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Response to Daily

Global Terror

be it generated by Bombings, Famine,
Erroneous Orientation or Hopelessness
is nothing but the Result of a Hostile, Parasitic
and Unjust Organisation of Human Life.

Only by refocussing social organisation
on common basic conditions of life
a world of justice and peace will emerge.

by Wolfgang Fischer


Preface - What do we Believe in?

Faith systems may work like filters of perception. Within cultures which are shaped by faith sytstems authentic reality of life hardly passes into the brains of people. As a consequence they suffer from lack of reality, even from loss of reality. Nevertheless they feel completely comfortable within the frames of their deceptive world views, they believe to be rightful and make use of their political power to maintain the produced inclinations. They perpetuate and worsen the normality of stupidity and insanity. They get lost within man made realities.

The key to solve this life-threatening development is to understand the effects of certain mental filters and to dissolve them in order to obtain a clear view on reality and its consequences. Only then people will decide exclusively for such consequences which will be of common advantage. Such an orientation and behaviour will result in a global culture of consensus and in satisfaction of natural needs instead of support of pathogenic illusions and alimentation of falsehood.

- Beyond Misery

In fully respect regarding privacy of religious thought I already showed at a different place that private thought has social impact (1). That is why even religious thought finally cannot be left to private rooms but has to be discussed and put up to be questioned in full mutual respect publicly. At this point I would like to focus human ability to criticize on the widely spread idea of a God who might be willing to bless some and kill others. We have to deal with that question as it has decisive consequences. The idea of such a God and the belief in such a God inspires imitators: suicide bombers, warlords, self declared deputies. The identification with such a God creates people, who high-handedly take it upon theirself to pass judgement and to have it enforced by blessing on the one side and punishing, even killing on the other. This way they bask in supposed divine light, their imperial illusions of apparent infallibility. They wrongly believe to represent paramount rights, in reality however they claim exclusive rights for themselves. They ignore the autonomous right of life and they try to block freedom of a world in peace by violence of global terror, only to continue the path of their illusions without any alternative.

Ideas of a "God of the chosen ones" are ideas of past times, they do not serve neither current and nor eternal needs. Such views and understandings are merely adopted in the run of life, they are part of cultural education. They promote a behaviour which increases misery. It is not at all my intention to judge first. The offer of a different view however enables everybody to consider by themselves if the presented view serves better or not and if it is a more authentic one or not. For the sake of personal progress and for the the chances of humanity and future life such constantly ongoing evaluations are necessary. They are vital indeed for mental health. Constant evaluations of world views are the fundament also of for social health. This is why it is essential that exactly those people who still believe in some kind of super-fathers or super-mothers who would take care of their fate, at least once deal with this topic.

We all are to face the fact that it only is us, human beings, who either do the appropriate, - that is behaving according to natural needs - or do it the wrong way, serving egocentric, individualistic, elitist needs, thus hurting others, separating the whole world into parts, creating insanity, destruction and finally annihilation of human life by constantly creating real hell on earth! What else is the radically deep meaning and archaic understanding of hell but permanent torture of environment and people ending finally in annihilation of the poisoned, contaminated by radiation, cheated, confused, sold for money, utilized, degraded, sickened etc. objects. Lets wake up for our own sake before some people definitely accomplish something which they never ever really could have wished!

So, please do not wait and expect somebody else to repair what has been damaged by individuals and/or collectively in human history! If there really were such an almighty God who kills the bad ones and blesses the good ones - how can we explain a global parasitic minority living on the back of the majority, creating misery and terror?.

It is each of us who are fully responsible! No God ever will be responsible for us! Nobody can hide him/herself from responsibility. Individually we may do our very best, we even may be innocent indeed, still we have to face that karma or collective guilt actually do exist. This is to understand, that collective results of accumulated individual action and behaviour do count! Effects do hit all, those who trigger them as well as those who do not. Some hit momentarily and locally, some strike after longer periods anywhere in biosphere and beyond, in their silent progress hardly to perceive in advance.

