WHITSUNTIDE - Celebration of Mental Orientation?

Of Unifying Vision? Or...

..... only another delightful holiday weekend? Leisure time with ring riding, riflemen's meeting, fair? Spreading holy spirit over the young, does this today still mean something for us? Traditions with which sense?

by Wolfgang Fischer

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Mental orientation? On what and where to?

As social and pleasant many of our celebrations are, so much they offer us recovery and diversion from everyday problems, so urgently we must not ignore exactly those problems, which oppose inter-human peace and comprehensive justice. Everything falls back to us. Meanwhile we live in a global village. And if only one village member is not feeling well, then also all the others suffer from it.

The real obstacles in direction of paradise on earth are to be found nowhere else than in ourselves. Despite of multiple confessions to peace we lack true intention to create living conditions in a common world-wide effort which leave no losers behind.

For too many of us it is still completely normal and "natural" that the stronger one is rightful and personal material profit is a worthwhile goal of life. Our societies are based on competition, which destructively embraces everything. Enriching at the expense of others however represents a goal, which stands against public welfare and makes peace impossible.

As long as our mental orientation in favour of an outward and alleged luck of particulars neglects deep satisfaction of community on earth, so long all the most different realities we are heading for will disguise the unifying and ever lasting truth.

As soon as we widen our perspectives beyond the obstacles and borders which have grown historically, we inevitably recognize the fact that we all are the same, born in the same light, independent of skin colour or regional origin. Once recognized, we always focus in direction of our true origin. Much too satisfying, emotionally warming is this light, never ever we could lose it again after the painful learning lessons of mankind history. The connection to the light of origin is nothing but our unifying life religion.

The trivial becomes the divine service, the service to the genuine. Separation and fragmentation thinking and acting into political and religious spheres have led into the maze of different realities. They have created those realities and thus are blocking an open view at the essential. By inspiring a culture with all those spiritual-religious as well as political hereditary treasures which are valuable and of benefit for universal welfare, we create a culture which makes our life safe. Thus we create our human instinct, the implementation of which suffering creature has long been waiting for.

Praying alone: "Your realm shall come" is too weak, too faint-hearted and in respect of damages we cause it is just irresponsible. Nobody is to be made excessive demands of, however, time has come to make clear, especially for those adherent to monotheistic religions, that it depends on us what is and what shall be. No longer we can wait for God or other authorities. We are responsible. And entire evolution backs us.

If it is said: "you are not to make yourself a picture of God!", this means we are requested to avoid fighting for a "right or true" image of God and we should focus on creature as being the mirror of GAIA, or, to whom this does not mean anything, we should focus on nature as being the reflection of life energy. Nature is our teacher. In the end we also learn from ourselves as we are part of nature. We have to support her, as it cannot be ingenious to fight her. It does not pay if we destroy her. We would destroy ourselves.

Being aware of authority of life, of all the power of evolution assisting us we are released from fear and ready to overcome the last obstacle on our road to the goal of humanity. Openly we confess to global community of life. We refuse our support to planners of gaining power by means of death and destruction and to owners of rule over war and greed. More still: we invite them to follow our vision. In continual relation to each other and to necessities for our habitat we succeed in organizing world community for an all-round advantage. United in spirit we finally create peace, which already waited for us for a long time.

We receive and maintain this peace from now on by - before following new ideas - examining them first for their benefit regarding global community. Such an examination is not only a question of cool science, it is rather an experience of the whole, a sensitive adjustment with all our mental as well as emotional abilities, it is consequence and implementation of human responsibility in regard to everything which is dear and worth.

By doing so we gain a world, which we can present to our children with pride and confidence. A world which does not require fees, where nobody has to pay for a right to exist. A world where common properties like atmosphere, water, territory are regarded as such and are not sold to exploitation. A world in which material wealth in relation to desperate poverty is no longer regarded as an indication of success or divine right but is regarded as what it is: a reference to theft, robbery at public welfare, as offences at creation, as ignoring our task of life, as a blasphemy.

EASTER - Celebration of Resurrection?


 Christians celebrate resurrection of Christ; non-Christians celebrate resurrection of nature some of them with heathenish customs like Easterfires, others with a conscious regarding of plants and animals.

Certainly there are also combinations of celebrating. Many people probably celebrate Easter as such not at all, but use those holidays for an extended weekend, for sport and recovery.

Resurrection? What for and why?

It is time to understand Easter more broadly and more comprehensively because it refers to resurrection of possible and truthful human species as it is prepared by creation or by nature.

Similar to development of caterpillars to butterflies human indivuduals would have to resurrect

- from beings, who deny responsibility,

to such, which bear reality

- from beings, who define and isolate themselves ever more,

to such, who are sociable

- from beings, who always and exclusively function by being socially conditioned,

to such, who structure themselves and modify society too

- from selfish beings, who are poor in self perception,

to such, who transcend themelves

- from beings, who look for success, victory and God,

to such, who find meaning of Life in supporting and celebrating global community


An appropriate new Happy Easter - Message could read:

We are a unique and unmistakable part of resurrecting, i.e. ever renewing, wonderful nature, we carry responsibility for her, for the coming generations and for the habitableness of the planet.

Happy Easter! 

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Emanzipation Humanum, version May 2004, translation from german to english by the author. Criticism, suggestions as to form and content, dialogue, translation into other languages are all desired