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Learning to Become Humane - Guiding Ideas

A commitment to a "Responsible Humanism" along with action inspired by love will pave the way into a healthy and peaceful future

 When man ceases to be determined by his own spirit - which is the spirit of Life itself -, subjecting his will to secondary interests such as money, power etc., - from that moment on he begins to turn into a machine, a robot controlled by alien forces


of my texts


Guiding Ideas

By protecting the covetous Issues of the Mightiest the UN Security Council jointly with the Instruments of National Security undermines Global Peace.

Solidarity of all, a global and joint orientation on the properties of genuine humanity only will give Peace and Well-Being.

A - Liberation Towards Humaneness

Aiming towards Life in Peace and Creative Conviviality this three-lingual initiative since 1999 pursues a double-fold strategy to get across to ever more people that realisation of this goal is the completely natural purpose in life.

- The foremost strategy is to empower fellow human beings to trust their autonomous personal perception and to live accordingly. For this reason a selection of papers addresses universal contexts which disclose various interests and traditions which often intentionally present and communicate such contexts absolutely controversial leaving them beyond awareness wrapped in mystery. This way the natural learning process as well as Emancipation Towards Humanity and full responsibility get inhibited.

When dealing with mental as well as emotional frames the challenge for all of us is huge as we need to transcend the existing limitations of awareness and accept new findings. Positive flexibility is hot! Aiming further and deeper towards the common ground of life we re-define conventional concepts, we liberate deadlocked positions and mobilise our forces on the foundations of authentic perception and understanding.

- The second strategy is to set free the synergy of human potential through enlightening dialogue in email exchange of ideas, in internet discussions and in personal meetings. This way further options are provided. A creative quality of awareness within a growing number of people is to be achieved to get the necessary organisational transformations done. This can re-design global governance for the benefit of world-wide fulfilment of local vital necessities.

It is normal people like us who have to stop corporate governance and national security doctrines from jeopardising existence of Life. Any new idea or feeling which aim towards a more comprehensive state of being (existence) needs to be accepted and adopted by any organism. Continued existence is dependent on transformation and flexibility. In Nature the transition from competition towards cooperation, for example, proves the transcendence of short-range defence mechanisms for the sake of wider collaboration. Finally, this indeed is a conservative strategy, a tolerant defence mechanism which simultaneously is open for the new and which at the same time is immune against any man made ideology or dogma.

The task today is to create conditions by which nobody exploits the other least of all systematically because life is automatically determined by itself. Moreover, due to the dissonant mental superstructure or misleading emotional frame of reference most of the people are being kept alienated from themselves and their genuine needs to such an extent that they perceive their being exploited as given by "God" or by "natural" fate. Politics and economy pseudo-religiously seem to have the power of life and death.

When life is determined by these systems emancipation from such parochial conditions is unthinkable and not at all desired by its beneficiaries. Repeatedly it is said: "There is no alternative!" ... Those who believe it remain to be slaves....

The patriarchal and capitalistic systems are the problem. The organs of their belief systems that consist of their clerical & political elites parasitically take advantage by means of their doctrines again and again, moreover they manage to make people slaves of their own mind. It does not need slave-drivers any more as Kurt Tucholsky already said. That is why those in power believe in their clean records while fiercely and violently propagating dogmatic tradition, entailing trails of blood. No matter how destructive their effects - they seem and pretend to be innocent while they convict "fate and others".

People who do not believe in what is told are looking for alternatives, for ways out of the killing scenario of global politics. As positive thinking alone will not help, alternatives are to be brought to the table, they have to be discussed, understood and conceived in detail. After consent finding they have to be implemented. Therefore we need a political consciousness which beyond any presumptuousness, beyond illusionary superiority and beyond elitist exclusivity serves a Common Identity of Life.

This common identity is the socio-biological driving force of a humane behaviour which will overcome the loneliness of individualism, the destructive consequences of mental disorientation, and which will lead to sustainable ways of organisation of global society embedded in a Culture of Peace entailing Common Prosperity.

Such an integrating evolutionary perspective is coherent with the experience of many traditions and authors.

- Indigenous peoples soon after first contact with so called civilisation realised that the white man is consuming his future

- Already Aristotle discerned economy, the good way to organise society and crematistics, the way to gain profit. The latter today by globalisation exclusively is being regarded to represent economy, what a fateful error!

- In her books and papers the political scientist Claudia von Werlhof reveals patriarchal-monotheistic-capitalistic societies as war systems which place partial concerns beyond the common needs of life. Disregard and ignorance concerning satisfaction of primary and genuine needs consequently entail the emmergence of secondary forces which lead to bondage within the most multifarious dependencies of greed and addiction.

- The neurologist Sergej Petrovich Semenov, the philologist Satheesan Kochicheril and others focus on the general pre-eminence of commodities or mental products which this civilisation regards as superior, more valuable than genuine life, though they destroy life. Public good, the global commons, is being exploited ruthlessly by a few.

- Several authors like Bernd Senf, Helmut Creutz, Bernhard Lietaer or Michael Ende clarify madness and systematic injustice of a money-system which pretends to multiply money by itself while in reality there is a reallocation driven by interest. Those who already hold a lot acrue exponentially growing sums of compounded interest from those who merciless remain without chances. Money is supposed to be common property which develops harmful effects to public good only when being mandatorily controlled by private banks. As long as people let that happen they pay for it. Moreover they fatally are responsible for respective effects.

