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Living Humanism is authentically transformed energy of life, - information of life which is transformed into creative human spirit thus harmonizing noosphere, the global sphere of ideas. Right Livelihood is the human expression of authentic understanding and resonant action within the global community of life. Right Livelihood will lead towards a genuine social organisation of humanity - towards responsible cooperation for mutual benefit, towards global communion. Global Communion is the realisation of the Social Instinct of Humanity - in contrast to individualistic elitist aberrations of history and present. The social drive will enable humanity to support biosphere as indigenous peoples always did and still do.



International Coalition for Humanism, St. Petersburg

The SystemCrisis of the Civilisation and its Overcoming


IX. Conference of The International Coalition
"For Humanism!"

The System Crisis of the Commercial Civilization
and the Humanist Transformation

1-2 May, 2005 in St.Petersburg, Russia

Final Declaration

Transparency & Transcendence, Golden Keys To Peace

more contributions to follow...

Common Ground of Analysis and Therapeutic Strategy in respect to „System Crisis of the Commercial Civilization and its Humanist Transformation" and „Transparency and Transcendence, Keys to Peace"


X. Conference of The International Coalition "For Humanism!" 29-30 April 2006 in St.Petersburg, Russia

The Global Crisis Aggravating: Catastrophe or Transformation ahead?

Basic Components of the Humanist Transformation of Society

Resonance the Creative Principle of Evolution & Grace the Driving Force in Harmony with Cosmic Law

The Society of War and its Transformation (German) (Russian) (pdf)

Final Declaration 2005

We, the participants of the Coalition, call everybody to pay attention to the lie reigning in the modern world, and to claim for the humanistic alternative.

We must explicitly name the lie, the hypocritical attitude towards law, the open discrepancy between the reality of eco-social-psychological actuality and its falsified presentation in mass-media and public opinion.

This lie confuses people and deprives them of their acting capability, inactivates people. It hides from them alternative possibilities. It has pathologic effects, be people aware of them or not. Beyond the censorship of consciousness the lie intrudes hard into hearts and minds.

The radical fundamentalists of various origin try to harvest people clutching at any straw by allegedly true answers to the rightful questions of people, turning people into their ideological prey. Thus the present confusion in a world of drugs, of cravings for money and power and other perversions of life is being increased.

In such an uneasy situation we offer the perspective of a humanist - authentic development to all the people who are in the justified and completely natural search for common human truth of being, for mutual understanding, friendship and justice.

We are going to explain persistently that the rescue from the further degeneration within the consumer society (which is doomed to suicide and global death) is our liberation from the lie, from false values and motives, that the rescue is human development in direction to the unity with the world, resonant and responsible interaction with the whole life on Earth.

Many people desperately wait to find their personal perceptions, the internal feeling of harmony and disharmony confirmed by others, wait for the like-minded people. That is why we call everyone to declare your adherence to humanistic values.

It is necessary to offer and promote as wide as possible the ideas of a living, warm-hearted and intelligent humanism in order to support each other and to strengthen humanistic positions. Any possibility, any platform or media should be made use of, be it the internet or everyday personal exchange, to help people find the life-buoy of humanistic alternative against the present-day commercial civilization.


Wolfgang Fischer, Emanzipation ad Humanum, München, Germany

Dear fellow humans, dear fellow humanists

yesterday I was told , that St. Petersburg once was meant to be the door to Europe - after my first exchange of ideas with members of the Coalition Oxana Bourkina, Irina Tschernysheva, Vladimir Bogomolov, Sergej Semenov, Konstantin Kondratjev, Dimitry Ivanov, I have the impression St. Petersburg might become the door to a new world, to a humanist, peaceful and just world

I am honored to be invited to this conference. My contribution is intended to support its noble goal which in my opinion is vital for global survival of humanity.

We are here to share ideas about how to transform the current global social decline into a humanist social and ecological balance of societies in peace.

As the roots of current degeneration of hope are most complex we also need complex answers on how to stop man made progress towards an apocalyptic disaster and on how to re-route our human potentials.

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The system of capitalist patriarchate will terminate itself naturally by burning life into money, thus generating destructive power. The resulting necessary death toll always gets higher in the run of history. Today it reaches a global dimension. The suffering caused by our history of passion is being presented to the public to be without alternative, Christianity even glorifies it. „Compassionate conservatism" is the theme of George W. Bush and his neo-feudal-conservative international gang of gravediggers. Compassionately they all create suffering. Nothing they have in common with Life.

