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Nature and Civilisation


I After us, the Deluge, Vlad. Parkhom

Hi Vladimir,

your text reveals many ideas and conclusions which sound familiar to my understanding of our existence. What pleases me very much is your emphasizing about human life being a task and not just being fun without any chance for satisfaction. Thank you very much for having suggested your opus to me.

The whole universe is built upon only a few physical laws and constants. And only due to their highly specific character (anthropic principle) the universe expanded the very way it did after the big bang - and still it does slowly, preparing and keeping Life-favourable conditions on earth and may be elsewhere too.

Those laws are inherent to everything, even to God watching the whole situation and may be waiting to manifest him/herself by evolution.

Everything went fine so far except for the moment humankind came into the game. Whereas all Life before the new development was bound directly to DNA's order or indirectly to DNA based and serving instinct - humankind is not so. We are free. That means we are lost or we are voluntarily as bound to Life as all living beings before us. All left to our own decision. We are free to think and act either way.

The new evolutionary development is the two halves of brain's hemispheres together with new organs to think and speak and to act. The two halves of the new brain act as mirrors which have to reflect existence. Human brains aim is to reflect existence in an authentical way, that is as it is: productive, cooperative and creative.

In order to achieve this goal humankind is fighting it's way through history, through ideologies and through religions only to form, condition and prepare human consciousness and awareness about it's total responsability (in respect to it's creating laws). I name this "fight" the evolutionary Learning Process of humankind.

The Learning Process of the new species bears a high risk for mother Nature as she herself becomes object of human investigations. Under regular conditions the Learning Process is kept alive and moving by ratio and sensibility (by thinking and feeling), both at the same time. Indigenous peoples still were aware of this necessity of Life. They would use their brains and their moods by dancing and other trance techniques to enhance the possibilities of sleep in preparing compatibility between actual life and Life in general.

Sleep, dream and trance are tools to keep us tuned on the right path of Life (may be it is during those phases of life that individual gain is being transferred to DNA structure - although this would contradict Crick's tabu and the verdict over Lamarck).

However as soon as ratio is dominating over sensibility as it happens to be in all patriarchate societies further development becomes dangerous and destructive. An artificial world is being built against real nature, nature "even has to be improved", power is dominating justice, money becomes the GOD to rule over everything else, money and material gain are being worshipped dispite to the sacrifice of Life. Civilisation as being represented by patriarchate is endangering the creativity of DNA, it's healthiness and it's creativity for further complexity.

Speech - also a new feature of our species - is a powerful instrument as words may represent virtually anything, so we are taught by research on hypnosis. Due to their mighty powers it is indispensable to have words represent an authentical order. That concerns our way of thinking and our conception of the world, both have to reflect reality as it is - not as we want it to be or think it might be. All of this is part of the Learning Process, it is the most vulnerable part as it is frequent object to manipulation by the interests of power.

The main problem today is power and lack of sensibility, both of which are obstacles to the progress of human Learning Process towards a complex growing awareness of: being ONE humankind, being completely responsable for nearly everything happening on Earth and being obliged to obey and follow Creative Law. We have to overcome national borders and egoistic interests, we must develop our social instinct globally in order to survive.

Evolution tries to keep up with man made progress. That also implies that all man made creations (Technaea) are forced to be compatible with Creative Laws. We have to reset ourselves and our products to Creative Law Conditions, otherwise there won't be any future for us.

This, of course, is a political challenge. What can be done individually? We have to put into question our comfortable habits, nearly everything, and prove their compatibility in respect to social progress in a global dimension. We might spread awareness of being only a part of a huge creatively functioning system called GAIA. We might share the idea that evolution did not stop yet but still is willing to create new dimensions of complexity, may be even a new metamorphosis (there already have been so many before). It certainly could even be the metamorphosis of God's Self, waiting to take place as soon as we give way to a real creative and loving world. We are responsable, knowing or not knowing!


Vlad., you expressed quite a strict opinion about sex and the use of sex. I guess in case one's life is well balanced we are also allowed to create bodily pleasures to each other without the obligatory consequence of making a babies. The responsable use of our bodies' sources of pleasure do not harm anybody, be it heterosexual, autosexual or homosexual - on the contrary: it helps to keep well balanced.

Abortion certainly is a severe act which should be under close control having in mind all the concerning consequences. Abortion certainly can't be an instrument of birth control or even used as a production of pharmaceutical resources - as it is practised at many places nowadays. Child construction under laboratory conditions is the next item which should be thought of to be stopped. All technical development in this direction leads to a dead end road as humankind interferes with evolutionary laws and necessities.

DNA research may be fine for screening some really "no future" disabilities. It also may be fine for genetically produced replacements (hormons like insuline, organs etc.). The problem on this field is the same as everywhere: as long as human help is being tried to be found in a human way it might be o.k. - however, as soon as money interests interfere, risky results are being suppressed in favour of the object to be merchandised.

Dear Vlad. - I do hope my open answer to your text is being accepted. Please do answer and argue in case needed. It is very rarely to find people like you. Most of our companions are occupied only with what they think is their struggle for life. Some really have to struggle. However most of the people in those countries the rich contries consider to be their "natural resources" do not even have the chance to think.

Yours, Wolfgang, 8.3. 2000

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