- UN Special Correspondent Jean Ziegler in his books and speeches exposes the murderous character of politics driven by global corporations. Each day 100.000 people starve to death. Jean Ziegler: "Today any starving child is murdered."

- In their books and papers the neurologists Iwan Petrovich Pawlow and Franz Andreas Völgyesi describe the genetic-neuronal-mental self-regulation of organisms up to the human being. In detail they refer to the mutilating potentials which, while being produced by suggestive information of patronising institutions and organisations, interfere with the life of the individual thus having effect on the quality of life of entire societies. Their analysis and experience simultaneously reveal approaches towards solutions in order to avoid dysfunction or disorganisation and to make use of inherent life-supporting possibilities of the organism for the sake of a general well-being.

- In addition to the well known James DeMeo's Saharasia-thesis which describes geological transformations and their respective consequences for social existence the psychoanalyst Arno Gruen in his books and lectures gives us a decisively important key to understand the development of systemic violence against all and everything. According to Gruen's experience the growth of destructive potentiality, of hopelessness and lack of security which culminate in the erroneous promises of a permanent „war against terror" refers to a general loss of reality and orientation of society.

- Above all, the growing precariousness and fear is discussed by the primal-therapist and philosopher Rainer Taëni. Both mental states determine human behaviour. They seem to be natural although in reality they are mere consequences of conduct within parasitic societies. Here illusions fuel an emotional drive which is exploited by the elites of economy, politics and churches while accepting even more destructive consequences. These relations are being unfolded in his book „The Taboo of Fear and Liberation".

The more extensively society or culture by education and conditioning encroaches childhood evolution of their descendants to impose their prefabricated orders and orientation upon their children without alternative (structural corruption) the more widespread will be this loss of reality to the members. All issues existing beyond a given ideology or religion tend to remain excluded and to be separated. Life however is dependent on fair balance and integrity. Abundance of life has its source in a generative order. This underlying order and orientation is of cosmic - not of human origin. Man-made laws are the source of self-destruction of the human race and its environment when they exclude and prevent individual autonomy, development of personal as well as social responsibility, self-assuredness and self-realisation.

The discovery of abundance of life for any child is violently impeded if social tradition limits the naturally "possible and given" to what is respectively "desired, imagined, normal". If the parents/society in an effort to maintain the status quo repress the authentic experience and coherence of the adolescent by menace or violence the growing children are forced to replace their innate reality and possibility for the benefit of the system's arbitrary presets. This denegation of authenticity is utmost painful and it violates neuronal facilitations within the developing brain. Respective scars interfere with the ripening of empathetic humanity and even make it impossible. This psychic mutilation of each new generation has been responsible for the continuity of hatred and violence in the society. Unmistakable safety of the seminal feelings of joy and pain in terms of increasing pleasures and avoiding distress is being lost.

Life at the higher rung of development is dependent on love. Newborns rely on natural continuity; safety provides dependability and warming love in order to maintain a life-long openness to be curiously and empathetically geared to the challenges of Life. As long as vital prerequisites are not acknowledged, maintained and handed onward by culture, other issues that are superficial to life get more importance leading to the flat denial of natural reality to the members of that society. Simultaneously illusion is being raised which ostensibly seems to support existing systems though in reality it threatens all of us by nurturing violence and brutalisation that lead directly into barbarity. Politics within such systems is a politics of illusion although claiming to be "realpolitik". Illusions are fatal effects of ideology as, whatever the idealism, any ideology is based upon totalitarian, fascist, transfigured ideas of 'pure blood', 'chosen people', and racial or religious supremacy. "Realpolitik" is a politics which is driven by extremely narrowed ideological perspectives only, the perspectives of ignorance, subordinating power, dominance and profit.

To overcome traditional politics (Realpolitik) and its lethal outcome Creative Realism of people is needed who realise in global fortune also their own purpose in life. By serving common needs, by their service to the common well being and by accepting the challenges of everyday cooperation they guarantee a Safe World which is the Testimony of their Integrity. Lobbyists, their Public Relation Machineries and Lies cannot harm any longer. Politicians are disused, nobody any more needs such onesided politics. The Churches in many cases put themselves offside by their ivory-tower and often openly hostile attitude and practice, by chatting-up to the mighty and by moral corruptness. People who ask questions, who have already begun to question their life and their belief systems deserve better help than the help of systems that conform clerics, politicians, therapists etc. Nobody needs all those who teach the false message about subordination under the rule of the elites and their destructive and parasitic traditions. Such messages made war to be an economical issue, a service of private military industries, a normality which destroys democracy and peace. War has nothing in common with solution of conflicts or safeguarding peace - any contrary statements are intentional deceptions and elements of the crime of public incitement of the people.

Safeguarding of survival however is the issue of governments of people for people, of governments and administrations which are characterised by responsible humanity.

Therefore we need people who are capable to lead their fellow human beings closer towards innate autonomy which is shared by all life - not in detail of course but in general regarding identical needs which enable a creative life embedded within the texture of Nature.

