- New World Order? -


Questions, Consequences, Prospects

Do we really want all what is being presented to us by politics day by day, or do we want something quite different? And if yes, what do we really want?

- Do we really want to proceed with war on terror to the bitter end of socio-ecological show-down?
- Do we want to annihilate human rights completely by war on the world's last resources?
- Do we really want to risk life in the competitive treadmills of profit-making?
- Do we really want to sell future by today only because public housekeeping is said to be broke and political concepts are presented without alternative? Where did all the wealth disappear? Where are the alternatives hidden?

On the Necessity to Ask Questions

by Wolfgang Fischer

World views and traditions which did not serve us well enough are to be questioned because their networks of thought and perception shape a behaviour which ruins the world. They radically have to be analysed.

How can kinship of being as the core of matriarchal spirituality be ignored and ridiculed over hundreds of years whereas at the same time people are supposed to believe in impossibilities like a God's son personally walking on water or the transformation of wine into blood which even is being consumed like in cannibalism or miraculous multiplication of money by the system of compound interest tied to the illusion of boundless growth? Such concepts reside beyond physical law, in the realm of nonsense, insanity. Neither can people walk on water, nor does money multiply by itself, money does not live.

Why drown several thousands of people year by year at the maritime borders of today's Europe although the respecting positions of those shipwrecked are well known to seamless satellite intelligence of NATO and European government? Those desperates flee from social conditions within their home countries for which also Europe is not blameless. And how can military means furthermore be thought of to ever solve social problems?

Where are mercy and kindness of an occidental God, to whom even nowadays many Europeans are willing to dedicate their new constitution?

Further open questions:

Confronted by evident madness and injustice, why isn't there more resistance to be found? Why do people let themselves lead astray to such an extend? Why isn't there more resistance of the population to social cuts also within the rich and industrialised countries? Why is growing militarism within societies and international relationships being accepted so easily and hardly opposed? Why can „war on terror" hardly inhibited turn into terror against the world?

Why are social chaos, deep decline of ecology, growing drug-dealing and dealing with people connected to so called humanitarian military engagements not raising more questions?

Being confronted with such destructive social alterations why does even the encountered majority of people hardly react? Human rights are equally crashed like democratic principles or protection of environment. Why do people tolerate to be robbed of their humanitarian achievements of the last hundred years so easily? Facing the globally accelerating race into the abyss of barbarism, where are the out-cries?

There is an imposing answer to these questions:

Too many people do not realize any alternatives to the given political direction. They believe in the neo-feudal strategists of global economic order who preach their politics without alternative by means of capitalist mass media. Like being hypnotically paralysed they fall for the tricks of political fraud. This way too many people are being robbed of their vitality, autonomy and truthful perception. Like robots their expression of life and their needs are limited to the presets, to expected function, consumerism and submission to the given rules. After 5000 years of coining and limitation by the various dominating hierarchies of history autonomous and creative thought only exists within the frames of patriarchal presets. Alternatives seem to be unreal, excluded, impossible, unthinkable.

Still these basic alternatives ever and always exist and they cry out for being seen, accepted and re-vitalized.

The global descent towards the abyss of barbarism everywhere dangerously awakes extremist right movements which for long have been believed to be dead and fatally re-enforces religious fundamentalisms. People do seek solutions, they seek redemption.

Emanzipation ad Humanum / Becoming Humane aims to motivate to release mental blocks which are rooted in self restrictions and which are directed by others as well. The texts and their guidance of thought want to open doors and space for insights which are ancient and still serve a sustainable future. Insights beyond violence and domination, settings of the course towards a healthy world in solidarity.

