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Learning to Become Humane - Survey od Titels "Globalisation"

A commitment to a "Responsible Humanism" along with action inspired by love
will pave the way into a healthy and peaceful future

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Overcoming Domination and Alienation



All Life
Originates from the Same Source

When man ceases to be determined by his own spirit
- which is the spirit of Life itself -,
subjecting his will to secondary interests such as money, power etc.,
- from that moment on he begins to turn into a machine, a robot controlled by alien forces

The learning process of leaving behind omnipotential delusion about never ending economic progress via ideas of sustainable development to the goal of a sustainable existence: Learning to become humane and aware - upgrading consciousness

-- Mental Foundations of a Sustainable World- (pdf.file: download 310kb, 43 pages)

These days, more and more people manage to expand their mental horizon and develop a sense of global responsibility. They are coming to realise that the still current world view, based upon violence, hierarchic structures, capital and its temptations, in its effects is more destructive than for example the plague epidemic in the Middle Ages.

Modern civilisation is increasingly being guided by illusory mental concepts the destructive potential of which equals that of the delusions of the insane. They are characterised by compulsiveness, a highly restricted sensibility and mental rigidity. As a consequence of these ideas about life, reality is in the end no longer perceived as such, resulting in a failure to manifest necessary responses to ocurring changes. The response no longer occurs in the framework of the existing requirements but is limited to whatever least disturbs the interest of an elitist minority. Under the cloak of freedom (neo-liberalism), the entire social life is subjected to serving Capital, whatever the cost.

In the process of globalisation, all over the world Capital is chosen as the supreme ruler allowed to transmute the life of landscapes and forests, of animals and humans - the intactness of the entire biosphere - into vast amounts of money. These are then used solely to safeguard the continued self-gratification of a minority group in control of the means of power, the media and the financial centres, rather than in the service of the requirements of a healthy social existence of humanity together with all other life forms on earth. The result of this "progress" is an increasingly desperate situation of a large part of the world's population and the decimation of the diversity of species.

Those individuals who have retained, or else regained, their sensitivity towards Life constitute humanity's sole hope for a future in which many nowadays still rampant ideas - in whichever ideology they may be rooted - will be ostracised as a matter of course. The only chance for a transformation of human society towards tolerance, justice and socio-ecological compatibility lies in an increase as rapidly as possible of the number of truly emancipated individuals.

Resistance against Imperialist Globalisation - in favour of Global Justice! Realization of souvereignty of the peoples!

War, Conflicts, Militarism, NATO....- Neo-Liberalism - Globalization....
The US-built anti-terror alliance named their answer to the attacks of Sept.11.: "Enduring Freedom"

According to the goals of capitalism the motto seems correct as this war is only trying to reinforce the freedom of exploitation and suppression by the industrialized countries. Pretending to be guided by humanistic motivations in waging this kind of war is pure lie and hypocrisy.

WTO, WB, IMF, MAI, WEF....- against Neo-Liberalism - GLOBALIZATION FROM BELOW.... "Our World is not for Sale"

A Different Message about Prague annual meeting of The International Monetary fund and The World Bank (10. 2000)
After Genoa: Why We Need to Stay in the Streets, by Starhawk

All This "Civil Society" Talk Takes Us Nowhere January 13, 2002, by Aziz Choudry

An Attack On People's Movements, by Vandana Shiva, Nov. 2004

A Police State in the Making, Democracy Trampled in Quebec City, by Sinclair Stevens (4. 2001)

Bechtel And Blood For Water: War As An Excuse For Enlarging Corporate Rule, by Vandana Shiva (5. 2003)

Beyond Prague Protest, by Proutist Universal

Beyond SEATTLE, Beyond KOSOVO: A Call for Unity on Economic Justice & Peace Issues by Steve Staples - Mobilization for Global Justice (3. 2000)

Buy One, Get One Free by Arundhati Roy (05. 2003) (pdf.file) ( german )

Call to Action Against the Criminalisation and Repression of Our Movements (10. 2000) (pdf.file)

Chasing them into the desert, Genoa and Onward, by Katherine Ainger (7. 2001)

Children and War, MoveOn Peace

Chomsky Comment on Debt (4. 2000)

Collateral Damage: Neo-Liberalism by Jeremy Brecher and Tim Costello (10. 2001)

Contesting the IMF/World Bank Annual Meeting Prague, Czech Republic Sept. 2000 from 26th-28th (23.2.2000)

Corporations: Different Than You and Me, by Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman

