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"In view of the current state of our planet the capital-oriented neo-liberal 'laisser-faire' policy called globalization must be regarded as sheer vandalism sanctioned by the governments."  

BSE and Continuing Madness


Politicians and their Wrong Mandators

By Wolfgang Fischer

(german) (spanish) (pdf.printfile)


In view of what happened around BSE we may bury our last hopes of expecting responsibility or competence from the caste of politicians.

So as to remain honest, those who have been able to retain some measure of critical judgment in the midst of all the political madness, are being forced to turn against the ruling political system. Otherwise they run the risk of being totally numbed by the political lies and, whether willingly or not, sharing the guilt of complicity in the sacrifice of Life for the benefit of Capital.

On the national as well as the European level it is becoming increasingly obvious that the prime concern of politics is not the welfare of the citizens and safeguarding of basic necessities but solely the welfare of a seemingly insatiable agricultual/ industrial/ capital conglomerate.This same tendency is evident world-wide. MAI (the Multilateral Agreement for Investment) may have failed to succeed for the time being; however, we are now witnessing attempts, to set the course for the vital requirements of Capital in contrast to those of Life via WTO, 'humanitarian wars' and certain other hypocritical programmes such as 'Plan Colombia'.

So far nationally in Germany at least the appearance and façade of a democratic legitimation of the politicians has been maintained, whereas on the European level not even an attempt to do so is being made. New members of the E.U. are required to submit to laws and regulations which contradict any understanding of democracy whilst destroying grown and proven social structures. But on the national level, too, democratic process is being merely regarded as a nuisance and thus consistently disregarded - as is proven by the restructuring of the German army - in secret and without parliamentary approval - into a military force that can be used outside our boundaries although according to the constitution it was set up for national defence.

Individuals and institutions who have never held a mandate from the people are creating guide-lines and regulations which, lacking any regulatory function concerning the welfare of the community, can even break national, democratically evolved laws. A mere glance at the set of regulations relating to food or the purity standards concerning the water we drink and the air we breathe will show how we are all being deceived. The price we'll have to pay in the end will be our health, and by now even the health of our children and grandchildren.

It ought to be the task of politics to work out the guide-lines for a healthy development of public welfare, and then sensitively to guard this general welfare and its foundations against harm coming from any side. However, besides the liberalisation of public enterprises and the privatisation of necessary social structures, the recently planned privatisation of schools and universities in particular shows that nothing is sacred any more to our politicians. Educational institutions providing the mental nourishment for each new generation are to be transformed into private companies making profits or being supported by industrial or other lobbies. To believe the freedom of teaching will remain untouched by this development is to ignore the reality of financial interests on the side of the sponsors. Apart from one-sided reporting in the media, the emphasis in teaching will tend to favour those interests, which is endangering the unrestricted spiritual and mental potential that helps us cope with the increasing challenges and complexity of everyday living. The threat to academic freedom through generating financial depency must necessarily lead to a curbing of the vital ability to voice criticism. This kind of manipulation at the foundations of free societies is the ultimate proof that politics has long begun to pursue goals of an entirely different order.

This will become evident once we expose the lie that politicians are acting according to the mandate of the electorate.They do act as they are told to by the industrial lobby; it seems they have chosen to be the slaves of Capital for good.

In the final resort it is ERT (the European Round Table of Industrialists) who determines the course of the ship Europe, without any democratic control and in many ways against the common interest.

Apart from many other scandals, the scandals around BSE, too, have for years been proof of the ingrained greed and lack of responsibility of the protagonists, in this case the Mafia of the meat and pharmaceutical industries.

Instead of accountable, large-scale scientific research designed to recognise and ward off any dangers, with an open sharing and discussion of the results, we are given consistent mis-information. Scientists and vets are facing interference and obstruction on the both theoretical and practical levels, as well as threats (Dr. Margit Herbst in Schleswig Holstein) or even murder (a Belgian vet opposing the antibiotica Mafia). Information is being falsified or withheld in the interest of the agro-pharmaceutical industry to the detriment of public health and wellbeing. The strategy is successful. BSE and related diseases are spreading and certain important questions are not being asked.

Who is today questioning the statement that BSE is an epidemic although to this day no causative organism has been able to be identified?

Who has knowledge concerning the open questions regarding prions and their origin? The theory published in 1996 in the magazine 'raum&zeit' according to which prions are not the cause but themselves already the consequence of contamination through a neurotoxic agents (Phosmet) is being officially ignored and finds no echo in the rest of the media.

In the case of proof of intoxication the producing pharmaceutical company could expect liability claims amounting to billions of dollars. By contrast, an epidemic or infectious disease is an expression of force majeure, is fate!


Are we then the victims of Fate - or are we being exposed to risks which are accepted by the politicians in full awareness?

The British government is expecting quite calmly that around 250,000 people will die as a consequence of the BSE risk. It must be asked what right German politicians have to be demanding today that consumers should carry the cost of BSE testing since they wanted high quality meat. Is the widening disaster the fault of the consumers, or is it not in fact the politicians who are truly to blame, having for years denied that there was any danger? Wo will hold them responsible, if not at last the people?

Article 20 of the German constitution reads: "The Federal Republic of Germany is a democratic and social federal state. All executive power emanates from the people. The legislature is bound to the constitutional order, the executive power and the jurisdiction are bound to law and justice. Against anyone undertaking to remove this order, all Germans have the right to opposition if no other solution is possible."

European right which contravenes the constitutional right of individual member states turns to wrong. Not least of all, the European Union Charter of Basic Rights is proof of a regression concerning the quality of rights: the adjudging, through a special act of volition - here amounting to an act of grace on the part of the European Union, of human dignity "also" to old people, "also" to children: this in itself amounts to dividing and violating the (according to the German constitution) sacrosanct and indivisible human dignity of a being meant to be free.

It might help if through boycott of the elections as well as through other actions the politicians and political parties were stripped of all legitimation. Maybe the threat of being exposed through the loss of the last remaining fig-leaf of democracy would remind them of their real mandate and their mandators.

Let's make it happen: All power emanates from the people!


Recommended Reading:

- Belen Balanya, Ann Doherty, Olivier Hoedeman, Adam Ma' anit & Erik Wesselius, EUROPE INC: Regional & Global Restructuring and the Rise of Corporate Power. London, Pluto Press, 2000

- Veronika Bennholdt-Thomsen, Nick Faraclas und Claudia von Werlhof (Hg), There is an Alternative. Subsistence and worldwide Resistance to Corporate Globalization, London, zed press, 2001


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