"It was my first intention to make philosophy an affair of humankind. But, whoever starts this path, necessarily and finally gets to the conclusion to make man an affair of philosophy and to do away with philosophy. Philosophy only becomes an affair of humankind if it simply terminates to be philosophy." (Ludwig Feuerbach)

The quality of organisation of societies and furthermore the goals of their creative power apart from every days necessities progressively are being determined by intellectual concepts for existential understanding. In the past we had the religions in the first place, whereas today predominantly economic mega-philosophies shape every days realities independently from urgent necessities of life and even against those. In their centre are faith in unlimited freedom, in free market and its unlimited potential of growth as well as supposed „naturalness" of an immanently acting violence (against Nature, the weak and different, women, freedom fighters). Those doctrines result in fusing of power and profit at hands of a few. Thought and action of those who pull the strings show a growing loss of sense of reality, which affects all.

Only a different attitude towards violence is able to counter-balance this tendency. We have to break with the tradition of violence of our civilisation. Therefore accustomed limiting mental borders which separate from the open space of Nature's abundance are being analysed and described to make them understandable. Obviously nobody ever would try to transcend borders which are not perceived as to be limiting.

A great danger derives from the strategic manipulation of human mind by institutionalised religions and ideologically restricting administrations to such an extent that it becomes hardly possible for the individual to believe in autonomy, in freedom to make one's own decisions, in joy and peace.

Most of us still cannot imagine reality of paradise on earth.

However, if we cannot imagine something, we will hardly become committed to make it come real. This is the crucial subject for all who strive for a better world. That is why following considerations focus on that subject.

World-view and thought,
which preserves nature's wealth for all


Neither is nature cruel nor are people bad. And it is wrong to claim 'good and evil' to be insurmountably natural. The assertion, wars have ever been and therefor will persist for ever reveals a misleading fundamentalism as expression of a deficient human maturity.

In contrast to the human society, nature does not calculate murder for the sake of secondary interests like wealth or power. Cynicism is a human invention. Behind an alleged cruelty of nature is hidden an order for the well-being of the global whole. Entire nature would be condemned to death, if the participants would not follow the inherent and fundamental laws which feed natural balances.

Until today indigenous peoples of the world prove a deep and self-confident understanding of Nature. Before they, with the exception of few survivors, got slaughtered by ‚civilisation', independent of time and place their warning reads: The way of life of ‚white man' destroys his own existence.

The "original sin" - a mindset with devastating consequences

Already during my childhood I could not understand that the bite into the apple of the tree of knowledge should be forbidden and should have fatal consequences. Enjoying the apple could not have caused to be thrown out of paradise, because a striving for knowledge, learning thus, was exactly what I was expected of to do. Learning should be the foundation for the later chances in life. How can the grasp for knowledge be punishable, be criminal? My answer is: Understanding and striving for know-how, learning thus, never can be wrong. Fatal consequences however can result from handling new findings.

To illustrate my thesis I will describe two different ways in handling the fruits of the tree of knowledge. Firstly a way which makes itself independent, breaking with nature and finally ending up lethally and secondly a way which in constant sensitive feedback between being and consciousness within the natural framework continues to develop into future.

The perverted way

Orders, which are based on domination and subordination, aim against a natural, creative and diversifying order. Such orders achieve progress by threatening with punishment and by real use of violence on the one hand and by promising illusionary unlimited freedom on the other. Such a progress originates from human defective concepts which basically have been shaped by patriarchy. Such a progress grows on destruction of natural diversity, integrity & unity.

In the course of thousands of years violent support of the dominating order solidifies the ruling system. It becomes intrinsic and therefore, despite enlightenment and other emanzipative steps, it still is being considered by too many people as to be alternativeless, normal and allegedly natural. Obstruction and destroying of the actually underlying natural order are completely ignored by many people or even approvingly accepted by others. Learning processes intended by nature are falsified in the interest of the perpetuation of the ruling order while the art of adulteration is presented to be progressive policy. An orientation to overall well-being is sacrificed for the striving for advantages at the expense of disadvantages which is pretended to be without any alternative.

Perception of urgency and overwhelming dimension of the global state of distress which is caused by this kind of conduct of life confronts all people without any exception automatically with the moral imperative to break any laws and customs which are hostile to life. People who oppose this life long illusion are persecuted again and again in the course of history, because they don't want to betray life and nature. Finally however they will succeed or humanity will terminate to exist.

