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We need a humane and efficient economic world-order-system and a strong, renewed United Nations !

 Peter Hesse (


 This is a VISION which could and should be transformed into realistic political goals and objectives.

 To all members of the civil society, who are somehow engaged for ONE world in diversity.

Our ONE world in diversity is being socially and oecologically misguided by unlimited global economic and military powers. We therefore need a globally secured frame-structure for peaceful, dignified and just development in solidarity and for protecting nature, the base of all existence. Such a structure, the Eco-social market-system is an alternative to neo-liberal market-fundamentalism as well as to socialist planned markets.It is a humane, socially just - yet efficient - system which protects nature and functions through fair competition in free markets - but under globally agreed values (like the "Golden Rule") and internationally accepted and enforced environmental rules and basic ILO-Standards. Monopolistic and other exploiting power-structures must be avoided through a powerful global cartel-court to be installed in a strong reformed United Nations.

We need a UN which practices good global governance in participation with civil society.

The UN could and should be a main actor in healing our world's chronic illnesses like poverty, the majority of the people's missing chances to satisfy their basic needs, like the lack of good early learning possibilities.

But the UN suffers from its own bureaucratic and power structures.

Overlapping UN sub-organizations and territorial egocentrism are consuming too much energy. A lack of transparency adds to the dilemma. We do not need a top-down central world government, but a truly democratic, transparent and unbureaucratic strong, firm, but gentle, coordinating agency, facilitating dialogue, based on ALL human rights and on shared values.

We need a UN capable of helping to solve global problems - but also respecting regional and local structures - down to communities, families and individuals - for ONE world in diversity.

Such a reformed/renewed United Nations must be based on VALUES and PRINCIPLES:

A renewed United Nations respects, follows and protects global VALUES:

 - The GOLDEN RULE: Do not do to others, what you do not want them to do to you.

- Growth in holistic QUALITY - instead of mere quantitative material growth.

- Favouring what furthers COMMUNITY - but respecting individuality in its diversity.

- As a central value: undogmatic true SPIRITUALITY, enabling Love and compassion.

 A renewed United Nations must also follow/include such PRINCIPLES:

 - SUBSIDIARITY: Regulating and doing only what can not be better regulated and done in smaller structures (regional - like European Union - national, local or individual).

- DEMOCRACY through direct election of global delegates (min. 1 per country; in larger countries 1 per 10 Mio inhabitants) - a 2nd „chamber", next to the existing structure.

- ACTIVE PARTICIPATION OF ALL sectors of civil society - respecting the elected structures.

- Enforceable GLOBAL LAW - including internat. court of justice - protecting all human rights and nature + securing fair starting chances for the weak + avoiding cartels.

- TRANSPARENCY in all UN-procedures, -goals, -objectives, -plans and - structures.

- PEACEKEEPING and (if needed) Peacemaking through a STRONG global police-force.

- Reformed Security-Council and strengthened ECOSOC, truly CAPABLE TO DECIDE.

- Own FINANCIAL SOURCES (like a tax on speculative global money transfers).

- INTEGRATED democratic global finance- + trade institutions (IMF, World bank, WTO).


 The guiding principle for all of us should be:


Through its strengthened Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and an integrated value-orientated WTO, the UN could be responsible for the implementation of a "GLOBAL MARSHALL PLAN" for Co-financing social development, to protect nature and to rebalance global in equalities. This should be done in a transparent participatory way, empowering proven basic structures. The needed funds could be generated in a way which creates „win-win" situations for all in ONE world in diversity.

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