The web sites Emanzipation ad Humanum and Being Humane wish to contribute to recognition and spreading of a world-view which still is trapped within hierarchies and concepts that do not lead towards the liberation which is waiting for humanity. This world-view wishes to facilitate responsible and dynamic potentialities of humanity.

In contrast to any monomania and the commonly sermonised absence of alternatives this world-view cultivates the finding and preservation of balance of reciprocal proportionalities, diversities and antagonisms which at the same time behave complementarily thus supplementing to the Integral Whole. Beyond ideology, institutional religion or politics a global and truthful humane culture will lead to Natural Salvation and Genuine / Authentic Holiness.

At any time of history individuals as well as social communities have been able to stay within a creative context of being.

This has less in common with universities or sciences but more with a loving heart and a flexible, open and sensible mind. It has less in common with cold rational knowledge but more with empathy and wisdom.

The peaceful always and again have been extinguished by the violent. The solution is not for the peaceful to become as violent. The solution is to let the violent experience the satisfying sweetness of peacefulness.

To a lesser extent this is about techniques or concepts. Its more about staying in contact with the creative, genuine, authentic common identity by means of a loving social network which culturally is to be woven and maintained by each individual and supported by society at large.

The historical challenge today and for all of us is that we have to knit a matrix which supports the entire planet, without excluding any peoples or individual, animal or plant, land or water, all united.

There is a heart in cosmos, in any tree as well as in you and me.

From this heart which we all share and which equally keeps all of us alive and united starts this 'common' matrix.

As the planetary heart currently suffers more than ever before the potentialities to overcome this painful situation have grown as well beyond anything ever known.

That's why the solutions are to be found beyond the outdated concepts deep inside each of us. Since long they wait to become real by caring attitudes, by socially responsible behaviour and by thoughtful and well balanced action.

The Historical Project:  



Most of current threats - terrorism / war / poverty / famine / ecological breakdown - to name but a few are caused by lie / onesidedness / partiality / hypocrisy / double standards. These properties of political correctness are the "structural corruption" which magically makes above mentioned threats to appear allegedly as inevitable or even as natural. As of so much confusion humanity only evolves deficiently. Neither religions nor communism, atheism or any other ideology yet have succeeded in allowing mankind to become peaceful and safe.

Still, peaceableness and human safety not at all are unachievable utopias - they are real premises for the survival of humanity. It is of vital importance to acknowledge being veraciously and simultaneously receptive for the new. This is to acknowledge actual realities while simultaneously remaining flexibly receptive and open for multifarious inherent potentialities / possibilities / capabilities.

A reality which is not yet being acknowledged commonly enough is the fact, that there is virtually no substantial difference between Atheists, Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Jews or people of other religions or origin. Essentially too many people still are equally faithless / unreliable / untrustworthy. For it is not yet a socio-political reality that each human being, independently from origin, is honest, collaborative, highly ethical, humane, kind and considerate and equally caring for its neighbours and also for environment. Unfortunately this is not yet the case - whereas the innermost potentialities / capabilities very well are existent. As there is no coercive definition, no automation towards peaceableness it is the task / duty of each individual and certainly also of collective bodies of organisation - the cultural and political spheres of the world - to create such creative circumstances / realities which exactly serve the development of exactly those properties of true humanity. Therefore it is the challenge for humanity to create social conditions which allow the individual to mature towards the innermost autonomy which is identical within all members of the Universal Family of LIFE.

Life is no respecter of "a chosen people". Chosen people do not exist. The idea of a chosen people is an illusion of superiority. It is the people themselves who make choices. It is the people who choose and by their choices collectively create the reality they live. Heteronomy of any kind is exactly what drives people in following and captivity, what makes people to be mere workhorses and consumers, killing machines finally as a direct consequence of unhealthy / dysfunctional realities which are maintained by the above mentioned "structural corruption". This is the cardinal error which is inherent to the prevailing systems and which currently threatens global survival.

A close look at the interrelatedness of cosmos, world and psyche offers insights and comprehensive understanding of the interconnectedness of all being as well as means to heal and overcome misery and fatefulness.


Ethics today must create a moral impact capable of over-hauling the political system!


GUIDING IDEAS - Having in mind Life in Peace and Creative Conviviality ....

