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Learning to Become Humane - Survey of Titels "War"

A commitment to a "Responsible Humanism" along with action inspired by love
will pave the way into a healthy and peaceful future

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Overcoming Domination and Alienation



All Life
Originates from the Same Source

When man ceases to be determined by his own spirit
- which is the spirit of Life itself -,
subjecting his will to secondary interests such as money, power etc.,
- from that moment on he begins to turn into a machine, a robot controlled by alien forces

The learning process of leaving behind omnipotential delusion about never ending economic progress via ideas of sustainable development to the goal of a sustainable existence: Learning to become humane and aware - upgrading consciousness

- Mental Foundations of a Sustainable World- (pdf.file: download 310kb, 43 pages)

These days, more and more people manage to expand their mental horizon and develop a sense of global responsibility. They are coming to realise that the still current world view, based upon violence, hierarchic structures, capital and its temptations, in its effects is more destructive than for example the plague epidemic in the Middle Ages.

Modern civilisation is increasingly being guided by illusory mental concepts the destructive potential of which equals that of the delusions of the insane. They are characterised by compulsiveness, a highly restricted sensibility and mental rigidity. As a consequence of these ideas about life, reality is in the end no longer perceived as such, resulting in a failure to manifest necessary responses to ocurring changes. The response no longer occurs in the framework of the existing requirements but is limited to whatever least disturbs the interest of an elitist minority. Under the cloak of freedom (neo-liberalism), the entire social life is subjected to serving Capital, whatever the cost.

In the process of globalisation, all over the world Capital is chosen as the supreme ruler allowed to transmute the life of landscapes and forests, of animals and humans - the intactness of the entire biosphere - into vast amounts of money. These are then used solely to safeguard the continued self-gratification of a minority group in control of the means of power, the media and the financial centres, rather than in the service of the requirements of a healthy social existence of humanity together with all other life forms on earth. The result of this "progress" is an increasingly desperate situation of a large part of the world's population and the decimation of the diversity of species.

Those individuals who have retained, or else regained, their sensitivity towards Life constitute humanity's sole hope for a future in which many nowadays still rampant ideas - in whichever ideology they may be rooted - will be ostracised as a matter of course. The only chance for a transformation of human society towards tolerance, justice and socio-ecological compatibility lies in an increase as rapidly as possible of the number of truly emancipated individuals.

Resistance against Imperialist Globalisation - in favour of Global Justice! Realization of souvereignty of the peoples!

War, Conflicts, Militarism, NATO....- Neo-Liberalism - Globalization....
The US-built anti-terror alliance named their answer to the attacks of Sept.11.: "Enduring Freedom"

According to the goals of capitalism the motto seems correct as this war is only trying to reinforce the freedom of exploitation and suppression by the industrialized countries. Pretending to be guided by humanistic motivations in waging this kind of war is pure lie and hypocrisy.


Afghanistan: The Unnecessary War - The Taliban Agreed To Extradite Bin Laden, by Milan Rai (10.04)

Americans must look through Iraqi eyes , by Charles Glass (June 10, 04)

An American Hero? by Naomi Klein (5. 2003)

Al-Aqsa Intifada, by Noam Chomsky

A New Jerusalem - Declaration 2001

Another Kosovo lie exposed: NATO used doctored video to justify bombing of passenger train

Backing up Globalization with Military Might, New World Order Onslaught, Karen Talbot

Cambodia: History And Unanswered Questions, by Andre Vltchek 08.06

CAPITALIST PATRIARCHY AND THE NEGATION OF MATRIARCHY - THE STRUGGLE FOR A "DEEP" ALTERNATIVE, by Claudia von Werlhof, in: Vaughan, Genevieve (ed.): Women and the Gift Economy. A Radically Different World View is Possible, Toronto 2007 (Inanna), pp. 139-153 (pdf)

Clinton in Colombia: The Ugly American, by Mark Weisbrot

Credibility, Noam Chomsky's answer to the question: "Kosovo&emdash;what are the interests driving intervention? What do you foresee for the people of the region?"

