Emanzipation ad Humanum

Too many of us "civilized people" are being lulled into passivity by false suggestions of so called civilisation.

Too much "civilized" we furthermore have a too positive picture of civilisation and uncritically promote it. From barbarianism towards civilisation! Wow, what an achievement! But in reality, isn't civilisation to a large extent just globally organised barbarianism? Social functions like economy are not limited to support societies. On the contrary. By celebrating and adoring covetousness satisfaction of basic needs, health, happiness and well-being of commonality and nature are being ignored and sacrificed for the voracity of certain ruling minorities. Global eco-social decline no longer can be ignored. Respective facts cannot be repressed without causing further consequences. The losses are annihilating. Are these lamentable losses for anybody reasons to be proud of?

This is not at all about moral or moralising. It is about waking up and getting active. Only when acknowledging that this dark side of civilisation is becoming globalized we might shift our focus from civilising towards humanising thus winning an escape way from apocalypse which we civilized people are bringing upon the world. This primarily means to develop our genuine humane capacities forwards and to create a culture which has overcome the dissociations which are made by civilization as for example: Religion & Politics or - good & evil - States and People. The objective would be a global culture of wholeness and common well-being. We could start with defining socio-political goals beyond talking just about Money & Power and other privileges.

What about Solidarity, Empathy, Subsidiarity, Complementarity - to name but these four principles which since millennia already have guided the traditions many indigenous peoples?

"The global dominance of Western Scientific Materialism came into existence through Western global dominance (editor's note: which often appears insensitive, ignorant and violent, 'Patriarchy' according to Claudia von Werlhof a.o., 'Necrophilia' according to Erich Fromm) through the 'hard power' arising from science and technology, not through empirical proof or superior logical argument. The rising hard power of the East will ensure (editor's note: so to speak 'from below' jointly and in dialogue with world-wide indigenous wisdom and spirituality as for example: The Inka Path of Wisdom or here ) that the world becomes aware of the fact that, in spite of the West's so-called 'Logocentrism' and Science, the logical arguments and the 'transempirical', collectively verifiable, facts of experience reveal that Western philosophy and science are merely mythologies based on Christian-Greek superstitions and the true ontology is that of the primacy of transcendental Pure Consciousness, from which the so-called 'physical world' arises as a temporal manifestation."

- Sutapas Bhattacharya, philosopher

Julia Fischer

Rough and difficult times prove that prevailing solutions rather are to be found by the wisest members of societies than by "the strongest". That is why "super-powers" and their illusions on "security by full spectrum dominance" are more than useless. They exactly are the problem. Neither cleverness nor physical strength are qualities which would guarantee an enjoyable future. Survival depends on wisdom, peaceableness, mental flexibility, team-work, justice. Global life depends on the ability to cooperate and simultaneously to accept naturally given rules which since ever have been known to the culture of many indigenous peoples.

Peaceableness & Global Justice only entail Creative Conviviality

by Wolfgang Fischer - in response to questions by GlobalPeaceBuilders



I - Love

The universe appears as an unfathomably huge space for never ending formation, composition, structuring, transformation, reformation, decomposition and again formation according to cosmic laws. Life is a very special case in the processes of the universe. The forces of the sun and their respective modulation by the stars in our solar system let emerge life on earth. Against all probabilities an ongoing chain of information emerges and creates the ever more complex getting order of Nature. Nature's coherent organisation beginning from subatomic spheres via molecules up to highly differentiated organisms is based on the spiral pulse of life and directs emergence as well as transformation of ever more complex beings. The information of life physically is being stored in the genetic matter of the creatures. The virtual or disembodied aspect of this information can energetically, mentally, spiritually be experienced especially in dream or trance. Anyhow it is as real as anything else. Based on self-referential feedback processes the reality of life by inevitable consequences of any move maintains the creative normality of authentic meaning within the highly complex interrelatedness of all being. Some scientists call this all over creative, mutually supporting and complementing condition Love.

