual-map of ourselves as thinkers and doers, as we touch the world and other people and cope with our problems, as we orient ourselves morally and respond in our social relationships.

To be a human individual, different from all other creatures in nature, puts a burden of responsibility on us. That burden comes from the fact that we are not endowed by nature to find our way in the world by using only our senses. We cannot respond instinctively in every situation: we think. We are not equipped by nature to survive as human beings without being taught to. We are born with a genetic programming that endows us with the potential to develop into fully functional humans. In this order of ideas, to become human an Orientation system must be developed in our inner world. This Orientation system is not given to us genetically but by inheritance from our social environment, when we learn to understand and talk. Taking as an example the known cases of infants that had not been taught a language, it was evident the retardation on the development of what we consider to be normal human qualities, such as self-awareness, and early language acquisition and proficiency.

Thereupon, a realistic self-concept - the simple "what am I" notion - should include the knowledge that, along with other genetically inherited organic systems like respiration, digestion, blood circulation, nervous system, sexuality, amongst others, we possess one acquired organic system: our system of Orientation. That system works by way of Symbolization, a unique and miraculous process by which we human beings - alone in the known universe - pour into the inner worlds of our offspring the symbols that represent reality; and so, through this operation, reality is perceived and understood by the child. Consequently, this process must be conceived as definitive of humanity, universal and therefore organic.

Our mind is the organ of Orientation, the way our stomach is the organ of digestion and the lungs the organ of respiration. Language is like food and air, provided by the environment and turned into an organic part of ourselves. This analogy can be stretched further: without food and air we could not survive as living beings and without language we could not survive as humans. In this string of ideas, as food can be nutritious or poisonous and the air pure or polluted, so language can be good or bad, helpful or harmful in various degrees for the ability to orient yourself in the world sanely and cope with your problems humanly. If we are fed junk-food or breathe polluted air, our own organism is harmed, and we have pain mechanisms to alert us of the danger. But if our inner world is filled with symbols that constitute an erroneous conceptual map of the human Territory, or if we, on our own, generate ideas that make us harm ourselves and the others, we very often become attached to them and depend on them as on an addictive drug. And so we can unnecessarily do terrible harm to ourselves and to many others. For just one historically not too significant example, it should be understood, without any important qualifying disclaimers, that the deep-down (direct) cause why those people, on September 11, 2001, smashed the passenger airliners containing themselves and hundreds of others into the Twin Towers willingly, consciously and in full harmony with their highest moral - even Godly - values, is a result of them having had bad Orientation systems. Regretfully, in what can be taken as a reflection on the contemporary human condition, they mastered the modern technology of navigating the huge airliners well enough, but navigated their ways in the world with terribly erroneous ages-old conceptual maps. Be it members of political administartions, of their secret services, of terrorist groups - all of them are terribly wrong although coherent within their respective belief-systems when tolerating killing and actually doing it allegedly in the name of humanitarian goals.

Our Orientation system differs from other organic systems in that the adult person has much more control, and with it responsibility, over it. It should be each person's responsibility to know and remember that our concepts and ideas about other human beings are symbolic, generalizations, abstractions; that our conceptual diagrams are Maps: never identical, in their truth or detail, to the Things in the Territory. It should be our responsibility to check these concepts against the changing Territory and update our Maps constantly, despite the pain of parting with old habitual beliefs.

I believe that a conscious acceptance of our Selves as we really are - in the sense of navigating our ways by symbolic Maps - would help us to accomplish this on a wholesome manner and live more sanely. That Self-concept would make us more aware of our human limitations and the corresponding responsibility, such as not to believe our conceptual-ideological Maps blindly, even when all the sign-posts of past traditions and our leaders want us to follow them rather than navigate independently. Our human condition of living in such different worlds requires that we'd know as accurately as possible what we are talking or thinking about, whether it is a Thing in the outer world or some idea, feeling or concept from the enormous treasure of linguistic symbols that populate our inner world. The very nature of our Orientation system requires that we make it a point of personal commitment, a point of honour I'd suggest, to be open to change our ideas and get the courage to validate that commitment in human communication. Therefore, introducing the system of Orientation into our organic self-concept and taking the responsibility for its proper functioning become necessary conditions for the ability to change our political experience.