We here and now make security and peace come true as soon as we human beings recognize ourselves to be the redeemers from historically created causalities and conditions which cause hell on Earth, and as soon as we start to act and behave accordingly. We need an uprising of probity and humanity against a socio-political normality which degenerated into lunacy. Everybody is responsible even when one's power has been democratically conferred beforehand. As we live to see on a daily basis controlling function of separation of powers demonstrably fails. Constitutional law advocates and scientists since long prove the intrigues of power in the leading world democracies. The state increasingly becomes totalitarian. The transparent citizen is the totalitarian system's favourite, a citizen predictably to be managed like a machine, a robot. Anybody who is against the system automatically becomes a suspect, a terrorist according to homeland security mania and patriot legislature. Constitutions are being re-interpreted, even rewritten according to the needs of the totalitarian system against the very autonomy of the original sovereign: the citizen.

Exactly that is why according to the rule of solidarity and humanity moral courage is a supreme civic duty. A forthcoming European Constitution must be shaped by genuine democratic and peaceful ideas - never by the illusion of never ending growth on the part of the industrial-military complex. That is why many people say NO to the current draft constitution. A majority says NO to any war. We world-citizens are responsible! Our first ethical obligation is peace.

As humanity wishes to survive every individual must free from delusion in order to serve reality. All of us, each individual regardless of which colour or origin should do one's utmost to cope with the everyday challenges. By means of such a perspective we get away from reproach and liberate from issues and goals of the resigning paradigm of hypocrisy. Thus we can start to act for the purpose of genuine solutions. The natural miracle hereby is the emergence of a togetherness which equally supports all: The Commonwealth of Earth.

Jointly we make it!

Global Communion does not necessarily happen only at Lord's Tables within Churches. Global Communion needs to be realised in everyday reality everywhere and at any time.

From Local to Global all of Humanity joins in "Round Tables for Peace" to ensure Global Safety by safeguarding Satisfaction of Vital Spiritual as well as Material Needs of any Individual.

B - Paradise Shall Be - Beyond Any Ideology And Religion - In The Center Of Everyday Reality Of Life!

Some Sustainable Assumptions:

- Universe is based on Natural Law which sources from an Unfathomable Origin.

- Universal Existence is double-fold: Immaterial Vibration and Material Manifestation are being interlaced within a Matrix of Unity and Integrity by Natural Regularity.

- Unity and Integrity consist of Inner as well as Outer Spheres of Reality which are recognised by Inner and Outer Experience.

Genuine Guidance Signals can be received by Listening, by Insight, by Meditation, by Trance-Experience as well as by Sensible Attentiveness, by Open and Unbiased Awareness, by Experience of Everyday Life. Both Lines the inner as well as the outer are essentially important to obtain Authentic Judgment and to maintain Integrity. Each Channel by itself may be planted, manipulated, disturbed. That is why seamless alignment is inevitable.

- Genetic Material is the Basic Essence of the Drive of Life.

- DNA generates Spirit and Body within the Texture of Integrity.

- Diversity of Nature is Expression of Prodigious Patterns of Resonance within the Matrix of Life.

- Life is a Natural Effect of Superordinate and Fairly Balanced Regulating Forces.

- Interconnectedness of Life is being expressed by Evolution.

- Male and Female emerge likewise in order to facilitate Growing Diversity.

- Emergence of Free Intention is Expression of Liberation from Genetic Determination and serves the Purpose to disclose ever More Chances for Diversity.

- To maintain Integrity of Unity in Diversity Fate emerges as a Consequence of Freedom to make Choices.

- Emergence of Consciousness and Awareness relies on Authentic Learning Processes which enable to differentiate Fatally Disadvantageous from Wholesome Consequences to Thought and Action. Punishment, Proscription, Accusation or Execration originate from entirely Deficient Human Visions and their effects are more distracting than salutary.

Learning by Experience of Inner and Outer Dimensions of Reality teaches Unity, Autonomy and Responsibility according to the Basic Rule of Life: Live! Do what you want! Experience the Consequences of Your Thought and Action, of Your Behaviour! Look for such Consequences which comfort, satisfy and pacify! Love!

- Responsibility finally is Coherence of Human Relations within the Interdependence of Existence.

Missing Coherence within Social Complexity often is the Source of the Painful Occurrences of Terror or Calamities which teach the Lesson to become aware of Deficiencies. Often they hit the Innocent. Why? In the Face of Destiny Individuals obviously do not count much. What counts is the Global Outcome, Performance of Humanity in General. This again is to teach Sympathy, Empathy and Solidarity. Feelings for Vengeance only misguide into deeper Fatality.

In Fact Forgiveness is Essential but to forgive is only the First Prerequisite of Attunement to the Matrix of Unity and Integrity. Redemption and Salvation also ask for At-One-Ment. By Atonement and Reparation of Integrity a fundamental Transition takes place. Beyond any Exclusiveness and without Losers Unhuman Conditions are being transformed to Peace on Earth by Global Justice and Humanely Joint Conviviality.

500 years ago Martin Luther initiated Reformation because of Aberrations of Society formed by Catholicism. Consequently Catholic Monolithic Institution and its Belief System were split up into a Variety of Powerful Religious Fragments which altogether with the Diversity of Global Belief Systems so far neither made Spiritual Orientation easier nor Political Orientation safer. Far from it!