II - Union in Diversity

The main problem today is that still a major part of our human community by respective cultures or religions is being accustomed to tolerate and even defend a destructive normality which in the run of history by human beings ever and again has been forced upon life on earth. Moreover problems are globally being used as a means to make money thus turning the beauty of nature into poisonous waste. Predominantly violence is being used to reach the goals of those in power thus creating ever more problems, dissent and fear. Unashamedly advantage is being taken over one another thus spreading animosity and insecurity. Although the preponderant majority suffers from the overall consequences of such ways of life fundamental alternatives are not being considered by those who set the course. They do not wish to change the situation.

Furthermore since ages the dreams of too many people are being directed by the day and night broadcasts and media outlets of the slave drivers in order to make people believe the underlying message about the supposed necessity to fight against Nature and against each other in order to survive. People are made to believe to be separated from Nature, different from each other, superior to the rest of the creatures. Due to collective suggestions the self esteem of too many people predominantely depends on consumption. Without money you die. People are hoaxed that there is no alternative to subordination of others by rivalry and war - which in reality destroys vitally necessary supporting relationships and creates fear and insecurity which finally entail slaughterous imbalances (1).

That is why too many people do not yet believe in the life supporting power of love. Unfortunately they have not yet experienced the emotionally stabilizing feeling of being interconnected with all and everything. Born on the slave ship of their respective social forms of organisation they have forgotten and/or never experienced the peaceful and abundant garden of their genuine home and origin. This common home of life always exists beyond the deplorable ship of derailed civilisation which because of an unexpressed bondage to conformity like magic is being kept on the fatal course of the vicious circles of history.

To abandon this ship needs courage, empathy, solidarity, trust and confidence, genuine belief in the supporting and comforting existence of the joyful and creative properties of the garden of Nature. The required trust and confidence are mere consequences of a non-violent, inquiring and lovingly encouraging social environment where people in solidarity treat one another and their natural environment with empathy and mutual respect. People do behave humanely and suppliantly when knowing their respective self as from that moment on they do know the equal self of any sentient being as well. The collective and unceasing collaboration of the wisest members of global societies in co-creation will facilitate the liberation of humanity towards its fully humane abilities which are the keys to the safety of unity within the pleasant diversity of a prospering present and future.

My endeavours since years aim to imagine mental or spiritual prerequisites for a peaceful living together on a global scale and to communicate on this subject with people who are interested. Actually this is not about inventing something still unknown „new". On the contrary, it is more about remembering what already had been realised within certain ancient societies and about what till today many people contrary to most of the various prevailing political orders and cultural traditions are trying to revive. It is about acknowledging and realising as far as possible an order which since ever is being provided by Nature.

I also try to explain why we do not have reached the destiny of peace yet showing that not natural but always human made reasons stand against a peaceful conviviality and serenity.

Global Communion gets more likely to become real the more we are able and free to visualise such a situation and condition beyond the „given" realities, to feel its overarching advantages and to believe in the possibility to really make it.

This belief and understanding I think is what faith genuinely is meant to be. A common faith and human certainty which finally would transform into a powerful and life-saving drive of humanity. This specifically human social drive would tend to combine forces within a global effort to leave any inhumanity behind thus proving our fully human potential to contribute as much as possible in healing and maintaining the interconnectedness of all being.

Peacebuilding within the prevailing cultures and their implicitness of physical as well as of psycho-spiritual violence is doomed to fail. Human history is the best proof for the validity of this statement.

Within a Global Culture of Peace on the other hand the principles of non-violence and unlimited dialogue are the keys to growing confidence, to creative autonomy and to a prosperous conviviality.

This culture yet has to be allowed to emerge.

Once adopted however the global culture of peace will confirm Nature instead of destroying her. Only by a common and fully humane culture humanity will be able to join the safety of the interconnectedness of all being.

The many approaches of all those who engage in optimising human behaviour and social organisation on our planet are not in opposition; they are complementary. They stand for mutual tolerance, confidence and patience.