In the following pages, a description of the evolution of the universe and human kind from an interconnecting point of view will be exposed, in order to clarify emergence, function and aberration of the human Orientation system. Later, we will re-focus closely on the pitfalls which cause Dehumanisation and are related to the process of individuation and socialization. Then, a most simple tool will be provided to enable a therapeutic approach towards a humane world. It's unnecessary to say that anybody can easily contribute according to one's resources to make peace and justice come real.

Evolution of WoMankind - Unifying Definitions

For aeons and aeons, the universe has vibrated according to the Regularity of a transpersonal and trans-causal force which I like to call Creative Power (CP). CP exists beyond and within everything and is the Origin of Universe and Existence, including the Solar System, the Earth, and everything else in cosmos. Life wells from One and the Same Regularity and Identical Source, developing gradually in various forms and shapes, starting from simple oscillating atoms and molecules that create the most complex and ever-evolving inherited material: the genes of DNA. In this way, the DNA represents with exactitude this Regularity, and also the unadulterated intention of CP; simultaneously, and according to inherent information, it creates the vast diversity of life, which we know as the Creative Reality of Nature.

To start with, there is no need for Nature's members to understand its processes: nature has innate knowledge and wisdom. Unintentionally and guided by the Original Regularity, Nature evolves into highly complex and most differentiated diversities of the vegetal and animal realms. In the run of evolution, the later a species develops and changes, the freer it is to move around and to have options. Concurrently, all of nature is aligned to CP's regularity, which in turn is attached to the DNA as well as to instinct: whereas the former is inherited, the latter is partly learned and partly inherited. The latest intention, invention and creation in this long line of evolution so far - the human race - it's been set free to find their orientation and identity by themselves.

As we know since long, there is one decisive difference between WoMan and Nature: although WoMan obviously is part of the Reality of Nature, it is free to decide, according to the options that are based on intention and volition. Thereupon, due to this innate freedom, WoMankind without exception carries the duty of Responsibility for the consequences of its way of life, individually, socially and historically. We all start naked. We all are born with White Areas within the evolutionary new parts of our brain. This new tool in evolution enables the finding of complex decisions, due to its self-reflecting potentiality, especially in the frontal parts of the cerebral cortex. However, considerate options and path-finding decisions depend on adequate mental fill-ins. The cognitive landscape in the human brain is meant to represent the outer world authentically, in order to recognize and to foresee the effects of one's thoughts, actions and behaviour. That is why the period of time from birth to mental maturity - known as process of individuation - threatens specifically the human beings. In this sense, the human common identity would be represented by the intrinsic connection and interdependency between freedom of choice and the responsibility of these decisions. A decisive factor that would ensure an ideal development of the human being in this high-risk stage is the reliance on a social community and a culture that would acknowledge, first and foremost, nature's learning processes and their general outcome: in few words, the access to an infinite stock of genuine and authentic information.

Truthful information can be conceptualised as First Guiding Spirit or Rational Authority (Erich Fromm) which entails wholesome effects. To follow the First Guiding Spirit means to organise personal life as well as society, according to the teachings acquired from experience. All the time, by trial and error, nature teaches how to live a prosperous, peaceful and constructive life. Whereas the experience of joy and resonance teaches to keep on going, the experience of pain or dissonance teaches to change direction, to get off the current track. As long as this simple principle of sensing joy or pain is not interfered or spoiled, it entails overarching peace and justice within a most colourful diversity of bliss and satisfaction; if adulterated, the lessons get tougher, more painful, finally lethal for WoMankind, since nature does not risk its integrity.

History has shown that some individuals in various communities decided to live according to nature and its inherent regularity. They built their societies upon such regularity, hence generating abundance and unifying their spirit, in rendering it identical to the spirit of CP. Those people, according to Erich Fromm, are called "the biophiles". As they love life and honour its innate glory, they live in peace unfolding their humaneness. On the other hand, there are those who decided to live according to different, mostly egoistic interests and self-made rules. They built societies upon man-made rules and on the basis of doubtful and divisionist world views and assumptions. Fromm called them "the necrophiles". As they love matter before life, they transform it into commodities, cherishing money and the illusionary wealth of their products; they live in constant doubt and uncertainty. As history can prove, the second group is more violent, less sensitive, less loving. Their motivation and orientation override, on a violent fashion, the necessities of the integral reality of life: with it comes the creation of partial realities in bits and pieces, an ultimate misery comparable to Hell on Earth. Due to its growth and behaviour, from time to time it destroys itself and the respective environment on account of the effects produced by the parasitic mode of its existence, ergo spreading scarcity and misery all over the world. Deeper and deeper they drown in dehumanisation, inducing a vortex of consequences which threaten vast parts of the environment. Quite obviously this group keeps on following a program that at the least should be named morbid, inasmuch as by technical means and structural enforcement entails an exponential and moribund development beyond natural limits.