The natural way, evolution of being

The alternative way assumes that individual understanding will turn into collective property just because of pure intention to survive and because of natural love for life and is used for the well-being of the Garden of Eden.

Pain and joy in handling everything lead towards a clear orientation, since there are no alien interests, which obstruct or falsify the free flow of information. Life remains oriented at the intactness of the whole. Continuously considering the subsistence of all secures a sequential natural development and diversification of life, its possibilities, abilities and fruits in the abundance of the Garden of Eden. A general consideration is meaning and purpose of all religion, the actual humane and natural culture. Since humans neither genetically nor by instinct are bound by a life-supporting behaviour due to their liberties given by birth, in contrast to the plants and animal world they are forced to learn such a behaviour if they want to survive. If humanity is interested in survival, we have to develop a planetary culture, which in continuation of the traditions of indigenous cultures promotes ecological and social behaviour and outlaws damaging of eco-social intactness. Such a culture continues the tradition of genetic creativity. Such a culture is conservatively creative. Such a culture is just the opposite of today's consuming and destroying liberalistic way of life.

Basic conditions of natural being

Starting from the assumption of a heavenly togetherness of all partners of life, such a situation cannot be improved. Nature is perfectly organized and develops according to its inherent creative totality. Everything is related in the benefit of the total well-being. The quality of such a kind of being is creative in the meaning of an increasing diversification both of the physical structures as well as its possibilities and abilities. Only the free intention of humans brings imponderability into this context and can humiliate being up to its threatening destruction.

If we start from socio-political reality, love for life only can lead to a transformation of the destructive and cynical kind of reality which has been shaped by patriarchy/history into a different reality which is senstively shaped by current needs. The direction of this transformation is a development towards true humanity, it is emancipatory.

In contrast to the approach of political theories, which only strive for a change of the conditions of ownership and political power, and in contrast to the approach of those religions, which faint-heartedly or on purpose deny the divine identity of Life thus opening the doors for exploitation and suffering, I start more deeply in human psyche. I am interested in answers to the question, which are the enigmatic conditions and relations, which rather cause the creation and acceptance of dreadful realities than entail a readiness of people to believe in paradise on earth.

It became obvious to me that it is the cultural conditions and spiritual orientations, which are experienced under influence of natural factors (climate, geology, cosmos) and are created as well as human factors (intention, freedom of making choices) and which represent the basic conditions for the development of the individual as well as for societies.

In the lucky case of natural orientation towards nature and its laws, towards transcendent experience and readiness to get involved in cosmic reality these basic conditions remain to be of benefit for nature, matriarchal, indigenous, divine, creative, complete and healthy, dedicated and limited to life. Life as such is liturgy full of glory and abundance.

Alternatively, in the case of substitution of the lucky one, coerced, trained orientations predominate towards imagined goals; towards assumptions, for which nature, diversity and integrity are being sacrificed; towards metaphysical guidelines which are supposed to lead beyond physical possibility and which deny a cosmic order and assume or construct arbitrary orders - like patriarchal, monotheistic cultures in which violent civilisations root -, which are mostly aligned in favour of advantages for a few at expense of disadvantages for all the others - unnatural in themselves, contemptuous of life, parasitic, splitting and martially dedicated finally to destruction. Life here becomes coping with life. Glory and abundance are destroyed because of delusions.

All people of good will are morally committed to contribute to the creation of cultural conditions, which are dedicated to survival. We need to dissolve the mists and shadows of wrong or insufficient philosophy of life, understanding of religion, faith, politics, ideology, conception of man which ignore a culture, which maintaines society since times immemorial and which will serve future generations too. Such a culture offers space and opportunity to educate, better: to let emerge open minds and sensitive human beings who do not sacrifice life any longer to secondary interests because they keep on feeling the pain what it costs. This is why experience is essential and does not need to be restricted. Let us be confident! Sensitive learning can be achieved at low levels of pain and destruction the sooner in individual life the better. Only such way global holocaust can be stopped.