To achieve the goal of a peaceful global society I fear some major shifts - catastrophes included - still might be needed to have more people ask „deeper and decisive" questions. The answers to those questions will support the efforts of an emerging fully humane humanity to adjust the distorted perspective of those who still stick to the paradigm of violence and domination, of injustice, imbalance and blinding material wealth and to make clear what actually needs to be done.

Those who adhere to the idea of „Armageddon" haven't learned yet that war and other concepts of supremacy together with their inherent violence, falsehood and hypocrisy inescapably entail disorganisation and confusion. Those people haven't learned yet the lesson of life; that is to live in peace, to esteem the common weal and to spread cheerfulness as well as life sense.

It is the human being who - be it by purpose or „unknowingly" - brought imbalance into this world. That is why necessarily it again is the human being - fully autonomous yet completely responsible - who has to re-pair and re-balance the integrity of the interconnectedness of all being.

We should do whatever we feel obliged to do and we should consider all those who simultaneously walk into the same direction as our associates.

According to my opinion the golden key can be found by recognition of our common identity as one humanity altogether with its common unfathomable origin.

There may be various ways towards this understanding. So it seems appropriate to continue where we are, to promote our various campaigns, movements, initiatives etc. and above all to remain open and receptive for any new idea which might come up.

Victor Hugo already said that there is no stronger force than the force of an idea who's time has come.

It even could be a revival of the eternal idea of the communion of life - the idea to liberate humanity from the self-made vicious circles of history.

My main efforts are dedicated to this idea. I call it Emanzipation ad Humanum which means liberation towards a fully humane humanity which lives in accordance with its best abilities. [http://emanzipationhumanum.de]

Such conditions already had been organised within many of those civilisations which in the run of history have been annihilated by violence-prone societies.


Three key objectives towards our goal are:

1) To encourage people to stand in for their deeply felt ethical and humane perceptions and desires which stem from beyond any premature national, cultural or religious identifications.

2) To path way towards an understanding that acknowledges entire humanity primarily being one huge human family who is embedded within a matrix of prosperous relations with the environment and whose well-being depends on the non-violent peaceableness of this eco-social network..

3) To familiarise people with the existence and implicitness of a natural and genuine learning process which renders prescriptions completely needless. Quite on the contrary this process must not be interfered by man-made restrictions because an authentic and healthily onward leading outcome of human learning only is guaranteed by firsthand unspoiled experience of the reality of life.


Which are the means that would help to spread a more authentic understanding of what happens around us and thus would provide substantial hope and orientation?

Growing of intellectual and emotional awareness and enlightenment more likely happen when people start to ask questions.

The querist is ready to receive information. Those who ask questions are open for any information regarding the various fields of daily life as well as of philosophical issues. This information can easily be checked by self experience and discussed in dialogue with other interested people.

The objective is to facilitate a perspective on life which beyond any man made restrictions or falsifications gets close to authentic life.

This closeness to authenticity then may cause echo and resonance within others too as all of us belong the identical network of life.

Mutual relationship and resonance within this living network frame a lawful uniting and creative force to organise in self-contained coherent ways. The result is genuine evolution. Natural force of life cannot be impeded without creating crippling effects that consequently lead to all those pathological appearances which humanity suffers from. Metamorphoses and diversifications are part of Nature's means. They can be experienced at any time. They make sense and maintain orientation within the mutually self-supporting and growing Diversity of Life.


Difficulties which still have to be overcome:

Currently the interests of nation states, of institutionalised religions, of economic corporations, of profit focused business and other forms of „narrow-mindedness" may override the genuine interest of life thus fuelling self-destructive forces.

The planet became infected by certain ways of life of humankind, above all by subordinating minorities who create wide-spreading inferiority, deterioration and degradation.

Since only several thousand years racist, ignorant and arrogant ideas of assumed superiority rule over life thus turning vast parts of nature into throw-away-commodities and „producing" a human species who as a consequence of complexes of inferiority on the one hand, of presumptuousness and arrogance on the other is being kept suffering, passive and imprisoned within the walls of the ruling paradigms.