For thousands of years we live within a bloody and lethal revolution of the demon against Life. We have to terminate this situation if we really want to survive. A single new Ché Guevara will not be enough or sufficient - what we need is a world-wide network of really „conservatives of Life", of empathic incorruptibles whose brains and hearts beat for eco-social justice, for peace inside of us and in the world.

We have to re-shape our world-views according to natural reality. Violation of nature and environment because of mental fantasies has to be terminated for ever. Common sense and sound sympathy are the central clues to peace - purpose and destination of human life.

My vision I call „Secular Spirituality", meaning sustainable mentality, authenticity, the goal of human emancipation, a way of thinking - which is aware of everything looking historically backwards and at the same time into the future, a mental and spiritual flexibility, the potentiality towards a transcendent world view, which motivates to act for the benefit of global life. I clarify this vision in detail and I need your help if you agree to spread the message as broad as possible.

I am going to talk to you about:


- my lecture is divided in 3 parts - I will start with the

Cosmic Dimensions and Relations as they determine the order of Nature and Life.

In the second part I will talk about the

Relation between Natural Order and Cultural Order - as Culture is meant to be the Guarantor for Creative Thought and Action.

In the third part we will deal with the question:

What are the mental prerequisites to maintain a Creative Culture? How to preserve the fundaments of Life which are nothing but a Loan free of charge provided by GAIA - the dynamical Order of Nature

We shall find out about the

Original Path of Life and the historically produced Wrong Track,

we shall understand that we always have a

Choice between Orientation and Misdirection, between Original and Substitutes.

It is a tiny switch only, an idea at the decisive place that decides about heaven or hell. To become aware of it, may change the world.

I will begin with a description of the Cosmic Dimension of GAIA'S Relations because they determine the order of Nature. (By GAIA I refer to the theory of James Lovelock)


I - Periodic and lawful dynamics and interaction of cosmic radiation on our precious little planet describe a floating fundamental vibration. In its temporal and spatial expansion the energy of this „creative oscillation" (see also: Morpho-Genetical Field, Sheldrake; Orgone Field, Reich; Gravitation, Global Scaling) contains information of cosmic order [0]. Spirit and character of this information is of energetic, material and also organizing nature, which is infinite; its source is the unfathomable, beyond imagination: chaos, the chance for coincidence.

We investigate the energetic and material characteristics of all available (in-)formation of our habitat in their scientific chemical, physical and philosophical dimensions. We discover their family relations. So far, however, we ignore their connection to the origin of life on earth, because we consider ourselves to be outside of what happens, beyond any responsibility. Anthropocentrically arrogant we put ourselves at risk to get lost in never ending ramifications of causalities. Only the consequences of this confusion will force us to realize life as a specific manifestation of „cosmic information". As long as we manipulate information of our habitat, we inevitably run the risk to be caught by the effects of such wrongdoing. It seems that just before the consequence of planetary death we will begin to recognize us as authors of what happens. Only then we understand ourselves in the microcosm of life as an answer to the „creative and vitalizing" call from the macrocosmic order of universe and from then on we resonantly and responsibly will safeguard a healthy and creative future by open and unadulterated communication.

Body and structure of life will appear to us as the biological manifestation of an organizing principle, which radiates informatively from cybernetic interaction of cosmos and which in the genetic matter awakes to life.

We experience spirit and consciousness as the psychological manifestation of the same organizing principle. We recognize consciousness and structure, body and spirit as mutually complementing manifestations of the same generating pattern of organization. This boundless matrix by religions is being called Love, its source and reason is being called God.

We can imagine the (bio)-generating organizing pattern to be a morpho- or psychogenetic space, field or area, the creative power of which arises out of interaction of cosmic oscillations jointly together with all vibrations of terrestrial life.

Structure and matter in this area appear to be of slow dynamics of long-term periodical processes, whereas function of structure as well as life itself can be seen as a faster and rapid dynamics of shorter processes. Existence nowhere is static, it is „boundlessly" dynamic. Nature and life co-develop and in spreading diversity create potentialities and abilities.

Potentiality towards Growing Diversity

Cosmic modulations ensure an organizing activity in the entire universe. While in physics the organizing activity of resonance is well known in its fundamental quality concerning the relationship of mass and energy, also philosophically we can realize now life to be the manifestation of resonance phenomena. Resonant communication organizes atoms to molecules and further on to the DNA. From matter (mater i.e.!) originates life. DNA evolves the body and influences further organization of the genome by bodily feedback effects. Life is not dependent on genetic accidents only, it regulates itself and by evolution of sexual reproduction it creates another steep increase of further possibilities.