We only will spare ourselves loss and destruction in the exponential extremes of delusion of growth and fetishism of numbers, we only will escape from captivity in the web of tensions between good and evil, from the battlefield of Kuruksetra of Vedic literature, from the self-produced global nightmare if we improve our behaviour towards dignity and respect for the other's Life. Only the social dimension, its diversity, joy and abundance makes life worth while and safe. Let us support the social dimension in our own interest.

Paradise is where we respect the limits of Nature, the borders of Nature's laws.

Wolfgang Fischer

We Need Uniting And Inspiring Ideas!

Motivation towards a really new World Order

Wolfgang Fischer


We don't need less than a quantum leap of consciousness, we need uniting and inspiring ideas! Otherwise I hardly see the millions and millions of people gathering which it takes to produce sufficient pressure on the the centres of the capitalist violent power complex. Mass movements are a necessary counterpart to oppose the unlimited interests of corporate industry market, money domination and military power. A quantum leap of consciousness is essential at the same time to facilitate a greater solidarity amongst all the different groups and movements. Such a solidarity amongst critics of globalisation, peace movements and green movement, human rights and migration activists, the leftists and other progressive groups is urgently needed to reinforce their efficiency to create a peaceful and just world order. Decisive is the vision we wish to make come true - far beyond the categories of capitalism, communism and the institutional religious offers.

As far as I understand evolution, the common self apprehension of mankind as being ‚the dominator on earth' proves to be basically false and misleading.

Always and at any time of history there have been individuals with respect for their fellow beings, humans, animals, plants, nature. I name them 'mature humans'. Reaching human maturity depends on individual socialization, a learning process which we all depend on. This learning process leads to an authentic living. It turns us into autonomous personalities, who very well are aware of their dependency on natural interconnectedness of all being. Such a knowledge automatically leads to voluntary servicing the social and natural context. Societies being built up upon these mental foundations, reflect these foundations within their corresponding culture. Societies of this kind always have been and always are peaceful and sustainable societies. Likewise do different mental foundations cause completely different kinds of societies. We have the choice!

Human culture is the evolutionary progress of plant's drive and animal's instinct. The necessity to develop an appropriate culture arises because of the freedom of will which evolved in humankind.

Unfortunately, the necessary and permanent learning process can be hampered and manipulated. And always has been manipulated at least in societies of patriarchal imprint. Their structures of hierarchy which monopolize physical and intellectual power are hampering the naturally scheduled learning processes by violence (physical force) or dogma (intellectual force). Result is a loss of natural and self containing existence (lat. esse, to be) in favour of an alienated life (beyond paradise) where the wholeness and sanity is replaced by being torn to pieces, by scarcity and by increasing insanity (lat. inter-esse, literal: to be between). Interests of various excrescence (e.g., might, money, violence, greed, grudge) grow unlimited costing the destruction of life's integrity. Today the consequences of such a way of life threaten to destroy the social and ecological boundaries of living space.

It is exactly this context from which the struggle for a better world has to understand it's task, to implement necessary changes, if the chances of succeeding generations shall not be destroyed by today.

Mature, real humans, people with fully developed and responsible human potential, are the yeast in the process of motivation towards an inspiration of more and more actively dissident people. Even high ranks of military personnel, chief executive officers and political leaders are humans, whose hearts and souls one day will be reached as it is also their life and the life of their beloved ones which is endangered.

This leads us to the well experienced alternative to the above mentioned learning process: learning by pain. Pain and suffering are signals which cannot be ignored without consequences. Finnally, within a superior coherence, they force upon a perception of concern and responsibility which beforehand had been denied or at least ignored. The increasing pain and mischief due to growing social, economical and ecological pressures caused by the predominant system has only one decisive purpose: to open us up and soften us to make us ready to develop within ourselves a true humanity.