Dasht-E Leili, (US sponsored massacre in Afghanistan), by Edward Herman (4. 2004)

Economic Consequences of Iraq Occupation by Garda Boeninger (April 2003)

Emergency, Terrorism and War on ZNet


Empire in Central Asia - Imperialism, oil piplines and the Afghan war, by Terry Clancy

"Facts on the ground", by Sean Gonzalves, about peace process and Palestinian land

Genocide as the Solution to "Terrorism" in the Occupied Territories, by Edward S. Herman

Global War for the World Order, Wildcat-Zirkular Nr. 61

Green Light to Slaughter, by Tanya Reinhart

Gush Shalom's proposal of a Peace Agreement (8. 2001)

How War and Globalization Support American Business…, As Billions Flow to Oil and Defense Companies - Bombing Of Baghdad Staves Off Financial Uncertainty, by Michel Chossudovsky

How Silent Are The 'humanitarian' Invaders Of Kosovo? (December 09, 2004 ) by John Pilger

INTERNATIONAL WEEK OF PROTEST ACTION AGAINST THE WAR IN CHECHNYA, Joint Appeal of the Georgian and Chechen non-governmental organisations to Civic environmental organisation and all people in the World.

IRAQ and the UNITED NATIONS, Post-War and Pre-Peace - The Dilemma of the Future by Graf v. Sponeck (01, 2005)

Kosovo one year later: From Serb Repression to NATO-Sponsored Ethnic Cleansing, Edward S. Herman and David Peterson (6.2000)

Kurds - The Nation without a State by

Learning to Kill by

Looking back at the war on terrorism (10. 2002)

Media Spin Remains in Sync with Israeli Occupation, by Norman Solomon

Money makes the world go round - but why? (pdf), by Wolfgang Berger

NATO has installed a reign of terror in Kosovo, Michel Chossudovsky, if you're undecided about American policy in the Balkans, or if you support it, read this essay (german version)

NATO's War of Aggression Against Yugoslavia: An Overview , Michel Chossudovsky

News Not Fit To Print, U.S. media putting a good face on the "war on terror" (8. 2002) by Edward Herman

Nobody Hid This Crime: The Police Open Fire in Naidu.Com, by Vijay Prashad

No Critique of Capitalism without a Critique of Patriarchy! Why the Left Is No Alternative, by Claudia von Werlhof, in: CNS &endash; Capitalism &endash; Nature &endash; Socialism, Vol. 18, Nr. 1, New York/London (Routledge), March 2007, pp. 13-27 (pdf)

Northwoods: A Plan for Terror to Justify War, Comments by Jared Israel

Not In Our Name, Let it not be said that people in the United States did nothing when their government declared a war without limit and instituted stark new measures of repression.

Opening Kosovo to foreign capital, State terror and the "free market", Michel Chossudovsky

PanAm 103 Case (Lockerbie), by William Blum

"Peace Process" Prospects, by Noam Chomsky (7.2000)

Physicians for Human Rights Calls for End to Stalling of Investigation into Afghan Mass Graves near Dasht-e-Leili, Mazar-i-Sharif; Urges UN Security Council to Authorize Commission of Inquiry

Putin's Censored Press Conference: The transcript you weren't supposed to see, by Mike Whitney (June, 2007)

Ramsey Clark Letter to UN: Do Not Support Attack on Iraq! The following letter by former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark has been sent to all members of the UN Security Council, with copies to the UN General Assembly. (20.9.2002) Please circulate.