Offensive as it personally might be to find beloved fogs of illusion being dissolved, this breakthrough of perception is vital, authentic, a gate to liberation, to emancipation from violence and to freedom within cosmic interdependencies. The clear view on the causal relationships is a prerequisite in order to lead one's own life according to the basic conditions of life.

- Which god do we support?
- Which destinations do we have?

Either collectively we succeed in convincing each other to collectively serve nature and behave according to its regularities, or we will vanish from the stage of existence.

This is our original choice! Original sin it is to ignore this choice and chance! It is the chance to create societies which live in consonance with nature. This will be responsible societies, organized in direct resonance to eternal regularities without the insertion of political or religious structures which from the very beginning have developed their corrupt self-centred life always at the cost of the common good. Each member serves the entire whole, each member is equally important. If one part does not well, the whole is concerned. To serve each other and to take care of environment simultaneously guarantees the best outcome for oneself too, in present and in future.

Parliaments from local to international levels ensure a sociocratically organized multi-directional flow of information up to a world parliament. Unanimous decision finding and jointly aligned action create a world which in joint collaboration and completion will meet individual and local needs as well as protect global interdependencies for the common benefit (2).

Ideas of superiority do not rise within such a sane mentality. Neither do exist greed for power, envy, addiction or any other expressions of personal deficits. By serving each other we all gain nothing but emotional as well as physical satisfaction. We do not know emotional deficits, neither do we know permanent fear or hunger. Socially and culturally guaranteed satisfaction of personal needs obviously avoids the emergence of deficits and illusionary perceptions. They are neither necessary nor natural. They are being created eventually only if people start to perceive themselves superior to others and start to manipulate and to exploit others.

Feeling superior and erroneously assuming to rightfully be allowed to manipulate and utilize others is nothing but the seed of violence, the entrance to hell. As natural as it initially is that one individual has a different view on aspects of life to others it is our constant human duty to encounter in dialogue and accept the integrity of our partners even if they have adopted different opinions. Finally just by looking very closely into the matter of discussion and by experience of life we inevitably find to identical views as we are identical, rooted in identical matter and information, spirit and regularity. Constantly evolving understanding is just the contrary to solidified mental presets, ideologies and dogma. Dogma is the source of intolerance. Dogma resists natural informational flow which is the spiral flow of life and integrity. Dogma and rigid mental presets cause disturbances of this flow. They cause destructive counter-spirals, origins of social and individual illness and social misery. Suction forces and vortices of fall. Everybody can feel them already everywhere.

Whereas open dialogue, acceptance of equal rights, consideration of common origin, general understanding of global justice, of natural regularities and interdependencies eventually lead to a very different way of life. Violence can no longer be tolerated as it causes pain. It hurts others and ourselves. This is why we just drop to behave violently as soon as we understand and feel ourselves as equal with others. This way the illusions of superiority entirely dissolve and simultaneously war and terror are no option any longer, they just disappear.

There is no way to peace except the above mentioned. Let us keep calm and let us never stop dialogue especially as we are being confronted with a most powerful force which perceives itself superior to others and which since decades constantly spreads war and terror. This destructive force only can be stopped if we do not get trapped by its pitfalls and temptations. Only by clearing one's mind and by resisting to believe what mass-media in the culture of nihilism spread via powerful channels in order to keep people under the oppression of never ending fear and misdirecting concepts it can be avoided to fall victim to the malicious strategies of domination.

We keep on with dialogue also when different forces try to tear it apart. Dialogue is a great source of solidarity if we stop arguing about right and wrong but show and share our insights and feelings. This is the only way to discover identical feelings within each of us. From fear to love, from understanding to doubts, we share all of them because they are our common heritage. This is the first step to recognize: we are one big family. The next step is to sort out authentic feeling and thought from illusionary thought and false perception only be having close looks at the respective consequences. As by now everybody can understand that nobody ever will be able to escape from such consequences a common and general behavioural change will take place - as nobody likes consequences which hurt, everybody loves consequences which satisfy.