This is not just a spiritual or a personal lesson. It is also a political lesson, which seeks to empower us to implement long waiting necessary changes.

Let's get up and engage in actively reinstalling social and ecological justice starting in our private spheres. Let's discuss and spread enlightening information as a remedy against paralysing main stream media lies. Let's organize wider beyond ingrained limits and let us be present wherever we are needed to demonstrate resistance against injustice and inhumanity, against war and destruction of environment and to proof our wish to make a better world come true.

Nature gives plenitude! Scarcity is a consequence of disturbance of nature and its regulating operations.

A general acceptance of responsibility at a global scale still is missing and waiting for implementation.

That is why hope-spreading changes for mankind and nature are still to come.

Social concepts have to compete for this goal!

(pdf.printversion )

Some questions and answers are being placed for discussion to find out whether there are more people of a similar vision. A vision which identifies our common and unique source of life. A vision which identifies our common source with our common and real religion. Focussing on our common source or religion (re-ligere, lat. to connect to the origin, tech. feedback) - so my thesis - will empower all of us who we are engaged in local movements and will path the way for a different organisation of world wide political institutions and power. Social and/or Consulta Europea and/or other members of Civil Society outline such possibilities against mainstream media lies. A gathering and combining of all the ideas of different origins will spread hope into a world of encreasing despair. All existing movements will unite who stand for a globalization of peace, justice and environmental protection. They will improve their cooperation and get stronger in order to build a better world for all of us in common and global endeavours.

I - How to achieve Open Information and Understanding of Life, Ecological Preservation and Social Justice? How to learn to behave responsible? General agreement on mental foundations (values and principles) of a sustainable world is as important as individual diversity of ideas about the realization of our visions. We urgently need a fair competition of our ideas.

The 'insanity' of motivations which still cause destruction of Fauna and Flora of the biosphere has to be addressed. Such motivations have to be outlawed in general. Mental foundations of a sustainable future have to be discussed and published. A 'sane' social and ecological orientation can be liberated only within a culture which is based on cooperation with Nature. Such a culture will be a therapeutical culture, will be a culture of warm-hearted people.

As many humans still lack the 'instinctive' security of creative thinking and acting we have to learn how to serve Life on earth. We have to foster a learning process which will help us to achieve the ability to prevent a final and terminating man made catastrophe. Let us take the chance given to us by Mother Nature! She has risked her life by giving us freedom of will. Our fellow beings more or less are bound to genetically fixed drive (Flora) or instinct (Fauna). The given freedom by evolution has created a new and vast potential. Let us demonstrate maturity by placing this potential into voluntary service for our environment! Let us live our identity in which we can accept personal responsibility. Sensitivity creates identity. Feeling personally concerned we become empowered to create change.

Three Theses:

1. A precondition for the development of a profound understanding of life and the world around us is freedom of thought, open communication and comprehensive information unfettered by dogma or ideology. Individual responsibility develops on the basis of a high degree of understanding which is increasing through lifelong experience and continuous learning. Competition serves only to increase mutual tolerance within the eco-systems and societies of our planet. Solidarity is conducive to increasing personal motivation and happiness whilst dissolving addictions and anxieties. An unbiased view of the world will become a powerful motivator for political action for the benefit of the entire planet. The mature human spirit will create the material and emotional preconditions for universal prosperity and peace. The truth will set us free.

2. Where there is an awareness of earth being the common basis of us all, social disparities dissolve. The joint utilization and preservation of the global resources of energy and commodities will foster the development of a global society. By preserving ecological contexts the surplus yields will be used for the benefit of disadvantaged areas. Resources and knowledge will serve humanity to realize a sustainable society.

3. Social justice of social systems as well as economic systems and industries which are compatible with the principles of ecology are prerequisites for survival on earth.

Is the evolutionary aspect relevant which is regarding the human race as not yet mature? Is this aspect helpful and motivating?

The 3 thesis are quoted from ‚Global Responsibility' an essay to be found: []

II - What might be basic values and principles for a better world? Which world view will manage to consider a necessary balance between differences?