Today's Common Task goes Beyond Reformation or Restoration of any Belief Systems aiming beyond the Fatality of a World which Historically has been developed by Humanity, aiming at a Global Renaissance and Enlightenment which would lead towards the Formation of an Existence which respects Nativeness in her All-Embracing Integrity and Unity, in her Authenticity and Coherence.

Therefore the World needs the Transformation of Belief Systems in General into Authentic Understanding and real Togetherness which are Direct Results of Unbiased and Unconditional Experience of Life within the Natural Learning Process. This Learning Process simply requires: Live! Do what you want! Experience the Consequences of Your Thought and Action, of Your Behaviour! Look for such Consequences which comfort, satisfy and pacify! Love!

- Humanity's Genuine Religion is its Self-Awareness to be One Common Destiny, in Creative Diversity of Colours, Religions, Cultures and Traditions still jointly confronted with the Challenges of Life, carefully embedded in Nature's Law and responsible to its Unfathomable Source and Providence.

- In the Mirror of Universal Communion of Life the Unfathomable which many name God, Allah, Yahweh, Lord, Supreme Being, Jehovah, Spirit of God, Supreme Spirit, etc. reflects Rationality and Wisdom of a Global Ethos whose Spirit and Signification for All aspires to Realisation of Freedom, Safety and Vitality.

- Genuine Responsibility Consequently expresses Itself less by Discussions on Moral Values than by Creative Behaviour thus to maintain the Generative Qualities of the Community of Life and to preserve Chances in Present and Future.

All Members of the Human Family are invited to join in Cooperatively and Responsibly.

Individually as well as concerning Social Organisation it is the mere Self-Interest to Survive which tells us to accept that Invitation towards a Peaceful Existence as soon as possible.

The Choice is free to enter the Garden of Eden or to remain Outside.

Respective Consequences by now are Obvious and Transparent to any Curious Consciousness.

Make up Your Mind. It is All up to You too. One way to help would be to spread the key ideas of human liberation from the system's shackles towards the autonomy of each individual. All individuals are interconnected by One and the same Nature. We neither need leaders nor Think-Tanks to lead us. All the answers are within our selves. By means of the Spirit of Communication, intra-personally as well as inter-personally we can experience far reaching dialogue. By consent finding in deep respect for one another and our respective needs as well as for the needs of Nature we jointly can organise our global community in ways which will maintain the local prerequisites for a prosperous Life on Earth.

Religions and moral NGOs of the world, unite!
You have nothing to lose but your impotence.
And you have a world to save.

David Ray Griffin

"The American Empire and the Commonwealth of God, A Political, Economic, Religious Statement"
by David Ray Griffin, John B. Cobb Jr., Richard A. Falk, Catherine Keller, published in 2006 by Westminster John Knox Press

( pdf )

Survey of my Texts

- My endeavours since years aim to imagine mental or spiritual prerequisites for a peaceful living together on a global scale and to communicate on this subject with people who are interested. Actually this is not about inventing something still unknown „new". On the contrary, it is more about remembering what already had been realised within certain ancient societies and about what till today many people contrary to most of the various prevailing political orders and cultural traditions are trying to revive. It is about acknowledging and realising as far as possible an order which since ever is being provided by Nature. Read the entire text: Peaceableness & Global Justice only entail Creative Conviviality

- In order to cope with or even better to overcome the current crisis of humanity a deep understanding of its roots is inevitable. Deep analysis proves that beyond the well known and broadly discussed categories of communism and capitalism their common patriarchal denomination is the problem till today. As this fact is not yet widely present in mainstream sciences a broader and interdisciplinary discussion is vitally necessary in order to find exits to the threat of self-extinction of humanity.. Read the entire text: Ways out of Misery, Decline and Despair - Building Bridges to a Harmonious Future: Thoughts and Perspectives on necessary conditions for the emergence of a peaceful Humanity - The current Paradigm-shift from Civilising towards Humanisation

- In September 2008 the US-administration is willing to spend more than 1 trillion US$ of tax money to stabilise the hypocritical financial system's decline which was induced by money addicted venturers and marauders. Exactly like the financial sector also many other sectors which determine societies since long have moved into the realm of psychiatry - those "in charge" have lost their (healthy) minds. Apart from the US administration by October 2008 also the EU and Germany - instead of thinking about a change of this failing system - are ready to continue pumping ever higher amounts of the people's money into a system which since thousands of years undermines healthy ruling balances which are to sustain the planetary interconnectedness. The capitalist system as the latest and most bellicose offspring of patriarchal systems utilizes money in a way which - whatever the costs may be - is made to guarantee profit. The general needs of the global public do hardly interest neither does the integrity of nature. This systemic abuse of money is hardly being conceived by the majority of people. Consequently too many people have lost their safeguarding orientation - otherwise they would oppose to and change such dysfunctional and harmful situations. Situations which inevitably appear whenever general well being gets out of sight in favour of secondary, exclusive, egoistic, partial interests. The respective decline is no wonder, no accident at all. It is just a genuine consequence of the structural defect of the prevailing systems in which people by religion or culture are being patronized, alienated and conditioned in favour of the systems' presets like e.g. consumerism. This way people are made to act against themselves, against nature and against cosmic laws. That is why the work of humane pioneers such as Wolff and others is urgently necessary in order to create chances for a general re-focussing on reality as it has been developed by history, on reality as it is. Once facing this reality we might regain opportunities to re-pair and to ad-just what got out of creative balances. We need to spread the courage to believe in our inherent humane potentialities which we can use for the benefit of global life. Living up to this perspective will entail safety, happiness and prosperity at their best. The prove for this universal regularity is part of Milo Wolff's contribution to humanity. Read the entire text: Wave Structure of Matter - Interconnectedness of Being - Full Spectrum Responsibility, Overcoming the Immemorial Assumed Dualism with its Fatally Antagonising Implications on History