Eventually as a mere consequence of this generalised absurdness humanity gets inclined towards a potential deadly crisis. The only exit out of a general decline is to stop to cannibalistically eat up subsistence of Life. Humanity as an entity has to learn to jointly support the living existence of all being in equal measure.

Currently prevailing efforts of political systems to maintain the paradigm of technical progress by mutilation of nature stand against the common good. Violence still is a widely accepted weapon to defend an overall painful and destructive status quo.

Because of the pervasive influence of mighty patronising parochial institutions vast parts of humanity still are being kept under the shackles of ignorance and fear. Both ignorance and fear tend to obviate the imagination of a peaceful and harmonious reality on which healthy life depends. Both ignorance and fear entail lack of empathy and confidence and even may result in states of disorientation and illusion.

Freely flowing information thus is a key to overcome that unsafe situation by eventually allowing people to experience a „shift of consciousness" beyond well-known premature selfish cravings.

Consequently people attune to intellectual fulfilment and emotional satisfaction within creative social realities of life. Metaphysical (residing beyond Natural laws) concepts and other „religious illusions" stand against a general satisfaction and pacification of the world. Life must not be limited by sensory perceptions or assumptions which might be faulty.

The real world exists far beyond our perceptions as they still might be premature or distorted by certain ideologies or dogma.

Genuine perception is the transcendental identification of the overarching and all-including Matrix of Life. This matrix is our safe home. It is our origin and destiny. Empathetic understanding of these relations keeps from externally controlled heading towards aberrance.

Material aspect of this matrix first of all is DNA, the genetic matter which is inherent to life. DNA is compatible with the eventualities of all the living entities which emerge driven by DNA's regulations: the multifarious Diversity of Life.

Mental spiritual aspects of this matrix are the culturally creative properties of love, ethics, morality, integrity... - so to say divine properties.

Both aspects united are "the core texture of living information" - The Soul of Life, consisting of sensual perception and reaction - beginning on the molecular-genetic plane via hormonal, nerval as well as any other kind of regulation of the organism up to the ever more conscious becoming possibilities and abilities of the human being and its volition.

However as we are not gods to say that the world should be limited to any man-made concept, idea or plan precisely such presumptuous behaviour entails respective consequences yet known and misjudged as fate. Not like commanders but by asking questions in dignity we can learn to understand and to respect natural law which by its inherent ways of feedback (resonance) created and supports us and all.


Who is going to adopt this world-view?

Anybody whose self-experience already has led towards liberation of an inner autonomy and humane authenticity will be ready to adopt a non-violent attitude and to engage in patient dialogue.

Anybody whose personal experience has guided towards empathy for life is consequently enabled to responsibly deal with the requirements of any given instant in unprepossessed ways.

Anybody who clearly understands that the social reality of „winners and losers" within the human sphere is merely being man made to serve the interests of but a few people also understands that man-made cruelties have nothing in common with the assumed „cruelty" which many people still believe to detect within Nature. When Nature's regularities are being acknowledged as options which reinforce the property of common integrity then the individual as well as societies also might get ready to acknowledge and adopt „(inner) regularities" which heal and re-balance the current inclinations reaching from endemic physical as well as mental diseases to social and environmental derailments. (2)

Beyond information given by the papers of the website Emanzipation ad Humanum and others further training for those who are interested can be provided by means of any therapeutical approach which entails „inner experience" gently leading towards inherent humane potentials.


What is the key of success of the presented approach?

Unbiased perspective and deep understanding widen the common ground which we all share when looking and listening „deep enough inside". (3)

The profound wish for reconciliation rises from understanding „guilt" after having learned to discern love for life and love for other issues.

From the understanding of guilt consequently arises „shame" and the wish to compensate beyond mere regret.

Truthful compensation evolves the desire for reconciliation and forgiving on the side of the victims and disadvantaged and also overcomes the drives for revenge of the desperate by the simple consequence that confidence is being developed and hope is spread.


What is the unique factor of this approach?

The approaches of Emanzipation ad Humanum and others aim to eradicate violence merely by promoting the understanding of more powerful and less painful alternatives.