Declaration of EP Green Party on WTO's Millenium Round, Declaration of the Greens in the European Parliament on the forthcoming WTO negotiations and the Millenium Round

"democracy" Can Never Take Root On Stolen Land, by Aziz Choudry, Colonial imperialism in British Columbia, Canada sold as democracy by BC Premier Gordon Campbell (5, 2002)

Doha: Saving Wto, Killing Democracy December 04, 2001, by Vandana Shiva

Drowned, suffocated and beaten to death 'Fortress Europe' - legalised murder, by Gregor Kerr (10.2000)

Democracy - as being approved by US interests: The Philippine Model, by Stephen Shalom (10.03)

Ecology Movement (10. 2000)

Exorcising the spirit of Davos, (2.2.00), by Confederazione Nazionale COBAS, Movemento Antagonista Toscano

EXPO 2000 - their solution, not our solution!

Fixing or Nixing the WTO, by Susan George (german)

General Position of the Initiative against Economic Globalization - Prague 2000 , - issued on the occasion of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund summit in Prague

Globalization and its Discontents: After Prague, by Robin Hahnel

Globalization And Responsibility, Alexander N. Yakovlev

Globalization from Below, by Patrick Bond (03. 2001)

Globalization Today (March 23, 2002) by Jeremy Brecher and Tim Costello

Global Governance and Justice - Civilisational Tendency towards Barbarism by Yash Tandon ( german version )

Global Resistance against Capitalism, IMF and the World Bank! What are International Monetary Fund and World Bank?, Anarchists in Moscow

Imagine this situation: "The progressive third party movement has captured the White House, 60% of Congress and 30 Governorships. What do we do now?" by Howard Zinn

IMF & WORLD BANK - Just two of several instruments of national destruction, interview with Michel Chossudovsky, Professor of Economics, University of Ottawa, by Jared Israel (4-16-00)

Iraq Is Not America's To Sell by Naomi Klein (11.03)

IRAQ - Financial Scandals of Occupation Worse Than the Errors of Judgment by Robin Cook (11.03)

Is Globalization dangerous to our Health? by Stephen Bezruchka

It's Not About "Free Trade", by Mark Weisbrot 4. 2001)

It's the Corporations, Stupid!, by Kevin Danaher and Jason Mark - WTO is not at all a more or less democratically grown representation of global people's will - it is nothing but a system to establish corporate dictatorship

Justice for Bhopal - Corporate Crimes and Their Body Count by Rahul Mahajan (7. 2002) Dow Chemical tries to eliminate further responsibility for Union Carbide crimes

Let's review todays Holy Trinity: IMF - WORLD BANK - WTO by Robin Hahnel (4. 2000)

Local Energy, Local Democracy, by David Cromwell

Manifestum of the World Social

mayday 2000, international contacts and ressources list

Militarism a Facilitator for Globalization, Barbara Lochbihler

Millenium Round, Let's go for direct action, We intervened today at the seat of the WTO, at 12h30 the 16th of november, so that they cannot pretend to have forgotten. The collective " Et paf ! " (german) (spanish)

Millennial Visions and Selective Vision, Part I and II, by Noam Chomsky ( more about Noam Chomsky )

Movement gears up for New York Tycoons to meet on Feb. 2 amid swirl of protest

More Human Than We Are - Corporations are asserting their "human rights" to exploit the rest of us, by George Monbiot

Neither State Capitalism nor Private Capitalism! For Freedom, Self-Management and Socialism!

NGO statement: The Public Eye on Davos

"Non-violent resistance", Arundhati Roy 4th WSF in Mumbai (2004)

Open letter to the Lower Chamber of the County of Davos

Our World is not for Sale, WTO: Shrink or Sink! (6. 2001) (version 8. 2001)

Peoples' Global Action (PGA), - Third International Conference - Personal Account of the 3rd PGA Conference in Cochabamba from Olivier

Position of EU commisioner Lamy (25.1.2000, by Gaby Kueppers, Green Group in the EP )

PRESS RELEASE, Greens/EFA Initiative leads to creation of a WTO Reform Parliamentary Intergroup, "Turn Around the Round" say MEPs, Strasbourg, 6 October 1999

Press release concerning the demonstration against the World Economic on 29 January 2000 in Davos

Problems of Neoliberalism, by Edward Said

Project: Worldwide database of peoples' movements

Quebec City: POLICING THE PEOPLE, by Judy Rebick (4. 2001)