- Without information and analysis of the comprehensive dimensions of a patriarchal project (1) which has lasted for more than 5000 years, the anthropological mystery will remain unresolved and the following question will remain unanswered: „why are people acting against their very own interests of survival?", all of which, as a consequence, make global Holocaust increasingly likely. - Read the entire text: Ethics today must create a moral impact capable of over-hauling the political system!

- Do we really want all what is being presented to us by politics day by day, or do we want something quite different? And if yes, what do we really want? Do we really want to proceed with war on terror to the bitter end of socio-ecological show-down? Do we want to annihilate human rights completely by war on the world's last resources? Do we really want to risk life in the competitive treadmills of profit-making? Do we really want to sell future by today only because public housekeeping is said to be broke and political concepts are presented without alternative? Where did all the wealth disappear? - Read the entire text: GLOBALISATION FROM INSIDE - MATURING MENTALLY - IDENTIFYING WITH VALUES OF LIFE

- The systematic killing of the North American Indians, the butchering of the indigenous peoples of South America, the enslavement of black Africans, the death of millions of people in the white man's colonies, the mass-production-like killing of people by the Nazis and the hunt for the last indigenous peoples and their resources in the remaining forests of our planet are the expression of the same insanity. Continents and oceans are being looted and turned into deserts and sewers as sacrifice for this delusion. Industry eats life. Life is no longer worth anything. What else must happen before we all reject this path to global suicide? - Read the entire text: Learning to Become Humane

- We imagine ourselves to be enlightened. The connection between procreation and the emergence of new life has been common knowledge for quite some time now. We also know, for instance, that as a matter of course frogs beget frogs and birds beget birds. From the fertilised egg of a dinosaur we can expect little dinosaurs to emerge, whilst from the fertilised egg of a chimpanzee a young chimp will come into being. There can be no doubt about this kind of connection, or rather: up until now there was no doubt about it. For in June of the year 2001 no less a person than the President of the Max-Planck Society made the statement that he did not consider a fertilised human egg to be human! - Read the entire text: Plea for a New Quality of Being Human

- Parts of human race are suffering from a „Mental Confusion Syndrome" (MCS - The Dehumanisation Syndrome), which hampers development of human identity, consequently leading to life-threatening delusions instead. This syndrome develops during the social process of learning and individual maturing in such cases where reality and Truth of world and Nature are not exactly represented within the ideas and thoughts (the concepts) of the human brain. The deficiant representation of outer reality within the inner world of the brain easily appears where individual learning is being tampered by religion, ideology or tradition which provide an education that interferes with the learning about right and wrong. - Read the entire text: ‚Globalization from below' - Movements, Why they are not only important - they provide remedy and hope against the spreading decadence of a commercialized world

- Julius Robert Oppenheimer, the physicist who invented the atomic bomb, shaken by the catastrophes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, describes how military authorities and considerations of expediency had clandestinely invaded certain sciences and robbed them of their independence. This development spurs Oppenheimer to personal action. He draws attention to the altered quality of the new weapons of mass destruction. He attempts to initiate peace talks and to prevent the hydrogen bomb. Yet he is overtaken by historical events. In 1954 the US Atomic Energy Commission, accusing him of a lack of loyalty towards the government, cites Oppenheimer before a committee of inquiry. - Read the entire text: Nature and Civilisation, A Life -Threatening Conflict and the Way of Survival - Alienation of Humanity and Possibilities for Healing

- Suffering is not easily abolished. For as long as suffering is being inflicted, those who are trying to change this, will in turn bring suffering upon the original perpetrators. To begin with, we can therefore but try to reduce the amount of suffering and guilt that is 'produced'. However, to reduce the production of suffering in society presupposes the placing of human thinking and acting into a more creative context and heading towards a more profound perception of justice. It requires the cooperation of all social forces within a new kind of political culture - a culture that is open and prepared to face new things. With this aim in mind I am presenting the following ideas. - Read the entire text: Is Religious Belief Really a Personal Matter? World View - Religion - Ideology - Politics, - About the Connection between Reason, Emotion and Religious Beliefs

- It is a vision of man and woman cooperating as equals, a vision of an end to the lack of feeling that marks the patriarchal system all over the world. It is a vision of the emergence of empathy concerning the value of living together, a vision of the beginning of global cooperation. It is a vision of the end of a deadly power struggle which is still being excused with the argument that fighting for reproductive advantage were a natural animal instinct (whilst on the other hand man imagines himself as being far superior to the animals and no longer determined by Nature!). - Read the entire text: THE VISION OF WHOLENESS, A vision of Life's continuity