The crux of the ideology of this group is the manipulation of the public awareness, and the subsequent and partial success in creating a blind belief in alien and/or illusionary forces that are made responsible for their own (dirty) effects. The immediate implication of this proceeding is the inhibition of the natural learning process, to the extent of a generalized loss of the innate relation of humanity - which would be equal to human Religion - with CP, having the already mentioned negative effects upon nature and man. Owing to the fact that illusionary and shining wealth -which only belongs to a few- is inseparably embedded in the growing eco-social decline, many people become easily convinced that, solely by subordination and strong competence in the frame of this the ruling system and its (inadequate) conceptual maps, it might be possible to reach also such shine and wealth. One concrete detail of this conceptual map, which is highly spread to the masses, is the preset idea that materialistic wealth and private property are a proof of being acknowledged by god. That is why some individuals of this group even feel evoked by their god to subordinate global life to their systems, without realizing the abysmal and self threatening immorality and criminality of their deeds, while destroying global integrity and leading it astray towards the kinkiness of monotony.

Because of a long history of several thousand years, nearly all people do harbour biophilic and necrophilic aspects and tendencies altogether within themselves. The war between the various immature conceptual maps has continued from the beginning of times, meanwhile the forces that have been released by adhering people individually as well as collectively grow constantly. The challenge is: How to overcome this situation?

Close-up View at Humanity's Achilles Heel - Focussing on the Cause of Dehumanisation and Finding an Exit out of the Maze.

"Psychology can be regarded as very subversive when it enters the arena of power politics", Carl Rogers, 1977

How exactly does it happen that normal human beings, all endowed with a conscience, an awareness of their individual responsibility for their judgment and choice of truth over untruth, reason over irrationality, justice over injustice and morality over sin, manage to justify in their own eyes even the most inhuman atrocities and acts of self and mass-destruction of others? What exactly in concrete detail is it that turns fellow human beings into enemies and nature into an adversary thus leading to abysmal dehumanisation?

If we take a close-up view at Humanity's Achilles heel, two major weak points are revealed:

The first weak point in this summary is a concept that has been already mentioned in the course of this paper: the White Area, which is a vacuous space of evolutionary new parts of the brain. In the run of history, this mental space has been prone to be colonised by different spirits and conceptions which may oppose each other. Anything can be stored into the mental memory: authentic information as well as illusionary concepts. Being mental programmes independent from their wholesome or morbid qualities, they have authority to determine human behaviour. It is indeed a part of the process of individuation to evaluate these conceptions by the assessment of consequences. Let us pick up again the subject of how joy and pain are both reciprocal, in insofar as they enable the discrimination process between consonance and dissonance, assuring an essential and vital guidance to draw and find the right paths in our conceptual maps. In this sense, neither of both perceptions should be ignored or disturbed, since this would affect the way the White Areas are configured and filled, bringing, as a result, a fatal outcome.

The second weak point of Humanity's Achilles heel is the fact that this discrimination ability, without exception, depends on a genuine mental frame of reference. And exactly such a frame of reference in human beings is neither biologically inherited nor a cultural tradition that, with its influence on the way society is organised, would ensure global peace, justice and well-being. For instance, we could point out the fact that anybody can experience a determined sensation as pain or pleasure without necessarily adapting her or his behaviour in order to avoid those sensations in the future, even if the frame of reference gives a different orientation. In this sense, even primary joy like sexual pleasure, aroused by carnal attraction and closeness, can be alienated, as for example in cases of sexual crimes or the effect that porno industry has upon it, channelled in turn by various political and economical purposes.