Race War, by George Monbiot (6. 2002)

Re-colonization Is Still On Schedule,( April 13, 2002) by Justin Podur (about common US goals in Venezuela and West Asia)

Report from Baghdad - Opening the Gates of Hell by Rahul Mahajan (April 08, 2004)

Revisiting the Gulf War by (8. 2002)

Serbia On Trial - NATO Guilty , The 'Trial' Of Slobodan Milosevic, Public Meeting - Friday 1st Feb. 02 by Jared Israel

STOP the war in Colombia! STOP US military intervention! STOP biological warfare!, The war in Columbia, killing and displacement of the black population (12.2000)

Terror, Delusion And Obscenities December,by David Cromwell ( 09. 2001)

The Attack against the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington and the consequences, What is it that really threatens Civilization - what kind of a Civilization?, by Wolfgang Fischer (german) - more comments: The awesome cruelty of a doomed people by Robert Fisk - On the Bombings by Noam Chomsky - Inevitable ring to the unimaginable by John Pilger - Folks out there have a "Distaste of Western Civilization and Cultural Values" by Edward S. Herman - Respond to Violence: Teach Peace, Not War, by Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman - TwinTowers, by Uri Avnery - Acts of Terrorism - Acts of War, Venomous Butterfly - Who Is Osama Bin Laden? by Michel Chossudovsky (12.9.2001) - Emperor's Clothes comments: 'Washington's Backing of Afghan Terrorists: Deliberate Policy' Article from "Washington Post' - 'Taliban Camps U.S. bombed in Afghanistan Were Built by NATO' Documentation from the 'N.Y. Times'. Combined U.S. and Saudi aid to Afghan-based terrorism totaled $6 billion or more - 'CIA worked with Pakistan to create Taliban' - 'Osama bin Laden: Made In USA' (Excerpt from article on U.S. bombing of a pill factory in Sudan in August, 1998. Argues that bin Laden was and still may be a CIA asset)- 'Excerpts from News Reports - Bin Laden in the Balkans' evidence that bin Laden aided or is aiding the U.S.-sponsored forces in Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia- 'Into the Abyss' by Rick Rozoff - 'Washington Created Osama bin Laden' by Jared Israel - 'Russian Navy Chief Says Official 9-11 Story Impossible' - September 11 And Its Aftermath by Michael Albert and Stephen R. Shalom - The Need for Dissent - Radicalism is retreating, but it's more necessary than ever before by George Monbiot - Welcome to the Warnacular by Laura Flanders - What Kind of War? by Michael T. Klare - America Under Attack? by Dan Berger - White House lied about threat to Air Force One by Jerry White - A Brief (and partial) History of US Sponsored Terrorism Abroad, Mark Zapezauer - and: The GW Bush - Osama Bin Ladin Connection - Where is the Bush administration taking the American people? by the WSWS Editorial Board (Sept.22.01) - and: a kind of different statistics - WAR - looking behind the smoke: War of Lies by Rahul Mahajan and Robert Jensen - Tony Blair's bin Laden dossier: a pretext instead of proof by Chris Marsden and Barry Grey - The Top Five Lies About This War - Kill, Kill, Kill by Russell Mokhiber - If cia and the government weren't involved in the september 11 attacks what were they doing? by Michael C. Ruppert - US planned war in Afghanistan long before September 11 by Patrick Martin - Gaping Holes in the 'CIA vs. bin Laden' Story by Jared Israel, Was the US government alerted to September 11 attack?, Privatised Violence in the Service of State Terrorism is Threatening World Peace by Wolfgang Fischer (german) (spanish) (pdf.version)- "What really happend on 9-11?" Jared Israel interviewed by Mark Haim (April 2002) (pdf.version)

The Complete 9/11 Timeline by Paul Thompson - 9/11 WIDOW'S BUSH TREASON SUIT DISAPPEARS FROM MEDIA,by W. David Kubiak (Dec. 03)

911 BOOK (full text) New Pearl Harbor,Theology professor David Ray Griffin has written a book about the possible complicity of the Bush administration in the events of 9-11. (06.04)

Terrorism, "The War on Terror" and the Message of Carnage (July 09, 2005) by Norman Solomon