- Environmental crisis and war, economic and political crime, the global expansion of multinational corporations, the impoverishment of ever more sections of society, regression to religious interpretations reminiscent of the Middle Ages - all these characteristics of the present do not bode well for our future. The spreading of misinformation by the political and economic establishment reveals a lack of respect for the sovereignty of the people. The widespread political tendency to favour 'inherent necessities' before the finding of fair solutions, the general denial of the effects of our way of life upon the environment as well as the vigorous defence of the status quo against any new ideas hinder the evolution of peaceful coexistence among humans. Will we fall victim to these developments or are there alternatives? Is there any hope left for us? - Read the entire text: Global Responsibility - New Orientation in Culture and Politics - Reflections on what it Means to be Human

- The presentation on the SPD's (Social Democrate Party, Germany) publicity poster of indigenous tribes-men trustingly approaching their future rulers and murderers may be ever so colourful. Yet the message it conveys can only be called thoughtless and in poor taste, linked as it is to the publicity text in which the SPD compares the start of the Internet Age with the discovery of the New World by Columbus, thus reminding of an event that marked the beginning of 500 years of suffering for the indigenous people of all continents. History - not merely that of the last 5 centuries - has been founded upon torture, rape, racism - on open or subtly disguised force; and this has had a different and harsher effect esspecially upon women. - Read the entire text: Political Parties Finished - What comes Next?

- The tasks of the immune system of biological organisms are threefold: 1. to recognise and contain possible dangers, 2. to defend against damage and injury, and 3. to maintain the integrity of the organism - i.e. in total, to safeguard that which we call health. The term 'health', as here understood, does not refer to a state but denotes a continuing process which may either be supported or gravely disturbed. - Read the entire text: The Social „Defence-System", Our View of Humanity Decides our Future

- Existence generally is determined by mental concepts and culture. Culture and ideology keep consciousness imprisoned and struck blind, if they become dogmatic and solidified in order to perpetuate themselves. Seeking to avoid their own modification by all means available, they spread fear and disheartenment. A scared consciousness is afraid from any change, also from the saving better one. Modification presupposes a consciousness, which takes variability of a condition for granted. Such a consciousness is alive and flexible and always is able to imagine alternative conditions. An open consciousness is capable of learning and of intention to find ways for further modification. - Read the entire text: EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS, Existence - Consciousness - Vision - Modification - Existence of Different Quality

- Photographs of space travel present our planet as a brillant jewel in the nightly black darkness of the universe. Some of the international astronauts admitted a deeply felt love and affection in respect to that precious and fragile seeming, bright blue globe in the midst of the infinite black cold and silence. Their pictures, impressions and feelings helped us to understand earth as the living organism GAIA. Political conceptions, which still are based on out-dated patriarchal education, in consideration of all the dangers for us and future generations which cannot be put aside any longer do call for a global eco-management. - Read the entire text: SPIRITUALITY and GLOBALISATION, Prospects for a different type of social organisation

- The conception of a favorable living together for humans with nature is not a romantic dream. Such a vision is realistic and proven native. The wide-spread faith in boundless progress is an illusion. Development of a culture, where sympathy and unrestricted thought determine action, which terminates the sellout of life, is a prerequisite to save our future. - Read the entire text: Which Road, please, leads to the Garden of Eden? About losing the feeling of affiliation and confidence and about how to regain a life-securing orientation.

- The Dutch model of active euthanasia is spurring the guardians of morality into action. Yet instead of using the opportunity for an open debate about a humane way of dying outside the sphere of interest of the medical industry, the modern Pharisees are engaging in noisy and vehement polemics. Such a debate in the face of legalised euthanasia in Holland certainly needs to be controversial; nonetheless we should not overlook the fact that an act of compassion concerning senseless human suffering in the face of death is long overdue. Whether lethal injection towards this end should be permitted, seems questionable precisely because natural ways of dying are in many cases still being withheld. - Read the entire text: Love for Life - so far frequently just Double Standard of Morals in our Society

- People who suffered from love deprivation in their childhood, from a lack of acceptance by their immediate social environment, whose lives seemed never given tangible meaning or a goal worth pursuing - people who were thus left psychologically homeless tend to compensate for this lack by seizing for guiding orientation upon anything that proclaims their own nation or race as something special. In order to imbue this ideal with extra meaning, to the extent of even using it as a justification for action, anyone foreign, or different, not coming from one's own nation or race or thinking differently, is then branded as the enemy, and will eventually be violently attacked as posing a recognisable threat to the group identified with. - Read the entire text: Alliance of Ethics and Enlightenment, Some Reflections concerning the Link between Xenophobia and the Rule of Power, as well as the option of fostering Critical and Responsible Humanitarianism through an Alliance of Ethics and Enlightenment

- In view of what happened around BSE we may bury our last hopes of expecting responsibility or competence from the caste of politicians. So as to remain honest, those who have been able to retain some measure of critical judgment in the midst of all the political madness, are being forced to turn against the ruling political system. Otherwise they run the risk of being totally numbed by the political lies and, whether willingly or not, sharing the guilt of complicity in the sacrifice of Life for the benefit of Capital. - Read the entire text: BSE and Continuing Madness, Politicians and their Wrong Mandators