A quiet conscience not necessarily proves to be clear. If mental equivalents (emotion / symbols / patterns of behaviour) do not or do only insufficiently represent or comply with outer reality (truth / things / expected ethic behaviour) then human reaction (effective behaviour) hardly can be adequate. If for example, by social convention fleecing other people is considered to be OK, only few people will not follow this convention: succumbing to the pressure of their peers, they are bound to fleece others. Only few people will feel the dissonance within themselves when fleecing others and, because of their emotional resonance in the future, they will treat others the same way they like to be treated by them. They behave ethically. They are emotionally intelligent. However, too many people hardly reach such a humane level of emotional intelligence, although they might be brilliant powerful politicians or scientists of philosophy, theology, economy, physics etc. The world's inclination towards shifts and breakdown of natural balances is owed exactly to those people, who still did not reach wholesome levels of emotional intelligence. Whereas emotionally intelligent people live within authentic reality / meditation / satisfaction, all the others tend to get caught by their multifarious realities / diversions / addictions, which in fact are nothing but illusions; though painfully and destructively real.

At certain point, the perception of "dehumanised" or emotionally flat people filters out all evidence into "Blind Areas" that, in the long run, could deter them to realise that in fighting and killing they may not be doing the right thing. The direct and simple cause for wars is not what bigots, fanatics or warmongers believe; it's in fact all that is beyond their intuition and perception: the enemy's fallible humanity and individuality as well as their own, or the unsteady nature of the reality that seems to justify war and enmity. Blind Areas are the origin of one of the most far reaching scourges of our world: the "Dehumanisation Syndrome". Blind Areas effectively protect the dehumanised against experiencing any "cognitive dissonance" when committing even the worst crimes against humanity and nature. The pathological features of dehumanisation imply a destructive behaviour, that, as a ferocious threat disseminating from the private level to the public domain in science and politics, roots in the tendency of private motivations and overriding interests to maintain a specific orientation system at all costs.

The social disasters that we experience nowadays, along with their environmental consequences, have been originated from a historical process based on a deficient mental program that has been operating at the cost of sub-natural conditions. In a nutshell, this process comprises all the dark parts of civilisation (2): from the missionary development of patriarchy via witch hunt and slavery to the early origins of capitalism and its conversion into the current neo-feudalism, germane to the global "culture of consumerism". A practical way of avoiding the emergence of these Blind Areas, restraining their graceless exploitation and rendering it irrelevant, is to constantly refresh the diverse mental frames of reference which fill-in the White Areas. In order to accomplish this task, these frames always and constantly need to be approved by Nature's Reality and adapted in order to serve all members of existence equally well.

Ignorance of the Duty to Serve the Communion of Life is the origin of the anti-spirit, source of illusion and destruction and opponent to Rational Authority and Creative Power. If individual life is obstructed and limited when following nature's learning process by man-made preset dogmas as ideologies or institutionalised religions, Nemesis is bound to arise, starting THE PROCESS OF DEHUMANISATION which in turn begets confusing and morbid Multiple Realities.

Genuine life is brought to alienation under man-made rules. Now, let us consider that as the cycle of ontogenesis is prone to repeat the major steps of that one of phylogenesis and still have the ability to evolve into new forms of life; likewise, the process of individuation by nature must be open to lead beyond current concepts and fuel the conditions and chances for the improvement of individual or social behaviour, instead of denying it. This natural process aims to originate creative mental frames: it will be an emancipatory process insofar as human spirit and soul, liberated from bondage to ignorance and falsehood, remain true to natural freedom. Never this process must be blocked, diverted and alienated. It is an evident fact that the Wheel of History, characterised by never ending war and misery, has been ruled by ideology-driven elites and a few dominant groups with deficient mental presets. Their erroneous orientation systems sacrifice the conditions of life and jeopardise individual experience, thereby accelerating an imminent general decline.

Gathering all this reflections, it's important to remark that, in order to maintain future social evolution, human societies and their conceptual frames must allow first-hand individual experience. For instance, the societies of the ant or the bee show that a close adherence to their natural frame turns out to be vital for their survival. As we can witness, those frames exist everywhere in nature. One of the most basic, the DNA, is directly structured to carry the information of life supplied by the Original Regularity (that is why any human intervention on the genetic code is fatal). Instinctive behaviour is a frame taught by life to ensure coexistence within animal kingdom. Within this frame, competitive behaviour patterns evolve into cooperative and subsidiary ones, in order to enable a more complex and diverse organisation of life. Emulating this biological configuration, human society ought to globally develop a cultural frame which ensures peaceful human behaviour in order to safeguard nature's balances.