Life represents function and organization of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. Recognizing and understanding of this function and organization is consciousness. Many people hastily confound exclusively seized rational functions and ideas with a general consciousness. They confound prejudice and their subjectively compiled „reality" with a comprehensive objective reality. Also they believe to be separated individuals, isolated „Egos or Selves". To the extent we consider body and spirit to be separate and thus separate ourselves from life around us by imagination only, we restrict our consciousness by constructing mental barriers and virtual filters and consequently obstruct experience of unity. Imprisoned in the illusion of being separated from life, we start activities to search for reconciliation and satisfaction, by ways which harm us and others. We get involved in evaluations, ideologies and religious beliefs, the contradictory forces of which oppose resonance to the basic creative oscillation. They do not only obstruct any fruitful development but even produce unhealthy effects.

By means of wise disciplines such as meditation or by the experience of life crises the restricting mental walls of prison occasionally dissolve. Like dreaming a universal consciousness can develop out of individual consciousness. Spiritual consciousness is characterised by understanding of borderline experiences and dissolutions of mental barriers. Dream- and trance-experiences are the foundations of religious mysticism. Via newly paved cerebral paths they lead life to a transpersonal reality, to the identity of individual life and nature, to harmony of life with the cosmic creative vibration, to undisturbed interconnectedness of being.

Experience of the supporting transpersonal reality of life in dream, trance or meditation has soothing and satisfying effects on emotion as well as on intellect and liberates logic to the coincidental, unpredictable and new: Psyche develops a healing spirit, which by personal finding of rightful orientation also leads to a social stabilization of humankind within nature.


II - The second part of this lecture deals with the relation between Natural Order and Cultural Order - Culture should be perceived and lived as a Guarantor for Creative Thought and Action

If culture is meant to be conservative and creative it has to foster conscious understanding, perception and feeling of natural laws and has to train society to respect them.

Development goal of learning by joy and pain, by success and error is the development of individual maturity which voluntarily and because of understanding limits the wide range of initially random objectives of intention to those which are creative only. Effects of life have to support the community of life. All over the globe human potentials should serve for life.

Within the realm of plants this is assured, without deviation, directly by the genome via reflex-alike reactions of the individual plant in relation to plant community. Within the animal kingdom we find additional help by the instinct. Instinct already is dependent on learning a behaviour, and is dependent on continuity and compatibility not only of genes, the engines of physical development and reproduction, but also of traditions, the guarantors and expressions of spiritual reproduction, of mental and cultural passing on of life and its laws. Amazingly individual ontogenesis of life rapidly repeats entire phylogenesis from the very beginning of life till present, human ontogenesis in the motherly womb is no exception. After being born individual mental development is completely dependent on a cultural environment which might either be open-minded and mentally productive, curious and loving, encouraging findings beyond current understanding and for the benefit of the respective social body in toto. Or, in a contrasting cultural environment individual mental development might be dogmatically limited and narrow-mindedly focussed on certain interests to intimidate and violently protect a given situation for the sake of elites only.

Because of our freedom of intentions, the freedom to think and act whatever we want, we are dependent on authentic tradition of the law of life which is known since times immemorial. Disturbances of this tradition which normally is maintained by culture, or even obsessive orientations towards any other direction run the risk of complex threats - dangers which we are being confronted with. The reasons we want to discuss here.

How did the threats of industrially induced changes and deterioration of climate, food, social relations arise? How, apart from maintaining common good with the result of a fruitful future, could the symptoms of aberration develop like greed for profit, thirst for power and all-over relationships which appear to be nothing but autistic (MCS, Mental Confusion Syndrome [1])? How could violence against life develop a dimension which threatens future? In contrast to human society, nature does not calculate murder for the sake of secondary interests like wealth or power. Cynicism is a human invention too. Behind an alleged cruelty of nature is hidden an order for the well-being of the global whole. Entire nature would be condemned to death, if the participants would not follow the inherent and fundamental laws which feed natural balances.

Culture looses its Creative quality by The Patriarchal Counter-Strategy of Replacement

To reach a satisfying answer for all just mentioned questions we can rely on results and findings of scientific research of patriarchy and matriarchy which transcend conventional categories of religion, philosophy, biology, ethnology, economy, politics an other „sciences" and therefore have a „deeper" focus. To avoid any misunderstanding from the very beginning we have to understand, that initially matriarchy or patriarchy have nothing in common with domination, neither by men nor by women. The stem arché links to „in the beginning" or „stemming from" (from Greek archaios >originally, initially<). The term matriarchy therefore refers to „in the beginning the mother", life stems from the mother, from the uterus. At this point it is quite helpful to stop, to remember basics of lessons in biology and to realize how close the female is to the asexual original cell and what a tiny but all the same necessary part the evolutionary newly split off male represents. Female and male germ cell are on a scale of 200,000 to 1! Going back to our etymological line of thought we likewise can link the term patriarchy to the assertion „in the beginning the father", life stems from the father, as to say from a male uterus. Beyond smiling this idea in connection with the related world view asks for a more serious reaction.

