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Learning to Become Humane - e-links a-f

A commitment to a "Responsible Humanism" along with action inspired by love
will pave the way into a healthy and peaceful future

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Overcoming Domination and Alienation



All Life
Originates from the Same Source

When man ceases to be determined by his own spirit
- which is the spirit of Life itself -,
subjecting his will to secondary interests such as money, power etc.,
- from that moment on he begins to turn into a machine, a robot controlled by alien forces

Resistance against Imperialist Globalisation - in favour of Global Justice!

There is a learning process of leaving behind omnipotential delusion about never ending economic progress via ideas of sustainable development to the goal of a sustainable existence: Learning to become humane and aware - upgrading consciousness

- Mental Foundations of a Sustainable World- (pdf.file: download 310kb, 43 pages)

War, Conflicts, Militarism, NATO....- Neo-Liberalism - Globalization....

WTO, WB, IMF, MAI, WEF.... - against Neo-Liberalism - GLOBALIZATION from below....


Action against the UN Climate Summit - Den Haag 2000 - Save the Planet, Climate Independent Media Center - Rising Tide - Coalition for Climate Justice

Action for Justice, not War -

Agentura GAIA

Capitalist Terror and Madness

"Why do they hate us"?

The tragedy of Afghanistan

Building an antiwar movement

The anarchist alternative

Diversity in Islam for Absolute Beginners

History of anarchist anti-imperialism

Commissars of the Free Press

Anarchism is the cure

Alliance for Democracy

Alliance for a Responsible, United and Plural World

The Anarchist Federation is an organisation of class struggle anarchists (based in Britain, but with many contacts overseas) which aims to abolish Capitalism and all oppression to create a free and equal society.

Anarchist resistance to Capitalism in the Age of Globalisation

A-Infos News Service, News about and of interest to anarchists

A New Health Care for Everyone - FreeWHC, educational internet project

Automatic-Translations of Web-Pages:

ATTAC - Association for the Taxation of financial Transactions for the Aid of Citizens

The basic income guarantee (BIG) is the guarantee that all citizens will receive an unconditional income on an individual basis, without means test or work requirement. BIG is an efficient and effective solution to poverty that preserves individual autonomy and work incentives while simplifying government social policy. ( GB ), ( Alaska ), ( Canada ), ( Spain ), ( Australia ), ( Germany ), ( The Netherlands ), ( Sweden )

Bert Hellinger - Bert Hellinger's official homepage

Biological Warfare in the War on Drugs

CovertAction Quarterly on the web

Center for Economic Justice

Center for Research on Globalisation

II International Independent Information Exchange

Codex Alimentarius ???

Consulta Europea

Consumercide, consumercidal: Consumerism as a cause of death, i.e., death of the individual (~suicide) or of others (~homicide) or the environment/planet in general, through an excess of the combination of affluenza and ignorance.

CYBERTRIBE, The necessity to develop a culture that consciously opposes the ruling culture. A culture which is created and determined by us and is based on solidarity, equality and autonomy. A culture which overcomes the passive consumer´s attitudes and which is not ruled by profiteering

CLIMATE ALLIANCE, European Secretariat

Since its formation in 1986, CONAIE has led the indigenous peoples of Ecuador from relative isolation to a position at center stage of Ecuadorian society. CONAIE is the representative body that guarantees indigenous people the political voice that has too long been denied them, and that expresses their needs and goals within a rapidly changing world.

Corporate Europe Observer - featuring reports on the activities of major corporate lobby groups, issue specific overviews, news updates, analysis, reviews and more.

CovertAction Quaterly on the web

Declaration of Human Values

Deportation Alliance, against air carriers transport of refused refugees

Development project for the future of mankind -

DIE OFF, "If a path to the better there be, it begins with a full look at the worst." -- Thomas Hardy

Direct Action Network

Diverse Women for Diversity


Dr. J. G. Schnitzer's Health Secrets Prevention and cure of diseases by Health - Information normally out of reach - Discoveries which can be decisive to your Health.

Earth Charter Initiative, Promoting Change for a Sustainable Future


Earthdance: Living Systems in Evolution, Elisabet Sahtouris
A book inspiring philosophic conceptions of what it means to our species to be part of a living planetary system, grounded in the work of James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis

"The Earth is the Birthright of All People"

ECO2TERRA Intl. is the Global Society for ECOlogy and sound ECOnomy, an independent, international civil society organisation

- european institute for PROGRESSIVE CULTURAL POLICIES, multi-lingual textpool

The Emperor's New Clothes, Piercing a Fog of Lies, Emperor's Clothes is a labor of passion for the truth, site mirror here

EMPOWERMENT , A source for empowering people and communities via the internet.

eunacom.gif European Union North American Communicators Secular Journal

Expression of the Enlightenment Attained by the Prophets

50 Years is Enough

"Fireflies is an inclusive secular Ashram open to all spiritual traditions concerned with personal growth, social engagement and environmental action. Fireflies aims at bringing together a community of friends and soulmates who revere the Earth as their first mother."

Focus on the Global South

Friends of the Earth

GAIA Learn more about Gaia here

GAIA Action is a part of Campus California TG.
An International Institute for the Humanization of Mankind and the Care of Our Planet


Global Exchange

Global Grassroots Resistance Directory, This worldwide directory facilitates decentralized and non-hierarchic networking between and within grassroots movements resisting capitalism and oppressive power structures, e.g. in connection with the Global Days of Action against Capitalism, and similar campaigns.

Global Human Referendum


The Global Marshall Plan unifies 3 different potentials. The combination of a broad spectrum of alternative strategies which complement each other creates chances to gain momentum against corporate and capitalist globalisation in favour of a prosperous world in social and ecological balance:

1. potential of global and diverse grass-root movements and their ideas of social and local re-appropriation

2. the potential of all those people within the institutions of the global economic and political systems who already did emancipate from elitist, exclusive and destructive behaviour and are capable of making wisely use of double strategies to play off against the disadvantages of a "full spectrum dominance "

3. the potential of intellectual inter-cultural as well as inter-religious dialogue which shapes a world-view of a friendly living together and helps to create a life-saving culture beyond violence and domination

The combination of those strategies represents an urgently needed holistic approach to the growing and self induced global threats. - Until today indigenous peoples of the world prove a deep and self-confident understanding of Nature. Before they, with the exception of few survivors, got slaughtered by ‚civilisation', independent of time and place their warning reads: The way of life of ‚white man' destroys his own existence.

It is up to us to proof that we are capable to learn and to behave differently. An important first step to support the Global Marshall Plan for reaching the UN - Millenium-Development-Goals and beyond is to get more information on it.

Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

Global Trade Watch

Global Village News & Ressources

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Emanzipation Humanum, version 10. 2000, criticism, suggestions as to form and content, dialogue, translation into other languages are all desiered

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