At any time, human beings have the chance of supporting the biophilic part that dwells within them and, as a consequence, enjoy sustainable life. But if they resist to doing so, inevitably they will face disaster and destruction. Evaluated in the light of this context, we could define the "Good Acts" as all those acts which take place in favour and for the benefit of human beings, nature and global well being. Contrastingly, all those acts which take place against the favour and benefit of human beings, nature and global well being are "Bad Acts". So, as such, all human's "Good Acts" lead to prosperity in Paradise and all "Bad Acts" lead to the disaster of Hell on Earth. It is worth to repeat that, in order to achieve common prosperity and Paradise on Earth, we just need to remember that we are free to decide and set up the pattern of behaviours, thoughts and acts that further and empower CP's overall Energy and Glory. At the same time, we must remain aware of the contrasting powers and strength of the cycles of action and reaction that occur in ourselves. Only this way, the destructive forces can be conquered for the benefit of global wellbeing, by means of liberation of human life from the dangerous grip of any belief system and thus establishing Security, Creativity & Love.

The Theory of Dehumanisation (3) represents a complete breakthrough in social theory with the offer of comprehensible answers that illuminate dark and blind areas of the human being, arousing awareness of the outdated nature of the main conceptions and thus affecting the direct cause of this lethargy. Thus analogy - an organic analogy - suggests that these Blind Areas and Patterned Beliefs are similar to a virus that has inoculated the software of a web, i.e. the human brain. In this sense, a reinstalling of the software, a reconstitution of the natural system of Orientation would be equal to a healing that indeed would tackle the very source of the anomaly. So far, the other known methods of amelioration of the political, geopolitical, social, economic and educational conditions that work through the prevention of prejudice and hatred only undertake them with indirect actions that, at best, will only have the effect of precautionary measures.

The Theory of Dehumanisation entails a list of some of the behavioural symptoms -including the Blind Areas- that are present in the discourse of the war-oriented and prejudiced thinking, in which we recognize and diagnose the Dehumanisation Syndrome. This line of thought brings us to the acknowledgment of this Syndrome as an analytical tool that identifies the condition on an objective way in terms of individual expression and behaviour, so it can be approached, understood and discussed as a psychological state of mind. The purpose it serves goes beyond the political speech that regards the various manifestations of prejudice, racism and many other isms of our culture as a personal matter, relying merely on subjective estimations. The Application of the Theory of Dehumanisation in education, culture, peace studies, political discourse and political prediction would justify the hope of a slackening of intergroup conflicts and war as a collective result of individual disorientation. It is our confidence that dehumanisation will become a thing of the past.

A simple technique found most effective to induce the healing process of epidemic Dehumanisation is asking open and unsuspicious questions about realities hidden in the Blind Areas. This technique circumvents resistance, since it does not question dehumanised belief or awareness but rather points at human realities in the territory and in oneself and asks people who normally avoid paying attention to it, what they make of it. By that, it helps them fill-in their cognitive maps with the human realities that were missing there. Innocent questions as a tool of humanisation are meant to liberate people and their systems from prejudice and deficient or destructive orientation. A society of members who are aware of the dangers of Dehumanisation would not regard war as an option for resolving problems. Such a society reveals dehumanising symptoms within their structures and also in their ways of communication with the help of open questions, by a permanent dialogue that nobody can elude. In consequence, it becomes a necessity that the solutions raised throughout this study - and that are at hand of any individual - reach a realisation; given that if a sufficient level of humaneness is cultivated along with a global cultural revolution, a caring civilisation, free of violent behaviour, could be achieved.