How do we manage to gain a tolerant attitude towards different cultural concepts? How do we overcome barriers in order to reach a better mutual understanding? Barriers which are rooted in traditional nationalisms and other elitist mental structures. How do we find a real understanding of the idea of Globalism and Universalism?

We have to reallize the risks which are rooted in certain mental barriers, for example: the mono polar dimension and its dangers within the idea of the monotheism of the three leading religions of the world: Juwishness, Christianity and Islam. The monotheistic cultures suffer from destructive schisms or splittings as they tend to monomania: here the good and there the evils! We have to consider and respect the well known and ancient concepts of for example eastern ‚TAO' and/or southern ‚Orden Andino'. Within their concepts the basic requirement of peaceful existence is consideration of the principle of complementary and proportional dualism within everything in the cosmos.

The idea of a singular god or a ‚chosen people' is ‚monolithic', static and misleading towards exclusiveness, egoistical individualism, intolerance. This idea is the peak of anthropocentrism and patriarchy. It is part of the historical and still valid and active roots of the dangerous situation of world society today.

Only if we give up our one-sidedness in order to maintain the freedom to decide we have the chance to develop an attitude which respects inherent principles which are useful for life. Such an attitude will be characteristic for mental maturing and will open the eyes for the injustice which an elitist mentality has caused and still is forcing upon this planet and its inhabitants.

For those interested, here is more to read in ‚The Social „Defence-System", Our View of Humanity Decides our Future' []
and also:
5 Cornerstones of a Responsible World - View

III - What is Mental Maturity? Is a different conception of human or mental maturity able to focus our minds on a learning process which urgently needs to be completed on a global level?

An improved notion of Human or Mental Maturity could be the key for further cultural development. Don't you feel that this idea might be able to embrace all the different, essential and socializing aspects we found and shared in our respective spaces? Don't you think that the idea of a common learning process replacing the biblical idea of ‚man being the crown of creature' would place all of us ‚westerners and/or occidentalized' to a more modest position? Such a learning process could respect all cultural ideas from all parts of the planet which ever have been generated. If we succeed to relate them to social and ecological justice in a local as well as global scale, we could manage to adopt a world view which will lead to a sane future for all of us. First step of such a learning process could be to face history as it really was. We could replace all manipulations of history by the so called 'winners' at the bitter cost of a broad majority of losers with the authentical and unmasking information how history took place and why things happened the way they did.

Only if we succeed in overcoming prejudices and find to clear sights upon historic as well as actual reality, we will have the chance to learn. After the breakdown of 'really existing socialism' capitalism in the cloak of globalisation is definitely not the alternative. A New Historical Project will be given birth.

IV - How and where to begin with? How to change global political structures against the broad influence of those with power and money? Does it not seem to be easier to build new structures which, due to their being transparently interrelated, will control themselves?

Such structures are bound to the global community, the social and ecological co-operative of equal partners. Competition is focused to understand nature in order to become able to copy nature's principles. Keeping and fostering nature's circles of energy and material replaces the coercion of making money (destructivity by unlimited economical growth) thus optimizing coexistence of man and nature.

Prerequisites for achieving this essential goal are: to abolish the money system of compound interest as well as private property of territory. Only if the worshipping of Mammon is stopped and only if the earth's spaces, territories and waters are regarded as being the property of life on earth handed from one generation to the next, only then it will be possible to guarantee a basic income.

Basic income for every member of world society is the social fundament which:

1) will bring up equality in rights and duties,
2) will welcome diversity of ideas,
3) will enable solidarity as a basic human attribute
4) will give the space for subsidiarity and self management.

I do hope there are plenty ideas how to transform this vision into reality! Any structure of global governance has to be based on horizontal networking.

Emancipation from patriarchal hierarchies is essential if we want to succeed in creating sustainable societies.