The analysis of patriarchy reveals that it changed the tradition of laws of life known since times immemorial with the intention to abolish matriarchy violently. Natural being became being dominated. Natural matriarchal order within the original cosmic order of life became an order of domination, of subordination of life to secondary goals. The starting point of „patriarchal degeneration" and of the attack of patriarchy against natural order goes back 5,000 years and is being related to migrations which had been forced by geological catastrophes or climate changes and which resulted in alterations of habits in matriarchal societies [2]. We understand that stressful apocalyptic periods might lead to neglect life-maintaining traditions, customs and relations such as to carry new-borns generally close to the body, and that over generations they even might be forgotten. New rites, social manners and cultures replace the old ones - not all of them, fortunately, otherwise there would no longer be life.

Forgetting and interruption of essential rites of matriarchal culture due to those exceptional situations prepared people to open their minds for orientations different from the First Guiding Spirit and replace it and which independently from long-term effects are implemented and maintained by force. Proven recipes of life regarding agriculture and soil management, health and sexuality, essential basics of life for daily use, habits and inter-relational customs, save-guarding exercises of meditation, trance, concentration, connecting to the essential, the inner- and simultaneously outer-most, unifying rites which have been part of the ever living matriarchal liturgy since times immemorial and which are still being practiced all over the world, extensively have been forced into the back- and underground by a patriarchal outline of life and world view. Matriarchal liturgies enabled holistic experience of transcendent truth in harmony with natural law. Complying with the necessities of natural community they ensure satisfaction of all needs; until today they serve life deeply satisfying and pacifying - although they are not at all honoured any more by the ruling systems.

The new ideas are rooted in metaphysics and demand from people to believe dogmatically in matters which are beyond physical law and natural possibility. Even today fundamentalist religion asks from people to believe in things which are beyond physical reality and therefore perverted. The decisive and most effective alteration of the world view was the one which gave name to „patriarchy": people were made to believe that life really would stem as a matter of fact from the male principle and no longer from the female as it had been natural knowledge since times immemorial. The result of this perversion into the contrary is a fundamental disregard of nature. Obsessed by the idea, to replace nature by a technically constructed system of higher order, nature and life from now on only serve as commodities, as objects and elements which have to be altered, improved, defeated, replaced, consumed and which have to serve any nonsense of an imagined „better world".

Metaphysics and the liturgies of patriarchy which are rooted in it served and still serve as a replacement for the safe-guarding and unifying transcendental truth of nature, the interconnectedness of being, the spiritual heart of matriarchy, the source and loving vitality which we long for, on which we depend inevitably and naturally, on which we live. Without exception we stem from this truth which henceforth patriarchy strives to deny, to demonize, to persecute, to destroy and to replace it by its technology. According to this misleading tradition Pharaoh Echnaton already more than 3,000 years ago made himself painted as a „pregnant" man, an illusion which bears the idea of a male god.

The hoax to replace natural transcendental truth of mysticism by an imagined metaphysics beyond natural law and truth [2a] - so to speak by delusion - fatally results in exaggerated motivation and artificial dependencies which are typical for the patriarchal system and which are used and maintained by it. Greed for profit and craving for power are being fuelled by lack of deep satisfaction which is immanent to patriarchal conditions. Frustration and emotional deficits become the ever lasting drives for diverse addictions and result in the omnipresent and ever growing violence, the „trademark" and identity of patriarchy. Looting war lords become heroes of history, cold-blooded extermination of native populations turns to be the basement for mission and civilization, merciless slavery, resolute degradation of women and ruthless exploitation of natural resources become the engine of industrialization and „progress". The bludgeon of biblical Cain mutates into the iron fist of „humanitarian" strategists of mmafiacs - of media, military, administrative financial, fundamentalist, industrial and academic complexes. Cynicism which shows up in the attempt to cover the traces of destruction of physical as well as of cultural fundaments of life by a superstructure of believe in supposed progress of history and technology is to fail - although many people still would tend to protest here because they became accustomed to the omnipresent violence, threats and dangers of supposed progress by hundreds of years [3].