- Common fortune is a consequence of fulfilled life.

Brave spiritual explorers never will fail if they only keep on moving forward. Moving forward with open senses is a win-win program. Because what I once believe is mine. Nobody can take this away from me. And it is only me, who can follow my beliefs, keep them, alter them or drop them. Apart from what I believe I am entirely free to investigate and evaluate other thought, different approach, new practice. It is up to me to be courious, courageous, sensitive, open, ready to learn beyond, knowing that I do not know, enriching and completing my grounding principles and consequently stay in reality of full life - or to close the door and being obliged to live within a most possibly developing virtual reality of an artificial world.

Both worlds exist simultaneously. Full life and the virtual world. Full life is being guided by the one and first guiding spirit. Whereas the virtual world is being dominated by many different and secondary ideas. We always have the option: the original or its replacement. We cannot serve both, however.

Being focussed on the Common Destination and moving forward - no Path will ever lead astray.

By following the Light - no Will-o'-the Wisp will be powerful enough to mislead us.

Epilogue - Integrity of Life

The vision of peace realized on earth for some people provokes fear of totalitarianism. Having been accustomed to murder and man-slaughter, to theft and being cheated for thousands of years they do not trust a total peace and regard it as an illusion. After having been shaped by patriarchy/anti-culture/civilisation of destruction/necrophilia/cold-bloodedness/normality of nihilism they hardly are able to imagine the new society. Their one-sided world-view (3) and a correspondent behaviour create problems instead of solving them. Sheer endlessly with ever growing imbalances they keep the wheel of history running and repeating unsolved tasks and problems as long until man avoids the necessity of such repetions by establishing and maintaining balances within social and ecological contexts by a different way of life. The circular process consequently will open up to form a spiral path into a quality of being liberated from human constraints.

For sceptics the decisive weak spot of either setting the course towards erroneous social development or towards maintenance of common good repeatedly can be demonstrated. Human weakness consists in the possibility to be turned against one another by manipulation of spirit. As soon as people understand they are one species and always have belonged to one and the same species of human beings and as soon as they consequently treat each other in a caring way like close family members, we will experience that deficiency symptoms will just disappear together with addiction, greed for power, lack of sensitivity and blindness. Satisfied people behave peacefully. Loving people behave with loving care. Sensitive people behave considerately. Happy people are cheerful all life long and openly curious to learn, always being sensitive, peaceful, caring in regard to their environment. This is nothing extraordinary, it is quite normal and not at all totalitarian as feared.

Only in front of this background the Christian notion of "original sin" gains its real meaning by recognizing that the innate human weakness normally is being balanced by natural learning processes. Unmasking as it is to understand that it is exactly the institutionalized religions together with political power structures which always in history tried to block this maturing process, it simultaneously is liberating and healing as we discover our independence from their false presets. This exposed to the public will release quantum leaps in maturing for widest sectors of people. Nobody lets himself be stopped by mutual accusations. We all take care of the tasks ahead of us balancing and compensating world wide for the benefit of common good. The resources for those acts of reconciliation are at hand if instead of power and profit we focus human life on preservation of environment and enjoyment from the fruits of nature. As soon as crazy developments like military, space travel and other life negating technologies are stopped and the destructive dynamics of compound interest is separated from our money systems huge common properties will be released for necessary tasks.

All Children are being born in the same Light - only their Parents lead them into the Darkness of Illusion.