Racism and the Death Penalty, by Lorenzo Komboa Ervin

Resistance to Neoliberalism, War and Militarism: For Peace and Social Justice, Manifesto Porto Alegre II ( german ) (spanish version) (pdf.print version)

Rogue Nation by Richard DuBoff

Seattle: A Convergence of Globalization & Militarization by Theresa Wolfwood (german)

Seattle and Beyond: Disarming the New World Order, by Michel Chossudovsky

Shutdown the OAS / FTAA General Assembly Meetings!, Call to Action - Protest the OAS / FTAA: detailed background information by

Smoking Gun: How the IMF Shot Argentina (November 19, 2002), by Ned Boudreau

Summit Protest Report - Quebec 2001 , Dancing with Teargas in our Eyes by Gary Morton - Written Report and Digital Photos by Gary Morton

Solana's (and EU's ?) Foreign Policy: A Non-Starter by Johan Galtung (8.04)

Spin, Lies and Corruption, June 17, 2005, by George Monbiot

Stop the GATS Attack now, Attention - Civil Society Activists Around the World (02. 2001)

Talking 'Anarchy' With Chomsky, Interview with David Barsamian

TABD, MRA and the New World Order, acronyms, as well-known to the elites of the New World Order as WTO and IMF, and equally threatening to the lives of ordinary people - read on to find out how globalisation really works, by Gregory Palast

Tarzan, Indiana Jones and Conservation International's Global Greenwash Machine, by Aziz Choudry

THAT WAY NEVER MORE - Egalitarian Alternative to the Pyramid of Political Party Power, by Olek Netzer (pdf)

The Empire In Denial And The Denial Of Empire, by Saul Landau (May 03, 2004)

The Enemies of Science, by George Monbiot (10.03)

The Historic Significance of Seattle, by Vandana Shiva

The Last Frontier - explaining GATS, by Maude Barlow

The Logic of Empire, The United States is now our foremost enemy. We must begin to treat it as such. George Monbiot, August 2002

The Mysterious Ramsey Clark: Stalinist Dupe Or Deep-cover Spook? by Manny Goldstein

The 9-11 bulletins -

The real power behind the WTO meets in Cincinnati this November

The Real Reasons for the Upcoming War With Iraq: A Macroeconomic and Geostrategic Analysis of the Unspoken Truth by William Clark

The Unreporting of Iraq, A hidden Holocaust, by David Cromwell

The World Trade Organization and War: Making the Connection, (1.2000), Peacewire, Canada,

Towards a Global Ruling Class?: Globalization and the Transnational Capitalist Class by William I. Robinson and Jerry Harris

21st Century Genocide: A Mission of Peace to Iraq, by David Edwards

Victory In Cancun, by Vandana Shiva (10. 03)

Waiting for a post-conflict Sudan by Mandisi Majavu (May 02, 2004)

We Must Mobilise Against A Miasma of Mini-MAIs, by Aziz Choudry

What's wrong with the European Union? - Capitalist Globalisation, Neoliberalism, Fortress Europe, Militarism (04.04)

Why Did the WTC Buildings Collapse? (02.06)

Will the real terrorist please rise... / The Haynes

Worst Kept Secrets of the Bumbling Bear ('The CIA's Worst-Kept Secret'), by Jared Israel

WTO and Agriculture (Nothing but Hypocrisy - Everything but Free Market), Facts by Devinder Sharma (5. 04)

WTO - Faulty Frame, Savage Reality by Devinder Sharma (8.04)

WTO - Shrink or Sink! The Turn Around Agenda (4. 2000), support requested ( german )

WTO Has Power to Override Civil Rights by Marta Russell


In the domain of Christianity the concept of a God who reserves his love for the diligent and wealthy is leading to the callous exploitation of both the human and material resources of our planet. The idea of a Saviour keeps our self-healing energies unutilised in paralysing fatalism. The concept of a God who favours a chosen people is preventing, even after the experience of the holocaust, a learning process towards tolerant peaceableness and equal cooperation with people who have been deprived of their homeland. The concept of a God who fights for his ideas with fire and sword gives rise to the madness of a Holy War. The idea of a male God is used to disadvantage women. The idea of a God outside our human existence deprives us of our own responsibility. The mechanical idea of karma favours the maintenance of the status quo: those of low status have to blame themselves for it while those at the top can revel in their self-righteousness! The view that we exist separate from Nature and are meant to rule over it perverts the instinct of self-preservation into an unfeeling, merciless craving for power.

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