If we do not want to lock out an authentic view on the conditions we have to face reality. As an appropriate and logical consequence to freedom of intentions nature has provided for an extensive responsibility which in its safe-guarding dimension still is alien to patriarchal way of understanding. It is the tragedy of the maturing psyche under patriarchal conditions, that it is ready to defend a standard, the quality of which it has not yet learned to question. The pending step of maturing towards consciously accepting and adopting responsibility is the decisive step towards autonomy. Any way of living we are held responsible for, be it individually or socially - also in the dimension of history. This is the true meaning of karma. The lawful regularity of natural counter-balance to the effects of interference with the order of life and nature is based on the fact, that any alteration of this order results in reciprocal proportional and complementary reactions. Due to this law and regularity there is a common thought between quantum-physics, psycho-neurology and philosophy concerning the topic „freedom". Freedom contains the natural destination to contribute to the freedom of all partners. Any disturbance of this destination results in lawful counter-balancing. At any time we at least have two options to learn from history: On the one hand we can consider the real relations and needs by means of the remaining matriarchal virtues like genuineness, frankness and inclination towards the social, or on the other hand, we may wait for diseases, catastrophes and other social-ecological regulations which are meant to reduce or even eliminate us in case we do not learn our lesson from history in time. We are free to decide.

Urgently necessary in order to regain real creative power therefore is a decision based on freedom of options - it is part of human autonomy to decide between peace and war.

If we really want to overcome violence and other effects of current world order we just need to become receptive again for the ancient and safe-guarding traditions of personal experienced and socially proven realities and knowledge of basic needs by letting go unreal metaphysics like for example believing in boundless economic growth and stop fuelling destructive growth with the energy of our lives. A new consciousness is going to be the ancient ever living consciousness of wisdom which in natural maintenance and jointly use differs from the metaphysically shaped consciousness of market and consumerism in modern age and which is responsible for artificial death, artificial wealth (money) und the destruction of environment.

Revival of archaic matriarchal traditions of the First Guiding Spirit, which, although having been nearly exterminated, even under patriarchal conditions of nihilism, modern technology and ambience still enables human life, is the chance at present and for all future. We have to hurry up and take the chance because seducing profit expectations concerning genetic and nuclear engineering and nano-technology a.o. will finally cost our life, if we tolerate to let them alter the elements of life irrevocably.

Patriarchal philistinism and culture of war cannot be changed, it only can be terminated. Patriarchal world view is an illusion, a delusion which might cost the life on earth. This delusion comes like a conspiracy, it appears to be a planned project because there are people linked to it who since ages dogmatically try to solidify it by religion and science. If, however, people promote this delusion against global good and their better judgement for the sake of exclusive interests, then we face nothing but a conspiracy of death, the replacement project for life. As long as people do not take notice of the inner-most setting of the course between life and its replacement the patriarchal project just keeps on running. Still, it is doomed to failure, ending up in murder and suicide, no future. There are enough specific symptoms and we experience how „war on terror", by the US-administration supposed to continue for years and directed against any threats to US supremacy, in association with the world economic order threatens humanity already by destruction of nature, by consumption of resources, by ignoring basic rights and dignity of the peoples in the global „south" and onwards to the centre by cutting back civil rights and by cuts of social standards and international law as well. Patriarchal way of thinking does not know any alternative to the infernal trip of the «Golden Horde» (the neocons) into the hereafter (Carl Amery, [4]).

Whenever possible cultural creative people address these destructive relations. As far they can, they terminate to fuel patriarchal structures and institutions with their energy of life but look for and vitalize new matriarchal ways of organizing.

«Many alternative movements in the whole world are already in this process, for historical reasons most of them in the global south and most of them guided by women. This is the case because the south and women have and had to bear the responsibility and most of the negative consequences of patriarchy and especially capitalist patriarchy. This is why they are on the front of the new movements. Additionally, for women it is still much easier to remember matriarchal society, culture and gift-giving, because the matriarchal rests have mostly been maintained by them. The way into a post-patriarchal society, therefore, is much more logical and visible for women than for men. The thinking, acting and feeling of women, especially of poor women in the south, often shows a high level of dissidence with western globalization and culture. They are decided to defend life on the "two fronts" of the conflict: against the war system of capitalist patriarchy and in favour of a new society (Bennholdt-Thomsen et. al 2001, Werlhof 1985, 1991, 1996. At the University of Innsbruck a new international research project is planned, the title of which is "On the way to a new civilization?" In this research project current alternative movements worldwide will be compared).