Advocating a Change from Patriarchal Civilisation to a Sustainable Society

Characteristics of Patriarchal Civilisation (Monotheism (1), Violence, War, Alienation)

1. Lies, Control of Learning, Reaping Advantage (Manipulation, Arbitrariness, Ambiguity)

2. Threats, Dominance, Destruction of the Diversity of Life (Centralisation, Monopolization)

3. Treating the Natural Essentials of Life with ridicule and indifference, serving values such as Power and Capital (Blasphemy)

Civilisation is the planned endeavour to disregard, oppose and replace the general foundations of life with the aim to create an artificial environment that's totally controllable: the Total Market. (Domination: Rule over the earth!)

In Civilisation, progress means creating distance from the natural state - a distance which is becoming increasingly insurmountable. The basis for this is the erroneous idea that Nature is in need of improvement. In attempting to replace Nature through technology and thereby disregarding vital connections, Civilisation is compulsively destroying itself as well as Nature.

Characteristics of a Sustainable Society (Solidarity and Peace being the Fruits of real Worship, or to address also the atheist: being the Result of Genuine Life)

1. Truthfulness, open-minded learning, consideration for others (Justice, Coherency)

2. Dialogue, solidarity, maintenance of Biodiversity (Subsidiarity, Transparency)

3. Responsible treatment of the environment, being considerate of the connection between ecology and society (Integrity).

The Sustainable Society is an expression of loving respect for the basic essentials of life, maintaining them with the aim of creating the least possible disturbance of Nature in its function of nourishing and supporting life on earth (Free Flow of Information, Confidence, Cooperation).

In the Sustainable Society an economy in conformity with Nature safeguards our connectedness with the basic essentials of life. The Sustainable Society naturally assumes Nature to be the Source of its existence. Through increasing knowledge and aware sensitivity it proves its ability to survive, generating a culture of togetherness and cooperation.

1) referring to the God, with whom DEALS are being made, with whom counter-natural interests are being forced upon the planet. The God, with whom people are being threatened, with whom they are being pushed under tyranny, with whom they are being mentally and physically enslaved, with whom they are being kept unfree, uncritical and unaware. The God, who is being used as a weapon against Humanity and Nature. The God, in whose name is being tortured, killed and destroyed and is being acted in a way, which guarantees only little good - but much money and control, much misfortune! - Religions and other world views should let themselves be measured by the degree to which they respect life and its socio-ecological requirements. On the fertile soil of reverent and aware gratitude in the face of Life any destructive tendency will wither whilst Love can grow.

The past five millennia of human history are an expression of the violent suppression of a development striving to unfold in harmony with Nature and the environment. The base motivation (deficient mentality) of a minority who secured means of suppression for itself at the expense of an overwhelming majority appears still to dominate, continuing its work of destruction on a global scale.

Emanzipation Humanum understand itself as a initiative for increasing critical awareness of personal and social responsibility. We encourage to think and act with a warm heart against the emotional cold and the lies of political correctness. Via internet short essays in german, english and spanish on the subject „criticism of globalisation and sustainable alternatives" are being offered: Mental Foundations of a Sustainable World.

Christian-westerly tradition, which already celebrates mankind as being the „crown of creation", is being confronted with the notion of a cultural learning and maturing process, the exit of which still is completely open. A cultural evolution, which is opposing the genetic evolution and even destroying it, as being proved by the extermination of encreasing numbers of species, transforms Earth into a sewer and necessarily leads to a selfinduced holocaust.

Real solidarity amongst people and with nature - like shown by certain threatened or already nihilated peoples - is a true alternative. Solidarity is being recognized as expression of human maturity. The ruling dis-culture of selfishness will be overcome. A sympathetic culture finally will confirm the creativity of the genetic evolution and will create completely new possibilities in advantage of Life.

Emanzipation Humanum (Liberation of Humanity) [] is aiming to strengthen neccessary reform movements. It will do so by pointing out feasible solutions wherever 'progress' has so far been the sole voice calling the tune, and by pointing out important connections in areas where these have so far been largely ignored.

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