Consequently people voluntarily tend to opt for harmless alternatives.

Neither a formal organisation or institution nor patronizing law are needed to accomplish this goal.

Individual commitment and respective behaviour are sufficient to make a difference.

Easily can be seen that this approach is aligned with many traditions already known by history. The unique difference is that today's man made effects not only threaten local, regional or continental issues but put the entire eco-social-system of the planet at risk.

The threat of extinction of higher advanced forms of life including (wo)mankind cannot be missed any longer. All the same it still is not yet being acknowledged deeply enough to eventually concentrate major human efforts on the preservation of our common home.

A unique factor seems to be the fact that globally and simultaneously time has come to join Nature instead of violating her.


Get acquainted with this approach:

The Historical Project: EMANZIPATION ad HUMANUM

The web sites Emanzipation ad Humanum and Being Humane wish to contribute to recognition and spreading of a world-view which still is trapped within hierarchies and concepts that do not lead towards the liberation which is waiting for humanity. This world-view wishes to facilitate responsible and dynamic potentialities of humanity.

In contrast to any monomania and the commonly sermonised absence of alternatives this world-view cultivates the finding and preservation of balance of reciprocal proportionalities, diversities and antagonisms which at the same time behave complementarily thus supplementing to the Integral Whole. Beyond ideology, institutional religion or politics a global and truthful humane culture will lead to Natural Salvation and Genuine / Authentic Holiness.

At any time of history individuals as well as social communities have been able to stay within a creative context of being.

This has less in common with universities or sciences but more with a loving heart and a flexible, open and sensible mind. It has less in common with cold rational knowledge but more with empathy and wisdom.

The peaceful always and again have been extinguished by the violent. The solution is not for the peaceful to become as violent. The solution is to let the violent experience the satisfying sweetness of peacefulness.

To a lesser extent this is about techniques or concepts. Its more about staying in contact with the creative, genuine, authentic common identity by means of a loving social network which culturally is to be woven and maintained by each individual and supported by society at large.

The historical challenge today and for all of us is that we have to knit a matrix which supports the entire planet, without excluding any peoples or individual, animal or plant, land or water, all united.

There is a heart in cosmos, in any tree as well as in you and me.

From this heart which we all share and which equally keeps all of us alive and united starts this ‚common' matrix.

As the planetary heart currently suffers more than ever before the potentialities to overcome this painful situation have grown as well beyond anything ever known.

That's why the solutions are to be found beyond the outdated concepts deep inside each of us. Since long they wait to become real by caring attitudes, by socially responsible behaviour and by thoughtful and well balanced action:

Most of current threats - terrorism / war / poverty / famine / ecological breakdown - to name but a few are caused by lie / onesidedness / partiality / hypocrisy / double standards. These properties of political correctness are the „structural corruption" which magically makes above mentioned threats to appear allegedly as inevitable or even as natural. As of so much confusion humanity only evolves deficiently. Neither religions nor communism, atheism or any other ideology yet have succeeded in allowing mankind to become peaceful and safe.

Still, peaceableness and human safety not at all are unachievable utopias - they are real premises for the survival of humanity. It is of vital importance to acknowledge being veraciously and simultaneously receptive for the new. This is to acknowledge actual realities while simultaneously remaining flexibly receptive and open for multifarious inherent potentialities / possibilities / capabilities.

A reality which is not yet being acknowledged commonly enough is the fact, that there is virtually no substantial difference between Atheists, Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Jews or people of other religions or origin. Essentially too many people still are equally faithless / unreliable / untrustworthy. For it is not yet a socio-political reality that each human being, independently from origin, is honest, collaborative, highly ethical, humane, kind and considerate and equally caring for its neighbours and also for environment. Unfortunately this is not yet the case - whereas the innermost potentialities / capabilities very well are existent.