Movements that are either active on only one of the "two fronts" we are facing today, or that do not address to each of the most important aspects and dimensions of life under patriarchal attack, are stepping into crisis, sooner or later. This is still the case with many movements in the north and of those traditionally guided by man.

It seems as if a larger and deeper movement in the north will only be possible when the illusions to move upward within the system have been lost and the daily conditions of life have worsened further. But in the meantime extremists of the far right and "religious" fundamentalists everywhere are preparing their field of action, too.» (Quotation: Claudia von Werlhof, Capitalist Patriarchy and the Struggle for a ‚Deep' Alternative, unpublished [5])


III - The third and final part is intended to serve as kind of recipe to maintain culture by orientation towards reality - and by jointly fostering and celebrating the global orientation towards interconnectedness of being, the fundaments of life and their relations, which are given to all of us as a loan by GAIA free of charge

- Our ideas might be keys to hell or - to paradise

Let us have a closer look at illusions and their destructive suggestive potential:

Illusions associated with „political-religious" fundamentalisms are the very opponents which block the gates to paradise. Alternative movements have to face these opponents if they want to prevail. A prerequisite therefore is to understand and accept the opponents. This again is a challenge for everybody, „the crunch has come": We are to face our personal beliefs, what do we really want? We have to reverse the hoax of patriarchy, this dirty trick and obvious mistake. We have to reveal „the mystery of faith in the metaphysical guidelines of patriarchy" to be nothing but a trap! We have to switch our brains from belief in progress, from the delusions of feasibility and other illusions back to the First Guiding Spirit towards interdependent development, responsible and considerate behaviour and to visions of universal fortune. Experience and studies of the Hungarian neurologist Franz Andreas Völgyesi from the schooling of Iwan Petrowitsch Pawlow will give specific hints how mental switches might be handled [6].

May I quote from your compatriot Pawlow:

«Considering the large and comprehensive area and the rich, internal content of words it is only natural that by help of suggestion the possibility exists with hypnotized people to cause any of those reactions which potentially exist in connection with their entire outside and interior world».

Völgyesi writes: «Spoken or written word contains suggestive power and constitutes a conditioned stimulus just like all other conditioned stimuli (warmth, cold, light, gravitation). What is more: its effect is particularly diverse. In terms of quality as well as quantity the potential of language to influence people far exceeds that of any other conditioned stimulus. This is because words are connected with any and all stimuli (both inner and outer) which have ever been able to enter the various stations of the cerebral cortex in the course of a life-time. Words are able to signalise and represent any other active stimulus without exception; and from this it follows that words can evoke any reactions of the organism which any other stimulus could ever produce. There is not a single bodily function, nor any ever so much hidden reaction of our organism - and be it a hormonal or psycho-energetic process - which could escape the influence of verbal information.»

From this understanding which is extensively being made use of by advertising industry and other „manipulators of human intentions" (like todays Public Awareness Management) compellingly results to raise the question: Which suggestions do support life and which serve very different interests? The general question arises about compatibility of information with natural conditions and guidelines for health of an organism, individually as well as socially. The extent to which mental information is compatible with the creative potential of nature will determine its physiological effect on the basis of education and cultural conditioning; if it is incompatible, the effect will be pathological, (i.e. will cause sickness). Hence the decisive „switch" has shown up: If we have faith in illusions - no matter of which kind and origin -, we are being led astray even by „good" motivation - and the result inevitably will be the „real loss of reality", which fatally is going to be counter-balanced by a substitute. The psycho-analyst C.G. Jung spoke about „make" when considering „fate" to say: we sow the wind and reap the whirlwind [7]. Patriarchal temptation to expel paradise from the heads of mankind lawfully results in devastation of earth, in hell. Demonizing, persecution and termination of the „First Guiding Spirit" dismiss the entire creative power of the people affected from service to life and subordinate it to the service to any interests of patriarchy.

Or as US philosopher John McMurtry says: «What goes against the grain of conditioning is experienced as not credible, or as a hostile act.»

That is why we need to give up and let go many habitual „dear" ideas because they are unable to cope with Life, that is why we need a re-confirmation and preservation of the „First Guiding Spirit" - that is why we need a REFORMATION of our mental states, of our world views, - what we need is a new religious reformation, a new phase of enlightenment! We need a radical re-version of a perverted parasitic society and mankind!"