The Berlin Tribunal: More Serious Than The Hague, Diana Johnstone

The Empire's new clothes: "N.A.T.O. was set up to act against the Eastern Bloc, with the fall of communism it seemed it had no purpose but N.A.T.O. now has a new mission, to act for Western values and to protect human rights and to act against ethnic cleansing and anti-democratic practise" - Adam Bolton, Sky News political editor live from the N.A.T.O. 50 th anniversary celebration. - Clearly the only Western values valued by the 'West' are the dollar and the deutschmark, even if their stained with blood. Article from 'Free Earth' giving an anarchist Analysis of NATO's war in ex-Yugoslavia - download pdf.file

The Empire wants war, not justice, by Sean Healy (November 07, 2001)

The Frankenstein Syndrome, The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend: The US has become adept of creating monsters.... by 9-11

The Godfather As "Honest Broker", by Edward S. Herman (03. 2001)

The Interconnectedness of All Being: A New Spirituality for a New Civilization, by Claudia von Werlhof, in: Kumar, Corinne (Ed.): Asking, we walk. The south as new political imaginary, Bangalore (Streelekha), 2. vol. pp.379-386 (pdf)

The Media Culpability for Iraq by John Pilger (October 11, 2004)

The Only Alternative, Apartheid in Palestine, by Edward Said (3. 2001)

The Parochial Coverage of Enron February 15, 2002, by Vijay Prashad

The political roots of the terror attack on New York and Washington, WSWS

The Real Reasons for the Upcoming War With Iraq: A Macroeconomic and Geostrategic Analysis of the Unspoken Truth by William Clark

The United States and Middle East: Why Do They Hate US?

The UN appoints an alleged war criminal in Kosovo, Michel Chossudovsky

The Iraq War and Contempt for Democracy, by Noam Chomsky (10.03)

Turmoil in Palestine: The Basic Context, by Alex R. Shalom and Stephen R. Shalom

U.S. Fuelling the Fires in Colombia, by Héctor Mondragón

US War in Afghanistan, WSWS website

Visting GAZA, by Alison Wier

Want Security? End the Occupation, by Marwan Barghouti (01. 2002)

War on Gaza, 31.12. 2008 - Atonement ( ) by Starhawk

War Crime - Not Self-Defense: the Unlawful War Against Iraq, Michael Ratner (10.2002),

WASHINGTON BEHIND TERRORIST ASSAULTS IN MACEDONIA by Michel Chossudovsky Professor of Economics, University of Ottawa [23 July 2001]

We Had To Destroy Fallujah in Order to Save It, by Edward Herman, Nov. 2004

What Everyone Should Know About Nicaragua, by Mark Weisbrot (11. 2001)

Who Is The Greatest Rogue Of All, Feb. 26, 2002, by Richard DuBoff and Edward Herman

Who Is Osama Bin Laden? by Michel Chossudovsky (12.9.2001)

Why Asians should reject Nato strikes, As the 'humane' bombs fall from the skies of Yugoslavia, human rights advocates fall over themselves to support the onslaught. But before they buy war, they should first read the fine print on the label, writes Steven Gan, valid still today as the mental conditions have not change yet,by Steven Gan (german version)

Why Did the WTC Buildings Collapse? (02.06)

World War in Africa by


WTO, WB, IMF, MAI, WEF.... - against Neo-Liberalism - GLOBALIZATION from below...."Our World is not for Sale"


In the domain of Christianity the concept of a God who reserves his love for the diligent and wealthy is leading to the callous exploitation of both the human and material resources of our planet. The idea of a Saviour keeps our self-healing energies unutilised in paralysing fatalism. The concept of a God who favours a chosen people is preventing, even after the experience of the holocaust, a learning process towards tolerant peaceableness and equal cooperation with people who have been deprived of their homeland. The concept of a God who fights for his ideas with fire and sword gives rise to the madness of a Holy War. The idea of a male God is used to disadvantage women. The idea of a God outside our human existence deprives us of our own responsibility. The mechanical idea of karma favours the maintenance of the status quo: those of low status have to blame themselves for it while those at the top can revel in their self-righteousness! The view that we exist separate from Nature and are meant to rule over it perverts the instinct of self-preservation into an unfeeling, merciless craving for power.

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