As there is no coercive definition, no automation towards peaceableness it is the task / duty of each individual and certainly also of collective bodies of organisation - the cultural and political spheres of the world - to create such creative circumstances / realities which exactly serve the development of exactly those properties of true humanity. Therefore it is the challenge for humanity to create social conditions which allow the individual to mature towards the innermost autonomy which is identical within all members of the Universal Family of LIFE.

Life is no respecter of „a chosen people". Chosen people do not exist. The idea of a chosen people is an illusion of superiority. It is the people themselves who make choices. It is the people who choose and by their choices collectively create the reality they live. Heteronomy of any kind is exactly what drives people in following and captivity, what makes people to be mere workhorses and consumers, killing machines finally as a direct consequence of unhealthy / dysfunctional realities which are maintained by the above mentioned „structural corruption". This is the cardinal error which is inherent to the prevailing systems and which currently threatens global survival.

A close look at the interrelatedness of cosmos, world and psyche offers insights and comprehensive understanding of the interconnectedness of all being as well as means to heal and overcome misery and fatefulness.

If the stars in the heavens were not there, we could not exist.
Nature is an interconnected Universe

(Milo Wolff in: Schrödinger's Universe, Einstein, Waves & the Origin of the Natural Laws, Technotran Press, 2008)

read more: [http://emanzipationhumanum.de/english/all.html]


(1) In my opinion the tendency of those in power to constantly increase their their influence, be it nation states, be it trans-national corporates, be it the catholic church or others has the effect of a conspiracy although it might in fact not be an actual conspiracy. The effect is what counts. And the effect keeps any alternative thinking down by violence. We may look at any place of earth and we will find this violence against those who try to think and act differently. That is why the number of those who do look for alternatives needs to grow into dimensions which cannot be ignored, silenced or killed any longer. Look at the upheaval of East German people prior to the complete breakdown of their government, they faced the military who in the end did not obey the orders. Look at Burma, the military did shoot the people, the monks. And the responsible public of the world watched. My intention is not at all to support an "us-versus-them" thinking as exactly that would make healing difficult or impossible. However, without a cristal-clear position and at the same time an including holistic vision healing just gets impossible. We have an "as-well-as" situation which needs a clear position as well as a clear and non-exclusive vision: unity. The message is: the current political systems work like a conspiracy with only losers in the end, - so lets help together, lets be open and frank, lets talk about what we really envision and wish for our families, communities, nations, for the entire planet as well - we all are sitting on the same boat, no exception. The community of nations has the means to solve any global conflict in peace as soon as they start honestly regarding each other as equals who are dependent on the well being of the eco social balances on this planet. Double standards make life cruel and fatal, slaughterous in the end. (see also: ANTHROPOPTOSIS - Universal mechanism of the socially conditioned self-liquidation of humans by S.P. Semenow, V.A. Kasatkin, Saint Petersburg 2007)

(2) For example diabetes, obesity, disorientation, criminality or catastrophes are most welcome sources of profit for the currently prevailing political systems and they guarantee excellent chances to sell any false recipes. Autonomous people however do no longer buy the faked messages. Likewise in the stories of Jesus and others they rather tend to be humane heroes than to give up once gained inner independence, coherence and safety. People who deeply understand the personal and social consequences of for example inherited forms of diabetes are more likely to opt for an adoption of a child than to procreate a child who would face a life time dependency on drugs. People who profoundly understand the various motivations to eat are likely to discern hunger from any other given emotion or temptation. People who once have experienced the supporting safety of coherent information are likely to be safe from seduction by false promises. Criminals who without compulsion successfully have learned to understand the overall consequences of what they have done wrong are likely to become creative and supportive members of society. People who understand the relations between behaviour and environment are likely not to blame fate, god or anybody else but become receptive for less harmful ways of life. Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela for example together with uncounted numbers of mostly unknown people rather pursued their „inner convictions" than to give in when being confronted with the challenges of mighty ruling powers.

(3) Obviously within DNA and within the evolutionary „older" parts of our nervous system resides „hidden" genuine information with powerful healing potentials.




Emanzipation Humanum, version 01. 2008, Criticism, suggestions as to form and content, dialogue, translation into other languages are all desired