The „two fronts" of our quarrel, the one against the war-system of patriarchy and the other for a new society have a common source of inspiration, they have common ground. This is most important to acknowledge, to consider and to be aware of in order to avoid frictional losses in the struggle of the diverse alternative movements. People who subjectively consider themselves to be „alternatives", however, meet the objective standard only when they have reached the above mentioned common ground. Only then they scoop from a common source of inspiration. Only if they make their own limiting shaping by religious or political traditions transparent and only if they really transcend them they are able to dedicate freedom of intentions consciously to goals which are really chosen by themselves and not by others. The normative power of reality unfortunately still is not fuelled sufficiently by factual conditions, otherwise we already would have changed those conditions since long, but is determined by limitation and restriction of thought and perception given by the respective mental superstructure.

The system-immanent mistake correction postulated by Karl Popper only works if the „ruling" system generally allows such corrections from inside [8]. We are to feel the effects of our mistakes and errors all the time, but we do not take them seriously enough. Frequently we do not perceive them at all if the detectors of perception are manipulated by further interests. This shows why patriarchy despite of all its self made and obvious disadvantages was able to prevail against natural advantages of matriarchy. The media - books, newspapers, radio and television are our sensitive organs to the global world. As long as our tele-perception, our perception from far away is not served by authentic information we can wait for ages for collective reactions of behaviour which approach global threats by appropriate means. Although the increasing threats are openly seen, we stare at them in a transfixed way or react mindlessly in blatant stupidity not at all or not appropriately. This shows why globalisation deteriorates conditions for life as well as the perspective for the future while most people keep on daydreaming and do not stop this degenerating development by growing and continuous protests of increasing numbers of dissidents. Although the majority of global threats is self-made, they are being transmitted to be „natural", „fatal", „god's punishment" - or plainly without alternative.

Since long we should have realized that we are deprived of our potentials for self-healing and our abilities to solve problems from two sides: on the one hand systematic miss- and wrong-information from global outskirts and insufficient world-views inside of our heads lead us astray and blind our spirit on the other. This explains why even within the alternative movements some wings who still are dogmatic and infected by patrism rather tend to be taken apart and brought up against each other than being bound to ensure their chances for success by creating synergies. Let us bring to public mind the adulteration of our senses by politically and religiously falsified information. Let us boycott religious and secular information-services which push forward miss- or false-information on behalf of secondary interests to produce all those reactions and perceptions within global public which are designed for powerful and financially rich clients by strategists who are nothing but hostile to life. Let us create synergies by cleaning up and re-organizing our mental foundations! Let us foster attempts to a new spirituality, which does not get lost in exclusive esotericism but influences public politics. Let us foster fresh attempts of a new religiousness: not to satisfy mental or clerical elites by seduction of masses but to safeguard peace on earth. Exactly into the same direction aim the attempts of Rabbi Michael Lerner or of Starhawk and other kindred spirits [9]. Task of a secular spirituality is the reformation of our mental foundations. It is to facilitate transparency and to encourage people to transcend limits within their heads which only have been brought up for the tempting purposes of secondary interests. Comprehensively understood secular spirituality and religiousness in resonance with holistic and authentic perception of reality create a healthy common sense and help to change and adjust those mindsets which still keep us from reacting rightfully to the local effects of globally organized injustice and misery. Especially addressed are people with decisive functional positions in society: politicians, clergy, lawyers, economists, journalists, the military and the police. Perception of urgency and overwhelming dimension of the global state of distress confronts everybody without any exception automatically with the moral imperative to naturally break any laws and customs which are hostile to life. The courage of convictions which are based on love for life (biophelia, Erich Fromm [10]) motivates to set a new course and definitely leave behind patriarchal and insane cravings (necrophelia, Erich Fromm). Global economy no longer will be based on the stupid and destructive destination of „profit that counts in numbers". A destination which inevitably results in coercion to consume and to ruin ecological foundations and resources. We, the cultural creative peoples of the world will make global economy to secure necessary needs of life, to maintain its basic foundations and to facilitate an overall communication and exchange for the common benefit of global life. The profit out of such an approach will be doublefold: firstly there will be meaningful labour for everybody, and secondly we will gain real satisfaction of individual and local needs which in return will automatically result in emotional balance of people which is the foundation for global peace.

A clear sight on the relations of reality discloses for everybody low cost solutions like:

- Natural diversity is maintained and even growing, if we do not artificially produce scarcity and want

- Liberal and supportive economic life develops, if we neither implement „protective duties", nor create „protectorates" and, if we generally respect the polluter-pays-principle.

- Solidarity works by itself, if we do not fuel xenophobia, racism, egoism and other crimes against common good

- Peace is, if we do not make war

- Common sense develops, as soon as we respect the common principles of life.