One of this solutions, the Circles of Enlightening Dialogue, represents a simple tool -applicable to all levels of society - useful to ask questions and express feelings, seeing that the nature of this dialogue touches the intimate and personal sphere of the participants, entailing thus a spur in the path-finding effects on social organisation, from local to global levels. Development of culture and global social organisation which reflect the First Guiding Spirit can not be stopped. Those individuals and societies that feel independent - in an erroneous way - from Natural Law and Life-Energy and simultaneously create dependencies on alien forces and violence, will, on time, have to acknowledge that fear and weakness are a mere consequence of parasitic use of energy of other people and Nature. On the other hand, real courage and strength are a proof for being independent from this negative and parasitic modus vivendi, while voluntarily, happily and autonomously being dependent on the Law of Nature and the Energy of Life. It is humanity's open destination to maintain a truthfully humane way of life, by paying the closest attention to the never-ending Creative Programme of Nature's Learning Process, always provided by the First Guiding Spirit, the Spirit of Life. Its main lesson is the challenge:

Love! Do what ever you like and learn from the consequences! Share your experience, your mood and thought frankly with others in dialogue!

An enlightening dialogue that covers all sides of the human complex is the simple tool to keep culture creative. This enlightening dialogue is the unifying tool to develop an Orientation system and Programme of Life, which is in fact able to take care of all aspects of life. Such an Orientation system replaces the White Areas by understanding, knowing and feeling, entailing integrity and wholeness in the form of holiness.

As the mapping and imprinting of our nature start even antenatally, particular social protection should be provided to the situation of families. Schooling of children and adolescents should acknowledge the principles of dialectics in education, in order to keep awake curiosity, as well as wariness by flexible learning (4). What is final and conclusive is that flexible learning avoids the emergence of Blind Areas through a continuous adjustment to given necessities: it entails patterns of behaviour and decision paths that always take into account natural interdependencies that ultimately will assure genuine freedom of all and for all and thus to maintain global wellbeing. We acknowledge the aberrations which occurred in the run of history and we strive to correct them. We focus on eliminating mistakes, we try to minimise adversities and we concentrate on recovering losses in all the concerned social and ecological dimensions. We organise Global Communion. We validate the creative quality of evolution: and then, from family bottom up to collective consciousness, the fruits of authentic thinking can be harvested.

A few Conclusions:

Spirituality is not a guarantee for mental quality. Just as little the belief in God or other metaphysical speculation are charters for being a good human person.

However, without mental frames of reference, which are experienced in a physical way and corrected or validated throughout the lifetime of the human being, a peaceful culture will not emerge, neither truthful humanity.

A cultural tradition that equally respects life and also environment by an adequate socio-ecological organisation of the world may very well develop independently from the metaphysical and theological doctrines in order to be a guarantor for global peace.

A Global Communion in Peace and Prosperity only based on world-wide mutual subsidiarity will be the proof for true religion. Without this proof, there won't be a future for humanity


True Religion, by Robert Green Ingersoll (Humanist, Freethinker, USA, 1833-1899) source: The Spiritual Progressives

To love justice.
To long for the right.
To love mercy.
To pity the suffering.
To assist the weak.
To forget wrongs and remember benefits.
To love truth.
To be sincere.
To utter honest words.
To love liberty.
To wage relentless war against slavery in all its forms.
To love wife and child and friend.
To make a happy home.
To love the beautiful in art and in nature.
To cultivate the mind.
To be familiar with the mighty thoughts and noble deeds that genius has expressed in the world.
To cultivate courage and cheerfulness.
To make others happy.
To fill life with the splendor of generous acts and the warmth of loving words.
To discover error and to destroy prejudice.
To receive new truths with gladness.
To cultivate hope.
To see the calm beyond the storm and the dawn beyond the night.
To do the best that can be done and then be resigned, for this is the religion of reason, compassion and love that satisfies both the brain and heart.


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Are you a Humanist? - Many people all over the world would say "I am a Humanist" if you asked them. By and large, whether they are religious or not, they believe that all human life is equally sacred. The wellbeing of each and every living individual on Earth is their supreme value, not any groups, ideas, or institutions. By wellbeing they mean freedom and personal growth toward self-actualization rather than material wealth.

They value individual freedom and individual rights and strongly insist on democracy as the basis of any government.

They tend to identify themselves and others as humans on this planet more than as members of their respective nations or ethnic groups. Accordingly, they are naturally peace-oriented and inclined to Nonviolence.

They are nice persons too. You'd find that they are not aggressive in treating you, do not devalue you by acting bossy or superior and do not act as if they wanted only to "sell" you something to make profit of you; they even can genuinely listen, more than you'd normally expect.