Our children develop as we let them do so. The make their experiences within the frames given by a humane culture and because of freedom, openness and confidence they learn very quickly what is doing them good and what is not, what is satisfying and what is not. By themselves they learn about important limitations. The results of learning stay unadulterated authentic as they learn by experience and not by any man-made presets. They learn from life and not from doctrine. The key for a healthy mental development is learning without bans and taboo-topics. The "School of Life" has proofed to be most effective since the start of evolution. According to a paramount and overarching intention this school following timeless eternal law radicalizes its methods in case of resistance against learning. It will terminate existence of mankind in order to safeguard other species in case of incompetence or unwillingness to acknowledge given rules. In case of successful learning however mankind will be dimissed into a completely new dimension of being, into life beyond worries, to life in peace and abundance. As the sparrow sitting on the branch of a tree is as important as the human being, who is reading these lines, we do not need to worry. Within a world where we support each other for the benefit of all and of environment, worries are unnecessary, even harmful. Also the last sceptic is going to learn this lesson.

Love - and do what you like!

Man in the new society, man who has become humane, possibly is not "perfect" - that is not the point at all!
- man of humane society no longer is destructive, aggressively belligerent, cold-blooded, calculating, egocentric etc. As soon as certain ways of behaviour have disappeared, because they are no longer being originated, educated and even increased by "rewards of the anti-culture", we are very close to paradise, here and now.

It is a particularly decisive step to realize this. Many people work on the spreading of this insight to make it accessible for millions of more people. Mass-media in collaboration with the shaping by anti-culture still work against this goal, monomaniacally without alternatives, violently, with immeasurable resources stolen from the general public, legally only within the frame of their counter-natural systems.

Peace-loving people however are being backed by nothing less than life itself, diverse, powerful, persistent, natural, organizing itself according to cosmic regularities, autonomous and self-responsible, in full resonance with cosmos (4).


1) Is Religious Belief Really a Personal Matter? World View - Religion - Ideology - Politics - About the Connection between Reason, Emotion and Religious Beliefs -

2) SPIRITUALITY AND GLOBALISATION, Visions of a different type of social organisation -

3) the good ones on the one side, the bad ones on the other - separating concepts as false doctrines of a non integral world-view - increase of extreme development as a result of loss of the sense of reality, similar to a hot-water-boiler with a defect detector for temperature and which consequently keeps on heating up until an explosion terminates the situation.

4) A New View of Nature Reveals a Better Way for Business (pdf) by Elisabet Sahtouris and A Tentative Model for a Living Universe, (part 1) (part 2) (pdf-version) by Elisabet Sahtouris


Our fellow World Citizen Otfried Schrot suggests the following measures to be taken:

1. International Court:

Amendment to Article 34 of the Statute of the International Court. Article 34,1 reads: Only states are authorized to appear as conflicting parties in front of the International Court. Otfried suggests to amend it as follows: All member nations of the United Nations Organization, all legal groups and all world citizens with an age of at least 21 years have the right to appear as a conflicting party at the International Court and to file suit against every government that has committed a crime from their point of view.

After this amendment has taken place we can tell each terrorist : you need not throw a bomb, you may accuse George W. Bush legally in The Hague.

2. Permanent East-West Conference:

The communication between the Western countries and the Islamic World must be improved. Apparently, the communication within the UNO between the Western nations and the Islamic nations is insufficient. The Al-Azhar University in Cairo has often in its history been a meeting place for East-West dialogues. Therefore a "Permanent East-West Conference for the Improvement of the Relations between the countries of the Western Hemisphere and the Islamic World" should be installed at Al-Azhar University in Cairo.

3. Self-Critique of the Western World:

The United States of America, Great Britain and France should hold a conference to find an answer to the question: "What have we done to create such deep hatred against our three countries in the Islamic World?" By help of historians, they will find precise answers.

4. Justice on Earth:

Dear World Citizens, open your eyes: we need justice on Earth and the problem of terrorism will disappear. On the day when mankind will see that the President of the United States will be sent to jail for the crimes he has committed just like the beggar in the roads of Calcutta who has stolen a purse we will have no terrorism any longer.

Sociocracy: -

Basic Income:

Simultaneous Policy:

World Democracy/Parliament/Resonance: - - - - - Global Citizens For Peace - Culture of Peace Initiative - Community Earth


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