- Experience of love by spreading of sympathy results in global banning of misery and desperation, if we only let it happen

Visions of GAIA in all her glory, warmth, love, caring and safety result in a profound perception of deep peace and security and dissolve the well known fears which had been abused by patriarchy. From „emotional resonance" with the creative oscillation we described at the beginning, grow strength and authority. Fearless mental setting of the course towards the First Orientation and Original Sense of Life terminates «madness of normality» (Arno Gruen [11]). Responsible thought, acting and behaviour spread into the world and join for the liturgy of human religion, for the service for the common good. The First Guiding Spirit settles in the common sense. It heals from the madness of patriarchal aberration and immunizes against its seductions. It leads to global height of humanity, free - bound only to natural needs of life.


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Common Ground of Analysis and Therapeutic Strategy in respect to „System Crisis of the Commercial Civilization and its Humanist Transformation" and „Transparency and Transcendence, Keys to Peace"

In the centre of both analysis we find misleading identification. Identification with concepts of life which are still insufficient and premature.

The reasons for this potentially dangerous situation are quite natural - mankind is free to decide, its identification is not genetically determined but has to be learned by experience.

Sound and creative behaviour have to be learned and authentically implanted in culture. Culture is to serve as the guarantor for „spiritual reproduction" and healthy life in a resonant and responsible eco-social-psychological context.

History is the expression of premature solidifications and manipulations for the sake of partial and elitist interests. Life constantly struggles towards emancipation, towards overcoming dissonant energies and realities, towards satisfaction of the interests of the entire social body of our planet.

Dogmatism and domination, mental and physical violence are the characteristics of inferior developments of patriarchy/commercial civilisation/wrong tracks which altogether alienate from life.

Due to intrinsic natural laws of quantum-physical counter-balances de-railing developments which usually are perceived as „progress", terminate themselves on individual as well as social levels by reciprocal and complementary effects, usually perceived as „illness, revolution, crisis".

This lethally dangerous situation needs a double-fold strategy to be pacified:

1. By means of dissident grass-root-movements and other socio-political alliances of apostates of the current predominating system profound and factual re-organisation of such social conditions and structures which oppose social and ecological balances and justice.

2. Complete re-formation of such world-views which partially exclude reality by open minded and emotionally flexible people who are capable of focussing on transcending dimensions towards transparency and authenticity.

A social organisation of world community whose participants are well aware of a transcending reality guarantee profound re-connection and authentic religion to the essence of being. By fostering and living mental-psychological traditions of love and synergy everybody is encouraged to face an overall reality of interconnected existence.

A concrete path leading towards acceptance of reality of life is inner perception, deeper insight and empathetic understanding. Due to predominating violent civilization the main mental emphasis in schools and universities is being drawn and limited to perception of outward appearances. An inner and essential world is being neglected by this approach and furthermore the perception of outward appearances is manipulated and falsified by the powers of media and sciences in the hands of capital to such an extent, that sheer insanity governs. Violence is being accepted to be natural, war is being accepted to be just, richness and poverty are being accepted and perceived to be normal situations. Supposed hopelessness and lack of alternatives within global predominant world view and thought are rooted here. It always has been tactics of ruling systems to prevent public perception of the truthful roots of grievances and misery by physical and emotional violence of constantly streaming diversions, terror and threats.

Each explosion of bombs, each man-made catastrophe, each increase of global misery in reality however intends nothing else but to make aware about an inner path towards eternal truth. The path of deeper insight leads to a deep understanding and real perception of these authentic relations. From here comes healing if understanding and perception lead to behavioural changes.

Only if societies of leading industrial nations realize and accept destructive aspects of their historic and colonial machinations to be crimes to mankind and nature, only then the chances for a global re-start can be opened. Only understanding of the insanity of a racist mentality and split emotion of slave-drivers, profiteers, and winners will unveil their fundamental destructiveness and uselessness for a peaceful world.

Only a moral and ethic re- and new-orientation which leave behind patriarchal aberrations of history and especially of monotheistic religions will set free apart from political will also the means for compensational balances. Only if the disadvantaged of all sectors receive helping hands from deep conviction, reconciliation can happen, healing will take place. Only acceptance of difference will contribute to cultural diversity. These are necessary prerequisites for a different quality of organisation of world society. Violence and domination, manipulation for the advantage of a few will be replaced by global solidarity, broad information and sufficient satisfaction of everybody's basic needs.

As anticipated since long grown up humanity by focussing on global fortune fully develops its healing spirit within noosphere. Such way biosphere is maintained for the benefit of all of us and for future diversity of life.

see also: A Tentative Model for a Living Universe, by Elisabet Sahtouris (part 1) (part 2) (pdf-version)

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