They are remarkably free of hatred and prejudices against other people and have retained their sense of caring for the oppression, exploitation and suffering of their fellow human beings. In the developed free countries they tend to believe that modern life should be made more cooperative and harmonious, less competitive and aggressive in relation to the other people and to the natural environment.

You'd find that many of them have the best of intentions and wonderful visions embracing the widest spheres, such as "cosmic harmony" and "global peace". You'd find that they have no practical action plans to get there and feel powerless to change anything.

This Manifesto heralds practical means of Humanistic empowerment. So far we Humanists have been facing an impossible dilemma: in order empower ourselves, we must organize politically. Nevertheless, political organization means a hierarchical power-structure, incompatible with our Humanistic egalitarian values. Besides, we know that power corrupts. We remember well the terrible or miserable end of idealists and well-wishers who organized themselves in a political party, such as the Bolsheviks and Communists; or such that rejected organization, as the "New Left" in North America and Western Europe. NEVERMORE OF THAT. We now have an alternative model of organization for social change that could lead us out of this predicament and that gives us practical means to become effectively empowered without compromising our values. It abolishes the Power Pyramid entirely. It gives us chance to become empowered as equals and practice Humanism with our fellow men and women here and now, while making decisions democratically and effectively toward reforming society.


How does it work? - The structure of decision making in the Humanistic political organization is based on a scientific know-how in the areas of human organization, communication, motivation and behaviour, conflict-resolution, decision-making, time-management, and more. Practical emphasis is put on small-group dynamics. We used all the available knowledge so we could design an organizational environment that suits best the practice of Humanistic values, including the strongest safeguards against power corruption. It also includes the widest range of organizational decision-making units and the in-group working processes.

The program is free online for anyone who is enthusiastic about a new humanistic approach in thought and action.

The Sapiens Manifesto, Synopsis

We are all kinsfolk; our birth to a particular nationality is nothing more than accidental.

Conflict and greed-driven competition between independent nation states is the norm. The current anarchy, harnessed to modern technology, has the potential to destroy our species, and take many others with it.

Sapiens calls for the surrender of key aspects of national sovereignty to a Democratic World Government, elected by the individual citizens of the World.

Only such a unitary authority will have the power and the legitimacy to save us from ourselves. We must end the age of fully sovereign nation states before it ends us. Read the full text: The Sapiens manifesto



Presented to the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesberg
by Michael Ellis and Pavel Kasyanov

Synopsis: We have a very important proposal and message to give to the World. Humankind has reached a state of development in which old modes of thinking and behaving threaten to destroy human civilisation. Our proposal makes a diagnosis and looks at the causes before defining possible solutions which involves the creation of a new paradigm integrating spirituality and science.

Our main aim is to gain the support of the United Nations and the governments of the World that we may implement the solutions defined in our proposal.

At the beginning of the 21st century the world now finds itself teetering on the brink of what some would call holy war or a clash of civilizations divided along spiritual lines. Of course, international politics and policies of economic globalization make everything much more complicated than that, but the fundamental human predisposition for conflict and separation remains firmly established.

That is why a spirituality of oneness would be such an extraordinary leap forward in human thinking.

The big difference between our age and any previous times when new spiritual ideas surfaced, is that we are now experiencing a symbiotic effect of spirituality with ecology and technology. Most people who give serious thought to our existential predicament know that we face a big turn around in how we live together on the planet. That big turning will not be inspired by spirituality alone, but by its integration with ecology and technology-comprising three pillars of transformation.

The new spirituality will be informed by as well as inform new technology, both being mediated by a deeper appreciation of ecology. All three forces acting together have the potential to produce a transformation of life on the planet greater than any so far recorded in human history and coming faster than anything humanity has previously experienced.

In the midst of this turbulence all of us are being challenged to take our place in the scheme of things. Are we supporting the change or holding onto the old? It is a time of enormous creative tension. Can you help resolve the tension in the direction of a vision of hope? Read the full text: The Transition to A Sustainable Civilisation

23 - 28 June 2006 Vancouver, CANADA
The World Peace 2006 is an international gathering of individuals, groups and civic governments from cities and communities to envision a living culture of peace and sustainability in our lifetimes.


Please support our effort if possible also financially

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