- Only the realisation and success of social justice will prevent future wars. Social justice can however only be realised if the political will actually exists. Necessary for this is a broad political majority that is mature enough in human terms to recognise that one's own happiness should never be built on others' hardship. Social justice and peace can only be achieved if the few stop "skimming off the cream" at the expense of the vast majority. But we are a long way from this. Reality looks totally different: waging war is becoming respectable again, even in a country in which we were saying after the last catastrophe: never again war! Our search for the causes of the return to open acknowledgement of (armed) violence should not stop at the current arguments of the US administration and its followers, the "axis of deceit". - Read the entire text: War and Economy (Money), Why peace is not (yet) really wanted by a majority of politicians

- The sorrow and suffering of the innocent victims of this attack and of their relatives and friends is added to the pain of all people, who have had to suffer since ages from the fact, that 'Justice', as meted out by those in power - is robbing the powerless majority of a viable future. What is really threatening civilization, the attack itself or the historically developed causes and backgrounds, which drive people into humiliation to such an extent, that it is motivating them to deadly and suicidal attacks? Have we really been confronted with a new dimension of violence on Sept. 11. 2001 or is a well known dimension only showing up at quite an unexpected location? Are not, for example, the Iraqi people suffering from daily bombardements and what else have been those two bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki than acts of terror? - Read the entire text: The attack against the WTC and the Pentagon - Privatised Violence in the Service of State Terrorism is Threatening World Peace

- Most of current threats - terrorism / war / poverty / famine / ecological breakdown - to name but a few are caused by lie / onesidedness / partiality / hypocrisy / double standards. These properties of political correctness are the "structural corruption" which magically makes above mentioned threats to appear allegedly as inevitable or even as natural. As of so much confusion humanity only evolves deficiently. Neither religions nor communism, atheism or any other ideology yet have succeeded in allowing mankind to become peaceful and safe. Still, peaceableness and human safety not at all are utopias - they are real premises for the survival of humanity. It is of vital importance to acknowledge being veraciously and simultaneously to be receptive for the new. This is to acknowledge actual realities while simultaneously remaining flexibly receptive and open for multifarious inherent potentialities / possibilities / capabilities. A reality which is not yet being acknowledged commonly enough is the fact, that there is virtually no substantial difference between Atheists, Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Jews or people of other religions. Essentially too many people still are equally faithless / unreliable / untrustworthy. For it is not yet a socio-political reality that each human being, independently from origin, is honest, collaborative, highly ethical, humane, kind and considerate and equally caring for its neighbours and also for environment. Unfortunately this is not yet the case - whereas the innermost potentialities / capabilities very well are existent. As there is no coercive definition, no automation towards peaceableness it is the task / duty of each individual and certainly also of collective bodies of organisation - the cultural and political spheres of the world - to create such creative circumstances / realities which exactly serve the development of exactly those properties of true humanity. Therefore it is the challenge for humanity to create social conditions which allow the individual to mature towards the innermost autonomy which is identical within all members of the Universal Family of LIFE. For exactly it is heteronomy of any kind what drives people in following and captivity, what makes people to be mere workhorses and consumers, killing machines finally as a direct consequence of unhealthy / dysfunctional realities which are maintained by the above mentioned "structural corruption". This is the cardinal error which is inherent to the prevailing systems and which currently threatens global survival. A close look at the interrelatedness of cosmos, world and psyche offers insights and comprehensive understanding as well as means to heal and overcome misery and fatefulness. - Read the entire text: Properties of Resonance: Universal Coherence, Conceptual Modules Towards A Common Theory of Life, Evolution and Universe, A Creative Narrative on Existence - For Humanity

- Concerning the topic of this year's conference: „Aggravation of the Global Crisis: Catastrophe or Transformation?" I want ta talk about Resonance and Grace. I want to introduce the understanding of Resonance as being the creative principle of evolution and of Grace as being the force which wells from being in harmony with cosmic law. - Read the entire text: Resonance the Creative Principle of Evolution & Grace the Driving Force in Harmony with Cosmic Law

- How can kinship of existence being the core of matriarchal spirituality be ignored and ridiculed over hundreds of years whereas at the same time people are supposed to believe in impossibilities like a God's son personally walking on water or the transformation of wine into blood which even is being consumed like in cannibalism or miraculous multiplication of money by the system of compound interest tied to the illusion of boundless growth? - Read the entire text: New World Order? - Questions, Consequences, Prospects

- Despite the publicly professed values and ethical standards, the world is deteriorating at different levels. The individual often feels stranded at the mercy of the designing powers. The confrontation with eco-social decline and dehumanisation could help us to refocus on humane common ground as hope may arise to jointly arrest this deterioration. This refocusing purposes to liberate revolutionary imagination, which is still unthinkable to many people because of the one-sidedness of traditional world-views and mainstream conceptions. On the other hand, re-focusing entails emotional harmony within human community and could curb world-wide systematic terror against people and environment. - Read the entire text: Navigating towards the Destiny of Human Life, Basics of a Safe Orientation System

- Emergence of life on earth is being described as a reaction to cosmic effects. Induced by radiant information from space Nature develops itself within an overall interdependend network of interconnectedness of eternal being of Gaia. Due to freedom of thought and action the development of humankind carries a conflict - the disturbing potentials are being disclosed. In a world of existential threats against basics of life and its relations result clear alternatives. - Read the entire text: TRANSPARENCY & TRANSCENDENCE, KEYS TO PEACE, Path of Life or - Wrong Track, We always have the Choice between Orientation and Misdirection, between Original and Substitute