PROPERTIES OF RESONANCE: UNIVERSAL COHERENCE, Conceptual Modules Towards A Common Theory of Life, Evolution and Universe, A Creative Narrative on Existence - For Humanity


Planetary Movement for Mother Earth founded on 29.5 2010, by Claudia von Werlhof

Call for a “Planetary Movement for Mother Earth” , by Claudia von Werlhof

PBME - Planetare Bewegung für Mutter Erde - Planetary Movement for Mother Earth

Women's Voices: Dr. Claudia von Werlhof; The Planetary Movement for Mother Earth -


Development of Humankind into a Jointly Responsible Society


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Mental Foundations of a Sustainable World - (72 pages, ca 600 kb)

VISION: World-view and thought, which preserves the abundance of nature for all of us - (53 pages, ca. 500 kb)

New Worldorder? - (22 pages, ca.120 kb)

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Each day we struggle to empathize, we hold onto our humanity.
Each day we stay connected - to ourselves and each other - is another plodding step forward.
- Robert Jensen


Social movement, society, education and science today, conditions of academic studies and practical consequences by Claudia von Werlhof (pdf)

The Interconnectedness of All Being: A New Spirituality for a New Civilization (pdf)

Authentic Testimony of Contemporary Witness

STATE OF THE UNION: A Post-Impeachment Vision of the Future (8, 2007)

God's Chosen People

About Purity and Sincerity, Ahmadinejad's speech at Columbia University 9, 2007

A B C • Ahmadinejad - Bush - Chavez, Three speeches to the United Nations General Assembly, New York, Sept. 19 and 20, 2006

The Consequences of the Death of Empathy, by Robert Jensen

Call for a New Energy Revolution by Brian O'Leary Ph.D.

Charging Iran with "Genocide" Before Nuking It by Gary Leupp

Putin's Censored Press Conference: The transcript you weren't supposed to see, by Mike Whitney (June, 2007)

Money makes the world go round - but why? (pdf), by Wolfgang Berger

War and the Money Economy, why politicians (still) don't really want peace

The British-created famine holocaust in Bengal in 1942-3

Meander - DNA

Symbols of the Sequence of Generations

Being Humane:

Genuine Vitality only can be experienced in Global Community

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Globalisation, Peace, Justice, Sustainability, Prosperity

The Simultaneous Policy





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Reawakening to Love - Umkehr zur Liebe

Rainer Taëni's Homepage

Culture of Peace Initiative
CECD - Center for Experimental Culture Design

 SOCIOCRACY - Self-Organising

http://www.sociocracy.info - http://www.sociocracy.biz

The Galilean - A Human Rights Activist

An alternate look at Jesus of Galilee

Humanity Healing Network




- I am awakening -

Elisabet Sahtouris

Earthdance: Living Systems in Evolution

A book inspiring philosophic conceptions of what it means to our species to be part of a living planetary system, grounded in the work of James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis

Earth Rights Institute is dedicated to securing a culture of peace and justice by establishing dynamic worldwide networks of persons of goodwill and special skill, promoting policies and programs which further democratic rights to common heritage resources, and building ecological communities.

Earth Rights Institute is a member organization of the International Union for Land Value Taxation, a United Nations NGO based in London and recently, a partner organization for the EcoEarth Alliance, a NGO stakeholder of the UN Commission for Sustainable Development.


GAIA Action - is a part of Campus California TG.
An International Institute for the Humanization of Mankind and the Care of Our Planet


Humanity Deserves A Better Deal - A New Religion

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Moses, Zarathusthra, Buddha, Mahaveera, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Guru Nanak, Tao, Upanishads, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Philosophy, Psychology, Truth, Wisdom - DIMENSIONS OF SPIRITUALITY

< Civilization in Crisis >

The commercial civilization is slitting the source of life. All forms of life get degraded under the influence of this unnatural attempt to harvest money by taxing life. The promoters of money show no sensibility to anything because their sensibilities are controlled by a lifeless object - money.

Human beings are inextricably part of Nature, and our consciousness must be aligned to the pulse of life in Nature. If not, the mind loses its capacity for the essential emotion of love - love that is essential for the survival of human societies. The degradation of the mind is very much palpable under the system of capitalism that promotes only the welfare of money. Capitalism has become a mania where human greed has been glorified. Capitalism is scorching the whole world in the attempt to promote money, and it has taken first place in the ruthless consumption of resources that belongs to the system of Nature - the system of God. Due to the corruption of money, all governments are welcoming this monster civilization. All forms of life and the system of life are under great threat under the invasion of capitalism because traders bully others to change even nations' laws. Those who oppose it, the people who stand for life, are branded as anti-social elements because media are under their control. In the monster civilization no dissenting voice gets expression. It has even controlled the minds by giving 'Ritalin', a mind-altering drug, to all children. It is given profusely to them under the programme to control Attention Deficiency Syndrome. This civilization marks the end of culture. The people who stand for the continuity of life must unite together under one effort to fight against this monster that eats away its own subsistence.

Let's us join under the system of God to fight against this civilization that makes everyone irresponsible to the system of life. Without love for others, no human society can survive long.

Let's try to unify all those who have been touched by eternal Love.

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