- 'Privatisation' as a remedy of Neoliberalism - alleged universal and without alternative - is more than an intentional deception of the public. 'Privatised' public goods under no circumstances get into private hands. They enrich global corporations, which do write their own 'law'. They leave behind democratically controlled areas of law and lose their orientation at the common good. Global Players use their monopolistic position for plundering the planet which even is protected legally. Neoliberalism is nothing but a global raid of the powerful with the undeniable goal of trying to expropriate life itself. - Read the entire text: DECLARATION OF A FRIENDLY WORLD

- More and more people perceive the urgent necessity to intensify a broad inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue. Urgently we do need a focussing and mediating access to the topic violence. An access which transcends traditional mental borders will definitely expose an overwhelming spirit of love beyond any dogma and vitalize the intellectual and spiritual world of ideas. Such a vitalization will lead to a kind of re-birthing of human existence - to an existence beyond violence. - Read the entire text: Hiroshima, 911, Bali, Iraq, Palestine, Madrid, Moscow, Darfur, Beslan, London - About the Urgent Necessity to Intensify a Broad Inter-Cultural and Inter-Religious Dialogue

- Since ages in many cultures the meander is a well-known symbol of the succession of generations. By focussing on its corners we discover the molecular structure of the hereditary substance known as DNA. Beyond the well-known analogy of meander and DNA in terms of meaning the design refers to a hidden structural analogy. Since the scientific discovery of the molecular structure of DNA a few decades ago the 'hidden information' of the meander became comprehensible. From where however did the ancient people have their knowledge? - Read the entire text: World-view and thought, which preserves nature's wealth for all - 5 Cornerstones of a Responsible World-View

- EASTER - Celebration of Resurrection? What for and why? - Read the entire text: Easter

- WHITSUNTIDE - Celebration of Mental Orientation? Of Unifying Vision? Or.... only another delightful holiday weekend? Leisure time with ring riding, riflemen's meeting, fair? Spreading holy spirit over the young, does this today still mean something for us? Traditions with which sense? - Read the entire text: Whitsuntide

- ‚If you can convince us that your ideas are justified by the Koran, then we will join you in your struggle,' Judge Hamoud al-Hitar from Yemen told the imprisoned Al Qaeda militants. 'But if we succeed in convincing you of our ideas, then you must agree to renounce violence.' The prisoners eagerly agreed. Western anti-terrorism experts warned that this high-stakes gamble would end in disaster. - Read the entire text: COMMON SENSE GROWS FROM RESONANCE ON COMMON GROUND, A Story from the East and its Inherent Liberating Message to the World, Oriental Lesson: Al Qaeda and the Wise Judges

- Living Humanism is authentically transformed energy of life, - information of life which is transformed into creative human spirit thus harmonizing noosphere, the global sphere of ideas. Right Livelihood is the human expression of authentic understanding and resonant action within the global community of life. - This analysis focusses on misleading identification, identification with concepts of life which are still incomplete and premature. - Read the entire text: Living Humanism - Right Livelihood - Global Communion

- Correct answers to the challenges of history and present are needed. Only authentic answers to current questions will ensure peace since long desired. For many indigenous peoples responsibility for life has been and still is cultural heritage. People who live close to nature always know that human activity has widely spread consequences. That is why such cultures focus on a minimum disturbance of natural circles and relations. - Read the entire text: Consonance with Nature = Responsibility for Life, An equation with a long overdue solution

- "War on terror" is a war against the globally growing and networking resistance and its answers to the threats of corporate globalisation which no longer can be ignored. This resistance and even more the creative alternatives which are born from it are life saving. The more obvious the wrong direction of the powers of domination and exploitation discloses itself, the more radically destructive they react. This is part of their history and identity, part of the worldview which they created and to which they are ready to sacrifice reality. - Read the entire text: Communion: Global Cooperation YES! Globalisation NO! Resistance alone is not sufficiently effective to promote a paradigm shift.

- Faith systems may work like filters of perception. Within cultures which are shaped by faith sytstems authentic reality of life hardly passes into the brains of people. As a consequence they suffer from lack of reality, even from loss of reality. Nevertheless they feel completely comfortable within the frames of their deceptive world views, they believe to be rightful and make use of their political power to maintain the produced inclinations. They perpetuate and worsen the normality of stupidity and insanity. They get lost within man made realities. - Read the entire text: Response to Daily Global Terror

- The crux within pyramidal social systems is that the predominant ideology and class more or less effectively cuts off direct perception of instantaneous and authentic value of reality consequently causing social dysfunction by loss of reality. As a replacement for reality mainstream normality is coined predominantly according to the interests of those at the top of the pyramid. - Read the entire text: Towards a Humane Society, VISION: Resetting the Mental Spheres, Elimination of Superstition and other Deficient Concepts by Spiritual Interference with Authentic Information, Interactive Meditation - Chance for Personal Transformation, for Liberation and Healing of the Mind

- Why on the one hand do we react with such a warm-hearted solidarity after the recent tsunami and why, on the other, do we hardly react to the devastating effects of war, world economic disorder and modern way of life? What is it that keeps us from vigorously striving to overcome poverty and global injustice? - Read the entire text: International Solidarity, The Tsunami's Lesson

PDF-Versions: To Be Human, New World Order?, GAIA

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